Top 10 World’s most Famous Churches Today

Churches are considered to be one of the most beautiful worshipping places. The architecture and composition of churches are magnificent. There are almost 37 million churches around the world, out these 37 million there few such churches which world famous and an icon of architecture and divinity. So do you want to know which these top 10 world famous churches? Keep reading ahead.


As beautiful as it looks, this an exceptional kind of stave church situated in Borgund village, Norway. The stave style of the building using woods gives this church a rustic and authentic look. Built-in 1180 this church is considered to be one of the best-preserved church amongst other 37 stave churches in Norway. This church is used as a specimen for the preservation of other stave churches. It is no longer used for regular church practices, rather used as a museum.



The basilica of scared heart or Sacre-Coeur is located in Paris, France. It is a roman catholic church and has a basilica style of architecture. This church is dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus, therefore called a sacred-Coeur meaning scared heart. This church is built on the hilltop of Montmartre approximately at an altitude of 130 meters above the sea level. The architects Paul Abadie, Lucien Magne, Honoré Daumet designed this church in 1919. This church stands tall at 272 ft.

The dome of Sacre-Coeur has a breath-taking view of whole Paris. Millions of people come here every day to take a pleasure of this view. This church has the second highest visitors per year following the Notre-dame de Paris, in France.



Located in Paris, France, Notre Dame de Paris is a medieval Catholic cathedral. Known for its architectural style. It was designed by the architects Eugene Viollet-le-Duc and Pierre de Montreuil. It is regarded the finest example of masterpiece French gothic architecture. According to the official website of this church, ‘more than a historical monument, this cathedral is primarily “The House of God and the abode of men” because this building is responsible for the human and Christian experience.’ The statement itself specifies the importance of this church in the history of Christianity.

Destroyed during the French revolution, later readily restored in the 19th century. This is a world famous church with average 13 million visitors every year beating Eiffel tower.



Known as the collegiate church, it is basically a large abbey with the gothic theme in Westminster city of London. Architects Nicholas Hawksmoor, Henry Yevele, John of Gloucester, Robert of Beverley, Henry of Reyns, designed this church. Opened in 1090, Westminster Abbey is a part of British history for more than 1000 years. Henry III begun the present church. It is one of the most gothic architectures in the country.

This church has its importance in the British history. It is the burial place of few famous people like Isaac Newton, Edward the Confessor, Charles Darwin and some other kings and seventeen monarchs. Also, there have been few famous marriages in this church like the marriage of Prince Charles of Wales ( son of Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Diana Frances. Prince Andrew (second son of Queen Elizabeth) married to Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey.


This is an excellent architectural monument located in Kiev, Ukraine. Designed by architect Octaviano Mancini, this cathedral is considered to one of the most beautiful churches in the world. The name of this cathedral comes from Greek word ‘Sophia’ which means wisdom. This monument is one of the most famous and oldest churches in Ukraine and is the first ever world heritage site of the country. Built in 11th century by Prince Yaroslav the wise, this cathedral has been a social and political centre of Kiev. Also Coincidentally it became the resting of prince.

Interiors of Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kiev.



Gregeti trinity church is famous for its wonderful location and is one the most beautiful churches in the world. Located on the right bank of the river Chkheri on mouth Kazbek, Georgia at an altitude of 2170 meters above the sea level. The church is the perfect treat to watch for the hikers and mountaineers. One can reach this place in three hours of climbing the mountain or by a jeep ride of 30 minutes. Built in the 14th century, this church has played an important role in a Soviet-era in protecting the relics.However, the jaw-dropping view from this church is a must watch and one of its kind.



Hagia Sophia constructed in 537 AD, was a Greek Orthodox cathedral. It served as an eastern orthodox cathedral and seat of patriarch Constantinople. Byzantine Emperor Justinian I ordered to build this church in order to dedicate it to the wisdom of God. Later, converted into a mosque by Ottoman rulers and presently is a museum. This church is one of the most famous churches in the world and is said to have “changed the history”.  The designers Isidore of MiletusAnthemius of Tralles designed this church in a unique dome shape which later served as an inspiration for ottoman mosques.

This church has been a controversial church and there have been several demands to introduce and restore it again. Although due these controversies Turkish government has prohibited praying in this church.




Located at the historic view of Rome, this church is built on Vatican hill across Tiber River. It is one the most famous and renowned churches in the world. Designed by Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Raphael, this church is built in Renaissance style of architecture during Italian renaissance. St Peter’s holds a special place in Christianity and it is a holy place for Christians. This church is the burial place of St Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus and the first pope. St Peter’s Basilica holds special worships (liturgies) conducted by the pope and has visitors about 11,000,000 per year. This church is registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO.




Located in Barcelona, Spain, Sagrada Familia is the largest unfinished Roman Catholic Church in the world. Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi designed this church in 1852. It has remained unfinished since then due to the complicated style of architecture, lack of technology then and interruptions like Spanish civil war. It is likely to be completed in 2026 which would be a century after the architecture’s death. This church is an epitome of architecture worldwide and has magnificent interiors as well as exterior features. These spectacular features of this church have made it famous all over the world.Pope Benedict XVI declared this church as a minor basilica in 2010. Sagrada Familia is one of the sights of architect Antoni Gaudi to be registered as world heritage site.

interiors of Sagrada Familia, Spain.



Located in Bethlehem, Palestine church of nativity is one the holiest place in the world. Jesus Christ was born at this place and hence this church is world famous. Saint Helena started the first basilica at this place in 327 c. Fire destroyed the church in the 6th century. It was restored and preserved later in 527 c. This church is considered to be prominent sites in Christianity. UNESCO listed it under the world heritage sites and also is considered to be the site in danger. For this, the Palestine government has launched several missions and is restoring the church considering it a national treasure. Church of Nativity is the most visited sites in Palestine. Also, it is one of the most visited churches in the world.

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