Top 12 Best Hookah Flavors

“Are you a hookah lover too?” It has become a fad these days which holds the ability to catch a mob with its odour. Hookah comes in various flavours and has various types. Yes, you heard it right! It can be made either with water or ice. The hookah having ice as its base gives chills down your throat which is appeasing in a way whereas the one having water as its base is pretty simple and has varied flavoured coals to add awesomeness to it. Hookah is seized by all age groups these days. It mitigates the age gap amongst people. Nobody is too young or old to have a hookah.

The top twelve hookah flavors loved by everybody are the following:

 1. Fumari Red Gummi Bear

Remember the mind-boggling sticky gummy bears bought during childhood? Those petit shaped bears have been favorite of everybody since forever. The love for gummy bears got extended by including it in hookah arena. Now, the gummy bears can be relished via smoke. If you are a person who holds a tongue for fruity and sugary taste, then this is the best flavor which can serve your taste buds in the best possible manner. And, well who didn’t like red gummy bears during childhood?

2. Al Fakher Mint

Mint is usually taken by people after supper and the ones who are into smoking prefer it to eradicate the odor. Mint is one product which can be literally be mixed up with anything to give out a sound taste. It is enormously used in hookahs and is treated as one of the best flavors of all time! Mint is also considered refreshing to cool down the mind. ” AL Fakher Mint” is one of the flavors to look out for to feel the essence of mint.

3. Herbal Shisha

This is a flavor of hookah which is amiable to mostly health conscious people who choose to enjoy everything in a profitable way. It is a new add-on to the shisha category and plethora of people smoke it.

4.  Starbuzz sex on the beach

This hookah flavor had captured its name from the renowned cocktail drink relished by everybody which is none other than “sex on the beach”. Innumerable brands have tried to grasp the taste of famous cocktails in the shisha form but most of them failed in getting accurate results. But, this brand managed to get the ball in their court by matching the expectations of people by getting the exact essence of the cocktail in the smoke form. It is generally enjoyed by all types of smokers.

5. Fumari Ambrosia

This is one of the unheard flavors by many but surprisingly makes it to the top list of shisha flavors. It is a flavor innovated by Fumari and is based on the renowned Ambrosia fruit salad. Varied questions hit the brain tank on thinking or seeing this flavor but it doesn’t end up disappointing you anyway! You can expect a mixture of coconut, marshmallow, pineapple and cherry which can make any hookah bowl stand out.

6. Nakhla Double Apple

Double apple means two apples, so get to experience tingling and light flavors of apples with “Nakhla double apple”. This is one of the most smoked shisha in the world and generally the first flavor tasted by amateurs. It is widely cherished after the mint flavor by people around the world.

7.  Starbuzz Blue Mist

This flavor matches the level of the idiom “jack of all trades’. It is a veteran flavor which is available easily and continues to be the bestseller till date. How about mixing a fruit and mint together for a likable taste? It is a delectable mix of blueberry and mint which can be easily suggested to somebody who has just entered the hookah world. It is that good and worth a try.

8. Starbuzz’s Pirate Cave

Smokers who are addicted to candies and sweet things, this flavor will be sensuous to those people. It is a mixture of lime and a hard candy who have a thin line between them. Starters who haven’t got used to the customary flavors can begin with this inviting variation and find it pleasurable and enticing at the same time.

9. Social Smoke Absolute Zero

It is considered to be one of the less known and underrated flavors around the world but is bound to cool down yours senses with its icy mint flavor. Fan of chewing icy mint gum? Then, this flavor is worth several trials to make you feel relaxed and get coolness in your body. It can be combined with other flavors as well to give out a toothsome hit to your gullet. Also, it makes it to the top list of shisha flavors without a doubt!

10. Fumari White Gummi Bear

It can be relished in a better way by people who have tried white gummy bear candies earlier. For those who haven’t tried white small bears before, they can expect light pineapple sweet candy flavor. Fumari is one the newest brands but has made it to the top list with its innovative, different, delectable and authentic flavors. They make you feel fresher with their varied flavors.

11. Tangiers Noir Cane Mint

This is one of the famous flavors of hookah by the brand Tangiers who use unwashed tobacco in all their flavors to give a heavy buzz to their smokers. It has a high level of nicotine compared to washed tobacco. It is a great flavor to start your adventure with if you are a huge fan of peppermint.

12. Bubble Gum Al Fakher Shisha

Been addicted to sweet pink gums during childhood? No problem! Now, experience the same vital flavor through smoke with slight fruity taste. It is definitely one of the most popular and wanted flavors of all time since it makes us nostalgic. The pink bubble gum which gave us goosebumps with its sweet and salty flavor doesn’t seem to see its end anytime soon. This flavored shisha is worth a try for sure!

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