Top 12 Advantages of Arranged Marriages

Marriage is a concept that is both scary and compelling. We all have dreamt about that soul made solely for us, perfect in every way, and in sync with all our craziness. Arranged marriages, it has been argued, take away our freedom of finding that perfect soul. You would be surprised, however, how much an arranged marriage can prove to be more satisfying.

Top 12 Advantages of Arranged Marriages

From your parents’ happiness, your family’s involvement, to exploring life with someone new can be a thrilling experience for both you and your partner. So, here are top 12 reasons as to why Arranged Marriages are as awesome as they sound.

  1. You have the Approval Stamp

A huge advantage of an arranged marriage is that it is approved by your parents and family. There is no stress about whether your mom will like your girlfriend or not or no anxiety about your dad giving your boyfriend a hard time settling in. It is them who are down with nervousness if you would like their choice or not. What is more amazing than your parents taking care of finding The One?

  1. You have more reasons to make it work

You know your family is committed to this arranged relationship just as much as you are. It’s not just you and your partner but both your families in the mix. Your relatives are at times more excited about your marriage than you are for they feel responsible too. So, naturally, you don’t just give up, blaming yourself for your choice. You rather make it try to work out getting to know each other better in the process.

  1. There is a clean slate for you to write on

Who doesn’t have a list, no matter how small, of heartbreaks and messy breakups? Arranged marriages are a chance for you to start over. A fresh beginning after whatever went wrong. And you don’t even have to worry about dating again. You have a partner right beside you, probably with their own list, ready to move on, with you.

  1. There is stability

Love marriages in some cases – are in a-spur-of-the-moment kind of decisions. Sometimes, for reasons ranging from insecurity, hopeless love, fear of disapproval, to raging hormones, we make decisions that won’t suit our career as much as we would like. Arranged marriages, in contrast, are arranged when you are in a position in your life where you can fend for yourself and your family. You are given this enormous responsibility of marriage only when your parents know that you are stable financially and matured enough to handle this sensitive phase of your life.

  1. You don’t just marry your partner, but their family

It is a very famous belief in Hindu Philosophy, that when you get married, you marry your partner’s whole family. You just don’t form one new relationship but several other significant ones. Can you imagine having two sets of parents helping you grow, giving you advice? Or the double pool of siblings and cousins, who you can take fun vacations with? In short, you get a completely unfamiliar family, which is unique in their own respect and will welcome you with open hands.

  1. Your whole family is involved

I have seen people arguing that arranged marriages are more like forced marriages but it is more like your family setting you up on a date which is kind of permanent and much more serious. With your families being involved, it becomes easier to deal with the pressure of adjusting to married life.

They are there to counsel you in times of a fallout, they are there to babysit on the date nights, they are there to teach your kids all about your culture and traditions.

  1. There are no cultural surprises

With your parents setting you up, you can be sure that they will find you a match much suitable in every manner. The first place they will look for a perfect match for you is amongst their social groups and communities.

So, not only will your partner be comfortable with your lifestyle, there won’t be cultural differences, making it easy for both of you to settle down with as many least changes as possible. A used-to setting is helpful in the otherwise chaotic and intimidating lifestyle change.

  1. Your parents get to be the scrutiny police

When you go out on a date, you judge the person sitting across you enjoying their meal. You set parameters which you would check them for before moving any further. In arranged marriages, you don’t have to worry about that. It is your parents checking your prospective spouse for any deal breakers, personality imbalance, or incompatibility issues.

You can just enjoy light conversations and a possibility of future together while your parents do the hard work. And well, given the awesome work they have done with you, you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed in this department too.

  1. There is more compatibility

Children whose parents have had an arranged marriage would tell you that their parents are perfect for each other. Majorly because over the time they have grown to work in a harmony, in a way that complements their actions.

How so? The compatibility. Being from the same socio-economic class, growing with almost same ethics and values, will give you an edge over couples who are bonded with the string of love. Unlike them, you have a string of understanding, same beliefs, educational match, and financial stability.

  1. Your children will be passed on the same set of values

Being same in terms of beliefs and traditions will ensure almost no confusion on your children’s part. They will be brought up in a household where everyone speaks the same language and follow the same religion. Though cross-cultural children could be interesting, yours would have a more toned down life which can be labeled as a composed one.

  1. It is unexpected for both of you

Being in an arranged marriage means that you will be introduced to hundreds of new faces that are soon to be your in-laws. You will be exposed to new family traditions and a little hesitation is inevitable. But on the bright side, it is as new for you as it is for your partner. In such circumstances, you will find a common ground to comfort each other, helping each other to find a balance while settling in the changed situations.

  1. You get to discover a whole new person

Top 12 Advantages of Arranged Marriages

The best part of an arranged marriage is that amidst all the changes and chaos after it is all done, you have a partner beside you. A new personality which will bring a different perspective in your life. A person who can be your friend, your soulmate, your inspiration, your critic, your mirror.

You will get someone whom you can discover layer by layer every day. Whom you can surprise by showing something different each day and be surprised while perceiving them. You get a whole new person to write your own love story with.

It is scary, undoubtedly, but it is exciting. An adventure worth exploring. Give it a chance, who knows you might just find someone to grow old with.


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