Top 12 Major Health Benefits of eating Kale

We all know that eating green vegetables is good for health. They are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and all other ingredients that are necessary for the body. Still, the one vegetable that stands out among them is a green leafy cabbage look-a-like Kale. Whenever we discuss the green vegetables Kale and Spinach stand out. And today we are going to discuss Kale’s benefits on our health.

Kale is one of the healthiest foods on earth. It has many nutritional values and can also be used for medicinal purposes. It is said that Kale was being used since Greek and Roman times. Earlier, it was used to cure drunkenness. But now, it serves many more purposes. Being rich in vitamins it can help cure cancer, detoxification, to name a few. Below are some of the major health benefits of eating Kale.

1. Depression

In the 21st century one disease that almost everyone suffers from; is depression. And there could be no better and natural way to cure it other than eating Kale. A study shows that eating Kale helps you feel optimistic and thus decreases the depression level. It also has phytonutrients molecules that help your mood. So, next time whenever you feel depressed try eating Kale and this might cheer you up!

2. Cancer

The disease in itself is very scary that you will try anything that helps in curing it. But don’t worry we are not advising you anything without any proof. We have science as our back up when we suggest you that eating Kale will help you cure the cancer. The reason is Kale is a huge source of organosulfur compound. And these can naturally help you in curing cancer. Additionally, Kale also reduces the risk of lung cancer by 39%.

3. Diabetes

One of the benefits that you get by eating Kale is preventing Diabetes. A study has shown that people with type 2 Diabetes can be benefitted by eating dietary fibre like Kale because it decreases blood glucose and HbA1c levels. Also, there is a compound found in Kale named Sulforaphane and the anti-inflammatory acid in Kale controls blood sugar and thus reduces cardiovascular injuries.

4. Minerals

Proportion of minerals is high as far as Kale is concerned. It contains high proportions of copper, magnesium and Vitamin K. This helps in preventing excessive bleeding and blood clotting. These are some of the benefits of having one cup of Kale everyday:
• It will fulfil your copper requirement for the entire day.
• Helps in distress, improves digestion and maintains your calcium levels.
• It produces magnesium which thus converts vitamin D which our body absorbs as calcium.

5. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is useful in our body as it makes bile acids and thus digests fats. And yes, Kale already has bile acids supplements. These supplements bind bile acids in our digestive system which prevents them from being reabsorbed. This reduces cholesterol levels and thereby prevents heart diseases. According to one study, having Kale daily for 12 weeks can increase HDL cholesterol by 27% and lowers LDL cholesterol by 10%. Meanwhile it increases antioxidant status.

6. Weight loss

There are several properties in Kale that helps you with weight loss. The reason behind this is although it is very low on calories it provides appropriate bulk that makes you feel full. Along with this it also contains small amounts of protein and fibre which are key to losing weight. Study shows that eating food with low energy density can help you with weight loss and Kale has this property as it is low on calories and high on water content.

7. Heart support

Kale has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it good food for your heart. This is because along with vitamin K and a type of vitamin E, Kale also has a robust range of antioxidants which makes it heart-friendly. Also, as we discussed earlier about the reduction in cholesterol levels, it also helps in preventing any heart related danger.

8. Vision

We all know that green vegetables improve your eye eight and this green leafy cabbage look-a-like is no exception. But what most of us don’t know is why this happens. The green colour in any vegetable is due to two nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients act as antioxidants in eye and filter the harmful wavelengths of light and thereby protecting your eyes. Kale has both of these in abundance.

9. Pregnancy

Kale also serves the purpose of healthy food that can be eaten at the time of pregnancy. Now again, how is it good for pregnancy? One reason is the amount of nutrients. Other being the solid texture and flavour which can be used in sauté or salad. Also curly Kale is great in smoothies and even soup. Kale also has required fiber content that can help the pregnant ladies with smooth digestion. It also prevents constipation and relieves you from stomach issues.

10. Brain health

Many of the Kale properties help you with improve your brain condition or can also help you in preventing brain strokes. Kale has omega 3 fatty acids in them which can be good for your brain health. According to a study this acids are useful for brain memory, performance and certain behavioural functions.

11. Bone

Calcium is the most important nutrient required for your bones. And calcium is in very high quantity in Kale. Additionally lower intake of vitamin K can cause a risk of bone fracture. And adequate use can help in calcium absorption, and also reduces urinary excretion. Thus, calcium in Kale can improve your metabolism and alkaline content in the body as well as prevent bone loss.

12. Skin and hair

Who doesn’t love good hair and skin? And Kale can also help you with this. Daily intake of Kale can improve your skin and hair. For clearer skin you need to remove toxins from your skin which is done by sulphur. Further it helps in scar reduction and production of collagen. Sulphur available in Kale can help you with this problem. Cooked Kale can provide retinol A equivalent which helps you keep your hair and skin moisturised. This nutrient is very essential for the growth of body tissues in skin and hair. High content of vitamin C in Kale can reduce hair loss caused due to iron deficiency.

We hope that now, you do understand why we are promoting the use of Kale in your regular diet. These were some of the most important benefits of eating Kale according to us. There are still many small benefits you can get by eating Kale regularly. Eat Kale and stay healthy and you can also share your experience of benefitting from kale or some unique recipes that can be made from Kale in the comment section below.

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