Top 12 Most Racist Countries in the World

As humans, we have come a long way and we have overcome a lot of great difficulties. Be it war, disease, natural calamities, man-made disasters, you name it and we have crossed it. But over all these years, we seem to have missed the point that all the tragedies that we come to face with are making. It is us humans and the hate we broil so passionately within ourselves, that causes most of the destruction. All though the international community is doing its best to spread the message of love, it seems to be falling on deaf ears – rape, murders, racism, homophobia, war crimes are everyday events even today. And out of these, racism is something that no one deserves to endure. Racism is basically prejudice and discrimination against the people of a certain race. Although we have gotten over the radical racism, it still prevails in many parts of the world Here are some of the most racist countries in the world –

12. South Africa

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 12

A country can only do so much to end racism and it is a rather sad and a heart-breaking fact that racism in South Africa has out-lived Mandela, who tried so hard all his life to end racism in the country. Thanks to the Anti-Apartheid movement, the legal framework of the nation has been changed and now racism is illegal but it is still a fact of life. People in South Africa are known to be racists and in some places, rates of products and good are decided depending on the race of a person. Recently, a group of people who were inciting violence against White were caught in SA. It just goes to show that a thing like racism is something beyond a legal framework.

11. Saudi Arabia

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World  11

Being a rich country, Saudi Arabia has some obvious advantages over the poor and the developing nations. But Saudi Arabia exploits these benefits to reap it all for itself. Saudi Arabia has been known to have laborers from developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan etc, and these people are treated and are living in sub-human conditions. Apart from this, the Saudi nationals are racist towards the poorer Arab countries and recently, after the Syrian revolution, many Syrians have taken refuge in Saudi and are treated very badly. The sad part is that these victims can go nowhere with their grievances.

10. United States of America

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 10

The land of the free and the land of the brave also happens to be the land of some of the most racist people in the world. Although the picture we see of USA is through a rose-tinted glass and it all seems flowers and butterflies, the actual case is quite different. In the Deep South and Mid-West regions like Arizona, Missouri, Mississippi etc, racism is an everyday thing. Be it against Asians, Africans, South Americans or even the actual people of USA – the Native Americans. Cases of hate and hate due to color of skin are ever-increasing and unless we change the mentality of the people, no law is going to change anything.

9. United Kingdom

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 9

We guess they probably still have superiority complex given that at one point of time in history, the British almost ruled the entire world. UK is one of the most racist countries in the world even today, especially racist towards what they call “Desi” people. This includes people hailing from the Indian subcontinent. Apart from that, they show hatred towards Americans, whom they spitefully call ‘Yankees’ and towards French, Romanians, and Bulgarians etc. Shockingly, even today, the propaganda of a political party in the UK is based on the lines of whether a person would want immigrants as their neighbors which leads to hate towards people and towards racism.

8. Australia

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 8

Australia doesn’t seem like a country that can be racist but no one knows the bitter side better than Indians. Most of the people who live in Australia have migrated there from other countries. And yet, they feel that any new person who migrates or moves to Australia to make a living should return to their home countries. In 2009, there were many cases in Australia wherein Indians were targeted and harassed. Almost 100 cases were filed and in 23 cases, there were racial undertones. The laws were made stricter and the situation has gotten much better now. But such incidences only go on to show how selfish us human beings can become to satisfy our own needs while harming others.

7. Rwanda

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 7

The Rwanda genocide of 1994 is a mark of shame in the human history. It was a ghastly time where two ethnic races of Rwanda were at loggerheads and this conflict resulted in the outright and blatant slaughtering of over 800,000 people in Rwanda. The two tribes, Tutsi and Hutu were the ones involved where the Tutsi tribe was the victims and the Hutu tribe was the perpetrators. Tensions exist between the two even today and even a small spark can ignite the fore of blood and hate in the country.

6. Japan

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 6

Japan today is a very well developed first world country. But the fact that it still suffers from xenophobia sets it back by many years. Although according to Japanese laws and regulation, racism and discrimination is not allowed, but the government itself practices what is called “positive discrimination”. It has very low tolerance for refugees and people from other countries. It is also a known fact that Japan tries its best to not allow entry to Muslims in their country as they think that Islam is not compatible with their culture. Such blatant cases of discrimination are prevalent in the country and nothing is being done about it.

5. Germany

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 5

If you sow hate, you will only reap hate and Germany stands as the living example of what influencing people’s mind with hate can do. Today, long after the reign of Hitler, Germany remains one of the most racist countries in the world. They have a sense of hatred towards all foreigners and still believe in German supremacy. The neo-Nazis still exist even today and openly talk of anti-Semitic ideas. The believes of these Neo-Nazis can come as a rude awakening to those who think that Germany’s racist tendencies died with Hitler. The German Government and the UN are both doing their best to retain these underground activities.

4. Israel

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 4

Israel has been in the midst of controversy for many many years now. And it has been so because of the crimes committed against the people of Palestine and the Israeli Arabs. After the World War 2, a new state was carved for the Jews and the original inhabitants of the land were forced to become refugees in their own land. Thus began the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. But today, we can very well see how Israel has been ill-treating the people and discrimination on any grounds.

3. Russia

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 3

In Russia, a lot of Xenophobia and ‘nationalist’ feelings still prevail. Even today, Russians are racist towards the people whom they feel are not ethnically and truly Russians. Apart from that, they are racist towards Africans, Far Asians, Caucasians, Chinese etc. It culminates with hate and later develops into gross crimes against humanity. The Russian government, along with UN have tried to do their best to stop such incidences of racism but they still continue to take place in not only the remote places but also big cities.

2. Pakistan

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 2

Pakistan is an Islamic majority country and even then, there are many conflicts that take place there between the two sects of Shia and Sunni. There have been crimes between the two sects for ages and nothing is being done about it. Apart from that, the long war with the neighbor India is something that is known to all the world. There have been incidences of racism between Indians and Pakistanis. Apart from that, other races like Africans and Latin Americans are also discriminated against.

1. India

Top 12 Racist Countries In The World 1

A land of so much diversity is also the most racist country in the world. Indians are the most racist people in the world and even today, a child born in the Indian family is taught to worship anyone with white skin and look down upon anyone with dark skin. And thus was born the Indian racism against Africans and other dark skinned people. A fair skinned foreigner gets treated like a god and a dark skinned one is treated very badly.Among Indians themselves too there are conflicts between castes and people from different regions like the problem between Marathi Manoos and Biharis. And yet, Indians won’t accept this fact and boast about the culture and diversity and acceptance. It is high time we open our eyes to what the situation truly is and take the saying “Athithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is God) in a positive manner.

Such a list can only show us that no matter what laws and rules exist, no paper can change us. We have to change ourselves and our mentality for a better tomorrow and to ensure that no lives are further harmed for the selfishness of for the egotism of some.

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  • I don’t agree with this article.
    America must be at least be #1 (no less) and Saudi Arabia needs to be bring a lot to front.
    See America is trying to order every countries acting inferior to them and even Americans boast about it even in YT comments (LMAO)
    About India, it’s population is 4 times than that of America and you are comparing every Indian just with few examples.
    Not offending anyone, the author needs to do more research.

    • How about this, millions of Indians move to America. Almost zero Americans would ever dream of moving to India. Why? Because Indians rape white people a lot. Whites never rape Indians. But, your sensational news only talks about Indians as victims and you’re dumb enough to believe it.

        • There are more Indians in my tiny suburb than there were English in India during the entire British Raj. So, pretty much never. Whites, westerners, Americans etc wouldn’t even show up on a census report in India. There are less than 30,000 TOURISTS there at any given time, and probably likely less than 1000 full time residents, not including NRI’s.

        • “Rapping? ” Pakistanis and Indians are the exact same genetic material. Both are mass rapists.

          • Yet its Pakistani rapping young British girls and at the same time committing terrorism, just look at the stats. If they are the same genetics then Ill blame it on Islam…

          • Lmfao what’s rapping,and America is the most racist country in the world everyone no that the slave trade black teenagers getting gunned down for fun,and wheres India and pakistan japan come from there are some of the most friendly ppl in the world

          • You people are so arrogant with your ignorance about the U.S.A
            You have many faces and speak differently out of all


          • We would but it is being polluted by parasitic brown people that can’t build structured and honest societies for themselves.

          • The United States and all other American societies exist because of terrorism against native red and brown peoples.

          • The fact you call native Americans “red” only shows you to be the closet racist that you are.

          • Give them their stuff back and they’ll be able to leave. You people were in Europe eating rats and potatoes because nothing grows there, it wasn’t blessed with any natural wealth or resources and when you saw what everybody else had you cursed the Creator for giving everybody else sooo much and you so little so you went on a rampage killing the people and looting the world. Give them back their gold, their oil, their sugar, silk, tea, etc and they can leave. Get your corporations out of their countries and they will have their own resources and you can go back to eating rats and potatoes.

          • A considerable achievement, you are to be congratulated.

            You have displayed not only your ignorance of history but your tenuous grip on reality, all in one fell swoop.

          • All true although it was the basque british scum who did most of the sins, they have hundreds of millions of people killed on their hands, they favourite phrase is ” we did what we had to do” in order to steal the lands of the stone age brown people.

          • Not true,most Asian countries due to their homogeneous society are the most racist.Japan,China,North Korea etc. India had a caste system though now discarded some parts of India still adhere to those practices. Atleast America is slowing dealing with those issues which is not true with these other countries & parts of the world,so this list was spot on.

          • Oh yeah, most whites are treated well in East Asian countries yet most East Asians are victims or racism in White western countries. Types of society don’t make the people racist, it’s white people’s superiority complex – a mental disorder – that makes white people racist. Let’s remember. East Asian countries never shipped African to the new world and make them slaves; but white people did!

          • Asians do receive some level of racism of course but they have to be thankful to the blacks who get the full brunt of racism where ever white people are.

          • So you can move anytime. Funny I don’t see blacks moving to Africa, so awful here I guess. Please you are so incredibly obvious in you racism towards whites when you know things would be so much worse in Africa.

          • You don’t see blacks moving to Africa? My husband and I as well as our kids are moving back at the end of this year, after we must have finished building our home. Home is home after everything.

            In response to TMZ’s comment, in Saudi Arabia we, blacks, get treated better than Bangladeshis. People of other races are treated better than us, though. Among expatriates, Westerners get the best treatment. In fact, they’re respected here.

          • East Asians didn’t have African slaves, because they had plenty of forced labor at their doorstep. China had a slavery scandal involving thousand, including children, as late as 2007.

            I live in a US city with a major university and large IT sector (Austin). We have Asian students and an exploding scientific/technical Asian population. If anything, the white majority bias toward Asians is in reverse, i.e. whites automatically assume Asians to be smart and hard working.

          • Chinese government did not legally institutionalize the practice of slavery the way US government did, come on, you know the history. Slavery among illegal organization are everywhere in the world and it is thriving in the US – young teens were bought and sold between pimps, and these pimps own them for life. Yeah, these white bosses think Asian are smart and hard working, so lets pay them less and work their butts off.

          • I am a Cantonese Chinese, personally I dont think there is any slavery going on in China, low wages or child labour maybe.

          • Gosh you need to move since you think America is such a an evil country. We don’t need haters such as you here. By the way Asians are moving here in droves and I don’t see any of them leaving so tell your distortions to them. Such lunacy.

          • As I stated before, I don’t live in America so no need for me to move. I have NO IDEA why so many Asians are moving to a country where the Gov tax so much yet give so little to its people; a country in which more than 40% of its citizens don’t even have few hundred dollar saved up for emergency use;a country where militarized police can execute its own citizens beacuse of skin color in name of law enforcement; a country where Asians are made fun of in public on stage of the most importanat entertainment award ceremony.

          • Considering so many Asians are invading here it must be pretty good for them. Have fun in your third world country. Good-bye.

          • hahaha, I think your country is a third world country, In my country we have trains travelling at 345km per hour; well managed and affordable medicare system; no drive by shooting, home evasion, or store robbery; much higher college graduate percentage among population than US;and most importantly, people here treat each other with respect AND NO HISTORY OF SLAVERY EVER…….I know you are jealous, but you are trapped in the US and can’t get out, I will just feel sorry for you….

          • The U.S. government did NOT institutionalize slavery any more than your government did. By the way slavery originated in the East where cannibalism also came from. Thanks for exporting your horrendous practices to the rest of the world you bigoted ape!

          • No asswipe that was black slave owners that sold them, also mualims still have black slaves. Fuckin racist

          • Are slave owners Chinese or blacks, of course they white….Fuckin idiot
            2015-11-07 3:27 GMT+08:00 Disqus :

          • There were no Black slaveowners. You are reinterpreting history thru the social context of 2015/2016/this year. At the time of slavery, the Church was the world’s only Superpower and the Church was teaching that Blackness was the result of a curse (on Canaan) and that as punishment for Black skin, white christians were to enslave Blacks and keep them reduced to PERPETUAL slavery: ““We weighing all and singular the premises with due meditation, and noting that since we had formerly by other letters of ours granted among other things free and ample faculty to the aforesaid King Alfonso — to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and the kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities, dominions, possessions, and all movable and immovable goods whatsoever held and possessed by them and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, dukedoms, counties, principalities, dominions, possessions, and goods, and to convert them to his and their use and profit — by having secured the said faculty, the said King Alfonso, or, by his authority, the aforesaid infante, justly and lawfully has acquired and possessed, and doth possess, these islands, lands, harbors, and seas, and they do of right belong and pertain to the said King Alfonso and his successors”.”

          • There is plenty of actual evidence to prove that there were black slave owners of many religious denominations. It is a fact that Arabic and black slavers raided Europe (especially the southern British isles) and took white slaves.
            It is an established FACT that The first people to EVER sell a black person to a white person were black tribal leaders who had decimated the male population of rival tribes. This is UNDISPUTED FACT, you can try to deny it but it only shows how far your type (racists) will go to convince themselves that their perception is real. It isn’t, you’re making it up to support your own twisted agenda.

          • Yes, U know white people is very racist and fu*k up people in this earth……racist everywhere just due to they’re white and yet they’re also the most wanted by the IS or terrorist in this earth. I’m living in West Europe and u will feel that this white people will make a fake cough always when passing by you mean that they don’t like you or they racist you. Well, I will do the same to them when they start racist me. This is an advice to all the Asian who live in western country, just punch back what they do to u and they will shut up their mouth. It’s true. Just do it and don’t be scared.

          • You’re an idiot.
            ‘If’ it’s so bad, why stay? Are you a glutton for punishment? The fact that you stay displays how far you will go to exaggerate your perceived ill.

          • But I’m sure Africans are discriminated against in East Asian countries. Racism isn’t just a white thing.

          • I’m not sure about that being a “significant” problem. The root cause of why people of African descent are being treated as inferior is a significant problem. Racism is just part of it.

          • So are you blind to the racism that blacks commit, that’s fine as many people are but it exists and it is worse than any recent white on black race crime.
            As an example and there are many: let’s look at the black tribes that once encountered peaceful white explorers and ate them (it has happened recently too, one of the last African tribes thst hadn’t encountered whites abducted, tortured, raped and then ate their victim)…. because they were white…… and people wonder why white people in the past thought that blacks weren’t as evolved. They fucking ate people for fun or because they thought those white people were demons/devils and no other reason! That is racism, it was done because the person they murdered was a different colour to them.
            There are numerous people in African nations that will torture and murder anyone from a different country, there is recent video evidence of people in the ‘Democratic’ Republic of the Congo hunting Somalian’s, raping them, torturing them and then killing them to eat purely because the Somali’s aren’t from the DRC and visibly look different in facial structure so your assertion is not only uneducated it is also patently wrong.

          • Weren’t evolved? then what were the Whites that raped and slaughtered the “un-evolved” 9yr olds and tribes GLOBALLY called…”peaceful white explorers” never existed….they come and return to destroy, rape, slaughter, and loot locals, they should’ve been eaten…anyone from a different country doesn’t mean they are a different race einstein…

          • You clearly lack the basic intelligence to read what I have put in simple English for you. I didn’t say that I agreed with it but I can see why people would have thought this way. Europeans of the time period thought that they were enlightened, if they see a person eating another human being it will ring alarm bells in everyone would it not?
            Peaceful white explorers did exist, it may have been a minority or it may not. You and I will never know as history is skewed to favour the victor and exaggerations are always made on both sides of any story.

          • What???? Slavery was invented in Africa. And Africans sold their own to slave traders there. The slavery trade has existed for thousands of years. By the way it was the White man who ended slavery and fought a war to do so. No other country can make this claim.

          • The civil war was fought because Lincoln wanted to consolidate his power, punnishing the south for not complying with the Federal gov, using ending slavery as a reason. I don’t hate America, I love America, and everything I said about East Asian been discriminated upon by westerners happen not just in US but everywhere in the world. It’s also true that white caucasians feel racially superior than other races. These are facts and by the way I don’t live in US.

