Top 12 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of all Time

Mystery intrigues us all and we are all made up of it at the deepest level. The world is a pandemonium of tangible and un tangible stories , some true, some false , some unresolved that leaves civilizations and races speculating for generations. Given below is a compilation of some of the most talked of unresolved mysteries that continue to create buzz while the rest seem forgotten.


The hum is a mystery that predates the era of 1950’s when the reports of an incessant acoustic low frequency disturbance came trickling in from certain zones such as Bristol(England) , Taos(Mexico) , Windsor(Ontario) , Bondi(Sydney) and people complained of an agitating humming, throbbing, drumming sound that led to sleepless nights and depression. The possible causes were related to the activities in the hum prone zones but to no scientific explanation was found as to these ELF(extremely low frequency) “Hums” that were heard only by 11% of the total population within the zone becoming louder at night and fading during the day. It led to a couple of suicides back in the 1990’s and is said to have bedevilled people into experiencing nausea, headaches, suicidal tendencies etc. Researchers refute the assumption of it being a psychotic disorder or hypochondria and confirm the absence of any natural reasons behind it. “The Hum” continues to remain an intriguing mystery even today.


Doppelganger is a German term which means the evil twin. It refers to paranormal phenomenon’s as mentioned by popular people such as Abraham Lincoln, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Emily Stagee through their personal accounts or journals that now sell at auctions. It is believed that every individual has an identical but demonic twin that roams a parallel universe doing and experiencing the same things such as talking to family, working at a job etc. The awareness of such an entity becomes prominent when the person starts seeing his/her doppelganger which happens during deathful sickness or post disaster. It also dawned on researchers that somewhat explains the phenomena of déjà vu and an extra unseen presence which is the twin that is following us everywhere and materializes only when something uneventful or extremely grave befalls the individual. In the case of Emily Stagee, 50 students witnessed her twin with a black shadow that enveloped her writing on the black board whereas she sat in her garden pulling out weeds.


“Babushka” means grandmother in Russian(who wear scarf’s) and the nickname arose during the aftermaths of President John F. Kennedy’s death when a mysterious woman was spotted at a very good vantage point with a camera wearing a light tan coloured scarf (hence babushka). It was filmed by many photographers before the parade in 1963 in which he was assassinated by several shots and she is a main feature of most of those films. During investigations , she never came forward with the possible evidence her camera could have captured and was not found on the national database as well. Rumours were that America wanted to warn the involvement of Russians and hence cooked up a fascinating story but the visuals tell a different tale of their own. Her untimely vanishing and the stark difference from other people clicked in the pictures hinting at paranormal elements at play surely rendered the effective government machineries of the US useless. Who was this lady , where was she from , and where did she disappear remain unanswered questions till date.


The great attractor is a cosmic phenomenon that defies all laws of science and astronomy. Our galaxy(milky way) is expanding and different solar systems in it are going farther away from each other along with the galaxies due to the “hubble” which is nothing but the expansion of the universe and the space it is making to accommodate all others in it. Now the great attractor is a mystery of the 21st century because it is a space anomaly. Everything in space has a tract to follow due to gravitational influences of detectable entities around it like sun, moons, clusters, nebula, black holes etc but the great attractor is just an unknown vacuum with a central mass bigger than anything known before, big enough to suck into it everything including the universe itself based on the estimation of how fast we are moving towards it. So if the pace is compared to the time earth takes to complete a year around the sun, it would be 18 and not 365 days which is relatively very fast. A true Mystery that poses a threat to our existence and makes us insignificant in the “universal” scheme of things.


Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock were twin sisters aged 11 and 6 respectively and died a tragic young death in England when a car struck them as they walked towards their Sunday church. The sisters were very close and the parents grieved greatly however, Mrs. Pollock became pregnant one year after the accident and the father insisted it would be twin girls despite doctors disagreeing. When Mrs. Pollock did give birth it was twin girls who they name Jennifer and Gillian (with Gillian being the elder twin) and the uncanny similarities and traits of the girls gave rise to the belief of reincarnation that was studied by many leading psychologists who had previously studied the phenomenon only in the eastern countries and confirmed the miracle. The twins had the same scars and birthmarks that made the case probable in addition to asking for the same toys, asking for the dolls of their deceased sisters by the same name, asking to go to the same park without the knowledge of their dead sisters and this was a new facet for the church to accept and remains a mystery till date.


