Top 12 Most Popular Mythical Creatures known to Mankind

Do you believe in myths? Fantasies have always been part of us. Every culture in the world has showcased their share in myths and legendary beings. It includes a vast list ranging from giant demons, ugly looking creatures to fairies. Do they exist? have always been an unanswered question or it has always been one’s perception. Be it real or not ,they have owned a prominent place in each civilisation. It’s not strange when each civilisation witnesses a scary demon who destroyed the lives. Or a saving fairy who protected them from evil.

It’s alluring to see a creature larger than life with super powers  hopscotch our world. The narration of the most known mythical characters listed below may be a site for sore eyes.



Origin: Himalayan region of Nepal ,Tibet, and Bhutan

Striking Feature: A giant man taller than humans having a fur body like polar bears.

The search for Yeti has prevailed from the time of Indus civilisation. The search for Yeti still continues. The abominable snowman was the term given to Yeti by a German scientist.  A white coloured Bigfoot. Evidence of its footprint on snow has recorded.It’s a wild beast that is a habitat of a snowy world. Lately, Yeti has reported from almost all continents except Antarctica.

11. Ogopogo

Origin: Okanagan valley, Canada

Striking Feature: Lake monster with several humps characterised as Sea Serpent.

Ogopogo is almost heard by everyone in British Columbia, Canada. A wild beast found in Lake Okanagan. A myth that Ogopogo demands a life sacrifice for the visitors to overpass the lake. It’s a bloodthirsty sea  beast. Ogopogo is a legendary creature and oldest inhabitant of the Okanagan lake. It can be termed as aquatic dinosaur.


Origin: Greek Mythology

Striking Feature: An eagle like bird having multicoloured feathers.

Phoenix is a firebird said to die in a huge fire. A newborn is born in the same fire and exists a life as its predecessor. Magnificent bird’s tear known for its super healing power. It exists for more than 500 years in mythology.Only one bird of exists at a time. When it is about to die, it creates a nest and waits for the sun to catch the nest on fire. It is a mark of immortality as it revives from its own ashes.

9. Chupacabra

Origin: Latin America

Striking Features: A Creature with a size of the small bear. The presence of spines around the body and tail.

A bloodthirsty animal of goats. Ugly and creepy looking creature also called as the killer machine of livestock. Chupacabra resembles a rodent or a reptile having an awful odour. Chupacabra’s eyes are the main attraction for its prey. Its eyes have hypnotising power that makes the prey fall in its virtue

8.Griffin (Gryphon)

Origin: Minoan civilisation- Ancient Egyptian

Striking Features: A lion’s body with wings and face of an eagle.

A majestic and super powerful creature known in ancient times.  Features of Lion the King of Beast and Eagle the King among the bird make this mythical creature divine. The powerful creature said to safeguard the riches and valuables. Griffin has a character mix of strength and intelligence. Powerful and majestic creature exhibits leadership and bravery in them.


Origin: Found in World Mythology

Striking Features: A creature with a body of a human girl and fish tail.

Mermaids are human cum fish. They are related to water calamities like water storm, tides, and drowning . While in other traditions they are the sign of humanitarian, blessings, good omen. Mermaid even possess power of being immortal and perceiving the future.Being in the sea ,abundant food supply and power of destruction they symbolise as life bringers.

6.The Enenra

Origin: Japanese Mythology

Stunning Features: A monster of smoke that evolves into human shape.

A beast from smoke resides in the large fire. They take a human form when they come out of the fire. It looks ugly and terrifying and light weight in nature.


Origin: Japanese Tradition

Stunning Features: A hybrid creature having a characteristic of Lizard and monkey.

Kappa means River child.Kappa resides in all type of water bodies. Kappa has a scaly body of a turtle and skin of a reptile. Kappa is rarely seen on land. It is knit and has a beak .The presence of a bowl-shaped structure in its head. This bowl is the storage space for its super powers. It catches hold of his prey by dragging the victim to water. Kappa drowns its victim and makes them disable.


Origin: European Tradition

Stunning Features: A creature having a human body and features of a werewolf.

Vampires are lately seen in most of the horror stories. Vampire belongs to the undead group of ancient myths.Characterised by pale skin they strive on blood. They are termed as blood wanting creatures. Vampires even have canines seen in werewolf and makes sounds like them. A vampire has control over the animal world.It can transform itself into the night creatures like bat, wolf, rat and owl.


Origin: Irish Mythology

Striking Feature: A woman spirit that freely wanders around.

Banshee can take a character of any women as it chooses. They  known to pass the message from their world to the living world. They have a characteristic of weeping and yelling that foretells death. Banshee are symbol of ill omen. They are even called bringers of death.


Origin: From The Western (European) and Eastern (Asian) Mythology

Striking Features: A huge legendary creature ,mix of reptile and a serpentine. Fire-breathing creature known for ages.

Dragons exist in myths from past 100 years. They are of different colours having evolved with varied powers. Eastern myth witness dragon for the good omen , a sign of peace and well-being. While, Western myth witness dragons for the ill omen, wrecking and havoc situations. Be it good or bad its has enormous power stated in the mythology.


Origin: Ancient Greek Mythology

Striking Features: A Mythical animal replica of a horse. It has a single horn shaped structure on its head.

Unicorn has always depicted in worldwide mythology. They have all the powers depicting good and peace of the world. The horn has a specific character of curing sick. This horn has a striking feature of being an antidote to poison. In mythology, there are claims that the horn could make the poisoned water edible.


Regardless the differences, the mythical creatures found throughout the ancient world unfolded from hazy ideas shaped after the real inhabitants. As years evolved, they gained more solid and exotic shapes. This became more concrete by imbibing the notion and superstitious belief of the localities. Coupled with the virtue of local animals.

Taking a detour to the fantasies of the mythology,these were popular ones we come across often.

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