          • From what I’ve seen Asians can be pretty damn arrogant and discriminate plenty towards Americans and white people, they are hardly saints. Your statements are totally without merit and riddled with prejudice.

          • Are you Asian born and raised in Asia? If not, you probably don’t know how East Asia really is.
            I’m from Japan myself and I’m afraid to say it’s true we are a racist country. I know there’s a restaurant in Tokyo that says “only Japanese”. It would get into a big trouble if this was “white only” in US or Germany wouldn’t it? How most of us react to this restaurant is shocking as well; we just justify and defend it with many nonsense excuses, like oh because the restaurant owners don’t speak English so the don’t want to make foreign customers feel uncomfortable blah blah blah.

            Also, we talk shit about Chinese, Koreans and sometimes Americans ALL THE TIME. You will hear it almost on daily basis. It’s just as common as talking about weather. And yet we think we’re not racists but white people in US and Europe are. Every time I say America or Korea are racist countries but Japan is as well, people freak out and automatically assume I’m a gaijin(foreiner) or Korean when I’m full Japanese by blood. At least in the US, you don’t feel the pressure to conform to everyone and hate the “enemy” countries. Well, there is definitely that kind of pressure here. On the other hand, there are a good number of liberal white people who fight against racism in US, with some of them gone too far.

            Actually, I feel most of the countries in the world are like Japan. They always think whites are the only ones who discriminate and the others are victims of racism. And they take advantage of their position as non-white and get away with being racist against whites or their enemy countries(in the case of Japan, China or Korea.)
            Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there are no racists in whte population. There are, of course, just like in Asian and black population. In fact, I’ve had bad experiences in the US during my stay there.
            But too many of us non-whites don’t realize we are as racist as they are.

          • A majority of white US voters supported and elected a black US president… twice.

            A racist incident in Russia or Uganda will go unnoticed by the world, whereas US media is so numerous and influential that each racist incident in America soon finds itself on LCDs all over the world. The list author reflects that bias.

          • President Obama won 43% of the white vote in 2008 and just over 39% in 2012. Lyndon Johnson was the last democratic president to win the white vote.

          • Yes but let’s take into account that Lyndon b Johnson was one of the most racist presidents in U.S history. Regardless of the passing of the civil rights act that he did not originally iniate btw.
            The Democrat party doesn’t garner a lot of “white male” voters just like the republican party doesn’t garner a lot of women voters nor people of color.

          • What Britishers do like Americans they are peoples who spreaded bad and bad character of womens things on earth I think you got understand

          • Islam?What’s your excuse there?Blame it on some stupid Pakistanis and ASSUMING IT’S ORIGINATED FROM ISLAM?!?majority of Indians are hindus and mass RAPED people and you blame their RELIGION?That is absurd and pathetic.

          • One thing I hate about our great western nations, is you are a great American or British person. I mean you are winning silver and gold medals, you are person who loves being a Brit or American and they look like they love you too. Yeah?
            You go out and get you’re self into trouble with law, beat up someone in a fight, and all of a sudden you are a evil inferior Indian, Pakistani, Arab or Moslem or Christian phsyco. You’re no longer a American or Brit, though you were, when you were winning gold and silver medals.
            Unfortunately too much double standards.
            I met a family from Iraq. The parents explained how great their kids were in Iraq with education and family, but when they migrated to the USA, few years after the kids were becoming disrespectful, drinking and drugs. I explained that that’s not the USA ‘s fault. There are many like you that came out to America and became doctors, business men/women, professors or simply worked for each other and educated their kids.
            I’m just being honest and there are two sides to a quarter.

          • What a load of rubbish. How many people that have ever won a medal for sport have gone on to commit crimes that weren’t related to their sport (ie performance enhancing) do you think?
            It’s virtually zero just so you know.

          • is that why there are sanctions against indian army for raping people in kashmir and Congo according to un

          • according to credible sources pakistan is the most tolerant country while india is one of the most raciest while this article was written without any facts or research

          • No it’s not. Most of the rape incidents are not even true. Once a woman has alleged indian cops of rape on news channel. Later in court it was proved that she was lying. female infanticide is a crime in India and is punishable by law.

          • Most are not true and U mention once? I live in punjab for 4 years now and everyday is a racial challenge just last night someone gave something(last piece) I to an indian bcos I’m black even though I ordered 1st, yes just last night. I live in jalandhar and it was holiday here(India). And about the rape? just shut up… You guys are messing up Ur future and u have no idea

          • No they’re not, Pakistanis have Persian, Turk and Arab blood mongrelized into them due to years of invasions, just like North Indians.

          • Dont tell me fucking indians are arab origin. Why you killing innocent people in kashmir. Why is so much descrimintion towards the people of kashmir.indians only talk and shameless people dont have value of human lives.plz stop insulting our gene and call north indian origin of arab persians and turks you are sick hindus without any human sense

          • We aren’t killing any innocents in Kashmir. We are only killing terrorist, rapist Muslims that are trying to destroy out country. We are fighting for our freedom from Islamic oppression by killing those who try to bomb our Hindu men, women and children and rape our women, and sell our children into slavery. All this behavior is encouraged in the Quran. Muslims are not humans as long as they follow Islam.

          • Dude i as a Muslim will not accept that, i live in a country filled with Christians and Muslims (lebanon). You are calling Muslims terrorists and this so called behavior we are doing is encouraged by the quran, have you even read the quran, not translated, in Arabic, you misinterpret everything there are some sections that do come out as violent, but if you read the sections before you might actually understand, we mean no violence to anyone, jews terrorize our country every once in a while and we back them away and are called terrorists, the whole world is built on lies given by generations of lies that our parents and the government have taught us, while playing any type of game i usually see randoms acting as Muslims and talking meaningless shit such as cannibalism, yes i do pray, but i don’t go around bombing, i do my job, you do your job, and if you despise us, keep it to yourself. We do not rape, maybe people in saudi arabia rape because they are provoked from ladies, they want what they cant have, if you see a lady in a bikini you would not rape her, neither will we, Saudi Arabians might because they don’t see such things. AND YES INDIA DOES HAVE A VERY VERY HIGH RAPE RATE.

          • A lot of the rapists are Muslims. Our rape rate is considerably lower than South Africa, the United States and Sweden if you look it up. It’s just that we have a large population, so people here about rape a lot because of the numbers.

          • I do not accept this argument, “if you read it in Arabic blah blah blah” no.
            Stop it.
            IF (that’s a big if) there are any mistranslations in the Qu’ran in non Arabic languages it is because Islamic scholars put them there. It is the responsibility of a translator to translate into a Form that the non – native reader can understand or there is no point in doing so is there?

          • They’re not. They have affirmative action, and have achieved the highest positions in this country, including positions like President and governors of our largest states. Dalit oppression ended in the 1950s.

          • Dalits are not being oppressed in any way whatsoever. I already gave you an answer to this. Learn to read English and stop repeating yourself.

          • british,french and all Europeans are the same stock they are illegal, immoral and caused the most atrocities GLOBALLY across the world.go research ww1 and ww2

          • Japan was horrible in WW2 as well- in fact many say the most horrible.

            Regarding slavery (assuming that is one of the atrocities you are speaking of), yes it was wrong which is why it was ended. It is important to acknowledge that many countries/races have had slavery (including Africa). The US justice system set the precedent for inclusion as opposed to exclusion, which has since been adopted many places around the world.

          • Really? So the Dred Scott case in the US SUPREME COURT did not establish that the Black man had NO rights the white man is bound to respect? “Chief Justice Roger B. Taney (1777-1864) delivered the opinion that expressed the position of the court’s majority. His opinion represented a judicial defense of the most extreme proslavery position. The Chief Justice made two sweeping rulings. The first was that Scott had no right to sue in federal court because neither slaves nor free blacks were citizens of the United States. At the time the Constitution was adopted, the Chief Justice wrote, blacks had been “regarded as beings of an inferior order” with “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” (In fact, some states did recognize free blacks as taxpayers and citizens at the time that the Constitution was adopted).

            Second, Taney declared that any law excluding slaves from the territories was a violation of the Fifth Amendment prohibition against the seizure of property without due process of law. The Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional, he announced, because it prohibited slavery in the Louisiana Purchase north of 36º 30′.” -That’s the precedent fr inclusion as opposed to inclusion???

            The US destroyed all of Japans major cities and left two intact. Then, they dropped atomic weapons on those cities – many say just to see what those weapons can do. NOTHING excuses that.

          • No, the American government did not “set the precedent” as the U.S.A. still had racial segregation and slavery long after most (not all) European nations had illegalised all types of race crime.
            1964 was when the U.S.A. finally ended all state enforced racial segregation. Most European nations had done so before WW2!

          • Racist turd get a job, who would pay for all your subsidies if eourpeans didn’t pay their Taxes shurely not you

          • Societies outside of Europe existed 100s of thousands of years without European intrusion.

      • Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are the ones who are raping people and not only whites,they are raping Indian women too.As far as indian immigrants in america is concerned its because they want to live a developed lifestyle.As it is the american government now only allows young and skilled immigrants.Also population of indian immigrants is dwindling fast as they have now realized that its better to serve our own country than to live with jerks

      • Most of the rapists are Muslims, or North Indian Hindus who’ve had the Muslim f***** into them by Turks and Persians in the Mughal Era.
        ALWAYS pay attention to race and genetics. How many God-fearing South Indian upper caste rapists are there? Hardly any. We are civilized. Much more so than White American men, who engage in things like “Texas chainsaw massacre” and raping at rates much higher than India.



          • Media bias- the majority of shootings actually don’t happen by whites in America. Statistics support this.

            Although gun violence in general is a problem in the US obviously.

          • Do you understand how many people live in The US? So because one mentally ill white kid shoots black people all whites do it formally? That is some racist shit, but it is okay for you to talk that way right?

          • @kartashok:disqus you continue to affirm in the Universe everything these people on this Thread are accusing you of and your people; moreover, you would never stand in front of any of us and speak the crap from your filthy ass as you do here Online. You are one stinky, smelly, filthy, East Indian/India LOSER! Will not respond to anymore of your rants. Will IGNORE you as everyone is because you are the USELESS breathing skunk. You are not even human. What a pity there is not any BLOCK button, you have been gone ages ago.

          • you are a white troll go find something productive to do retard.take the fake avatar down.

          • @Anisha, more Indian scum. More human trash…find it all in India. the land of the filthy people. the dirties place i’ve ever been in the world is India. wherever their is filth – look for Indians. DISGUSTING! PURTID!

          • It is not racist, to protect your own race from attacks verbal and physical, sir. I don’t hate all White people. Only the ones who wish to inflict harm and suffering upon my race. Plus, I am Indian and what goes on in America is none of my concern. We are discussing India here.

          • You have attacked me and my family for doing nothing to you if I had done that to you as being white I would have been crucified, at this point I will kill any me who even thiinks of hurting my family because we are white and. That sir makes you a dead racist, believe that in America

          • What are you going on about? I have no interest in you or your family. I called one person a “evil White devil” due to Dori Keith’s comments. I am suspicious of all racial aliens, that doesn’t mean I am racist.

          • Ignore he/she. They’re a bigot. They’re the reason why the U.S Will never rid themselves of racism.

          • Yes and I’m sure they called you idiot while doing all of this. Hence why you’re so obsessed with that word.

          • Yes and I’m sure when you look in the mirror every morning that’s what you see….an idiot.

        • @kartashok:disqus …your caste system is the 1st level of profound RACISM and IGNORANCE! India is a wealthy country in many natural resources; and FILTHY in countless of ways…i.e., hygiene and inexplicable distain for how women in that culture are treated. HORRIFIC. Moreover, please chill and wash your own dirty laundry. Pay attention to your language. You have the right to your opinion, however refrain from making your culture look even uglier with the cursing and shouting. OK.

          • The caste system is illegal and dying. We have hardly any natural resources except farmland, and we’ve managed to come up with a higher GDP than any African or South American country except Brazil. Women in our country have become Prime Minister and President, and enjoy all the benefits, if not more than men, by law. YOU need to wash your laundry, pompous Western f@ggot! Go shoot some schools up, collect welfare, and have orgies like you Westerners do.

          • @kartashok:disqus, you continue to prove to the world that you are garbage! You continue to endorse to the world that you are not even worthy to be on this Thread. You must really hate you and your ancestors. You would know what a faggot is as you sleep with your dad and grandpa. So you are the BEST example of all of that stuff. You poor, poor, poor PATHETIC creature on two legs for a human being; DIRT POOR!

          • Listen you ugly n!gger, the only f@ggot here is you, as you get plenty of experience with that in American prisoners with your black gang bangers. I’m more worthy of being on this thread than an ugly monkey like you any day! I love myself and my ancestors. I’ve got more than enough money going around to have a great life. I’m straight too, have been since I was born.

          • @kartashok, you are the shit from the pigs ass you SCUMBAG. you don’t know who your dad is because your mother (nasty Indian whore) was a no-good bitch from the streets turnin tricks to feed that nasty hole she dropped you from. sooo when you go around talking prison, go there, you’ll find your sperm donor in one of the jails on the toilet taken it on all fours, just as you do; you faggot. FYI, I am not American and I don’t live in the US you stinky smelly Indian goat shit. You are still garbage, the LOSER! The SCUMBAG somewhere in that filthy country begging. you are goat’s vomit. One of these days someone is going to beat the nasty Indian shit out of your stinky smelly ass.

          • caste has nothing to do with racism idiot caste is different menial jobs.also racism,fascism,classism,colonialism,jimcrows law,segration aparthied,kkk,ira,sexism,imperialism,feminism are all white inventions along with concentration camps you xenophobic white bigot with the fake avatar go to hell.

          • So there were no kings, slaves, classism, sexism, prisoner camps, jails, punishments in India ever????? What a farce you post!! Unreal. Are you an alien from Mars or just a complete idiot?

          • She is a racist that can’t handle that her people has had more hand ups than any other race in America and they are still savages

          • If (I doubt you are really interested in facts) you actually look at national statistics (many countries don’t even have them) you will see that the “white countries” with the highest numbers of rape are all countries that have received large numbers of immigrants. Further more, when you see the statistics it is abundantly clear that more than 2 3rds of those rapes are committed by the immigrant population, generally on white women or children.
            Taking these FACTS (and they are facts, actually looking at the statistics and not some biased article writer on a list site tells you everything you need to know) into consideration, can you really blame the native people of the immigrant invading countries if they feel some kind of dislike for those people?
            Obviously you feel that immigrants should be able to rape, steal and murder in “white countries”. That is clear from your other comments.
            The problem is, one day Westerners of all colours will have enough of the way their guests treat them. Considering the vast gap between Western countries and those of less developed nations in military terms, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for provoking that ire but I won’t be one of those suffering the repercussions and uncontrolled immigration (and the consequential increase in violent crimes effecting natives) is quickly changing public opinion!

      • how about the Europeans who illegally moved to America pushing out the native indians into reserves killing them with smallpox in blankets shooting them with guns leaving them to 2%population near genocide and dont belong in America since 1492.also India has 500 tribes of aboriginals adavasi and dalits are two. get the hell out of indian native land .Kanata and America are NOT white lands! go read up on trail of tears and the indian removal act dummy!

        • It’s called evolution. The europeians had better technology and social structures than the tribal native americans.

          At some point, those aboriginals you speak of were probably fighting proto-humans for the very same land. It’s all cyclical.

          • Aids came from Africa you imbecile!
            Africans ‘eating’ (there is a different explanation of events I find more fitting of people like you but then that would assume that all Africans etc are idiots and we know that they arent) monkey flesh allowed AID’s to cross species. It has nothing to do with “poor immunity” )like racists like you think it does and neither does Cancer or Arthritis. These things aren’t a result of evolution (something you have clearly failed to achieve) they are result of the environment we live in just like blue eyes. You clearly have have no understanding of any scientific principles at all.

        • Yeah seriously listen to Paul.

          Also– many died from diseases brought over too it wasn’t all violence

        • America wasn’t a country before Europeans founded it formally. “Native” Indians were migrant, in fact they migrated across an ice bridge from Asia to arrive there, and warred with each other. Whites that you speak of did colonize the land and did meet much hostility for their presence, but no more than an opposing Indian tribe would have. It was war, and whites were better equiped for war…

        • Uh U mean the basque origined wannabee germans the immunity challenged british. Hit em were it hurts miz anisha

          • You keep repeating the same thing without actually saying anything. I challenge you to say anything like this to a Europeans face, you’d get knocked out so fast you wouldn’t even know you’d been hit until you were picking up your teeth!