Kryptos is an encrypted copper sculpted “Everest of codes” in Langley, Virginia, and is the fancy of all cryptographers in the world due to its fourth and toughest paragraph that defiantly remains obscure and challenging in the information leak plagued US. Designed by artist Jim Sanborn located on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), it has captured the curiosity of both amateur and professional cryptanalysts. Mentioned by bestseller of Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and many others, it is nothing but a trailer of intelligence that even the CIA has failed to crack down. There are many other code mysteries that include the lost symbol etc and require the greatest acumen and IQ bearing too many questions since its dedication on November 3 , 1990.


green children
In the kingdom of Suffolk under the reign of king Stephen in England, two children were discovered in the village of Woolpit by farmers reaping their summer harvests who were unlike the ordinary children they’d met before and didn’t seem of their world or kind with green hue to their skins and clothes of an unknown material speaking an undecipherable language. They only ate pitch of the bean pod and the boy(younger of the two twins) died later of sickness. The girl survived to tell the story of how they were underground inhabitants of earth where everyone was green and the sun never came up. They were lost in a tunnel grazing their fathers cattle when they heard the bells of woolpit church ring which they followed. Their story bears its testimony in the books that were written thereafter and in artifice’s stored in the London museum.


A serial killer who became a popular case for the infamous letters he sent to the Bay Area police in northern California after committing homicide of 4 men and 3 women. He authored cryptograms in the letters and hints of which only one has been deciphered. He was a man displaying blatant insanity and adopted the name Zodiac through the ultimatums he sent to the media and police playing with clues and future plots gaining notoriety by writing several letters to police boasting of the slayings, with swatches of bloody clothing as proof of his claims. The serial killer claimed to have killed as many as 37 people and has never been caught and remains a mystery till date.


Shroud of Turin is a sacred linen cloth preserved in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, northern Italy and bears the image of a man who appears to have suffered physical trauma in a manner consistent with crucifixion but is believed widely as the same burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth. Pope Francis carefully worded his statements on Easter celebrations 2013 saying “Icon of this man” should show us the way to contemplate Jesus of Nazareth not clearly authenticating the acceptance of the shroud as the original burial shroud of Jesus as the others had before him. This shroud is a mystery since radioactive carbon dating investigations failed to explicitly bring forth facts related to this stained and blood washed linen that makes it a real artifact for Catholics. It is not only an article of faith but for the past 700 years princes, paupers and priests have been making lifelong pilgrimages to just be able to stand in its presence while others who question it remain baffled at its current state that mysteriously awes everybody.


The devils triangle as loosely defined aka Bermuda Triangle is a region marked by three corners i.e. San Juan, Miami and Bermuda forming three vertices of the mysterious Atlantic ocean seabed area where too many unexplained naval and aerial disappearances have taken place to ignore over the decades even though there are denials and causes that bear no meaning some of them being Methane hydrates, violent weather, human error etc but mans arrogance on the basis of scientific accolades cant alter the fact that it is baffling when the numbers present themselves. Over a 1000 manmade machines have vanished in the past 50 decades and it somehow doesn’t completely isolate itself from paranormal or unexplained occurrences. The possibility of dating it back to a powerful civilization that owned energy crystals emanating death rays towards the triangle is a much debated topic amongst scholars and the bed of the triangle has produced age old medieval rocks that could be the after affects of cursing the entire area. But all speculation and no factual analysis makes it only as mysterious as ever.


Atlantians(civilization of Atlantis), were much like the Athenians and like all other civilizations(yet to be dug and found) their existence is based on its mention in Plato’s work that brings out the importance of state machinery and scholars argue that it was used hypothetically to prove the sanctity of governance in Greece. Though rocks and bridges have been found, it still remains a vague guess. It is through the book “The Republics” that the grandeur and battle/politics prowess of the city state came forth with territory believed to be as large as Libya and Asia combined and gold worth the weight of all of Greece. They perished under water thrashed by the currents of the Atlantic ocean on being punished by Poseidon(God of water and earth) through a fatal earthquake and the entire city became submerged and lost forever. Since then, the rock(Gibraltar) or known as the herculean pillars became a fetish for all scholars and historians.

1. MH370

The disappearance of MH370 flight carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations on July 17 remains a mystery till date. The science and the math behind this tragedy which claimed more than 235 lives could not be answered through the black box technology or airplane movements or speculation that ocean debris is the lost plane itself. This remains the most recent and biggest unresolved mystery since no rationale has come forth on the possibility of it being a human error (suffocation of passengers while the plane sank in auto pilot as a result of intelligent guesses)and the chances of it being a favorite theory cannot be ruled out in the absence of any other fact as such. The Mayans foretold the beginning of the collapse of the world and the Monks say it’s the collateral price humans paid for their misgivings and their shall be more to come. While mothers weep and fathers wait to at least put a stop to the uncertainty that questions leave in wake of the devastation it caused in the lives of families of the victims, a search goes on to begin again what was started by humans in the first place , “A Conflict To Test The Waters” making it the biggest mystery today.

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  • THis is really interesting. Shakes the ground on which we stand. So much about the world that we don’t know about.

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  • Please remove the pictures of the Black Dahlia and replace them with accurate images of the Pollock twins.

  • Doppelgangers: Seriously? Besides being well steeped in mythology with no empirical evidence, I’d like to know what “researchers” you’re referring to. I mean you can’t peddle pseudoscience fast enough with this one. A Google search for “Emily Stagee” only bring up this page, so I’m also curious to know where you found that story.

