Top 12 Characteristics and Personality Traits of Scorpio Sun Sign

Sun Signs and zodiac signs add a lot to the personality of a person. However, understanding the ambit of your sign’s aspects and traits may prove to be especially tedious. The topic of discussion today is “Characteristics and Personality Traits of Scorpio Sun Sign.”

Zodiac Sign- Scorpio

Death and regeneration go hand-in-hand with this sign. The utterly notorious as well as loveable sign will make you fall in love with life or regret your existence if you happen to betray them. A perfect mix of contradictions and two extremes, this Sun Sign is at power with Leo or Taurus in terms of power!

Before we dive into the matter of the “Characteristics and Personality Traits of Scorpio Sun Sign.” Here are some basics to get you acquainted with the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

Duration: 23rd October to 21st November

Ruler Planet: Mars and Pluto

Type: Fixed Water Sign.

As per astrology, the term “fixed sign” fits the definition of “stable.” The term is affixed to four signs, Scorpio is one of them.

Top Twelve Characteristics and Personality Traits of Scorpio Sun Sign

Scorpio is hailed as one of the most influential houses of the all twelve houses. And it is not just for show! The dominant traits and characteristics of the Scorpio Sun Sign are mentioned below:

1. Cold and Emotional

With Scorpios, you can be hundred percent sure that they will act cold and show a total disinterest in all matters. Scorpios are highly emotional, and they tend to hide that fact well.With a cold and hard exterior, they will hide their emotions and will keep them hidden.

2. Intense and Full of Passion

The emotional side of the sun sign does not allow any room for half-hearted efforts. You will never find a Scorpio who is not passionate about things. Their passion, be it for love, friendships or for goals, they are all or nothing kind of folks. A Scorpio will never give up and get things done no matter what the situation is!

3. Determined

Scorpios’ determination stems from their unwavering passion. There is no denying that eleventh house’s power, comes from passion and conviction. Since these folks are passionate about everything and feel everything deeply, they will never let any goal slip out of their grasp. For every task the Scorpio sets, you can rest assured that these people will go to the moon and back to achieve that!

4. Intelligent

The intelligence of the Scorpio knows no bounds. Being a water sign, Scorpios are deeply involved. The Scorpio sign is perspective and can see through facades and deceptive acts of others, which pretty much makes them a good lie detector. Additionally, the sign is hard to fool because the sign is hailed as the “skeptic” of all the sun signs and they do not believe anything except hard evidence. Do not try to fool a Scorpio; they will catch you before you know it!

5. Observant

Another reason why Scorpios are hard to trick is that they observe everything. There will hardly ever be anything a Scorpio will miss out. From the slight change in the tone to the mixed signals and the secretive eye contact, the Sun Sign will notice it all without your knowledge. Scorpio hardly ever misses anything.

6. Loyal

Scorpio is one such Sun Sign, which will never betray you. The eleventh house is blessed with many attributes, and loyalty is probably the best of all of them. Scorpios, once committed, will never leave your side. They will see stick through all kinds of situations and never betray the ones they love. Although cunning and ferocious, they will do everything in their power to stay.

7. Motivated

Most view Scorpios as stubborn, but in all honesty, the sign is just driven by strong sense motivation. The people born under this sign turn out to be revolutionaries, thinker and prominent figures in their respective fields. And that is possible only due to the fact the sign does not know the meaning of giving up, literally! You will never find a Scorpio crying over a measly setback. Instead, they love challenges. And just like the Phoneix, the mystical creature closely associated with the sign, they will rise from their ashes and move forward. A Scorpio will not stop until they attain what they set out to attain!

8.  Friendly

The sign is quick to make friends. Scorpios are magnetic, and their high levels of energy attract people to them. The sign is good with people, mostly. A Scorpio could be choosy with friends, but once they warm-up to you, no other person makes a good friend such as Scorpio!

9. Piercing Gaze

The Sun Sign is confident, strong and flamboyant. But the thing which sets the Scorpio crowd aside from the generic crowd is their piercing gaze. This trait is one of the most prominent traits for Scorpios. When Scorpios look at you, they are not simply looking at you but diving deeper into your soul. Their eyes speak more than their lips.

10. Stick to Their Word

Well, another critical and prominent characteristic of the Scorpio Personality is trustworthiness. The Scorpio folk are good with trust and are highly dependable. With too many emotions and passion, the sign will make ends meet to stick to their words. A Scorpio will never say anything unless they genuinely believe they can make it happen. Whatever a Scorpio promises to do, they will definitely do it.

11. Secretive

Scorpios are among the most highly secretive bunch of all Sun Signs. The sign does not readily tell anyone anything. At times, this trait has a negative effect on their relationships and other things. As you know the sign is cold and emotional, the sign has trouble expressing their emotions. Furthermore, a Scorpio will never tell you everything. They will only give the information they think is you can handle.

12. Independent

With a head-strong and bold nature, you will never find a Scorpio trailing behind the crowd. The Scorpio Sign does things their way. They will follow their heart and intuition, without a doubt! The sign hates people and things which control or disrupt their way of living and prefer to do things according to their beliefs.

With that, the list of twelve characteristics of the Scorpio sun sign concludes. However, here are a few more associated traits, both negative and positive qualities of the Scorpio Sun Sign:

Positive: Strong, Smart, Creative, Protective, Loveable, Healer, Intuitive, Intimate, Deep, Regenerative.

Negative: Jealous, Controlling, Manipulative, Destructive, Vengeful, Impatient, Dark.

Unafraid and dark, this sign has the perfect mix of negative as well as positive characteristics. The Scorpios out of alignment with their element will be harder to deal with and may not fare well in their lives. But the sign is not considered one of the most influential houses for nothing. The positive attributes overpower the misunderstood Scorpio and allow them to regenerate and become a newer version of themselves each time they come back from a battle!

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