        • No we just built the country you have you freedom in and hate so much, take your ass back to Africa if it’s so great

          • False. The end of the civil war brought on the industrial revolution which is what made this country so rich. Machines replaced slaves in some areas which were poor workers anyway. And before 1700 most of the labor came from poor British peasants. Your lack of education is obvious.

          • Don’t lie. White people did not perform labor, didn’t build anything, did not burn 100 calories a day to provide their own neccessities. You still don’t. Your whole history is of all the stuff you did so you would not have to perform any labor.

          • Actually there were indentured servants who came from Europe to live in america but did not have the money so they asked richer people to let them come with them to america and most of the time the payment to come along was labor.

          • Yes, most of the labor in fact from these indentured servants until around 1690 when they revolted.

          • It is hard to imagine anyone so stupid and hateful as you. To bad you do really exist. It’s a human tragedy for the rest of us.

        • Lets not lump all whites together its the wannabee germans, the basque origined british who have commited most of the atrocities against the world one of them is the bengal famine

          • Is it really…… you are obviously uneducated in history or you are bigoted and refuse to accept the truth the every race on Earth has committed atrocities and many still are. White, black whatever colour, everyone has and does do it. It’s not right but this is how nature works.
            We are a part of nature. Nature is predatory. Succesful Predators rely on strength. Strength relies on weakness. Weakness ebbs and flows.

        • Yes they are, they settled this land. There were only about a million Indians in the entire continent when Europeans arrived. Through tribal warfare the remaining Indians were almost wiped out and they never paid nor purchased one piece of land. All the land was free for anyone to settle on. By your logic all the Indians in foreign countries do not belong there either. Stupid.

      • Do you think there are maybe other reasons that Americans don’t immigrate to India en masse? 😀

      • There are many Indian women who have been raped by Americans on holydays in these whore cities of India.

      • There is only one way we Indians rape people- education. We also rape you in mathematics, astronomy, thinking, logical reasoning… and yeah we go to college and not to fast food restaurants to earn a week and fcuk up on the weekends! Get lost!

    • Indians are brainwashed and racist as hell. America is too, but not everyone is. Indians don’t marry outside their race, but plenty Americans do. Indians are so racist against dark skin n they have dark skin. Many are darker than Africams, but
      wont marry a black person. Americans marry whomever they want to. But indians they will bow down to a white, just because they are white. Many latin countries are very brainwashed and run off skin color. They were brainwashed by the Roman Catholic Church/ Spaniards. Just stupid and archaic.

      • you are so right! i play on a 3d game where most of the skin tones are damn near white. the darker tones are scant and ridiculous looking. whites are part of the problem with their propaganda machine; the rest comes from the ppl of color’s mentality that light and bright is right. smh. as marley said emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds.

        • Love your quote of Bob, however skin tones in a “3d game” are hardly indicative of a white “propaganda machine”. I’m sorry if you feel that you are oppressed by white people because video game characters are not multicultural enough for you. I hope you are one day able to find a video game that satisfies your obsessive-compulsive need for dark skinned characters, although it surely says something about your own subliminal racist tendencies. Have a great day!

      • Most of us are lighter than Bantu Africans, and being dark skinned and being a knee-grow are two different things. We don’t judge by the color of your skin, we judge by race, DNA! Miscegenation of our people is unnatural.

      • Also, we just want to be a lighter version of ourselves, we consider Whites to be of a different race altogether, so it would be miscegenation for me to be with one.
        Same goes with other races. Learn the difference between skin color and race, please!

      • uh we have a choice to marry who we want and we don’t like white trash your filthy people are stupid, annoying, cultureless and very exploiting nuissance mind your own business and stay out of other races ways of life.we dont like you and for many legitimate reasons too one is you white people carry sickness cancer and diseases have BRCA1 mutated genes leading to cancer and have melanoma basal cell cariconoma and squamous cell cariconoma. die in your ow nsh-hole will be a blessing to ALL RACES once you are gone. you have the highest divorce rates are the least menogamous race and infidellity is your number one attribute besides alimony golddigging and suuing.also whites are gay

        • God is also white though, you forgot to mention that. That’s why we are the golden people, the most honest, productive and beautiful race to have graced the earth, we are God’s creation put here for a short time to show the animalistic brown people how to live cleanly and within the Grace of God.
          If white people hadn’t existed most races on the planet would have died out by now. We are adventurers, explorers, designers, builders, inventors, thinkers and best of all we share all we discover.
          We are the special people in a way I know you recognise, trouble for you chum is your much trumpeted hatred of white people is merely an obvious indicator of your self hatred. Having lived in 9 countries and visited 64 I have seen it so many times, your one thought when you commune with the Cosmos is “Why, oh why wasn’t I born white ?”.

          • That is why a White supremacist religion like Christianity should be banned immediately in India, after the banning of Islam! I knew this all along! Take your dirty inbred race missionaries out of my country, we kicked you out in 1947. If Whites didn’t loot India, we’d be a pretty prosperous collection of kingdoms today.

          • Loot India ? You cretin we left a shedload more than we took, we dragged you heathens into the modern world. You lazy backward goons didn’t even have a map of the place.

          • You left hardly anything and you took tons. We dragged ourselves into the modern world, India in 1947 was practically like Somalia, and we are where we are today because of the work of brown-skinned Indians. Indians had maps since the 200s BC, you pasty pig-skinned White devil! Go kill yourself! I am a proud anti-Christian and anti-Muslim by the way, and we gave you Whites the numerical system, the decimal system and chess. One day you Whites will be put in concentration camps for your crimes against every other race.

          • Counting and a board game ? Is that it ? You’d better go slap a Dalit to make you feel “superior”, because to me you’re obviously just a grubby little Indian. Do you have a moustache to make you feel more like a man ? Of course you do, and black hair and brown eyes just like all the others, 100’s and 100’s of millions of weedy seedy little specimens all looking exactly the same.

          • This is why I hope the extermination of you vile, evil Hitlerites happens fast.
            I don’t have a moustache, and my hair is slightly brown. You must be blind if all Indians look the same.
            Wouldn’t expect any better from a dumb White little-d!cked f@g like yourself.

          • Ooooh temper temper, you really are letting that White envy get the better of you. Your head must be wobbling like a jelly on a spring.

          • Even the Sun and other elements of the Earth hate the evil devil’s race, that’s why you are the most prone to getting suburned and skin cancer.

          • “Evil devils race”?
            Sick mindset right there, it’s a shame so many people actually believe what you just wrote.

          • astroflash, I am Indian. And, I am American. If I ever find you, you’ll meet the latter, and the American in me will knock you the fuck out.

          • If the truth upsets you that’s your problem. As for your ‘threat’, I am laughing. simply laughing . . . at you !

          • Golden people ha! why are your genes so bad then why did half of europe perish in the bubonic plague why do you have so many cancers celeiac disease arthritis alzeimers parkinson and many more .Your end has come when other races see how bad your genes are i hope they will stop mixing with you inferior albinos.

          • It was a shipment from filthy India that contaminated and murdered 1/3rd of Europe. Majority of disease exists in third world countries not western countries. You obviously never went to school.

          • Genius the point is your immune system should have been able to fight off the disease like what happened with the s. chinese where the casualties were only 100,000, not where the disease came from, it is a good thing then that you do not have too many diseses in europe bacause of the cold , your immune system will not be able to cope.I was not able to reply to you about australians a while ago about the basque australian cowards, why dont you google australian cowards for a good read( do not add basque or you will get different results he he .)

          • Thank you for spreading the truth. Democracy, the concept of inividual rights, both invented in western countries. Western countries are bombarded with immigrants while dark countries can’t manage to raise themselves up even with all the trillions we give them. White is the light, always has been always will be. The day we disappear will be the end of all civilization. Fact.

      • Indians are very Cursing,beggars,thieves,seeing himself,smart,dogs,dirty,ugly,Obvious,annoying,rude and vileness people God take them and kill them all of them over and over and over the are animals and monkeys not human beings.

    • Another idiot blaming America to hide his own country’s racism. Welcome to the world. Where America is the problem of every bad thing in this world. You have no facts to back your statements. Just opinions. It’s obvious you are racist against America. Another ignorant person with very little brain matter.

      • There comes a moron hurt by the comment.

      • @aravindsanjeev:disqus is not completely wrong. @disqus_ry9SyD6XSU:disqus you coward hiding behind your name and no photo…you are the main RACIST bastard on this Thread. Yes, the US is #1 as the most RACIST in the ‘so-call-industrialized world’. Take me on! I’m the Black American who knows how fucked-up the US is and you are the perfect example of the reason. Now what? The white man is the KING of racism. That is where racism was born; moreover, the Caste system in India was encouraged by the Imperialist; ohhh yeah, that’s right, it’s way above your junior high education and trailer-park existence; you LOSER!.

        • Exactly! I’m an Indian and the caste system is not even based on race that much, it’s based on people’s individual communities, and jobs. There are dark-skinned upper caste folks, as well as slightly light-skinned lower-caste people.

      • shut up and go back on your mayflower back to whites are crooks and no race likes you.give native indians back their lands and get lost.

    • Ive interacted 3rd generation African Indians,in south Africa,Kenya,Zambia & Madagascar & all of them are racist,looking down on Africans like scum,ive never met any racist people like them & while in Australia ive interacted with alot of Indians from India who are equally racist & i agree with this list though i would have included China.

        • Is that you’re educated reply or are you just a buthurt troll.India is a racist country,this list was spot on.

          • Yet we’re not the people who go around occupying land belonging to different races and telling them how to live. The Anglo-Saxon race is hands down the most racist on the planet. History proves it, and Arabs are a close second.

          • You are beyond thick, so when Europeans first discovered America how many weeks or months was it before they came across indigenous Indians, years maybe. They didn’t just park their ships in the harbour of a developed town.

          • Actually not at all, Whites came across the indigenous Indians of Jamestown, Virginia, the Powhatan confederacy, on day 1. They then proceeded to exterminate them.

          • Nope, those colonists started shooting at “inferior race Injuns” from day one. It runs in your Anglo-Saxon blood to be racist, genocidal and obnoxious.

          • Maybe, maybe not. But we certainly invent things, explore, develop, design and build. I don’t know what race you are but I bet your principles don’t extend to eschewing everything that Anglo Saxon culture has given does it ? No they fuxxing don’t, so fall to your knees you barbarian and thank God for the creation of White people, because without them you would have exactly nothing.

          • Without White people I would have more freedom, and that is a great thing. And without them, India was the second largest economy on the planet in 1500. So you pasty White homo devils can quit flattering yourselves.

          • That article has absolutely no truth to it. I have f**** several White girls, and the way I plowed into them, it was obvious that their previous White lovers had MUCH smaller packages. Sounds like you’re one of those yourself, notice you brought up the p*nis issue. Nobody thinks of the White race as having a large p*nis, go ask your women.

          • Farce, White devil. Some idiotic Brit coming up with a figure after testing 5 people does not prove anything.

          • Oh how you curse that elephant headed loon for not being White eh ? I tell you what why don’t you come up with another great Indian invention. A knife and fork maybe, or a chair for a cow, you love cows right, they just wander about in the road because they are “sacred” ;))) You primitive fools.

          • Plus, there are far more White women with Indian men than the other way round. The reasons are obvious. Your women are leaving you because of your obvious inferiority, in terms of p*nis size, bedroom capabilities, ability to take care of your wife, EVERYTHING.
            I will stick to Indian women when it comes to marriage however, because I do not want to stain my bloodline with an inferior race of demons and Nazis.

          • Oh I have had my share of Indian women, several Hindu and Moslem, and one Sikh. You have no idea mate, they love us because we have (various quotes) “soft skin, beautiful eyes,(that’s a big one for them), very funny, gentle and tender lovers, kinder than dark men”. You have no idea chum, we are their fantasies and the majority are utterly desperate to avoid their own “men”.

          • Keep deluding yourself, facts speak otherwise, you are inferior, evil Nazis and need to be exterminated for the freedom of the Indian race.

          • Pakis are a mongrel race, inferior to us. And you are the devil, therefore the most inferior of all.

          • Tender lovers, yup, there’s the proof you have smaller p*nises, some girls like that. Good for you. Now go kill yourself and do the world a favor, Nazi. Killer of 100s of millions of non-Whites.

          • Oh, and don’t forget no milk or sugar you little wog. I don’t want any of that sickly chai you primitives slurp.

          • Don’t forget to suck the c*m outta your daughter’s p***** that I freshly f**** into her either, dumb Whitey!

          • I think with Lakshmi Mittal as the richest man in your sh*thole joke of a nation, and Jaguar and Landrover both owned by companies based in my country, we aren’t even bitter about your inferior race anymore. Kill yourself, you EDL *diot!

          • Anglo-Saxons have given slavery and genocide to most races on the planet, and I’m happy their numbers are quickly declining. Hopefully the Almighty Lord wipes you cancerous Anglo-Saxon demons from the face of this Earth.

          • Oh dear, it sounds to me like you suffer from a rather extreme form of White envy, unfortunately I have to tell you that it will not pass. You were born an Indian and you will stay an Indian, now trot off and make the tea boy.

          • Not White envy. White HATE! And I am proud that I was born and will stay Indian. I will shoot you dead before taking any orders from your inferior, evil race of Nazis.

          • Shoot me ? What ? You would deign to use a White invention, couldn’t you just use the height of Indian technical invention and throw stones ?
            Now go fetch the tea, lackey, jeldi jeldi.

          • Guns are a Chinese invention, and if you say that to my face I will cut your inferior White body up into a 100 pieces and throw you into a ditch! Every time a White baby is raped and murdered and has acid thrown on its face, I become happier. I hope the UK and Australia are nuked.

          • I’ll be happy to say it to your face, I live in London and will meet you in any gym for a no rules no gloves contest in the ring. I’m in my mid 50’s and will chew you up and spit you out . . . . just to do humanity a favour. You are the saddest wog it has ever been my misfortune to come across.

          • Old White f@ggot, just as I thought. I’d break all your teeth, gouge your eyeballs out and leave your retarded @ss in a COMA! I’m not a wog, because I do not aspire to be of your inferior race! I am an Indian in India, proud of my own kind.

          • Hey, if you’re proud of being a w-o-g all power to you. Shame you talk like an American n-i-g-g-e-r though.

          • I heard in your inferior country you get jailed for hate speech like that, you Nazi f@ggot!

          • Oh yeah my country is so inferior we saved you from Muslim colonisation of 800+ years, dragged you into the modern age, built railways, roads, banned suttee, cleaned the water supply up so your infant mortality rate crashed, brought you tea plants from China and mapped the place for you.
            Give it up tea boy, you have nothing to compare.

          • India is a better place without u cowardly fags remember malaysia ,when u deserted when u heard the japanese had landed in malaysia

          • If I saw a White child on fire, I would throw gallons of high quality oil on that disgusting waste of space to get the job done fast.

          • Very nice and proof positive that we are superior people, indeed God is an Englishman.

          • The Dalits hate you more than they ever hated my people, and I could get an army of Dalits behind me who’d go and ravage one of your cities!

          • I have lived in 9 countries and been to 64 including your cow worshipping shytehole many times, every time I went to India I was asked if we could come back and run it again.
            Give it up and accept your White envy.

          • The people of british isles are sons of basque whose r1b origins are in central africa britees are all wannabee germans with bad immunity hence all the skin cancer and celiacs and arthritis, aids, fibro adhd autism downs syndrome and many other diseases ,,why do you think half of europe was wiped off the face of this earth during the bubonic plague

          • lets not call british anglo saxons,the majority of british have small brained basque
            orgins. The rednecks, hillbillies, the tea party, republicans ,traliler
            trash in america are all descended from british isles people. British
            are german wannabees and have minimal german blood.

    • You are wrong. In Lebanon the PM MUST be from specific race, and so do the ministers (When US has a black president).
      In Syria, they are killing each other because they are from the ‘wrong ancestry’. So the USA CAN NOT be #1.
      The article is BIASED considering Lebanon and Syria are not even on the list. probably leftistmuslim writer.

      • oh my word bud get your facts straight, The reason killing began in syria was because of the sick bastard of a president who decided to start shooting people when they peacefully protested having their children taken away after several children wrote something bad about the dictator president on a school chalkboard. these parents were told they would never see their children again. As far as racism goes some Arabs are racist of black people or people with dark skin. Racism is wrong bottom line . In every country there will always be racist people trying to make themselves feel better by thinking they are superior to another race. Thankfully there are also people who could give too shits about race because a person is a person.

        • That’s all propaganda nonsense. Bashar was no worse than any other puppet dictator the US has leading any other Middle Eastern country, and Obama gave money to his radical Islamic friends in Syria, and that’s how ISIS came into power there.

