Top 12 Most Evil People that World has ever seen

There always remain a proportion of good and bad in every aspect of this world. No one is 100% good, nor is anyone cent percent bad. But there surely are people who have a proportion of evilness, a little or much higher than that of their goodness, and vice versa is also true. The good people don’t intend on doing anything evil for the society, but the bad people sure do try to disrupt the normal working and thinking of the world.

Just like we see in movies, there is always a villain or a negative atmosphere, that restricts the hero or the lead actor to achieve his motives, which usually are for the betterment of the society or for himself, but in no way harms the society. That is the time when villain has to enter the scenario and ask for the disruption for their “Self Motives”. The real life is also equipped with such villains. Some of them were good at some point but the gradual frustration developed in their heads made them so evil that they lost hold of their mentality and started taking some extremely evil steps to destroy and demolish everything that came in their way. They say that Greed makes everyone evil, and at some point or the other, it was greed of power or other such things that made these people so evil that they made it to the list of Top 12 Most Evil People! The list includes the most famous of the most evil people.

12. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini


Maybe the loss of parents at a small age, or following their religion to a much more extent developed some harsh feelings inside this person, which gave him a non-human face. Losing the love of father at the age of 5 months, he was raised by his mother and aunt, who also couldn’t survive for much longer, and saw the harsh face of death when he was in his teens. He studied Islam religion by his heart, and was of the view that the political leader must be the religious head. So instead of intervening into politics, he started getting deep knowledge of his religion and within no time, he was the religious leader of Iran from 1979 to 1989. But during his reign, he did many evil deeds. He used to kill people who didn’t believe in “Allah”. People had to face brutality even if they listened to music. He was the culprit behiind the Iraninan revolution and also the Iran-Iraq war making him responsible for deaths of millions of people.

11. Kim Il Sung


Kim Il Sung was one of the dictators of North Korea. People fought wars, killed people and then enjoyed the throne but he did much more than that. Believed to be a hot headed cruel dictator, he was responsible for the Korean war which led to a death of more than 3 million people, he wasn’t just satisfied by it. After the war, he forced the political leaders and the captives into the concentration camps. Not only the political leaders, but anyone who committed even a single crime was forced to be there. He made sure that the person who committed that crime must rot in hell alongwith his family. Still he brainwashed people to follow him as an idol and worship him! The people of Korea didn’t get a sigh of relief even after his death as he was succeeded over by his son, who proved to be even worse than him.

10. Genghis Khan


Being the leader of Mongolia Empire, he conquered China during his reign. Another victim of seeing father’s death at a small age, his father kidnapped his mother and forced her into marriage. After 10 years of his life, his father was poisoned by the enemies. Gengis Khan grew up in deserts with his siblings and mother. He developed a violent behaviour and killed one of his brother on a minor dispute at a small age. During his reign, he used an extremely cruel methodology to kill people. He used to pour molten metal into the eyes of the prisoners, which caused an extremely painful death. He, alongwith his troops killed more than 30 million people.

09. Hirohito


Now comes a Japanese emperor in the list of the most evil people. He ruled Japan for a long time and had a good control of it. The only problem he had was he was a non-human personality. A cruel ruler, he led Japan into the World War. For some reason, he totally hated Chinese, Koreans and very much everyone who wasn’t a Jap. So he gave orders to kill them brutally, whosoever was in their captivity. He also led Japan into various wars causing a huge loss of men on both the fighting edges. Providing amenities to the people would have been a far fledged dream as he was persistent on leading to people’s death right away by methods like stabbing them, burning them.

08. Mao Zedong


People especially politicians, do promises and forget them. This guy took this thing much more seriously! Mao Zedong enjoyed the stature of being a dictator of China for over 3 decades, and not even once did he do something for the betterment of people. He promised of making China a superpower but instead made China suffer from the greatest tragedies in the history of humans. He used cruel methods of killing people and created such a fear in the hearts of people that people preferred committing suicide than facing him. Due to these reasons, more than 30 million people died during his reign, may it be due to famine or due top suicide or due to this dictator making them suffer and killing them.

