Top 12 Best Satanic Devic Tattoos with Meaning

Over the course of time, the meaning and customs associated with tattoos have changed. The only thing that remained unchanged is the hype around devil or satanic tattoos and their meaning. However the inked pattern of devil tattoo on skin have developed many folds; while some completely despise them, others feel that they are a whole other gateway to reciting something soulful and permanent. It is about etching a symbol or something one believes in a physical, emotional and spiritual way which is permanent at every level. In the olden times devil tattoos were associated with followers of Satanism. However, there is no restriction when it comes to ink and skin. Devil tattoo, nowadays, symbolize wickedness or a rebellious and impish nature. At the end of the day – ink, skin and devil is a deadly combination. Here is a compiled list of 12 best Satanic devic tattoos and their associated meaning.

12. Blue horns, tongue out.

The image of a devil with its tongue out portrays a savage and ferocious outlook towards life. The red horned horrendous looking devil with its tongue sticking out is a very familiar tattoo. The tattoo may look rebellious but it depicts the non-typical and daring characteristics of devil.

If you are looking for a tattoos to sound rebellious and give away a non caring type of attitude, call out to this devil.


11. Naughty devil

Everyone considers devil to be the counterpart of God; the evil to the good. So, it is completely logical for the devil to be partaking in rude behavior, one frowned upon by the society. The tattoo in no sense mean innate evil or devil worship.

This tattoo is normally drawing showing the devil drinking or gambling. If you want to show off the vices in you or to show that you are not a good as everyone else think you are, this right here is your stop.


10. Devil in form of Gargoyle

Gargoyle is a grotesque carved animal or human face. Some consider gargoyle as the protector from evil. The mixed mythological sense in which it is viewed is the reason this tattoo made it to this list. The confusion over its meaning gives it a unique allure. Want a bad-ass biker look? Go get your guns inked with this one.

So either you want a reminder that you are protected from the evil or you want to look badass, you know what to get sketched.


9. The Fallen Angel

We all are familiar to the fact that Lucifer or devil, in common parlance was in-fact an angel who rebelled against God. This tattoo depicts an ultimate rebellion and is a sign that the bearer believes in no authority and desires to do what he/she wishes to do.

In other words it is the ultimate tattoo for the saying ” My life, my rules”. A human figure with either it’s wings in full span and feathers changing or falling or one with head bowed and wings closed and change in feathers, it’s the same. The shed of feathers or change in their appearance depicts that the angel is transforming into devil.


8. Seductive Devil

In this tattoo the she-devil is often depicted as a temptress with immoral vices like, gambling or alcohol drinking. Devils are often considered or believed to be masters of seduction. This tattoo means different to different bearers. For some it would mean that they are in control of their temptations while for others its a warning sign for anyone who cross their path to be beware of them as they are the ultimate king or queen of seduction. Combined with an angel it represents the balance between good and bad.

Anything sounding what you are looking for?



7. Devil with a personality

The red faced devil with a cigar in his mouth and yellow mischievous eyes is a tattoo which depicts mischief and defiance. It is mainly seen on our younger generation who wants to rebel against their parents and show that they are elegant in doing so.

So you like to annoy people? Or are all for pulling pranks. This tattoo will perfectly suit your personality.

6. Devil and destruction

It is very normal to associate devil with destruction.  Normally this tattoo is associated with internal struggles. So if you are looking for a tattoo to relate to some crisis or battles you had in your life that seemed like never ending, constant battles, you might want to go with this inked destructive devil.

It is a full back tattoo but one could always find a way to shorten it’s visual and yet mean the same. After all if this devil meaning fight with internal battles is what you want the world to know, who’s there to stop you.

5. A Halo and a Devil

This is for the ones for whom the yin and yang doesn’t seem appealing. We have to agree that yin and yang has been overly used and sounds boring at times. This tattoo shows balance. The halo obviously symbolizes an angel or good and horns the devil or evil/sin/bad. It looks chic and has a beautiful meaning.

What separates it from the rest is that it could be adorned on a wrist as a small inked design or it could be a large one anywhere you like.

4. Tears and devil

No one could imagine a Satan crying. But tears doesn’t leave anyone alone for long, do they? This tattoo is one of its own. It is unique and shows that every one has a break-down at least once in this life time. The tattoo means that the bearer has many struggles and many break-downs but had the power to fight with them.

Does this sounds like what you have to say but can’t find proper word to speak? Go tell the world with this tattoo, now you know it’s meaning.

3. Outlined Devil

You know what they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This tattoo could mean absolutely anything but most importantly it shows a care-free attitude.

Don’t what any fuss about the tattoo? In dilemma of to get a devil tattoo or not to? If so, then this simple black outline will definitely attract you.

2. The Cupid Devil

Many consider love as evil so it is no surprise that cupid could be depicted as a devil too. The tattoo has been drawn considering both male and female cupid( whoever had heard of a female cupid! * Shrugs*).

If you are looking for something that shows immortality yet have an impish and mischievous edge, then this is your go to devil.


1. The Pan God devil.

Ever wondered why the spirit of devil is called out in a goat or why a creepy looking goat head appears before the horror scenes?  It is because in most cultures the Satanic devic associated with Devil the the goat God Pan. The moat common tattoo could be simply the God’s face or the face in a pentagon.

So if you want to go all devil and give away the “evil” vibe, the Pan God calls out to you.


Now you know all about the meaning of the most famous devil tattoos around you. Ranging from an impossible natured devil to the devil God Pan. These tattoos are not the ones branding you as a Satanist but sure as hell give a ‘ don’t mess with me vibe’.

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