          • This is not the issue. A country where the ministers and PM are being set by race, as Lebanon, is one of the most racist countries in the world. When Lebanon is NOT on the list, and the US is on the list. It’s biased. period,

          • This article is biased. As I said, If Lebanon (government based on race!), is not even on the list. It’s biased.

          • Exactly, and the Indian government which has a strict ban on racial or caste discrimination of any kind is number ONE on the list. Obviously the author is showing his low IQ and appealing to emotion rather than facts.

        • You made a salad to hide my correct point. the ministers in Lebanon must be fron specific race, so do the PM. So the US can’t be #1. The article is biased considering Lebanon not even pn that list. Q.E.D.

    • Can’t say whether this statistical analysis is true or not and at what rank does India sit, but YES, at least to me, India is one of the most racist countries in the world. I am from a minority in India. And from India’s history, you know how minorities do not have a say, do not have any importance and do not have any existence. Look at 1984 or the Gujrat riots, where mass genocide was labeled riots to trivialize it. To this day, there is no justice for those families whose loved ones were murdered just because people from India’s majority religion decided they wanted to kill people from not from the “right” religion. And the general public from the majority religion won’t ask for justice because hey, it wasn’t them who were murdered. It was some other race. India is the most god forsaken racist country that I know and I am disgusted that I was born an Indian when Indian only means a person from its religious majority. Thankfully, I don’t live there anymore.

    • The thing is that maybe “Racism” is not the right word. The right would would be “Discrimination”. In that regard I’m going to have to give the award to INDIA…..

      See America is a melting pot where people from all around the world settle. In fact the nation is built on immigrants and there is no such thing as a “Real American” anymore. Everyone in America is mixed in some way. Yes racism exists there, but now let me explain why u can’t compare it to India.

      Indians discriminate amongst THEMSELVES. You have the caste system which is still prevalent in rural India, small towns and villages. You have the South Indians who talk trash about the North Indians and vice versa. You have the Northeast Indians who are often called names like “Chingy” for looking Chinese. Ask the Uganda visitors about their experiences in India. The thing with India is that they are amongst Indians, so ANYTHING that is slightly different is looked at with strange eyes. Moral policing is at an all time high right now….

  • Besides the poor grammar this article is a joke. Seems more like this article is based more on Ill informed opinions than actual facts.
    I agree with Aravind, America should be placed much higher up on this list. Anyone that has lived there for any length of time would be aware of the level of racism there among the many different ethnicities and religions.
    I hope journalism is not the authors day job because they don’t have a very promising future in it if they keep writing crap like this

        • @dforce10, why wouldn’t you care? Indians are suppose to be humans too; or did that somehow elude you in your meager consciousness or lack of one? ? ? Dunno!

          • So everyone who speaks truth about India is a Pakistani? So did Pakistanis kill Sikhs in 1984? Sorry dude, it was HINDUS aka Indians. Now, I said the truth. Does that make me a Pakistani?

          • You’re a brainwashed India-hating Khalistan type and I hope you don’t set foot back in my country.

          • Really? Yes I hate Hindus and yes I hate India for it has majority of people like you. So, I’m glad that I see the truth and have the courage to say like it is. To you people who speak the truth will always be brainwashed. And keep your country to yourself.

          • Advise for you
            Every one may kill and rape and you have the right to fight but when you copy that into a hole race or religious you are just a racist man with all respect and the problems between Muslims and Hindus in India become stronger by British government or let’s say by that invasion so what you must know that every country that was rule by British had a civil war after their freedom in th name of make separations will make them weaker
            So open your mind

          • Islam is a rapist, terrorist religion, and I am Indian, I cannot be racist to you, because you are more powerful than me. Racism = power + privilege, and Muslims have much more power than Hindus. So, only Muslims and Whites can be racist to us. The British were 100 times better than any Muslim b@stard, they FREED Hindus from Sharia Law under Aurangzeb and other Muslim terrorist rulers. Islam is the ENEMY of Hindu people for 1000 years, and we will fight you TO THE DEATH for 1000 more years, the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

          • rapist while islam didnt destroy any culture
            terrorist while
            1 islam is 1400 years religous while islam terrirst begin 20 years ago
            2 the word terrorist had used in the last 100 years while islam begi before 20 years
            so who was terrorist in that time
            3 KKK come before any islamic terrorist group
            4 al queda was built by the help of usa in the war with soviet
            5 isis was built mistakly by bush who destroy iraq in the name WWD while there were nothing
            6 afaganistan terrorist began after the invasion of soviet army and after america attack al mujahidean so before that there werent any terrorits there
            7 when muslims are terrorist they just got attack from every one while there are alot of terrorists group who dont even media bother with them
            do you know about uganda god army ?
            they are terrorist group in 1988 in uganda
            it was built by a woman who claim that she so maria in her dream and order her to create these terrorist group who killed muslims
            actually untell now they are activated but because they kill black people media dont pay attention
            so where is terrorist here while the terrorist name of islam began strongly n 2001 while that story is very strange espially that even al queda never admitted while all their crimes where admitted so isnt this strange ?
            do you know that most of the country who got invasion got an terrorist group
            so what about irish group
            or what about frensh leagen or you dont know anything about them
            so where is terrorist here
            when the evil group who called boku haram was created after the oppressio and killing against muslims in niegeria
            so what do you think about nuslims in bourma who every day killed without any hestitation while if they do any hestitation they will just called terrorist

            so you say british where better but you dont know anything about history so go and read some of it
            maybe gande will tell you what happened after world war one
            and you dont know anything about sharia law to begin to talk

          • Islam was a terrorist religion ever since Prophet Muhammad the pedo started mass murdering people who don’t accept Islam in Mecca. Muslims are all terrorists, and you deserve death and suffering. The Burmese are PROPERLY protecting their homeland from terrorists, by killing the “religion of terror” followers. Something India should have done years ago!

          • and know I know that you dont know anything about islam
            muslims didnt kill any one in mecca actually the when mecca fall into the hand of muslims it fall without any drop of blood so before you talk go and read history actually muhhumad had fired one of his four general because he said to abu sifian the leader of mecca that this day is the day of war the day when we invade mecca so muhhumad got angry from him and fired him so stop lying

          • Burmese is killing children
            every one with the name that they are refuges and that people dont fight back so before you talk about any one know the facts

          • Muslim children are future terrorists. Muslim women are terrorist factories. Muslim men are terrorists. Any questions?

          • Muslims are not a race. Hindus can’t be racist against Muslims, because Muslims have more power in the world. Racism = power + privilege.

          • Hindus are not terrorists, we don’t terrorize anyone. We are in our own home. Muslims are Arabian Peninsula terrorists. The Arabs think of you Pakistanis as blackies and inferiors, you are their servants of Islam, trying to kill Indians.

          • its rediculous how you dont know anything aboout muslims intering mecca without any killing or dropping or spoil one blood

          • 800 years before any British man came to India, the muslims were killing and murdering us, and they are doing it today. We will fight you to the death. Men, women, children of Islam will be put to death without remorse. I don’t even consider you human, not even an ANIMAL. You are a cancer that must be rooted out and eradicated.

          • haaa now I know who is the racist between us
            but by the way your claimed genoicde isnt Accredited by the world or even history

          • bythe way this genocide didnt Accredited the world
            and that wasnt accurate even in history facts and it come from people who invade and desroy nations and groups of people
            this come from the people who killed 100 million in the new world
            from the whites racist man
            and that site is anti islam site who claim that invading iraq was a success !

          • another information for you
            when british come to asia they made more genocides in phelbien and other places so that site just come with a genocide not acceptable in history and had a lot of people who said its not true while that site forget to talk about genocides from british army in other places around india

          • Did a British guy f*** your wife? You seem obsessed with the British and their past evils, they left India in 1947. The problem we have today is Muslims.

          • Not in the name of saving a cow, they killed the Muslims because of repeated killings and raping of Hindus, they remembered it and it was just an excuse for Hindus to avenge our motherland’s honor.

          • Haas go and watch what happen and even hidisay for the sake of cows
            I don’t attack Hindus religous I attack Hindus extreme people
            So by the way you gave us the right to kill any jewish in Palestine by saying avenge for mother land

          • I told you once that if a muslim kill or rape you have the right to punish him
            But what I hate that you put the Blaine to all muslims
            You have the right to defend yourself
            You have the right to take your right
            You have the rightBut if he really kill and to punish who do the crime

          • Muslims have strength in numbers. So I’m not saying every Muslim is bad, what I am saying is that we have to kill even the “innocent” Muslims, just to reduce your numbers because you are a threat to our life.

          • by the way hindus is far number muslims in india and are you insane you want to kill innocent ?
            I was just telling before to stop being racist but know i tell you to stop being terrorist ( even innocent )

          • Muslims breed to use numbers to become more violent, more vocal and become the majority and then they oppress all non-muslims.

          • its something funny how you critsise something in your people then put it in apthers
            by the way use numbers but non muslims numbers is more in islamic country than muslims in non muslims country and they dont get oppressed ( non muslim )

          • And did a Hindus man shoot you at night and in islam our a man rape woman he will go to prison and excuted

          • I am a Hindu. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim, and yes, I have friends whose mothers were raped and mutilated by Muslims in Kashmir. Thank you for asking. And they never went to prison or execution, they are “Kashmiri youth” today.

          • I have friend on their who was killied in the name of defending cow
            You can’t attack whole people because one criminal hate those muslims but don’t hate islam who is against this I know people who killed without any mercy in Palestine or even in India but I don’t hate jewish or even hidisay religous or people
            I hate the one who commited the crime not a people who do nothing

          • Ask Africans about those British
            Ask peles tines about those British
            By the way did you ask handy or you forget ?

          • With all respect
            Gandi had spent his life fighting for Indians from all who want to destroy it
            Yes he did some controversial things like putting Indians to participate in war world one against countries of middle but he fought for you and even if you saw his sef fence of muslims is evil you couldn’t just blame him in one wrong thing

          • We have the RIGHT to do whatever we want. It’s not one wrong decision, it was a MAJOR one, and he would’ve destroyed Hindu people more if we didn’t kill him.

          • you have the right to do what you want ? but you dont have the right to steal people life unless he killed or do really crime no defend the rights of Minorities

          • Muslims killed millions of Hindus ever since Muhammad Ghori entered India, and they did it and called us “Kafirs” and made us slaves, raped our mothers, sisters and daughters and destroyed our homeland. The only good Muslim is a dead one!

          • Who’d be traumatized by a society that loves ourselves and wants to keep folks in their place?

          • Can I just add, in Goa (a place in India, not US or UK or AU or NZ, or EU), there are beaches and places where Indians aren’t allowed in and only whites. What do you call that? Still no racism or discrimination?

          • I’ve been to those places with police protection and they tell those White f@gs to stay in their place!! The only reason Indians “can’t” go is because we don’t have the bravery to stand up to these pale devils, because too many Indians have a slave mentality.

          • Didn’t you just say in your previous comment that you should stand tall? Aren’t you contradicting everything you said about how Indians aren’t racists? Get your thoughts cleared up first

          • I’m not contradicting myself at all, you lack reading comprehension and brain capacity. I STOOD TALL, by putting those foreigners in their place. That’s what standing tall means. Not crying about it on Disqus like you. Standing tall means telling them to f*** ON THE SPOT.

          • Ok then, let me stop crying because FUCKING Hindus killed lots of Sikhs and there is never going to be any justice for them. But thanks for showing me how someone would stand tall. So, here it is….FUCK YOU…. ON THE SPOT

          • racism and discrimination are interrelated. discriminating any people on their race, colour, creed, cast, faith is racism.

          • get back to raping your mom and sisters and claim it to be a progressive honkey peice of shit….get back to being openly racist to all your immigrants….get back to banking with youre shitty honkey dumb banks who don’t have common sense…get back to voting that dumb crap called Trump…you’re country is in the dump dude…China and India have got you by the balls

    • @dforce10:disqus, your grammar and vocabulary are not that good. If you were to criticize in future (most likely), make certain all your ducks are in a row.

      • Not sure what your point is. You took 9 months to come up with your reply and you still couldn’t clearly state what your gripe is.

        • Don’t have a gripe. There is not any timer on this Thread. Was reading through the Thread and stumbled over your profound ignorance. Of course you don’t get my point; you’re too STUPID! Your response simply validates that point.

          • So you are one of guy’s that tries to start with someone in the comments section because you’re lonely because you have no friends and no one to talk to. Join a club or something.

          • NO, I’m one of those people who point out people’s dirty laundry when he or she has the colossal nerve to attempt to wash someone else’s. FYI, your English grammar is atrocious! Clearly English is not your 1st language. How dare you criticize anyone about English when you clearly are not the most proficient. Go away! Will NOT be responding to any more of your nonsense. Vamoose!

          • Haha you’re hilarious. By the way you were the one who started commenting on my comment first. You need to get a life.

          • @dforce10 you need to get educated in that profound ignorant country you live in loser.

          • Talk about the slowest comeback ever. So much for not responding. What in world is wrong with you? Sounds like you have serious insecurity issues.

          • @dfroce10 you old troll. you do. i’m busy. don’t have all the free time as you do. i’m not on welfare. that’s your gig.

          • Hahaha accusing someone of being on welfare because you’re not as smart as they are. 2 weeks is more than enough time for a comeback. I suppose it’s an improvement on your previous 9 months.

          • @dforece10, LOSER go get a job! i hit the spot. you are some welfare crackhead user somewhere in the US trolling websites. you faggot hiding behind some avatar. i’m busy and the only reason why you get a response from me at all is because your shithole crap populates in my Email box. i’ve since BLOCK that; now go find yo mamma on some street corner lookin for dick and get on google spending time tryin to find your deadbeat dad you bastard somewhere in some state penitentiary since that is common place for your kind. where i’m from and live in the world, the education is top-notch. people as you we don’t have in our country so there is not any reason for me to be as vile as i’m being with you. this is classic for your country and i’m disgracefully and shamefully livin up to you American peoples’ ways of communicating with each other; will not validate you with any more of my time. i’m too busy not being you.

          • I wish I had taken screenshots. His comments were hilarious. He was definitely not of sound mind. You should have seen his final comment before he deleted it. For some reason he thought I was American and went on a very anti American rant that made even less sense than his previous comments. I have no idea why he took such offence to my original comments other than his hatred of America. I was beginning to think he was the author of the article prior to this. I be wouldn’t be at all surprised if he came back on here a year from now once he had enough time to think of a comeback lol

          • That would be funny as. I can still imagine what they must’ve been like “You stupid. You shut up”….lol….I think Indians, and I can say this because I am one, like to call the race card when they can but would never accept that they are racist as hell. Not just racist, they discriminate on everything they can. Be it, you are a woman, you are from a minority, you look different, you are poorer than they are, you do not have the same social standing as them, and if anyone tries to say the truth, they are automatically a Muslim or a Pakistani. It is one of the worst countries in the world, made by Hindus for Hindus. I’m glad I’m not a Muslim in India, one of my mum’s Hindu colleagues at her school commented about something saying “So what! Only Muslims will die, how do we care”….WTF? There is no humanity in that country, just Hindus.

        • Dforce you should admit the fact and accept the truth that india is corrupted country with inhuman characters……

          • What in the world are you talking about? I’m not from India, I never mentioned India. India never even entered my thoughts. I have absolutely no idea what your point could possibly be and why you would reference me of all people

    • Besides poor shit grammatical mistakes i can still write this crazy language and speak well as this is not my language though i openly challenge you to speak and write my language..and get the fuck by indian shits

      • I have never ever claimed to speak whatever language you speak nor have I ever tried to write a poorly written article in your language either. Here’s a tip take all that misdirected anger of yours and direct into something positive because being an angry keyboard warrior doesn’t suit you.

    • When I read the first line of your comment I really thought you would be grammatically perfect throughout. Dude try to focus on your own grammar first! Or shall I help you find out?
      1. Anyone ‘that’ has lived – it should be – Anyone ‘who’ has lived – you are talking about humans here not objects.
      2. Using ‘many’ as an adverb to ‘different’ is totally redundant.
      3. In the last line you need to use an apostrophe after “authors”. I think this is self explanatory to a grammatically perfect person like you.

      My sole motive of finding out grammatical errors in your comment wasn’t to make you feel that you have no grammatical sense (Well in fact you don’t) but to make you and others realize the existence of a basic human behaviour i.e. never being able to see our own flaws. This is because we never introspect ourselves.
      Whenever you tell an Indian that India is a highly racist country he/she will never believe you. He’ll rather make fun of you or start arguing (not debating! It requires logical discussions) over it. And that’s not his fault completely. This is primarily because racism is so well knit in the Indian society and psychology of the Indians that they don’t ever realize that they ended up being racist.
      Think for a while,
      – Why are fairness products so popular in India?
      – Why does every Indian guy want a ‘fair’ bride? (Not everyone does but this is a general notion)

      I can keep asking endless questions like these but it won’t matter unless people themselves don’t realize what they’ve been doing all along.

