Top 12 Biggest Trees in the World

How do we know which truly are the tallest trees of the globe? Well, that’s what tree searchers or seekers are for! Yes, indeed! Quite a career prospect, what do you think? At a juncture where mankind is wrecking nature – ergo irrevocably alluring his own impending doom, this list might be markedly consequential for many. For once at least, we – the superior most of all creatures – ought to be the chaperone of Earth’s flora and fauna. How many nods do I get now?

  1. The General Grant Tree

To come across this tree, one needs to go to California and then visit the General Grant Grove section of the Kings Canyon National Park. The age of the General Grant Tree is a shocking 2000 years and its height of 81.7 m or 268.05 ft doesn’t disappoint either.index

  1. The General Sherman

At a stature of 83.3 m or 273.29 ft, the General Sherman’s homeland is the Giant Forest Grove of Sequoia National Park (Tulare County, California).general_sherman2-285px-w

  1. Mendocino

Situated in the Montgomery Flat, the Mendocino had been the tallest tree from December, 1996 to August, 2000. Add five storeys to the Statue of Liberty and you would get the pinnacle of this tree, which is an astonishing 112.20 m or 368.1 ft. The diameter of this tree is 4.19 m.Mendocino-Tree

  1. Paradox

Basking in the Rockefeller forest of Humboldt, the Paradox boasts of a mind-boggling elevation of 112.56 m or 369.2 ft along with a diameter of 3.90 m. In the years 1995 and 1996, it was the tallest of all trees in the globe.Paradox

  1. Rockefeller

Standing tall at a height of 112.6 m or 369.3 ft, the Rockefeller was first discovered on the Upper Bull Creek Flat (in Humboldt).Rockefeller

  1. Lauralin

A resident of South Fork Eel River (Humboldt in California of the US), it was discovered by Paul Zinke and Al Strangenburger. Described as Big Leaner, this tree flaunts an unbelievably amazing length of 112.62 m or 369.5 ft and a diameter of 4.54 m.Lauralyn

  1. Orion

It is 0.01 m taller than the Lauralin. This 112.63 m or 369.5 ft tree was discovered by Sillett, Taylor and Atkins. The discovery was indebted to the LINAR. This rare tree can be spotted in Redwood, Redwood Creek Tributary showing off a diameter of 4.33 m.Orion

  1. National Geographic Society

A weird name for a tree, nonetheless it measures 112.71 m or 369.9 ft besides a diameter of 4.39 m. It is also referred to as the Sequoia Sempervirenst. When it was discovered in the year 1994, it had instantly bagged the title of the ‘tallest tree in the world’. It had even remained the same for one more year or so. It is believed to be housed in the Redwood Creek Tributary.The-National-Geographic-Society-tree

  1. Stratosphere Giant

July 2000 saw the discovery of the Stratosphere Giant in Humboldt. The first measurement revealed its altitude to be 112.34 m. A member of the Sequoia Sempervirens, its height recorded in 2010 stood at 113.11 m or 371.2 ft. For the next six years, this tree was the proud holder of the ‘tallest tree in the world’ title. Well the ‘Giant’ says it all!Stratosphere-Tree

  1. Icarus

It stands tall at 113.14 m or 371.2 ft in the Redwood Creek Inflow (California, United States). It was discovered by Michael Taylor and Chris Atkins just a month after Helios was found. Its diameter is known to be 3.78 m.Icarus-Dream

  1. Helios

Taylor Atkins duo found this tree in the Redwood National Park, California on the 1st of July, 2006. It was considered the tallest tree till the 25th of August, 2006. The surprising length of this tree is 114.58 m or 375.9 ft. It showcases 4.96 m as the diameter.482738224

  1. Hyperion

At last the winner of the competition! Located in Northern California (Redwood Creek Inflow) and measuring 115.61 m or 379.3 ft, Hyperion was made known to the world by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor on August 25th, 2006. The diameter displayed is 4.84 m. The approximate age of a Hyperion is 700 to 800 years while it remains seated in an area of 502 square meters.maxresdefault

Trees are not mundane, not all the time. We might take them for granted but are some interesting tit – bits I would like to share.  I bet you didn’t know these:

  1. Trees are capable of warding off predators, thanks to the secretion of a bitter chemical called phenolics. Cool self-defense huh? Also, it is quite interesting to note that a tree, who has been attacked, will send “signal” to trees in the surrounding so that they start their defense process ere they are even attacked! Love thy neighbor as thyself.
  2. The next time you see fungus growing round a tree, remember it does the tree good. It actually helps the tree grow!
  3. Trees can act as a compass for the lost as well!
  4. NO other living thing can take pride in such a long, long life span.
  5. With trees nearby, your needs to switch on that air conditioner of yours can go down by as much as 30% !
  6. A couple of mature trees are able to produce oxygen enough (annually) in order to support a family of four members.
  7. The amount of carbon produced by a car when driving 26,000 miles can be absorbed by a single tree in a year. Wonderfully fascinating, isn’t it?
  8. A mature tree can combat pollution 70 times more than a newly planted one! But let that not hold you back from planting a sapling today for it sure will be a mature tree soon. Also, try to make some efforts and save those mature trees in your locality.
  9. A single tree can do away with a ton of carbon dioxide in its life.
  10. The “World’s Most Dangerous Tree” is Machineel tree found in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Its bark has a sap which causes blisters in human skin. In fact, the sap can make a person go blind if it gets into the eyes. Even the smoke from burning Machineel wood can make a person lose eyesight. Its fruit – the ‘beach apple’ or the ‘death apple’ – is extremely painful to eat. And having a small bite of this toxin leads to ulceration of the mouth as well as the esophagus. Stay away from this tree!
  11. In the Onbashira festival of Japan (every six years), people sit on giant fir tree trunks and then glide down a mountain slope. Notwithstanding the number of people injured and killed, this is an immensely popular ritual.
  12. More than 25% of medicines have come down to us from the rain forests. How about a ‘thank you’ fellas?
  13. There are as many as 20,000 species of trees that we have.
  14. Trees are commonly stressed by the likes of poor soil quality, swarming tree planters and rivalry for water between different plants.
  15. A theory opines that angiosperms (a sort of tree) led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Quite weird right?images1

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