Top 12 Countries that can cause World War III

Albert Einstein once said – ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’ That, as far as I see can be the most accurate predictions that one can make, also the easiest one. With rapid technological advancements in the military sector owing to everlasting and continuous territorial and resource related conflicts among nations, if today a third world war occurs, then there remains very little possibility of any other war, forget another World War. The reason for it is very simple – more than half a dozen nations have declared themselves as nuclear states and many others do clandestinely possess these weapons of mass destruction. Such has been the obsession with this arms race that nations today term the act of developing these weapons as methods of ensuring peace.

With the recent Israel Palestine conflict, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the seizure of Iraq by ISIS and endless ceasefire violations by Pakistan, international diplomats are already apprehending the likely possibility of a war on a huge scale. Yes, the United Nations does exist officially but it is a known fact that it is a puppet organization of the United States of America. Its apathy towards the butchering of Palestinians by Israeli troops gave an indication that the UN is far from being an autonomous institution. Though almost every nation has played its role in exacerbating the worsening global ties, we feel that there are a few that do deserve a special mention for their conspicuous role in elevating political tension.

So here’s the list –

12. Egypt – This giant in the Middle East has never been a peaceful state. By funding extremist Islamic groups in and around that region, Egypt clandestinely remains a source for all types of communal violence presently occurring in the region full of turmoil. It’s relations with its neighbour Israel also have not been at its best, with reports of minor attacks occurring on parts of either nation.

11. United Kingdom – How can the Queen be away from any major political occurrence in the world? The United Kingdom mainly dominated by the Brits, now for over a century has always been a place of hidden resentment and turmoil. But the declaration of a referendum that would decide Scotland’s further association with the Kingdom could just be a spark that could light up a flame. If reports are to be believed, then the voices of revolt have also risen among the generally submissive Celtic community that might lead to the trifurcation of the United Kingdom.

10. Pakistan – Pakistan, never in its history, has been a stable nation. You could hear reports about military chiefs orchestrating coups to overthrow governments and the secret breeding of Jihadists in hidden training camps. The territorial dispute over the Kashmir issue is also a very well known one. But in the past decade, this South Asian country has become one of the most unsafe places in the world with everyday sprouting terrorist organizations that are constantly trying the seize the reins of the nation. Also the incessant unprovoked ceasefire violations and uprisings against the Central government indicate that it would indeed be an uphill task to restore normalcy in Pakistan.

9. North Korea – Ever since its partition, North Korea has always remained a hostile nation. The nation has been carrying on a proxy war against its neighbour South Korea and the day isn’t far away when we might see an actual war between the 2 Koreas. Such an event can be a huge massacre as although South Korea has US and international support and sympathy, North Korea possesses ammunitions. The presence of technology as well as material to produce and use nuclear weapons further aggravates the situation. North Korea has been secretly preparing nuclear bombs citing excuses of national security.

8. Nigeria – You can guess the state of affairs in Nigeria by going through the mandatory contracts that companies ask their employees to attest. ‘We rescue you the first two times, but the third time you get kidnapped; we are not to be held responsible.’ This underdeveloped African nation, for years has been a home of turmoil and political instability. The rise of terrorist organizations like Boko Haram which recently released a macabre video demonstrating a mass murder of around 200 school girls amidst violence and tensions owing to the upcoming general elections, has snatched away any peace from the land.

7. Afghanistan – The example of Afghanistan clearly demonstrates how foreign interference can aggravate the social ties in a nation. The relatively prosperous Afghanistan of the 60s and 70s crumbled initially to Soviet pressure and later to US arrogance. The tale of this nation is as fascinating as one can get. Large parts of the nation presently is under the Taliban rule that carries out barbaric practices like public prosecution and stoning to death under the veil of Islamic law. Although a high turnout in the first ever general elections held this year was a positive move, a great effort is required to free the nation off militants who are planning a takeover once the US troops retreat.