      • Did you even read my comment. I never said anything about India being racist and as far as your comment goes it reads as if you had someone proof read it for you before posting lol.
        Pretty much your whole comment bears no relation to anything I’ve said at all. Learn to read before criticising others grammar.

        • India is racist to Africans. So what you were saying isn’t incorrect, though I don’t know if it’s as bad as in America.

    • You are correct! This article is such a crock, I’m an African American and have lived in Germany for five years, traveled many places overseas and have never experienced racism anywhere other than the supposed “the land of the free” America should be #1 on the list!

      • Like me I know people in germany or lets say in my whole life I didn’t know any racist problem in Germany
        Yes there is somesituations but every place have some situations

  • Guess they got it wrong here about Saudi labor laws which they are by far much better in protecting workers than others in the Middle East and some in the West, where an American goes to jail for not paying the dues to a worker?

      • oh look at this honnkey white trash racist convict ….did a brown guy kick you out of a job?….outsourcing rocks?……go eat some’ll heal you…….before you get kicked into eating from across the garbage can from downtown sydney

          • oh look at this honnkey white trash racist convict ….did a brown guy kick you out of a job?….outsourcing rocks?……go eat some’ll heal you…….before you get kicked into eating from across the garbage can from downtown sydney

          • I happen to be Jewish you worthless piece of flesh. You should be committed, truly insane.

          • all the more funnier….why don’t you go circumcise your 1 incher?….. or why don’t you go and sing ‘noble knight leader of a brave-array..lead us on Oh lead us on’ to your hero, Hitler?……or why dont you go and get bombed by the Middle eastern Yahuuuudis you jew peice of shit? lying peice of crap…..fucking disgraceful race

      • The list was obviously made by a moron such as yourself, where are the statistical facts and their basis ? I imagine it is just another take it up the ass liberal polluting the bandwidth of the internet.

      • oh look at this honnkey white trash racist convict ….did a brown guy kick you out of a job?….outsourcing rocks?……go eat some’ll heal you…….before you get kicked into eating from across the garbage can from downtown sydney…

    • What are you talking about? I’m a foreigner living in Australia for many years and most people here are generally friendly and kind.Way friendlier than USA and UK where you are more likely to get spat on, hurled abuses about my ethnicity and apparently religion than any other country. And yes, I am a Muslim so bring on the hate. I have learned to live with it in this crazed world filled with cruel people. I have met pretty cool people including Indians who are not overly patriotic about their country. This article does give an idea but not entirely reliable nor accurate

      • look you might be one among the 20% of foreigners who dont get racially insulted upon ….its a fact…80% of colored foreigners in convict land have faced racism or had a racist episode….30% have been beaten up by white convicts

      • WHAT? Who spits on you in the US? Australia is the country where that stuff happens the most.

        • To both @Anisha
          and @kartashok I live in Australia, am an Indian or was. What’re you talking about? Get your facts right. I have suffered the most amount of racism or whatever type of discrimination you want to call it in India. Genocide in 1984 for being a Sikh, jokes every step of the way for being a Sikh, jokes for being darker than my fairer skinned classmates, and the list goes on. WTF are you talking about? Oh sorry, let me answer this myself, no doubt no discrimination in India for you my Hindu King. The amount of violence against foreigners in India exceeds far more than what darker skinned people face here. Yes, I have had a couple of racist episodes here in Oz, but nothing compared to what Hindus have put me through in India. The funniest thing to see is when the discriminating Hindus run with their tails in between their legs in a white country and cry out racism and I always think “now you know how it feels”. India is the most god forsaken discriminating country in the world.

          • You have a victim mentality. No one will help you. Stand up for yourself, India belongs to those who can stand tall and brave amongst discrimination. I got bullied for being South Indian throughout my childhood but I fought back and kicked Northern b*tt every time, and got higher grades than their pea brains could produce, and they began to respect/fear me. India is not for the faint at heart.

          • Oh really! And Hindus stood tall when they massacred Sikhs? Now maybe Sikhs should stand tall and kill some of you for no reason at all and then lets see who plays the victim. I don’t have a victim mentality, you do. Till now Sikh families have tried to get justice and there isn’t one and its no surprise that there won’t ever be. Its not playing victim, it’s asking for justice. Faint at heart? You are f**ing cowards alone but in a good crowd think of yourselves as lions. You disgust me.

          • Sikhs already killed plenty of us when fighting for Khalistan independence, don’t think we’ve forgotten. And again, the Congress Party is anti-Hindu, just as it is anti-Sikh.

          • I’m not a victim at all. I work hard to maintain my good life. You’re just a whiny Sikhni who hates Hindus because of what the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty did. Cry me a river!

          • No doubt,India is one of the most racist country in the world.I am an Indian.I know this fact and accept it. That’s it. Let’s try to purify our society rather than making excuses.

          • The best way to start purifying our society is to formulate a solution to deal with the problem of alien races oppressing us: the Whites, Middle Easterners and the Chinese. Christianity is an element of White supremacy, Islam is Middle Eastern Supremacy, and Communism (Maoists) are doing the bidding of the Chinese. These people need to be dealt with. That being said, Indians should unify on gender, color, caste and religious lines, as long as their religion was conceived on the Indian subcontinent (Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, tribals, atheists, etc.)

      • That’s the difference that you are a Muslim and we are Hindus…if haven’t noticed it already then let me pinpoint it to you that Muslims do not face as much racism as Hindus from the western side! (As far as I know) and here about Aussies, I don’t hate each and everyone of them for the deaths of many innocent Indians because I don’t find any particular reason for doing that…but yeah! I will always have a grudge against the British and I won’t deny it!

      • The UK is nowhere near as racist as the USA or AUS. The UK is just full of indigenous Brits who are a little pissed off because political correctness seems to only work one way. I’m British born with African descents and can tell you I’ve never been spat on or hurled abuse. You need to open your eyes to how the NATIVES (not you, not white Australians) are being treated in your country and as for the US, well look no further than their police force lol. Respect Brits and Brits will respect you, simple as that.

      • Please do not compare US with australia. I can tell myself having lived 5 years in the US and 4 in Australia. There is no comparison between US and Australia. Americans are great, australians are cowards and rednecks. Word of an Albanian black eagle.

        • Uh, what???????? The United States is a federation of 50 sovereign states, each with fully separate histories, cultures, and governments.

          That means if you went to San Francisco or Seattle, you’d have one opinion. If you lived in Houston or Miami, it’d be different. You said the USA is NOT a country of hateful rednecks. You actually wrote that. No, NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, and few others are not cities of hateful rednecks. Venture to EVERY state’s outer suburbs and you will find a plethora of hateful diseased minds.

          • U are a redneck living in the cesspool of the world called australia, which by the way is full of pond scums like u and some1 suffering the down syndrome like tonny abbott.

      • none of those other countries falsely accused a whole race of being paedophiles so they could steal their land and help their economy out, which is exactly what Australia did in 2007 when their economy went to shit. The aborigines had their land stripped, their rights stripped and can have their children forcibly removed.
        tbh it’s not really racism, it’s closer to nazism.

    • Cowardly australins only bully people who dont like violence, but when they meet brave people like the the japanese in malaysia they are cowards, they ran from the battlefield including their commanding officer raping and looting all the way to singapore,where they got on the evacuating ships pushing aside women and children in thier haste to flee to australia.

        • Dictionary for what? Are you an English teacher? Even if you are, why on earth someone would think that this FENGLISH is superior to other languages? Is it cz your mother England did steal whatever possible from all the countries during their ‘Great [AKA Gt.]’ colonization? If you have understood what he was trying to say, its more than enough! Now, do you speak Spanish…? no? shame on u! Go and attend a Spanish class before you cross Jerkalia borders!

  • This article is just a bad joke… America has to be much higher and i dont know if you have ever been to germany but this is just a lie. Germany is the country with the most immigrants in europe and the most dont have a problem with them. Of course there are some Underground activities but if you would be informed, you would know that these people are absolutely not representative to the country and are just a very small group.. recently there were the elections for the european parliament. The racist party in France got 25% in England 15% and so on.. in germany ? 1%! Please inform you the next before you publish such lies about countries… It would be nice if you can change this article…

    • I have family that lives in Germany and they’ve all confirmed that its an extremely racist state. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

      • No doubt, there definitely are some groups like ”pegida”, I don’t know if you have ever heart of that, that are racist in some way… Don’t get me wrong, I really hate those groups, but in Germany they just demonstrate usually without any violence… But take a look at America, where black people are killed by white cops without any reason… And I think this is not the worst part because there are people like this in every country… The worst part is that the American courts and police departments don’t do anything against it.. None of those cops got arrested yet, it seems like those racist people are normal in America and cops can do what they want…

        • When traveling to Germany it is important to know that the country’s constitution prohibits racial discrimination in general, but there is basically no case law that specifically deals with it, according to Hendrik Cremer, who has worked with the German Institute for Human Rights since 2007. “Those who want to take action against racist remarks are only able to refer to Section 130 of the Penal Code, which refers to sedition.” The legal hurdles, therefore, are high.

          However, racial insults may not be what Black travelers (Africans, Americans, Caribbean people, etc.) visiting Germany should be most concerned with. Former government spokesman Uwe-Karsten Heye said in a 2006 radio interview that dark-skinned visitors to Germany should consider avoiding the eastern part of the country where racism runs high.

          “There are small and medium-sized towns in Brandenburg, as well as elsewhere, which I would advise a visitor of another skin color to avoid going to,” said Heye. They “might not make it out alive” if they dared set foot in certain towns, he warned.

          Africans and other dark-skinned people in Berlin, Wisner and other cities know certain areas in the eastern part of Berlin, such as Marzahn and Hellersdorf, are “no-go” areas where they are certain to be attacked or killed. It is also reported that German police routinely ignore these racist attacks and Germans, in general, are in denial about the depth of racism in their society.

          • @DrPhilOShit, thank you for the informative response. Confident countless people (although have not indicated here on this Thread) will find value in your comment. Cool.

        • You are just saying a bunch of bs that doesn’t hold water. A typical person, not from America, who states made up stories to justify her own country’s horrific racist past. There are som e police officers who faced justice for racist actions. If you had an education you would know that American news focuses on any racism story in America cause it gets ratings. Look at the George Zimmerman case. The media changed his words to make his 911 call seem racist. But there you are, on your couch, trying to state a bunch of fiction when you know nothing. Pick up a book. Google something. Because it’s obvious your opinions are completely off the table.

          • I have never tried to justify anything!! I know that the past of Germany was the worst past anybody could ever think of and who doesn’t think that is dumb like f***!! But I say that Germany has the most immigrants in all Europe And the second most immigrants in the world! The first place is the US but the US is 40 times the size of germany! And I said that the most (not all!!!) don’t have a problem with those immigrants. It kind of looks different in some cities in eastern Germany because those people lived in the DDR until 1990 and never got in contact with immigrants until 1990. And I said that America has way more problems with racism than Germany . I never said Germany is 100% unracist. I think you have to open your eyes to see what is going on in YOUR country!!!!! And your past wasn’t any better than the past of Germany. How many Indians did you kill to live a life in ”freedom”?

          • ….do not waste your time on that moron! look at American history… look at America today; countless Black men are being murdered by profoundly IGNORANT white people! the US is #1 for RACISM and that loser posting as Anonymous is the poster boy!

          • ” How many Indians did you kill to live a life in ”freedom”?” Are you really this stupid? It has been proven by historians and scientists that over 90% of Native Americans died before encountering any European or Colonial army. And there were less than 3 million Natives in the areas above Mexico alone. Do some research instead of spewing ignorance.

          • The indians killed everyone too, anyone whom they encountered that wasn’t exactly like them or from their tribe. The ultimate racist act occurred on that side.

          • ….ohhh shut-up and go sit down; you are an IDIOT! you don’t know anything about anything! unexposed and clueless and stupid!

        • right! did u see the story about the blacks in ms killing the two white cops? oh, how the media goes on about it with the racist peanut gallery chiming in. in my lifetime, i have seen separate water fountains, and my dad walking to the back of an establishment to get our food with money as green as someone white. i’ve also witnessed a white dog being put down for dragging a black man to death. so far to go, too! what’s pathetic is black people thinking they will get justice in a criminal court. when they don’t, they need to head to civil court. sometimes, that’s the only way to make a klansman/woman cry uncle.

          • then they have the nerve to try and school other countries about human rights. you are so right!

          • I worry a LOT more about black crime than white crime lol. The crime is in the ghettos not in white middle class neighborhoods. Get a clue. We all know who is more prone to crime and it aint the white folks.

        • @disqus_oscf7JGWPu:disqus you are 100% correct! Do NOT give any response to @disqus_ry9SyD6XSU:disqus …he is some MORON posting; you know there is always a TROLL… LOSER posting nonsense (on Threads) because he is some coward who is not man enough to even have this exchange face2face. He is most probably from some ‘redneck’ town in the US, old, overweight, smelly and only God knows what else. Dismiss him as just another profoundly IGNORANT and racist American; classic!

        • “. None of those cops got arrested yet, it seems like those racist people are normal in America and cops can do what they want…” – If you keep believing the lies that these events have to do with race then you obviously haven’t been doing research. There are reasons, what makes you think there aren’t any? Are you just uninformed? Michael Brown, for one, robbed a store and assaulted the owner. And he clearly did not have his back turned and wasn’t more than 10 feet away from the cruiser. Keep saying it is race and without any reason. So clueless.

          “in Germany they just demonstrate usually without any violence” Once again, do research: “Suspected arson attacks on mosques attended by Turks in Germany raises concerns about a rise in Islamophobia and racism. In Germany alone 81 attacks targeting mosques were carried out since 2012” and “Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters Wednesday that anti-Semitic offenses rose 25.2 percent last year to 1,596 after declining in 2013. Crimes against foreigners were up 21.5 percent to 3,945.” (Times of Israel)

    • America should be higher? The fuck you say, kraut? You will fart around my dick, or eat those words.

          • There not actually racist though lets be honest, this list would have a
            few eastern European countries if it were genuine. Developed countries like the
            U.S and UK would realistically be up there with the least racist.

      • ….you and that other LOSER have proven the point that the US is the most RACIST and littered with profound IGNORANCE! you put your foot up your own asscrack; now fart in your own flared-up nostrils you funky IDIOT! Filth!

    • We are talking about Germany right you know that place were they almost wiped off an entire people.

        • Hitler and all of your shit people did that! Yes!!! Germany is still a disgusting racist country!!! Germany killed more than 7 million people!! Don’t forget it!!! Fuck you!!!!!

          • They did not. Millions died as a result of the war which included several nations. Don’t forget israel declared war first. Also 2 million Germans died as well. Don’t go by the crap propaganda you are fed by the media and “scooling” system. It was a multinational war in which many were to blame and many were involved like all wars.

    • @disqus_oscf7JGWPu:disqus … correct! However, the Germans are extremely racist! There admittance of all those foreigners from Frankfurt am Main to Berlin is 100% guilt. They are over compensating for their history of destruction. I’ve lived in Germany for years and it is lethally RACIST as the others; yes, the US is #1 for RACISM. Whoever prepared the list erred; the US is the WORST and I’m American; I know! Also, those voting do NOT always represent the citizens’ choices.

      • in Lebanon you can’t be the PM if you’re from the wrong race, when the US has a black president. So US can’t be the MOST racist country in the world…

    • “The racist party in france” Shut up. If wanting to reduce immigration because our country is in huge difficulties and we don’t have money anymore to welcome other people is considered “racist” then honestly, you can go f*** yourself. Germany is ruling Europe, nothing changed since Hitler.

    • ” Germany is the country with the most immigrants in europe” – and the US has the most immigrants in the world (45 million; 1/5th of the world’s immigrants). Do your research.

      • Germans are still racist like Nazi, Japanese in Germany were killed religious cult sanctions of Western Christianity for Asian dog eating culture, even through Japan have no dog eating culture, I often find an article of Germans talk about
        I thought Japan also have dog eating culture by they’re Asians.

        Why Westerners repeat to make a big, stupid mistake? Because Westerners consider Asians are all look same and they’re all uncivilized yellows.

        Western racism and crime rate are bring our xenophobia, we need self-defense from Western hate crime tbh.

    • Real didn’t Angela Merkel say the immigration experiment was a failure and needs to stop. I’m paraphrasing buy I’m sure you can look it up with that.

      • She said multiculturalism is a failure. That’s not racist. That’s logical. Ten different diametrically different cultures can’t survive in a traditional homeland for ONE type of culture. If you immigrate, assimilate or get out! Nothing to do with RACE!