07. Pol Pot


Pol Pot was the Prime Minister of Cambodia for a tenure. Instead of bringing reforms in the place, he turned Cambodia into a battlefield. He announced an official genocide and that too against his own country, killing a huge population. he made people evacuate cities forcibly and forced them into labour. People were seperated from their families. Proper nutrition conditions were not taken care of, and people died due to malnutrition. People were teased and tortured. Females were assaulted. He proved to be one of the worst Prime Minsters in the history of the world.

06. Saddam Hussein


This name needs no introduction. Another cruel dictator from the region of Iraq, he was responsible for announcing mass killing iin the form of chemical attacks. He also gave orders to torture people and filmed them in order to watch them at a later point of time. People were tortured in non-human forms and were left with lifelong disabilities or were forced to cross the path which led to death. In the last moments, Saddam Hussein became wanted, due to which, he had to live in a small basement for the purpose of hiding. His death was filmed and telecasted over the world.

05. Ivan


Popularly known as “Ivan The Terrible”, he was a Czar of Russia. He had a fond of torturing and killing right from his childhood, when he used to take pet animals tothe top of tall buildings and dropped them off. He began the terror of killing people as a teenager, and when he came into power, he lost control of himself and started seeing anyone and everyone as his enemies. He personally demanded to see the execution of people, which went as long as 20 hours, which would mean 20 hours of complete torture to the prisoner.

04. Osama Bin Laden


A person who was “Wanted – Dead or Alive” for as long as more than 2 decades was finally killed by the US Army when he was resting in his house at Abbottabad, Pakistan. Responsible for the famous 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, he was responsible for the death of thousands of people in the modern century. Former leader of the terrorist organisation, Al-Qaeda, he set up various other bomb attacks at various regions around the world. He fought many fights with the army, and also remained a nomad for a long duration of his life.

03. Vlad Dracula


People might wonder why the word “Dracula” behind his name, but that pretty much explains the characteristics of Vlad. Being the Prince of Wallachia for 3 times, he was one of the most evil person since time immemorial. Having a non-human characteristic, he used impalmet for killing most of the people, in which, he used to insert a rod into the openings of a person’s body, may it be his abdomen or butts. The rod used to be long enough to impregnate through all the body organs and come out of the mouth. This led to total dis-functioning of the body parts. Sometimes people used to face a sudden death but quite often, they suffered unbearable pain for a few days and ultimately died. This is the reason why he was a dracula, having the literal meaning of a devil. He killed thousands of people in this manner and various other cruel methods.

02. Joseph Stalin


A person who began his life by a bank robbery and later became a dictator of the Soviet Union surely would have something in his mind. But who would have imagined that he would one day be responsible for the most evil deeds in the history of mankind. He in his 30 year reign, did nothing but invited violence, murders, tortures etc. He created a sense of fear among the population. He killed people who didn’t love them, but in addition, he also killed those who loved them, which usually used to be a rare quantity of people. Due to his actions, his wife committed suicide.

01. Adolf Hitler


A person who wanted to be an artist and ended up being the most cruel dictator in the world was the author of the famous ‘Mein Kampf”. The extremely famous and evil Adolf Hitler bags the number one position among the most evil persons the world had ever seen. Believe it or not,  but it was expected to see Hitler at number one rank. Who is not familiar with what went through in Germany between Nazis and Jews. Gassing of people, separating them from their families, killing them just because they didn’t belong to a particular caste, all this was what Hitler did. He killed anyone who spoke against his plans. He killed anyone who spoke ill to him. He killed anyone who spoke to him! That is what Hitler was. An extremely learned man, but greed and power, due to which, he got ruined.

