Top 12 Gifts you can Give your Mom on her Birthday

Your mother is perhaps the most important person in your life. No matter how old you grow and no matter where life takes you, you will always be your mother’s little girl/boy. Her unconditional love and care has made you what you are today. If her birthday is round the corner, it is time for you to start searching for that perfect birthday gift. The earlier you start, the better. I am sure you are not willing to go with last minute gifts such as flowers and chocolates this year. A special birthday present is the best way to tell your mother how much she means to you.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on the gift. All you really have to do is come up with something unique. Before you go out there to search for a birthday present, remember the best thing you can give your mom is your time. Take the day off to spend some quality time with her. Now, you may finally begin with your gift hunting.  Here are ten absolutely amazing birthday gift ideas to make your mother’s special day unforgettable.

12.  A trip with her girlfriends

trip with her girlfirends

It is quite possible that your mother hasn’t gone for a vacation with her friends since the time she got married. Family vacations are fun but spending some quality time with friends every once in a while can be a welcoming change.  Talk to her best  friends, chose a suitable destination, book tickets and hotel rooms, I know this can be a bit difficult as well as expensive but this is one birthday gift she is never going to forget.

11. A fun get-together

throw her a party

This is old school but it always works. Throw her a birthday party and don’t forget to call all her loved ones. You may add to the fun by making it a surprise birthday party. She would love to spend an evening with her loving family and friends.

10. Books



I personally think a good book is the best thing you can give somebody. Even if she is not an avid reader, a book may come to her rescue at those times when she is really bored and has nothing else to do. Find her something entertaining as well as motivational. Make sure you write a short and meaningful message on the first page of the book.  She will treasure this memorable gift for years to come.

9. Movie night

watching movies with mom

A fun movie night with her family is one gift your mother will certainly love. Get all her favorite DVDs , some snacks and beverages and make sure each and every member of your family is a part of this. Remember, all the movies should be of her choice, even if it means that you will have to bear a movie you wouldn’t like to watch otherwise! This birthday surprise will surely make her big day an unforgettable one.


8. Cook/bake for her

cook for her

This is something all the sons and daughters out there should do every once in a while. If you are one of those kids who have never really stepped inside the kitchen, well this is a good time to start. Bake a birthday cake for her.  Or better still, cook dinner for her! Give her a break from her kitchen duties; she is going to love it.

7. Kitchen/ home Appliances


Household tasks are very time consuming and tiring. Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes are just few of the many  things which your mother has to take care of everyday. Home and kitchen appliances help in making these chores a little less tiring and time taking. A new washing machine, a dish washer, an easy to use vacuum cleaner are a few options for you to choose from. This useful gift is something which your mom will surely like.


6. Let her relax and pamper herself

pamper her

Mothers are really busy people. Sometimes they get so held up in their work that they hardly get time to look after themselves. Let your mother have some “me time” on her birthday this year. Take her to a beauty salon or a spa where she can unwind and rejuvenate herself. Let her get a refreshing makeover or a relaxing massage. After all, everybody needs a little pampering every once in a while!

 5. Shopping

shop with her

No, I am not talking about getting her gift cards so that she may go and buy whatever she likes. What I am talking about is giving her the best shopping experience she could possibly have. Take her to her favorite stores, give suggestions when she asks for them, help her select the right dress, footwear, handbag etc and carry her shopping bags for her. Let your mom check out as many stores as she wants, do not complain and do not ask her to hurry up.

4. Make/ write something for her


That first drawing you made is more precious to your mother than the works of all great artists put together. That first poem you wrote is better than any Shakespearean sonnet for her! Oh yes, you are your mothers wonder kid and she simply loves everything you do no matter how imperfect they are. Make her birthday special by giving her a unique and special birthday gift that you have made/written yourself. You may write a poem for her, make a greeting card for her or sing a song you have specially written for her. If nothing else, you may write her a long heartfelt letter telling her how much she means to you put your creativity in action. You don’t have to be a professional; it’s your efforts that count.


3. Custom made jewelry

custom made jewelry

Buying beautiful and expensive jewelry for her is good but getting custom made jewelry for her is GREAT. You may design it yourself or ask a professional designer to help you out. Think of something that will suit her style. She will be really pleased with your efforts and thoughtfulness.


2. Picture collage

photo collage for mom

It is time to put all those pictures your mother has been collecting in the shoebox to some good use. Make a beautiful picture collage for your mother and remind her of all those wonderful years which have gone by. You may use pictures form the different phases of her life- her childhood, her college days,  her marriage, the time when she entered motherhood etc. This heartwarming and thoughtful gift will leave her impressed.

1. Let your parents spend some quality time together

send her out with dad

Take this opportunity to help your parents rekindle their romance. Your mother will love to spend her special day with her beloved husband! Make reservations at a fancy restaurant and send your parents out on a romantic candle light dinner. If you want to make if more special you can buy her a nice dress, book a fancy car..well you know, the whole thing!


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    • “so you want me to die in the kitchen don’t you?” “oh, I forgot I was an slave” Things my mom would say xD

  • I’m more of a artist/creative type. I’d most likely make her a necklace and get a poem off poemhunter.

  • Thanks for the list. My mom’s favorite is the TickleMe Plant birthday gift box for mom. With it she grows a plant that closes its leaves when tickled. She and her friends love it! Found it online.

  • My mother’s Birthday is tomorrow on Sunday, so I was thinking writing her a note, getting her a book and taking her shopping, as she loves all of those things! 🙂

  • I just found the perfect app to help me determine the perfect gift for my mom! I had her download it too, so I can see what’s on her list! Hope this helps everyone else too. I found the different versions on Have fun everyone!!!

  • Kitchen/ home Appliances it’s a horrible idea, I would never give that to my mom as a gift.