  • Germany and Japan were – yes – WERE *once* ranked the most racist nations globally, but that was around 1940. Now Japan and Germany are each consistently ranked either #1 & #2 best in the world for promoting tolerance and human rights. Every. Year. About this phenomenon, Norman Finkelstein says “Countries can change” (he was also saying the rather violent, fascist Israel of today could change for the better.)

    Putting todays Germany anywhere near Israel on this list is beyond stupid, you simply don’t get it. You even talk about the fringe Neo Nazis as though they were mainstream culture. I think you are butt-hurt from a chance encounter with these common street hoodlums shouting epithets at you (very risky illegal behavior for them) and you have little acquaintance with regular Germans comprising the vast majority of this leading nation.

      • Known and factual, just repeating good information. We can’t dick around when it comes to discussing both the right and wrong or any nation, today – particularly the current wrongdoings of the USA and Israel.
        Deflecting criticism over to countries that only USED to be criminal is pure intellectual and factual dishonestly.

    • You say that Japan isn’t that racist but they have bars, nightclubs, public spaces where white people are BANNED from. Obviously there aren’t many non-asians living in Japan so seeing a white man or woman would be unusual but having places where white, black, etc people can’t visit? Ridiculous. Also if a white woman was to have a child with a Japanese man and the child got sick, the school would not let the woman collect the child, only the Japanese parent can. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what is.

        • Given that the Japanese were one of the most IMperiliastic Nations in the world in the 1900’s, no, I don’t think that. Did you forget their invasions/attacks/occupations of China, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, the US and many more in the 20th century?

    • Is there something wrong with being “anywhere near Israel”? Lol..
      i guess this “leading nation” must understand what racism is.
      I think calling a whole nation racist is a racist statement anyway….

    • Humans have to want NOT to be racists, so that their own kids and communities won’t be. There is a prescription for xenophobia and people refuse it, preferring instead to cling to pettiness and suffering. Indulging in a petty dislike of any group is easily absorbed into your children, who respect your opinion, and there from your children to their friends it can spread like wildfire. Take. Responsibility.

      • Sorry, humans are racist by nature. I admire your optimism, but no amount of social consciousness can beat instinct. Not over night, not in a week, not in a year, and not in ten years. Your brain evolved to mistrust people of different groups because generally they only showed up to kill your people and steal your things. You can’t completely override the animal brain with the social brain, we’ll always in some way hate others who are different from us. But by all means, I implore you to keep trying.

        • The thing is, humans have something greater than animal instincts, humans have the ability to choose between reacting and responding. Humans have a mind which allows us to be ‘separate’ from all other animals.

          Sure, maybe a long long time ago it was common for people with blonde hair to distrust gingers, sure it was fine to distrust people with darker/lighter skin than us. However, as humans we are all obligated to co-operate with each other to not only better ourselves but to also fix the huge mess we’ve created on the earth. And to do that we can’t resort back to acting like animals.

          Eolais, I know as a child I probably had moments of distrust between those who looked different to me. However I was most certainly not racist. Do you even know the definition of racism? I grew up in a mostly all white neighbourhood and as I grew up and began to move out I was exposed to more people of different ethnicities yet I didn’t hate them, plus as I experienced life I realized that distrusting someone due to their cultural/ethnic difference is plain stupid. And I know for sure there are plenty more people like me who aren’t like you(“racist by nature”). **Also you clearly know nothing about social consciousness.

          • I know about social consciousness, I’m just nature, and your nurture. It’s fine you don’t agree with me, but I’m still convinced it will take a few hundred more years to evolve out the hatred. And I’m also not a racist, just a misanthrope.

  • Rwanda? what happened in Rwanda was a problem between tribal groups,…and not a problem between people of different races.

    • Are you sure??? Don’t you think you are commenting foolishly??? Majority of upper caste are now living together with the lower caste.. It is the media and politicians who are still holding on to the caste system… That is why reservations are still there in India… And you want to exterminate upper caste members while majority of them are innocent… I think India would be way better without the un logical thinkers (like you).

      • Really? I had a neighbor “Upper caste” (and I am from the so called upper class too) tell me that even if their maid’s daughter was to become a successful nurse or a teacher, she would never sit next to them, let alone have food with them. Trust me, it’s easier to comment here but go and ask around the people you know and you’ll see what backward thinking “class” you belong too.

  • May be not racism in the true sense of the word. But as an Indian I have to agree, the way we treat the lowest cast people, India has to be by far the worst racist country in the world. Not just the highest castes, but everyone is the culprit. Majority of Indians even today thinks they have some kind of superiority over lower caste people. The same folks go to western countries and complain about being on the receiving end of racism. What a bunch of hypocrites. Yes, racism exists everywhere, but nothing comes close to what exists in India.

    • Keep crying idiot, lower caste people have their lives handed to them on a silver platter. They do no work and the government sends them to college for free, they get jobs with half the required intellect, cheaper housing and a million other benefits, AT THE EXPENSE OF THE UPPER CASTE TAXPAYERS!

    • not to mention almost .1% of Indian population os in veritable slavery. Yet Indians attain high incomes in America faster than any other group.

      I’d still live there. Its beautiful, the women are best in the world and my veggie diet would be quite surfeit

    • The word you are looking for is “Hierarchy”. India has a Hierarchy system. The maids, drivers, chai wala, cooks and office peons are treated horribly as if they aren’t human. Basically the poor are treated like they don’t exist. Then Ofcourse caste discrimination like you mentioned. Also the northeastern people are ignored and called “Chingy” for looking Chinese. I have a friend from Uganda who was arrested because the cops assumed that he had drugs on him since he is black, plus he had difficulty finding an apartment room. Thats India for you.

  • Indians can’t accept themselves. Every article which points out the obvious fact of India’s hateful nature is always full of childish comments from butthurt Indians.

        • The Congress is responsible for 1984, not real Indian Hindus, and I am proud that we taught the Muslims a lesson in the Gujarat riots. I’m proud that India has a 7000 year civilization, and that we created so many scientific and mathematical inventions and discoveries throughout history.

          • Yes of course, general Hindu population didn’t do anything. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! YES YOU DID NOTHING. You should be ashamed of yourself and yet again, you show people how F***ed up your thinking is. People like you would kill a child because they are Muslims and not feel any guilt. SHAME ON YOU bloody cultured “Indian”

          • I’m a Southerner and more Indian than you Indo-European Sikhs who have more Central Asian blood that subcontinental. I wouldn’t kill a Muslim child, but I’d kill a Muslim man without question if he posed a threat to me, my family, my friends or my country in any way. The less of them the better.

          • I’ve had enough of you and this will be my last comment to you because you’re not just worth it. I will take a high road here. I really hope that some day in the future, you will be fixed. Until then, please get well soon, you’re really really sick.

          • I agree with you. Muslims are for the most part taught violence. There are peaceful Muslims, but many of them are radicals, especially in the Middle East.

            Edit: Although it’s not really their fault, they are brainwashed with propaganda.

          • Any propaganda while our country are being invaded and before you say we are radicles what about Israel people
            What about invading our countries
            What about jenocides against us
            What about people who kill in the name of couloir
            What about peacefully muslims who die every day in Bourne without any hestitation

          • This kastashok is a sleazy stinking little racist coward punk , take a hot shower don’t know why any woman would want to be near your smelly mouth , maybe that why they shoot all those store owner here selling their poison ALCHOL here in the state .America don’t need more racist people like you , eat your own rot .

          • I take two showers every day, you White f@ggot, and I have a beautiful Indian girlfriend. Who wants to go to your s****** racist United States of trash, degeneracy and f@ggotry anyways, I am happy here in my country where MY RACE is the ruling class!

          • Death to you cr**kers! Truly a race of devils. You will be welcomed with a steady supply of lead and gunpowder if you come to my hometown in India.

          • We do not need this type of violence ot violent tone of hatread.Death in a war zone?I really don’t believe you can stand the real life horrories of killing.I hope that you are better than the words that come out of your mouth. God Bless us all.

          • I’ve been shooting guns since I was five years old, and no, there’s no warzone here. Unless you go to Kashmir. But there are lynchings and murders of non-Hindus who try to threaten our way of life. Like a sodomite Christian priest from the US who sexually abused rural young Hindu boys two years back, had his hands cut off and had a rope around his neck and got hung from a tree, and his corpse was used as target practice.

          • Haaaaaaaaa so you try to say that Muslims are a crazy killers because what happens in the middle ages
            Guess what
            Every body kill in the middle ages and for your information british had killed more of you than any muslims

          • haaaah say this to red india
            to india itself and their amesterdam genocide
            say this to gande
            say this to people in iraq
            say this to libyia people
            and dont forget to say this to every african countries untell this day they loose their countries money
            I dont hate british people I hate people who see one is evil while every one had done crimes in his life while I am a muslim but i must admit that osama bin ladin was a bullshit man and I must admit iran and her crimes and so on

          • Amsterdam?? Are you a ret@rd? The British never committed genocide in Amsterdam.
            The rest were YANKEE Americans not British.

          • so yes I was wrong its not called amsterdam but I just forget its name espially when the british attacked an anarmed hindus and kill them

          • Your verbale abuse towards another human being shows that man has a long way to exterminate hate,angry,negativism.He was wrong in a statement,not retarded as you said.Don’t look for the chance to be little a person unless you are the perfect human being living in this world.

          • “so many” ?
            A comment like that is worth a list of at least 25, so off you go, let’s have the list.

          • i wish you could see past your hatred. I am white and you are my equal . I am no better than you and you are no better than me as far as race goes. Racism is wrong going after and hating people because they are a different religion than you is wrong as well. Hatred only breeds hatred. In the end we are all human beings. I am proud of myself because of my actions , not my skin color.

          • I do not consider myself superior or inferior to you. I was having a discussion about Islam being a cancer on humanity, and that has nothing to do with race or skin color. The worst thing is, those Kashmiri and Pakistani Muslims ARE part of my own race, but have become traitors to the Indian homeland by following a 7th century savage Arab ideology.

          • That being said, I think of the White race as the enemy of Indian Freedom, and I must fight for my right to be free from your devilish colonization and destruction of my homeland and race!

          • Oh please your “contributions” pale in comparison to other cultures. You have a few but for a civilization that claims to have been around for 7000 years the list is pretty small. The automobile, cell phone, electricity, nuclear physics, Nobel prize, wheel, printing press, telephone, light bulb, steam engine, printing press, Olympics, compass, Internet, personal computer, telescope….many of these are considered the most important inventions in history, and all invented by Europeans. Fail.

          • The mathematics required to invent all of those things in the past 500 years was knowledge taken from the middle east during the Crusades, which was in turn taken during the Islamic invasion of India. Also, without the wealth stolen from India, the British Empire would have been weaker than it was, and the industrial revolution would have occurred at a slower pace. So YOU fail, Nazi. Goodnight Nazi!
            Also, some of the world’s first sewage and irrigation systems were created by Indians too.

    • canada is not racist at all…in high school, anyone who says racist comments is expelled and any adult who is racist gets police report

        • I belong to north eatern part of India which comprises 8 states out of 28 states in India and located remotely and isolated from mainstream India. Obviously north east India is a part of India union. But here’s the interesting part, we, the people of north east India, are completely different from the rest of the india in every way. Be it looks, eating habits, dressing style, history, culture, in every way of life. We are of mongoloid race, look more like Philippine, Thai, Indonesian rather than the rest of Indians who are same in almost every way. Due to difficult hilly terrain regions,the lack of infrastructures, institutions, job opportunities,we are still behind the so called mainstream India. so we come to mainstream cities in search of opportunities for higher job, higher education, etc. I myself came here in New Delhi, capital of India to persue higher studies far away from my sweet home.But I can proudly say we, north easterners, are far more westernized in morality, civics, ethics. In fact, women get more freedom and are much respected in North east India . Let me come to my point, since the day I landed in this city ,national capital of India, I have been facing racial discrimination. Just because the way we look, eat, dress like western culture, these orthodox and conservative Indians treat us like outsiders , rape north east women just because they wear shorts, fashionable clothes, leggings and so on. These mainstream Indian are so racist. I mean not all of them but most of them. There have hundreds of cases racial discrimination against us whether be it in college, restaurants, companies, hospitals, in every aspect of life. As I am writing, there’s case of racial discrimination and attacks coming up. Whenever I go out with my girlfriend who’s from my state, they stare at us and start using racial and abusive words and it becomes a cause of conflict. What are their problem? What’s wrong with them? Even in the very page of the Indian constitution, it is clearly emphasized, India is unity in diversity, lots of diversity, religion, tribes, ethnic groups, many languages and so on. They still can’t learn to be tolerant and appreciate others even when it’s already 21st century. It just remains on paper. There’s no law against racial discrimination in India. Police personnel are also racist. Even the media, politician and I feel like I am an alien even within my own country. While such racial discrimination is happening increasingly day by day, these people right from the normal civilian to top politician don’t accept the reality that racism exist in India. I wanna be rude, now, please bear with me. Bullshit! What the fuck is wrong with this mainland Indian? We north east people have always been tolerant towards their culture, why can’t they towards us? For example, honestly I hate their spicy food filled with gheel, lots of oil, ugly smell. But we don’t complain, it’s their food anyway. We north eastern people have many different languages different from theirs even within ourselves. We are slim, have fair skin and delicate looking. On the contrary, majority of them have fat ass and belly being even unable to move. My point, never do we complain or don’t care about it. We live our own way, mind our own businesses, accept the culture diversity, try to live in hormany.Mind it! India is the undoubtedly the most racist country in the world, I would like to say, in the universe. It will take thousands of years to transform the mindset of these orthodox mainstream people. Even they never might change. They hate us because we wear shorts, jeans, fashionable clothes, tight clothes , skirts etc and because of our north east sisters wearing shorts, skirts, tight clothes, leggings for comfort , they think we are easily available and invite them . What the fuck ! I can’t stand such barbaric behaviour anymore. Please pardon me if I used any offensive words.

      • That’s not true. I see racism all the time. I got kicked out of college for not doing my homework by Kathy Fukuyama a Japanese woman. She acted like a Nazi, she should go back to japan. Just today I seen some guy be openly racist towards some Africans. White kids have thrown eggs at my house in the 70’s and even in 2005. It’s not just white people, all types of people can be racist. The racism that hurts is the violence, the fear, the denial of opportunity.

        • India which comprises 8 states out of 28 states in India and located remotely and isolated from mainstream India. Obviously north east India is a part of India union. But here’s the interesting part, we, the people of north east India, are completely different from the rest of the india in every way. Be it looks, eating habits, dressing style, history, culture, in every way of life. We are of mongoloid race, look more like Philippine, Thai, Indonesian rather than the rest of Indians who are same in almost every way. Due to difficult hilly terrain regions,the lack of infrastructures, institutions, job opportunities,we are still behind the so called mainstream India. so we come to mainstream cities in search of opportunities for higher job, higher education, etc. I myself came here in New Delhi, capital of India to persue higher studies far away from my sweet home.But I can proudly say we, north easterners, are far more westernized in morality, civics, ethics. In fact, women get more freedom and are much respected in North east India . Let me come to my point, since the day I landed in this city ,national capital of India, I have been facing racial discrimination. Just because the way we look, eat, dress like western culture, these orthodox and conservative Indians treat us like outsiders , rape north east women just because they wear shorts, fashionable clothes, leggings and so on. These mainstream Indian are so racist. I mean not all of them but most of them. There have hundreds of cases racial discrimination against us whether be it in college, restaurants, companies, hospitals, in every aspect of life. As I am writing, there’s case of racial discrimination and attacks coming up. Whenever I go out with my girlfriend who’s from my state, they stare at us and start using racial and abusive words and it becomes a cause of conflict. What are their problem? What’s wrong with them? Even in the very page of the Indian constitution, it is clearly emphasized, India is unity in diversity, lots of diversity, religion, tribes, ethnic groups, many languages and so on. They still can’t learn to be tolerant and appreciate others even when it’s already 21st century. It just remains on paper. There’s no law against racial discrimination in India. Police personnel are also racist. Even the media, politician and I feel like I am an alien even within my own country. While such racial discrimination is happening increasingly day by day, these people right from the normal civilian to top politician don’t accept the reality that racism exist in India. I wanna be rude, now, please bear with me. Bullshit! What the fuck is wrong with this mainland Indian? We north east people have always been tolerant towards their culture, why can’t they towards us? For example, honestly I hate their spicy food filled with gheel, lots of oil, ugly smell. But we don’t complain, it’s their food anyway. We north eastern people have many different languages different from theirs even within ourselves. We are slim, have fair skin and delicate looking. On the contrary, majority of them have fat ass and belly being even unable to move. My point, never do we complain or don’t care about it. We live our own way, mind our own businesses, accept the culture diversity, try to live in hormany.Mind it! India is the undoubtedly the most racist country in the world, I would like to say, in the universe. It will take thousands of years to transform the mindset of these orthodox mainstream people. Even they never might change. They hate us because we wear shorts, jeans, fashionable clothes, tight clothes , skirts etc and because of our north east sisters wearing shorts, skirts, tight clothes, leggings for comfort , they think we are easily available and invite them . What the fuck ! I can’t stand such barbaric behaviour anymore. Please pardon me if I used any offensive words

    • More comments from american hating people who probably have been to america for about 1 day to 1 year and thought. oh i think i know how people treat each other in America. I would like to begin first by saying every country has racist people, but Indians native to India is definitely one of the most racist countries and should be placed higher up. Australia and UK should be placed higher up. Most Australians and British people think Americans are stupid and those who see themselves as superior to British and Australians, the facts are clearly in every youtube like video with a comment section. You see British and aussies calling Americans stupid, and in order to call some one stupid you must think your smarter than them. So i believe its quite the other way around. Believe me or not its literally what goes on in these comment sections nowadays with the way people think. Secondly from someone who lived in USA New york city all my life and travel to other european countries every now and then. I would say inorder for you to still say that Americans are self conceited and stupid you are seriously out dates america’s economy is no longer the best or where it used to be in the rankings, as to this many Americans have been humbled or silenced by foreign countries who are now doing better economically. As to being smart, all i can say is. most people say when something the American does is stupid such as saying something without thinking or laughing at something not all that funny. I’d say they have a better sense of life as to live it to the fullest than the commented who said something racist. I dont even know how you can call an entire country dumb and racist, i mean seriously who gave you windows and apple and a lot of other stuff. What im saying is many countries are being racist just by calling americans stupid then saying they are racist by placing them in top 2 literally that makes absolute no sense

    • @Destinedforgreatness021:disqus that list is pretty dam accurate! You are missing New Zealand which would be just below the US. Spain as well. I read an article the other day online. There was a test done to see which major cities in Spain were the most RACIST Barcelona is. For every 10 Black people they sent to gain entrance to swank…posh clubs in that city, only two (2) were allowed entrance. In Madrid, all 10 were allowed entrance. Interesting test scenario.