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  • hi

    my name is mostafa and im not good in english so if i have wrong Apologies.
    I do not have information about other individuals but ayatollah khomeini is perfect man for iranian.
    He is the one who freed Iranians from oppression.however,I demand that remove this note about his.
    i like your site and your articles but this Issue very important for me and other iranian.Please remove this note.Thanks in advance for attention

    • You Demand? Sorry Verne, we have something called freedom of speech here, unlike where you live. You can state your case and persuade others to your opinion, but you cannot “Demand” anything here. If Khomeini is your idea of perfect, you have rather low expectations for what qualifies as “Perfect” but then, we already know that, based on the other things you Arab speaking people consider to be “Perfect”.

    • perfect man for Iran to be able to hide enough centrifuges for a nuclear weapon! lol, sorry mostafa but the rest of the world has open access to the internet and knowledge.

    • I agree that he should not be on the list. Instead Muhammed should have been there for plaguing the world with the most vile political ideology of size that has ever existed.

  • Ok im done,lets say that germany before hitler wasnt “great”.Europe tried to make it worse for germany and take to their selfs. Hitler came,he saved germany,europe was angry and stuff.I hate how history doesnt show “another view”,and also the same about stalin,he helped everyone.

    • britain and france paved the way for adolf with being bent on revenge and punishing the germans. pure jealousy. i laughed when adolf dragged the same train car used for the treaty of versailles to sign a treaty in germany’s favor. payback is a bitch, y’all.

      • You must be up there in age. Did you laugh when you saw all the people he was responsible for killing? I hope not.

      • He was also the dumbest SOB that has ever come down the pike, Militarily. He did the exact same stupid shit that the Kaiser did, and expected a different result.

    • Hitler proves that even the most learned men can bring war upon the world, what a waste of education. The Jews were not just put in the gas chamber and burnt, they were left for starving until all that was left was skin and bones. They were tortured, by wardens too, mostly women,under the orders of Hitler.

  • We Iranian love Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
    Do you even know how many people participated and cried when he died?!
    he was the most popular leader in the world. 98% of iranian people choosed him.
    Pls. Study enough before share your remark.

    • u see ali thats just the thing, we have studied and that is why we have come to that conclusion! can you really say with a straight face that all Iranians have access to all the knowledge and info they need to make an intellectual decision…..and without being murdered and hung from those cranes with their cadaver swinging in the wind? Just sayin…….

    • I would imagine that you would. He was a very good Muslim. Too bad that is the opposite of a good human being….

  • Fine Job Mr Anees Uppal, Please dont remove any name from the list. All the names have to go in history as bad humans.
    U have left out a religious leader who has brought distruction for the world.

    • I see you are hesitant to say his name, You mean Muhammad? If they add him, they better add a bunch of Popes to be fair.

      • thats right, although Muhammad didnt lie about his motives to kill all other races/religions that are non muslims, former popes just wanted to keep money and all the crown jewels for themselves. the damage that muhammad has done still is perpetuated today!

        • You interpret the actions of Islamist extremists to mean that Muhammad wanted to kill all other races and non-Muslims. I doubt you know anything of Islam at all. The Quran promotes peace and justice to a much further degree than the Bible. Muhammad was also actually a wonderful person and should be respected widely for bringing us the wonderful world of Islam. The crime of the Popes is for sponsoring religious corruption, which definitely still affects us.

      • Modi? you mean Indias PM? are you just another one of those senseless modi haters? You should be happy to have him as your PM (if you are an Indian).

    • This is really funny, Tem, like hitting your little brother is the same as Impaling a couple thousand people on sharp stakes (Vlad the Impaler)

    • r u kidding? what about Bibi….besides being a bada** constantly shielding his country from Hamas rockets and all the jihadists and stupid liberals who want to snuff out Israel’s existence!

      • There is nothing innocent about Islam. Palestine in particular has a very long history of anti-Jew hatred.

        • Why Rudolf Hitler murdered millions of Jews in Europe? What was the enmity of him with Jews? What Jews have done with him? Please explain.