    Babushka Lady: The conclusions you jump to here are ridiculous, paranormal activity? It’s so ludicrous that I can only hope you’re not serious. If you’re studying to become an attorney and you draw such wild conclusions about the JFK assassination, then I sure feel sorry for any future client of yours. For starters, to say that she disappeared is to misrepresent the facts. There were over 600 people present in Dealey Plaza that day and not all of them have been identified. To claim that her “untimely vanishing” is somehow related to paranormal activity is crazy. Her image was captured by multiple people filming that day and her appearance is not “in stark difference” to everyone else. She’s an unidentified person at the scene of a murder, certainly not unique by any stretch of the imagination.

    Great Attractor: I don’t where you got your information on this one, but everything is pretty much incorrect. What you call “the Hubble” is actually the Hubble Flow, and this so called “mystery” does not violate the law. The Great Attractor is not some “vacuum sucking everything into it” and certainly not “big enough to suck in the universe itself”. It’s a gravity anomaly, most likely a large cluster of galaxies, and it’s mass is not as large as was once thought. In fact there are much larger masses of galaxies out there. So we’re not being “sucked right into it” as you say. In reality the Milky Way is being pulled towards a much more massive cluster of galaxies which lie beyond the Great Attractor.

    The Pollack Twins: More reincarnation woo woo. The claim that they were “studied by leading psychologists” is entirely false. The only “Doctor” to study the twins was “PARA”psychologist Ian Stevenson, a big difference. Stevenson did not witness any of the girls behavior personally as is normally claimed. The cases he “studied” in his book, including the Pollack twins, rely on nothing more than anecdotal evidence. In fact Stevenson was not involved in any of these cases until well after the children were reported as remembering their past lives. The father of the girls was also a strong believer in reincarnation and it’s highly likely he talked about this in front of the twins. What’s not often reported is that at about the age of 6, the girls abruptly ceased to be conscious of their past lives and developed into normal healthy children.

    Kryptos: I don’t know why this is a mystery. The fourth paragraph remains publicly unsolved, big deal. The author has released several hints over the years indicating that it’s solvable. There are many more difficult if not impossible to solve encrypted texts out there.

    Green Children: If going this route then you really should mention the hundred or so other legends and folklore stories from the middle ages. To entertain this as serious would be crazy.

    The Zodiac Killer: Now this is a real mystery and far more interesting. His unsolved writings are most likely encoded with a one-time pad and will remain unsolved, unless of course someone discovers the key.

    Shroud of Turin: Radiocarbon dating puts the shroud as being from the 13’th to 14’th centuries with a confidence of 95%. This also happens to coincide with the time in church history where stories of the shroud start to appear. There was also a recent attempt to recreate the shroud using methods only available during the time it was created. The result bears a striking resemblance to the original.

    The Bermuda Triangle: Well this certainly fits in with all the previous paranormal woo. However in reality, documented evidence indicates that a large percentage of reported incidents were fake, not accurately reported or embellished by different authors. A 2013 study which identified 10 of the most dangerous areas of ocean did not include the Bermuda Triangle. A leading researcher on the topic found that the number of ships and planes reported missing in the area was not proportionally greater than any other part of the ocean. He found many of the claims by Bermuda Triangle proponents to be unverifiable, exaggerated and in some cases out right lies.

    City of Atlantis: No surprise this one is on the list. I don’t think I would call a work of fiction a mystery.

    Flight MH370: Now these are the type of mysteries you should be writing about. I tend to agree with the experts who say the plane most likely crashed into water while running out of fuel. The final reboot of the planes SDU (satellite date unit) likely points to a flame-out scenario. The SDU functioned properly for 7 hours, providing hourly status requests and 2 ground-to-air phone calls. Then at 8:10AM, the aircraft transmitted it’s final hourly status report. Not more than 10 minutes later, a log-on request was initiated by the aircraft’s SDU. An SDU reboot mid flight is not something that normally happens. Only a few events would cause the SDU to reboot, and a power failure is one of them. So the aircraft runs out of fuel, the main engines stop producing power and the RAT (ram air turbine) is deployed, providing the power needed to reboot the SDU. I think it’s safe to say with a fair degree of certainty that the aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed. The real mystery is what exactly led to this happening.

  • The Bermuda Triangle is not a mystery, there are not more dissapeaences there than any other part of the sea. On average 2 ships go missing per year at sea, and nothing has happened in the Bermuda Triangle since the 90’s. I’m not even sure why this is still classed as a mystery.

    And yes that is Elizabeth Short, or the black dahlia, an aspiring actress who was sadly murdered who’s murderer was never found.

    The city of Atlantis has long been known as a fictional thing. There is a real underwater city in China with an unknown language and origin which I vastly more interesting (and real)