  • Singapore should be on this list as well. Xenophobia and racisim is steadily growing in a very high rate no thanks to the goverment’s policy on forign employment (plus the improper upbringing of a few citizens).

  • The Germany one is way off the map from the truth. It is not even close. The Germany people are totally against anything to do with Hitler, and they don’t like to even speak about it. The author needs to go spend some time there to clear their mind. Way off….

  • i dont agree with this article…. how come america is a racist country????? america itself a combination of people from different countries…. and i am an indian. it is a secular country and india was the first country which offered its support to africans to abolish apartheid. untouchability and racialism are crimes . this is wat we learn in our schools. better do some research moron

    • I belong to north eatern part of India which comprises 8 states out of 29 states in India and located remotely and isolated from mainstream India. Obviously north east India is a part of India union. But here’s the interesting part, we, the people of north east India, are completely different from the rest of the india in every way. Be it looks, eating habits, dressing style, history, culture, in every way of life. We are of mongoloid race, look more like Philippine, Thai, Indonesian rather than the rest of Indians who are same in almost every way. Due to difficult hilly terrain regions,the lack of infrastructures, institutions, job opportunities,we are still behind the so called mainstream India. so we come to mainstream cities in search of opportunities for higher job, higher education, etc. I myself came here in New Delhi, capital of India to persue higher studies far away from my sweet home.But I can proudly say we, north easterners, are far more westernized in morality, civics, ethics. In fact, women get more freedom and are much respected in North east India . Let me come to my point, since the day I landed in this city ,national capital of India, I have been facing racial discrimination. Just because the way we look, eat, dress like western culture, these orthodox and conservative Indians treat us like outsiders , rape north east women just because they wear shorts, fashionable clothes, leggings and so on. These mainstream Indian are so racist. I mean not all of them but most of them. There have hundreds of cases racial discrimination against us whether be it in college, restaurants, companies, hospitals, in every aspect of life. As I am writing, there’s case of racial discrimination and attacks coming up. Whenever I go out with my girlfriend who’s from my state, they stare at us and start using racial and abusive words and it becomes a cause of conflict. What are their problem? What’s wrong with them? Even in the very page of the Indian constitution, it is clearly emphasized, India is unity in diversity, lots of diversity, religion, tribes, ethnic groups, many languages and so on. They still can’t learn to be tolerant and appreciate others even when it’s already 21st century. It just remains on paper. There’s no law against racial discrimination in India. Police personnel are also racist. Even the media, politician and I feel like I am an alien even within my own country. While such racial discrimination is happening increasingly day by day, these people right from the normal civilian to top politician don’t accept the reality that racism exist in India. I wanna be rude, now, please bear with me. Bullshit! What the fuck is wrong with this mainland Indian? We north east people have always been tolerant towards their culture, why can’t they towards us? For example, honestly I hate their spicy food filled with gheel, lots of oil, ugly smell. But we don’t complain, it’s their food anyway. We north eastern people have many different languages different from theirs even within ourselves. We are slim, have fair skin and delicate looking. On the contrary, majority of them have fat ass and belly being even unable to move. My point, never do we complain or don’t care about it. We live our own way, mind our own businesses, accept the culture diversity, try to live in hormany.Mind it! India is the undoubtedly the most racist country in the world, I would like to say, in the universe. It will take thousands of years to transform the mindset of these orthodox mainstream people. Even they never might change. They hate us because we wear shorts, jeans, fashionable clothes, tight clothes , skirts etc and because of our north east sisters wearing shorts, skirts, tight clothes, leggings for comfort , they think we are easily available and invite them . What the fuck ! I can’t stand such barbaric behaviour anymore.

    • You are so brainwashed and I really pity you. Well schools don’t teach about 1984 or the Gujrat murders or how Hindu fanatics burnt Buddhist monks and Buddhists alive when Buddhism started flourishing in India. Open your eyes and be a human, not a racist Hindu.

  • Oh God ! Indians are the most racist people in the world. I think the author is a pakistani. And ‘Indians treating white as superior and dark the worst’ if you think so just take the Indian currency and watch the guy in it.

    Please stop blaming. Whatever you give, come back to you it’s the rule of nature Brother. Spread Love.
    Proud to Be an Indian.

    • I belong to north eatern part of India which comprises 8 states out of 28 states in India and located remotely and isolated from mainstream India. Obviously north east India is a part of India union. But here’s the interesting part, we, the people of north east India, are completely different from the rest of the india in every way. Be it looks, eating habits, dressing style, history, culture, in every way of life. We are of mongoloid race, look more like Philippine, Thai, Indonesian rather than the rest of Indians who are same in almost every way. Due to difficult hilly terrain regions,the lack of infrastructures, institutions, job opportunities,we are still behind the so called mainstream India. so we come to mainstream cities in search of opportunities for higher job, higher education, etc. I myself came here in New Delhi, capital of India to persue higher studies far away from my sweet home.But I can proudly say we, north easterners, are far more westernized in morality, civics, ethics. In fact, women get more freedom and are much respected in North east India . Let me come to my point, since the day I landed in this city ,national capital of India, I have been facing racial discrimination. Just because the way we look, eat, dress like western culture, these orthodox and conservative Indians treat us like outsiders , rape north east women just because they wear shorts, fashionable clothes, leggings and so on. These mainstream Indian are so racist. I mean not all of them but most of them. There have hundreds of cases racial discrimination against us whether be it in college, restaurants, companies, hospitals, in every aspect of life. As I am writing, there’s case of racial discrimination and attacks coming up. Whenever I go out with my girlfriend who’s from my state, they stare at us and start using racial and abusive words and it becomes a cause of conflict. What are their problem? What’s wrong with them? Even in the very page of the Indian constitution, it is clearly emphasized, India is unity in diversity, lots of diversity, religion, tribes, ethnic groups, many languages and so on. They still can’t learn to be tolerant and appreciate others even when it’s already 21st century. It just remains on paper. There’s no law against racial discrimination in India. Police personnel are also racist. Even the media, politician and I feel like I am an alien even within my own country. While such racial discrimination is happening increasingly day by day, these people right from the normal civilian to top politician don’t accept the reality that racism exist in India. I wanna be rude, now, please bear with me. Bullshit! What the fuck is wrong with this mainland Indian? We north east people have always been tolerant towards their culture, why can’t they towards us? For example, honestly I hate their spicy food filled with gheel, lots of oil, ugly smell. But we don’t complain, it’s their food anyway. We north eastern people have many different languages different from theirs even within ourselves. We are slim, have fair skin and delicate looking. On the contrary, majority of them have fat ass and belly being even unable to move. My point, never do we complain or don’t care about it. We live our own way, mind our own businesses, accept the culture diversity, try to live in hormany.Mind it! India is the undoubtedly the most racist country in the world, I would like to say, in the universe. It will take thousands of years to transform the mindset of these orthodox mainstream people. Even they never might change. They hate us because we wear shorts, jeans, fashionable clothes, tight clothes , skirts etc and because of our north east sisters wearing shorts, skirts, tight clothes, leggings for comfort , they think we are easily available and invite them . What the fuck ! I can’t stand such barbaric behaviour anymore. Please pardon me if I used any offensive words.

      • I was born in Delhi, North India and just have this to say to you. Well Said! I totally agree with every word that you said here. Even though not from North East India, being another minority in India makes me feel your pain. We’ve even been through genocide in 1984 and no justice to this day for the families who lost their loved ones. Thankfully, not in India anymore and so happy to be out of that *beep*

  • America shouldn’t even be on the top. Look up any research we are among the least racist compared to the rest of the globe. Please educate yourself author and all the people in the comments. I am not sure if you guys even know what racist means.

  • This article was written by someone that is clearly an complete idiot. Mentioned Rwanda as “racist” because of tribal warfare is like saying the NFL is racist because opposing teams don’t get along. Both tribes are the same race; they just have different identities.

    The entirety of Southwestern and Southern Asia is a cesspool of bigotry and hate. You cannot compare racism in the United States, Australia, or the UK to some place like India, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia.

    In western countries people just commonly call names, maybe fight, and carry on with their lives. In countries like those above you can be faced with legal discrimination and extreme violence including murder.

    There’s the 21st century, and then there’s Asia.

    • The tribes are culturally and slightly ethnically different, you massive dumb-fuck. They don’t all just consider themselves “black”. Next you’ll say the Irish and Hungarians weren’t racially discriminated against in America because they’re all “white”.

      • No, you’re the dumb fuck. The fact that two groups of people in the same country cannot stand united as one is pathetic.

        That’s like all the states of the United States fighting amongst each other. It’s completely idiotic and there’s a reason why Africa is such a shit hole.

  • This article is a fucking joke !!! the USA is the most racist country in the world !!! and always was it ! segregation, racism, many black people were killed by american racist society ! all of them are liars and murderers! They don’t have ANY respect on your own people ! they always killed and segregated black people! damn Americans and hypocritical bastards ! where is your constitution now ?

  • i lived in Germany and US …both are racist is in the human nature is hate against the poor
    Germans tell you to your face …Wenn gehst du zurueck ??? Americans are worst they do not tell you but act worse ….they use their arrogance and make you pay to go to school again for the same profession ….or you end up working as taxi drivers….

  • As humans, we have come a long way and we have overcome a lot of great difficulties. Be it reading this list.

  • Saudi Arabia,the country where minorities have no rights at all,where many jobs are exclusive for arabs, and where exist a huge number of “unoficial” black slaves is less racist than Israel , Usa and UK??

    • Indians have REALLY fair skin too, and REALLY wheatish skin and REALLY dusky skin too .. so what does it matter??

  • ive never heard a single english scottish or irish person call an american ‘yankee’ a single time. Not once. Though hatred of Americans isnt just a british thing. I cant think of a single nation in the world apart from the rogue nation of Israel who can find it in their heart to support the atrocities, holocausts and genocide that America has created since its inception. Never the good guy in a war. Not once.

  • The author is clearly biased. The most racist countries tend to be the ‘new world colonies’ such as America, Australia and South Africa. All built on Holocaust and Racism. Its who they are.

    • You are clearly blind to say Australia is one of the most racist when it accepts foreigners from around the world. If it were so racist they would still hold the White Australia policy. Just look at many developing countries where fucking genocides and modern slavery exist.

    INDIAN, Indians are so nice they are not racist at all in fact i reckon indians
    are the only people that accept all different cultures they may have some
    opinions on them but at end of the day they are literally so nice towards
    foreigners whether ur asian, white, black, russian it literally dosent matter
    to them as long as you as a foreigner dont be rasisct towards the indians
    and they are such happy people who would be able to put up with most of your
    racist crap. and i thought that the fact that they are even rasict towards
    themselves was very silly because it dosent happen ive also never heard from
    any other indian mentioning to me that they had worshiped the whites like
    are you serious?? why would they wanna do that honestly?? what kind of rubbish
    are you trying to get out and portray on this shit website i can tell you that
    Australia, USA and the uk are much more racist than india because white people
    think they are right majority of the time i bet you some sort of INDIAN HATER
    or PAKISTANI (because they dont like Indians) or a white person wrote this
    OPINIONTIVE non-factual FAULTY article im not gonna tell you what country im
    from but all i can tell you is that my country is way much more racist than
    india and i am not proud of it. If your gonna base this on a website especially
    the topic being rascim which is such a big conflict i suggest u base it on some
    white people who try to be brown by tryna start a tanning trend who were racist
    towards Indians or any brown person in general especially if your a white
    slut or a fucked up white boy who tans tryna be brown just r ember this color
    only exsisted on skin because of brown or indian people! Amen to Indians

    • Well, I am one or thankfully was one and I know India is racist as hell. I’ve suffered through it all my life. Maybe Hindus kiss your a$$ coz you’re white. Bloody slave mentality.

  • What a load of utter bollocks. In the UK the term ‘desi’ almost exlusively within the south Asian community, with most white racists preferring the work ‘paki’ which is often moronically used to describe Indians too. This is a very small minority and is generally not socially acceptable around any people who completed their basic education.

    The UK has a great relationship with America and its people with the term Yankee being a friendly nickname similar to limey.

    UKIP are a public joke, and not a very funny one that do not represent the views of the nation.

    The only truth is that we hate the French, but let’s face it, you would have to be a dick to like the arrogant cheese eating surrenderers.

  • “a child born in the Indian family is taught to worship anyone with white
    skin and look down upon anyone with dark skin. And thus was born the
    Indian racism against Africans and other dark skinned people.”…have you even visited India…???….are you throwing judgements by just sitting in your house?

  • In the beginning I expected a serious, scientific article here, but apparently the author only typed in some of her own prejudices without reflecting or proving anything. The best (and by best I mean hilariously incorrect) one was Germany.
    Was it meant to be some kind of joke to write an article, allegedly condemning prejudices and hostility, and then filling it with your own? Thoroughly groundless claims about countries you obviously did not inform yourself about before insulting them. I invite you my friend, visit me in Germany and show me evidence of our “sense of hatred of all foreigners” and my “believe in German supremacy”. You can apologize later if you have the decency

  • In the beginning I expected a serious article here, but apparently the author only typed in some of his own prejudices without reflecting or proving anything. The best (and by best I mean hilariously incorrect) one was Germany.
    Was it meant to be some kind of joke to write an article, allegedly condemning prejudices and hostility, and then filling it with your own? Thoroughly groundless claims about countries you obviously did not inform yourself about before insulting them. I invite you my friend, visit me in Germany and show me evidence of our “sense of hatred of all foreigners” and my “believe in German supremacy”. You can apologize later if you have the decency

  • In the beginning I expected a serious article here, but apparently the author only typed in some of his own prejudices without reflecting or proving anything. The best (and by best I mean hilariously incorrect) one was Germany.
    Was it meant to be some kind of joke to write an article, allegedly condemning prejudices and hostility, and then filling it with your own? Thoroughly groundless claims about countries you obviously did not inform yourself about before insulting them. I invite you my friend, visit me in Germany and show me evidence of our “sense of hatred of all foreigners” and my “believe in German supremacy”. You can apologize later if you have the decency.

  • I don’t really think there’s a real way of rating racism but if there
    was, I would definitely put the author of this thing in my top ten.
    bluntly obvious that what he said about Israel held no true facts
    excluding the actual conflict. he made it seem like the palestines(which
    by the way-INCLUDED JEWS) lived in the land of Israel and suddenly,
    jews came along and took all they had which is a bunch of bull… jews
    were there way before 1948, it wasn’t their fault that the UN’s
    suggestion of splitting the country was denied and soon followed by
    BTW:Israel just had its elections and guess what? the zionist
    camp, a composition of two parties representing the centre-left had the
    second highest number of votes with 24 mandates(a lot by Israel
    standards) and the third highest with 13 mandates was the joint arab
    list. here’s racist for you!