6. Syria – The birthplace of the I.S.I.S, a terrorist outfit, recently has become a region of huge turmoil. Of course international policing has had a role to play in it. The revolution against President Bashar al Assad, which was initiated as a purposeful movement to overthrow an autocratic government, slowly turned into a violent one with the rise of a group of militants who presently have become a threat to international peace. The presence of nuclear weapons, a weak government at the centre along with large chunks of the nation under the ISIS rule, Syria looks all set at advancing towards a catastrophic civil war.

5. U.S.A – American interference or ‘American Leadership’ as they prefer to call it, itself has triggered many deadly wars. Just take a look at Afghanistan and you would surely understand how disparities in a nation were escalated purposely to establish one’s supremacy. The Taliban as well as the ISIS are both organizations that were initially nurtured by the U.S.A. U.S.A’s worsening ties with China, another superpower and its age old history of animosity against Russia can trigger another fanatic war with America trying to gain international supremacy.

4. China – The second largest economy of the world is one of the most dangerous nations. This Asian giant has never had good relations with its neighbours due to its expansionist agendas. The illegal annexation of Tibet, portrayal of expanded boundaries in its maps and claim over a few Japanese islands has worsened its ties with the two other Asian giants. Also U.S.A’s recent ‘balancing the East’ policy that tries to restrict China’s multiplying power and dominance in the region could trigger violence.

3. Iraq – Iraq today is one the biggest sources of international concern. The ISIS has established the Islamic rule over large chunks of the nation and has established a Caliphate and summons Muslims all around the world to pay their obeisance to him. The terrorist organization that now controls a region that in size is equivalent to the United Kingdom, has butchered Shias, Yazidis, and military personnel across the nation. The presence of such a dangerous outfit in the nation, which now is deemed the deadliest terror organization in the world, justifies apprehensions about Iraq’s possible role in the World War 3.

2. Russia – Russia’s buoyant annexation of Crimea through a referendum has raised a lot of eyebrows in the West. While the NATO and the US are busy in imposing several economic sanctions over Russia, it seems that the number of pro Russian rebels is increasing everyday in Ukraine. That along with the rocket attack on the Malaysian airlines by the pro Russian rebels and the alleged funding through arms and men by Russian authorities has disrupted the tranquility of the Soviet region. These sudden expansionist steps has cornered this giant nation with major European and American nations severely condemning its move.

1. Israel – The forceful creation of a Jewish state in a region predominantly inhabited by Arabs has left some deep tremors that would never allow cordial relations in that region. Israel has been barbarically butchering Palestinians for the last 60 years without any sense of remorse. In the recent altercations between the two nations about 2000 Palestinians were murdered in the Gaza strip while the no. of deaths on the Israeli side accounted to 50. Both quarters enjoy support from various factions. While most of the world commiserates with the Palestinians, many Europeans nations and America continue their apathy towards the conflict that can only be interpreted as a silent nod towards the Israeli cause.


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  • India is causing ceasefire violations not Pakistan everything u post is fake and u know that India is the country with most rape cases u give this respect to your women and u r the poorest country of world with nothing but huts in which u live

    • you are right
      india is just a puppet and it only thinks that it is powerful and it is not even to the standard of pakistan and the terrorism in pakistan is because it allowed afghani refugees to come to pakistan and with them terrorists also came

    • U freak we have that most rape cases but still we have more respect for women we are trying to stop the 3 talak system which is destroying lives of women .. and yes talking about the rape cases we have given much power to our media and police due to whichwe come to know about the cases ur country is totally ruled by terrorists why would the terrorists tell others about rape cases 😂😂 and secondly yes some people here live in huts its just bcoz we have the money we earned not the money we snatches from others through terrorism

  • Yes, Israel the ones who constantly start the shooting… oh wait.
    Israel shoots back, it’s not their fault that Palestine keeps targetting
    children or can’t live in peace in one nation with another religion.
    Nor is it their fault Hamas launches rockets from schools and hospitals
    to use innocents as both shields and to generate international sympathy
    for their cause, and to fan the flames of hatred against Israel. How
    many times have the Arabs brought war against Israel, and Israel
    resisted and took ground to defend their lives, and then were forced by
    international community to give that up and wait for the next attack.
    Why can’t Palestinians just live in Israel, and make it their nation?
    Why can’t they be united? Because one side does not want to be. Same
    as any marriage, and in the end Allah frowns down on his children as
    they murder in the name of justice for ancient murders.