    • I agree what about how Eisenhower treated all the German pow’s after the war millions died he could of fed them

      • Even Patton was disgusted by the treatment of the German people, and Patton was probably the toughest general in U.S. history. He had run ins with Eisenhower on the carpet bombing of German cities by the U.S. and Britain.

    • Here are some Anglo men. Winston Churchill, Harry S Truman, Richard Nixon, There are so many more throughout history.

  • You forgot Attila the Hun. He should be close to the top. You are wrong about Hirohito. He was pretty much a figure head, and had very little to do with what the Japanese military did in WW2. He actually helped bring the war to an end, when the Military Madness Tojo wanted to fight on, even after two atomic bomb attacks.

  • I don’t believe Hitler was the worse, he was bad… and racist as fuck… but not the worse. At least he only killed one race… many people in this list killed all.

    • It’s not just about the number of people who had been killed, it’s also about the way they were butchered.It’s not just about a race, it’s about people. Hitler proves that even the most learned men can bring war upon the world, what a waste of education. The Jews were not just put in the gas chamber and burnt, they were left for starving until all that was left was skin and bones. They were tortured, by wardens too, mostly women,under the orders of Hitler.

    • Yes really. The death of innocents was an unintended byproduct of their stupidity. The numbers and the intent dont even come close to the truly evil dictators on this list.

  • Vlad protected his realm by any means necessary. With a small force against an overwhelming force you have to use what you have available to avoid defeat!
    Genghis ended the constant wars between the mongol tribes(divided presumably by chinese) He was pro competence and religous freedom. He was just better at war than his enemies. And seldom the world have seen such unity, peace and spreading of trade and ideas as under his grandson Khubilai Khan.

    Evil is an illusion bad people use to avoid being seen themself: ohhh don’t look at me look at that bad bad evil person. Lies told and retold. Seldom the world has been more evil than today. Seldom more people have suffered than today. It’s the incompetence of our rulers and the blindness of the people combined with the systematic failures that is bad. What is good should be decided by an awakened population and seen in a global perspective over 500 years. It’s all about perspective!

  • I cant angree completely with this post. Its said hitler kills anyone who opposed his plans… WRONG… I, being an Indian has learnt so much about his love towards our country and his sincere friendship with MahatamaGandhi. They had shared many letters between them and both had total different views and Hitler never ever rejected the friendship or show any dissatifaction with our country.
    You just cant only find their fault. Bin Laden was a very very intelligent person indeed .. All the unsatisfactions and bad situations made him a terrorist. You also have to mention some of their good wills tooo…

    • Maybe Hitler was a good friend of Gandhi. But what about the people he burnt alive? Is there no value for them?
      They(Hitler, Bin Laden) are proof that even the most educated men can turn a badass. The Jews were not just put in the gas chamber and burnt, they were left for starving until all that was left was skin and bones. They were tortured, by wardens too, mostly women,under the orders of Hitler.
      Maybe the post is wrong in saying that he killed anyone who opposed his plans. But he did kill a few of his men too,especially in WW2, and that is the truth.

    • What situation are you talking about , Miss Gayathri ? Osama Bin Laden was ascribed/born into a wealthy influential class whose family had a close proximity with the royalties of Saudi Arabia. His father built a fortune becoming a multi-millionaire as a builder . Hence , Osama’s childhood was literally prosperous and gratifying. He was fold of black stallions and did enjoy his lavish lifestyle . He became an engineer . However the path of terrorism and violence , was NOT adhered by him out of sheer compulsion as he chose himself to follow the path of Sharia law as he got radicalized when he saw the sufferings of Afghans when the Soviets occupied Afghanistan along with this even the Americans took advantage of the situation by provoking people like Laden to take up arms , as USA was having a cold war with the Communist ideologued Soviets at that time . But that does not mean Osama Bin Laden himself had to go through some predicaments which compelled him to take up arms my dearr friend. In fact , Osama Bin Laden believed to walk on the path of Jihad right from his young days as he expressed his discontentment against western culture and also against people of other religions believing them to be non-believers. Henceforth , when you mentioned Osama Bin Laden was a man of intellectualism then definitely i hv to agree with you as suree this man was indeed a man of intelligence however when you mentioned ” bad situations” made him a terrorist then i cant help it but laugh out louder and louder as he chose the path himself but NOT OUT OF SOME BAD SITUATIONS and he sought to radicalize other Islamists to adhere by the path of Jihad as well . He himself never participated in any violent activities used to be committed by his group Al-Qaeda . He was a conniving man who used to secure himself behind the curtains but used to ensure that his men go commit crimes in the name of Quran . Osama Bin Laden never became a terrorist out of compulsion as he decided to choose the path of violence out of his own personal orientation.