    from that, I agree with most of the nations on the list. Maybe… just
    maybe Israel should not have been created, but why? It was the original
    homeland of the Jewish people, and of the Arabian people. Why does the
    middle east have to follow the pattern of “you killed my father, so now
    I will kill you, and your children will kill mine, forever and ever?”
    So it goes with nations who do not forgive………

    That also is
    the virtue of forgiveness and forgetfulness. When justice cannot be
    served, as it never can for murder, no amount of further deaths will
    right a lost life, nothing brings it back. All acting to remedy the
    past will do is prolong the violence. The other thing forgiveness does
    is allow healing. When all you can think about all day is how to get
    from the one who has offended you back what they took, you will know
    only the pain of the loss and anger and desire to get from them equal

    And in the end, it is always the problem we come to when
    we look at someone else and think, “Other, not like me” When we should
    say Brother, Sister, how have I forgotten you?

    • Israel was not the original home of the Arabian people. That notion is false. The Arabs stormed into it in 637 and conquered it. They were no the oriignal settlers nor did they have any right to take it, or any other territory they took by thw sword, according to Islamic doctrine in the Qur’an. Why dos ISIS have no intention n of attacking Israel? Because they know perfectly well that they would be wiped out if they tried it. The only thing they understand is overwhelming force and the will to use it against them if necessary. Dialogue and being nice is considered a sign of weakness. Isreal makes no secret of the fact that it possesses such force and is willing to use it. That is why it survives.

  • What a load if rubbish…. Israel number one? Sad to see anti Semitism is still prevalent. This list is atrocious

  • Right from first few line, it was clear that an Indian monkey is trying to say something, which others are not understanding. What a trash site this web page is.

  • buahahhahahhaha rahul you must wanna read the American post about india hell for girls no bathrooms and people sleep on footpath and every day hindus killed thousand of Sikh Muslims and Christians on the religious matters…………..and your army i mean indian solders raped lacks of innocents girls every year….. hahahhahhahah did you hear about russia…. russia remove india name from safe travel destination and said india is unsafe for tourism
    s lollllllllllllllllllllll :

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    • Where do u people get shit like this??!! Don’t forget Pakistan was part of India

    • What a day ….70 yrs back both India and Pakistan got independence

      Indians have become CEOs of Google, Microsoft, Pepsico, Jaguar, Land Rover and

      Pakistani have become heads of Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Jammat U Dawa, Hijbul Mujahideen

      What a contrast……😊 Adding a line to this joke …
      India reached Mars and Pakistan still trying to enter India 😆

  • Saim tell me something if we live in huts where do u live in skyscrapers ?and hafiz go check India is the world’s 3 rd largest and 4 strongest army .who are u calling puppets ? We don’t have America supporting us with arms like it does for Pakistan .so guys please stop typing shit just because you have a laptop and u know how to type

    • Pakistan is not only poor but
      Is also coward. India is tolerating Pakistani nuisance only because it wants to concentrate on its economy. Especially we are looking for a berth in nsg. Once that is done . cost of energy will become cheap and so manufacturing will increase India will become stable and have more money for military spend and then annihilation of Pakistan from world map will become a probability.

  • World wars only take place when major powers and alliances are involved.So,you can count out places like North Korea, and others which have little international signficance. The only islamic country with a decent army is Turkey as it is in NATO and it is becoming ever more jihadist under Erdogan. The U.S. should end its alliances with Saudi Arabia and Turkey as they are promoting jihad. There will be no war with Russia or China. Iran is a big danger as the regime believes in apocalyptic visions. Israel con only survive while it can count on overwhelming military superiority over its neighbors, as Islamic doctrine has Jews as their greatest object of hate.

  • The UK is a ridiculous country to have on this list. Turkey or Saudi Arabia is much more plausible to have. (I will let you off with turkey as they have only recently become crazy)