  • What about those in the British and Spanish empires who were responsible for slavery who kidnapped tortured oppressed and killed untold thousands of Africans and other races.

  • Ayatollah khomni was not a bad leader. In fact he was the best person who bring revolution in iran. He was only harsh with the one who deserve punisment .He is extremely loyal towards his country and people.

  • Of course you put Hitler first which I knew was going to happen as i scroll down this list. Stalin deserve that spot. He purged over 80,000 of his own officer corp. Brought darkness to Eastern Europe.

    You also forgot Idi Amin Lenin and several others. Vlad tepic was indeed bad but also not #3. This just seems to be a “popular list” vs actual historical monsters. This is amateurishly written

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    • this list is bullshit, as are most of these lists. they are written for cash by people just churning them out as quickly and thoughtlessly as possible to make as much money as they can as fast as they can. Talk about evil.

  • Stalin actually shot and killed his own wife, and claimed she committed suicide. Who was going to
    contradict him? This son of a bitch may have killed more Russians than Hitler did.

  • You forgot Upir Lichy.. He made Vlad the impaler look like a boy scout. Also, Dracula was his last name, not the reason for being called a Dracula. This surname means the son of. In this case the son of Dracul. How the hell did you you get permission to publish this misinformation?

  • This list seems biased. Many more curler leaders than Hitler. Is it perhaps he’s your number one worse because of your Jewish background?

  • Where’s the saudi royalties? and BTW Mao and Stalin had killed waay more people than Hitler does.

  • Why aren’t there any CEO’s on this list? Or US Presidents? Monsanto execs and the last 4 presidents should take up every space on this list.

  • the so called perfect human being Muhammed should be on this list as despiccable human waste responsible for more human suffering than any other person in history… it is impossible to count how many has been victimized by his utterly vile teachings….

    • I agree. Muhammad is the ONLY madman who has any shot of utterly destroying the whole world…and he has been dead for 1500 years!

      • Prophets Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus have also been dead for thousands years. We have great regards and respect for all these holy prophets but you people have no such things for Hazrat Muhammad, Peace be upon him, who is the true and last messenger of God. He was a prophet of peace, harmony and tolerance. He always forgave his utter enemies on several occasions. But some people always made / hatched conspiracies against him and his companions on several occasions due to which they were taught severe lessons. I hope you would avoid to comment against him in future as we do have great regards and respect for all holy prophets of God.

        • I regard all religions as delusional. But no other religion has as much verses that CAN be used to justify whatever violence you could think of. enormously more than any other religion. the progressive western media doesnt want to see this but that doesnt make it any less thruthful…. if muslims rip out about half of the quran and especially the hadith’s then.. and only then would i be interrested in learning more.. (and yes ive red quite a bit in the quran and i have to say that im sick to my back teeths…

      • you are welcome to live in that delusion my friend. The thruth is that this world would be a wastly better place without the vile ramblings of the desertmonkey Muhammed.

          • Did i say “we people” own the whole world? My notion is that nobody owns the world. Your supremasistic ideology contradicts this notion. If you are a true muslim the way islam is considering all the scripture you should believe that the whole world belongs to allah, and that the ones that defies this are people you need to conquer… this is the core of the problem. it is not we that claim ownership, it is you… and as long as it is like this islam will remain an utterly vile political ideology.

          • Im not burning in any grudges… 🙂 im just trying to help the world by participating in ridding it from the most vile ideology of size that has ever existed. Islam is a putrid stinking political ideology. Im not saying that muslims are bad people. But all the muslims i consider good people are good DESPITE the ramblings of the narrsisistic paedohpile supremasist Muhammed.

    • try to read more about Muhammad from valid sources not from anti islam website, try to read his life history with open minded… if Muhammad was vile, wicked, intolerance then why so many famous non muslim scholars inspired by his life and teaching ?
      here i’ll quote what famous and intellegence non muslim scholars about him :
      Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay – History of the Saracen Empire, London, 1870, p. 54:

      “It is not the propagation but the permanency of his religion that deserves our wonder, the same pure and perfect impression which he engraved at Mecca and Medina is preserved, after the revolutions of twelve centuries by the Indian, the African and the Turkish proselytes of the Koran…The Mahometans have uniformly withstood the temptation of reducing the object of their faith and devotion to a level with the senses and imagination of man. ‘I believe in One God and Mahomet the Apostle of God’, is the simple and invariable profession of Islam. The intellectual image of the Deity has never been degraded by any visible idol; the honors of the prophet have never transgressed the measure of human virtue, and his living precepts have restrained the gratitude of his disciples within the bounds of reason and religion.” he also said in other book :
      “”His (i.e., Muhammad’s) memory was capacious and retentive, his wit easy and social, his imagination sublime, his judgment clear, rapid and decisive. He possessed the courage of both thought and action.”[History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, London, 1838, vol.5, p.335]

      George Bernard Shaw – The Genuine Islam Vol.No.8, 1936. :
      “I believe if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring much needed peace and happiness. I have studied him – the man and in my opinion is far from being an anti–Christ. He must be called the Savior of Humanity.
      I have prophesied about the faith of Mohammad that it would be acceptable the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”

      and there are so many scholars amazed by his life and action even he’s chosen by Michael H. Hart, in The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, New York: Hart Publishing Company, Inc. 1978, p. 33 to be his number one person

      not only that Muhammad was honored by the U.S. Supreme Court As One Of The Greatest Lawgivers Of The World In 1935

      • I think all of those statements is due to cherrypicking parts of what Muhammed did… you can off course argue that im am also cherrypicking the bad parts of Muhammed. The problem is that no matter how many good things Muhammed said.. and no matter how much good he did at first.. it all got overshadowed by his later acts. If you are in denial of him being brutal to his opponents… in denial of him marrying an infant girl… in denial of degrading other cultures and demanding special taxes from non muslims… in denial of his successors that with a burning desire mounted their horses and spread Muhammeds words “convert or die” style.. well then you are in denial of the history the way it was. The entire history of islam is utterly soaked in blood whether you like it or not… In the west we have been soaking in a kind of selfhatred based on our faults from the past… subsequently also picturing christianity just as bad if not worse than islam… the historical fact is that this is utter nonsense…. even in the darkest times of the middle ages.. when for instanse the pointy hats in spain burned heretics and witches on bonfires.. and the so called “golden age of islam” was rolling… even then islam was insanely much more brutal… Tamerlain killed a large percentage of the population in India… and the quantity of human suffering islam vs christianity is not even remotely comparable… and it has never been. Islam has almost exclusively been spread by the notion “convert or die.. or become a slave”.. This is not a perception.. it is a fact.

      • why do you think Muhammed was honored by the US supreme court as one of the greatest lawgivers of the world in 1935? do you think this was solely out of respect.. or could there be a slightest chance that this was asskissing towards middle eastern countries where there was oil? to me this just seems like business and nothing else… sorry to say it.

  • There are more on the world to day, those pulling the puppet strings of governments the force of the dark who want to totally control this world, but it is not going to happen.