  • life is in itself is too ironic for my liking, those who shouldnt really be involved in racial discrimination have suddenly topped the list, Africa that seems to have suffered so much from those who claim to be the superior race only had 2 countries in the list and the two countries mentioned are countries where imperialists refused to vacate for it’s original owners. It was heart wrenching to find that Asia had six countries in there out of 12, thats completely laughable! I Marvel when I see an obvious manner in which most (almost all) my indians colleagues worship our white colleagues and gossip with disdain about our other coloured colleauges, I previously blamed it on ignorance until our office boi told me that Gora ( Gora means a white person) is a hindu god and should be worshipped and treated specially, that was the moment I began to send my CVs to other companies so as to work in a more secular environment. The deceptive thing about it is that most white people enjoy surrounding themselves with Indians as subjects, just as a god, they enjoy being worship. Indians might need to big up themselves, just as we got diffrent species in animals, that’s how we have different races in human, the most superior race is the human race.

  • Ironic really, at no point in any of your descriptions are there any discernible facts or figures used to back up this list. While there may be some truth in your vague numbered opinions ultimately this list seems to comprise of nothing more than your own prejudices.

  • Once again an article stating that only white Americans can be racist . And only the Jews are racist against the poor Palestinians . Keep smoking the koolaid in a crack pipe lame stream PC media .

  • It’s hard to take this article seriously when there are so many grammatical mistakes. Not to mention no sources. And to all the negative American comments, the only reason you hear about racism in America is because America is always in the spotlight. Any educated person can see that. A small American racism story will get more coverage than a massive murder in a different country. America accepts the most immigrants, from any country in the world. All you ever hear about is how people hate Americans. That could be perceived as racism. So before you go pointing fingers, think of why you say what you do. Every state in America has a highly diverse population and most if those people get along fine. The only reason America is perceived as this absolutely racist country is due to ignorance. Not that there are no racists in America. There are
    racists everywhere. Do research before you
    judge an entire country. And remember, most
    Americans do not agree with many of its
    governments decisions just like you.

  • This article is 60-40 true-fale. I find the one about Indians worshipping whites to be pretty funny, but crazy untrue.

  • India number 1. These guys are so racist like they hate humanity. Black skin is like a crime in India. The worst is even against their fellow darker skinned Indians. If there is a trophy , it should not be contested with any other country.

  • I am a north middle eastern in Germany and I extremely agree
    with this results….because they show the truth….the opposite of racism is
    tolerance….that is what I think….so who are the most tolerant people? Are they Indians?
    Of course not…they are very intolerant people…maybe they are very nice people
    but in terms of tolerance they don’t score very high while most Europeans and especially
    British people rate much higher in the scale…now when the opposite of tolerance
    is racism then we can convert it to say that India is a very racist country,
    and is this so? Yes it is…some people get the definition of racism differently…finally
    if we ask Europeans are you racist or not they say to you we prefer to be left
    alone and not to be disturbed by immigrants…but when you get down to it you see
    they are still much more patient to accept other races amongst themselves than
    most other races…. I say Indians are very racist because although I am not
    white and from middle east but they really consider me like an animal which is outrageous
    and it seems Indians are only in love with white people and nonwhites no matter
    which race and even other Indians are animals to them which is a bad thing…I have
    seen people from Pakistan and they are not like Indians at all! I have no
    connection with neither of two these two countries but as something I have seen
    numerously with my own eyes I say Indians have always something to do when it
    comes to race matters…just saying. And this results confirms what I have perceived

  • I’m from India and I know that racism exists here .. though not the way the article stated, we don’t bow to white people but majority of Indians will refuse to get married to people from different color and culture, be it white or black. I had no idea about racism in America and probably never knew about it if I wasn’t checking the comments here .. so much hatred for Indians!! If racism exists in your mind too then how come you accuse another for the same? I’m not saying every Indian or American is racist but I guess this still exists everywhere .. SAD

  • Until you first mention every nation on earth that has NEVER chosen a leader from a racial minority in a free and open election, kindly remove the United States from this list.

  • Oh god, author re-edit. You miss something more obvious here. WHAT ABOUT CHINA, shouldnt it be one of the top list. China always think that their are a superior race, especially among Asians. As a China Chinese, your race is consider more pure, more superior, smarter and better. Not to mentioned that as much as the western thing china chinese is accomodating? , they are actually making a big fun out of them. If any countries have serious social issues, CHINA is one of them.

    Oh dont forget Philippines. Google “Pinoy Pride”, even though most of the overseas filipinos seems pleasant, try going to their country waiting to be greeted sir but they are doing everything they can to suck you dry.

    Oh wait we forget about vietnam, malaysia, singapore and everyone else.

    But i give credit to the author to start listing some. Cheers!

  • More BS from self loathing whites who cant see beyond their own noses. US, UK and Germany don’t belong anywhere near that list.

  • Germans are the most disgusting racist people on earth. I once flew to Frankfurt airport and once I entered the airport I was stopped by security check. The filthy security guard was ugly and very rude. He was a disgusting old racist bastard .. fuck you and all your family, your mother, sister and wife.., I fuck all of you in your mouths, pussies and asses.. you filthy germans..

  • India is racist but the Racism is not shown to people directly rather it is shown indirectly

  • What a load of bullshit this article is. Although every nation and every society has racism, many of the former European colonialst and countries established from the Europeans are indeed more mild compared to other nations. They in many ways learnt from their mistakes what they have done in the past but in other places like the developing world in some places, it is accepted. Usually racism from the west is verbal and the occasional riot races that happen in the States. But look at the vast difference and frequency of physical violence in developing nations, that occur to this day. Look at what Indonesians are doing to the Papuans in Irian Jaya, 500,000 killed from the 1960s till now. Look at displaced Ughyhur, Kazakh and Tibetans in China. Turkey still denies the Armenian holocaust. India still has the caste system. I can go on and on. To have some western nations that openly accept foreigners of different races and to be placed in the top 10 is an obvious joke, considering they are amongst the most multi cultural and tolerant in the world.

  • educate yourself. there are no natives to america. indians migrated here as everyone else did.

  • Ive interacted 3rd generation African Indians,in south Africa,Kenya,Zambia & Madagascar & all of them are racist,looking down on Africans like scum,ive never met any racist people like them & while in Australia ive interacted with alot of Indians from India who are equally racist & i agree with this list though i would have included China..

  • I would love to know what data this list is based on. I’ve seen numerous list from people that actually study ethnic diversity and conflict. They take the time to conduct surveys and analyze the data. The US usually comes out looking fairly good.

  • Israel America France Denmark Russia and England are the most racist country’s in the world.from colonising to salve trade to ethnic cleansing to blaming Islam for all they problems hell they Evan blame Islam for bad weather Evan when they lose a job they blame Islam lol that’s what I call anti Islam and racist they Evan think Obama is a Muslim and that America is becoming Muslim grow up am a shamed to call ma self a westerner

  • The most important problem of racism in the world. These people all over the world come together to deal with the issue symposiums to do and what people should be determined on the basis of this behavior that solutions must be found. Educational policy of the country should be organized according to the results.

  • Unfortunately the list is NOT 100% accurate; the US is #1 for RACISM; 2.) Israel; 3.) New Zealand; 4.) South Africa; 5.) India; 6.) United Kingdom; 7.) Australia, 8.) Spain; 9.) Japan; 10.) France; 11.) Germany; 12.) Russia. Based on my travel experiences that span over 17 yrs., and I’ve lived in all of these countries for either six (6) months and some of them years; these are among the WORST when it comes to RACISM. I’ll go toe-to-toe with anyone who compiled this list. NOTE: I’m not stating that Saudi and the other countries are NOT racist too…however, 1st hand experience is what I’m going by and the racism has been LETHAL in the countries I’ve aforementioned. The profound IGNORANCE of the people is DESPICABLE and DSGRACEFUL! I know, I’m an American and have lived and observed the sickness of the country where I hold citizenship. Thank God I have the means to live in more civilized societies.

  • In South Africa racism is only illegal if you are not black. There are various racist anti-white laws, the president and several high ranking officials constantly promote hate speech and sing “kill the boer” trying to incite genocide which is working if you follow news, government statistics and so forth.

  • Sorry, but the thing on Germany is bullshit. I don’t say that racism doesn’t exist but please don’t bring neo-nazis in here. Yes they do exist, and no, we don’t immediately put them in jail (freedom of speech anyone?), but the support they have is pretty close to zero.
    We do have the NPD, parts of which are known to sympathise with Hitler, but since they aren’t stupid enough to openly state it they can’t be forbidden (There have been several tries though.)
    In the last elections they got about 1%, which is only five times of what Die Partei got and they are a parody made by a satire magazine that proposed rebuilding the Berlin wall.
    Even Sweden has a bigger neo-nazi movement than Germany.

    Also, please take a look at this:

  • India is being destroyed by Muslims, Communists, White liberal socialists and these “peaceful Christian missionaries”. We need to stand up for ourselves and take our country back! There is no liberty for Hindus and other sons of our soil without the basic strain and culture of our civilization being maintained! Now we are emulating Islamic culture (terrorism/destruction of our people/rape/paedophilia/incest, etc.), Communist culture (redistribution of wealth/exploiting untouchables to spread Communist propaganda), White liberal socialist culture (gayness, adultery, drug addiction/exploiting untouchables for leftist ideas), and Christian culture (hates Hindus/exploiting untouchables/teaches us to hate ourselves, etc.) We need to amend our constitution to allow for the preservation of the fundamental values that encompass our Indian way of life (Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and tribal religions).

    • Really? You include Sikhs here very proudly. First, where’s the justice for 1984? Give me that and I’ll consider standing next to you. Where’s the justice for every Sikh joke? Trust me, after you get rid of Muslims and Christians, next will be the Sikhs (once happened already), then the Buddhists (already happened too), then someone else and then someone else…..What a joke!

      • The Sikh violence was committed by the Congress party, which has always been dominated by anti-Indian, anti-Hindu communists and liberals, and is pro-Muslims. What is bad for the Sikhs is bad for the Hindus. My family personally fought those paid Congress rioters killing the Sikhs. Fuck those jokes, I believe the whole Khalistan movement was funded by the ISI and the Congress wanted to divide and destroy the natural friendship and brotherhood between Sikhs and Hindus, the natural sons of India’s soil, along with tribals, Buddhists and Jains. The Justice should be that Rahul Gandhi should pay for his father’s genocide of Sikh people and that whole family, starting with the Italian Sonia Gandhi, should be tried for treason. Nobody “got rid” of the Sikhs, the Sikhs are very powerful and respected today, look at Manmohan Singh.

  • In Australia in 2007 the white gov’t and it’s people accused the Aborigine of all being paedophiles, so they removed their rights and sent in the army to remove them from their homes and land. Their rights have been removed until 2022, their chil;dren removed for ever and their land sold to mining corporations.

    Now that is Racism on a level not seen since Hitler, so no country or people on this planet are as racist as Australia, the jews in Iran and Muslims in Israel have more rights.
    Aborigines also have, by 5 years, the lowest life expectancy in the world, white Aussies the highest.

    It’s not without a reason

  • Least RACIST countries based on my travel experiences.
    1.) Iceland – 10 out 10, super cool
    2.) Lebanon – 10 out of 10, super cool
    3.) Jordan – 10 out of 10, super cool
    4.) Palestine – 10 out of 10, super cool
    5.) Iran – 9 out of 10, super cool
    6.) Romania – 8 out of 10… very cool
    7.) Brazil – 8 out of 10… very cool
    8.) Costa Rica – 8 out of 10… very cool
    9.) Italy – 7 out of 10… OK
    10.) Malta – 6.5 out of 10… OK (kinda primitive too though).

  • Most RACIST countries based on my travel experiences:

    1.) New Zealand, 1st prize in RACISM = 10 out 10 … perfect score!

    2.) The U. S. A. 1st prize in RACISM – 9 out 10 …almost perfect in RACISM!

    3.) Israel – 9 out of 10 (stupid people…history is too funky)

    4.) Cuba – 9 out of 10 (can’t accept that they are not white)

    5.) The United Kingdom 9 out of 10 (too STUPID)!

    6.) Spain 9 out of 10 (too ignorant, primitive, and stupid)

    7.) Germany 7.0 out of 10 (they hate everyone…even themselves…sick)

    8.) Argentina 6.0 out of 10. Not only are the countless people I met there RACIST… profound IGNORANCE is disproportionately pervasive.

    9.) Republica Dominicana 5.5 out of 10 … unmatched profound ignorance at work and countless stupid people all over the place – horrible.

    10.) Bahamas 4.0 out of 10 – their racism has more to do with ignorance and stupidity (well you guys would retort, “well isn’t all racism?” true) … however with the countries ahead of Bahamas, it seems as if it is institutionalized.

  • Any country that has government institutions that give preference to hiring people of color on the lower and mid ranks while keeping the top less diverse is exacting a vengeful attempt at equality that undermines the rights of ethnic caucasian emigres. A mere 1.5% of whites in America have ties to families that owned slaves yet, people are viewed to enjoy this ‘white privilege’ all the way to the top.

    The very top schools vie to have diversity and do make breaks that for some reason isn’t increasing attendance past these quotas.

    Governmental employment strives to make breaks for minorities because they assume the private sector isn’t abiding by non-discrimination statutes. How is this affected by the mass of whites who are poor and will stay that way?

    Union participation per capita is ow also higher for minorities because historically, many unions were segregated. Again, why should this impact my right to jobs or education.

    White privilege is exercised in elite levels of companies where class and social status clearly plays a bigger role.

    Believe me, I know that the yearly median income of whites is 100K+ over blacks and hispanics. And it is almost double that of Asians. Now ask yourself how many white people you know that makes more than 120K and how many blacks you know making 10K, also consider that your expectation that Asians have a better standing than the figures show underscore the massive wealth gap among Asians as Indians and Chinese are the fastest personal wealth growth segment that of course earn well beyond 60K. Makes you think of all the poor asian kids, who on a college application get less right to a school seat over an equally merited white and waaay less, (about 3%)

    chance of a black kid getting in. He must not be asian enough.

    It all falls on the parents. Sure, plenty of abandoned kids excel but we only make of ourselves a level our parents set. And this is far beyond race. I’ll show you scores of Russian professors and doctors who had to clean the streets because there was no money for education and they had to survive.

    Russia has 1 million recognized slaves. India has 14 million. Why is no one saving them?

  • Russian hatred towards outsiders pale in comparison of their public killings and total enslavement of refugees from former satellite states.

    Russia will be the forerunning example of slavs enslaving slavs so that people worldwide recognize that slavery is far from over and goes across all racial boundaries

    in the 1840s, 7.5% of black men owned slaves. And guess what the ethnicities were that sold the african slaves in the first place: african chieftains.

    Again, elite supremacy hiding under the veil of race.

  • gee the only racist people I see are WHITES who are racist towards all races of color. why is it that out of the list India gets picked on right away the comments on this forum proves it and I doubt you are indian blaming your own people.this just proves why india cant stand white people are crooks,oppressors,dehumanizer,demonizer,slanderers,stereotyping Indians and are jealous of India after all our country made technology possible today. whites are liars, culture thieves, and a bunch of colonial idiots that are hated by Indians because of what your race has done not even a century ago but what you parasites still doing today whether that be discriminating Indians through media news or in public.also quit marketing off our yoga it is not for you! the swastika is OURS it originates in India not europe and our vedas is ours and whites have nothing at all to do with it.also get out of native indian lands they dont want white intruders there either.

    • Gee, you’re one to talk. I’m an Indian and I totally agree that India is not just racist but discriminates people on every single thing they can be discriminated about. I live in Australia and see more racism from Indians than whites. Indians are racist against blacks and Indians and love whites, bloody slave mentality. Indians let themselves be enslaved during British raj because they were cowards, selfish and greedy. How do you explain a handful of British ruling such a big country for bloody 300 years? It was Indians who killed other Indians under the British rule.

      Moreover, I hate the fact that the great Bhagat Singh died so young for this god forsaken country where later people from his religion would be slaughtered in 1984 by the Hindus. That they would put burning tyres around Sikhs to burn them alive and I am disgusted by people like you.

      Nobody is denying that other countries suffer from racism as well, but don’t deny that India has a big disgusting issue too. Open your eyes and look around. Indian culture, what a joke, I can see how cultured you are!

  • This article is mostly speculation based on past events – I wonder if anyone has actually taken the time to dispute what they have seen/heard in the media about these countries, or even deigned to visit them & experience the culture themselves. You can’t judge what you have never encountered…

  • i think the person that wrote this article is a racist liberal democrat. He keeps making false stereotypes about southerners. How many white people are going around randomly attacking black people? The knockout game seems popular with black criminals targeting people of light skin complexion whether it be white, latin, or jewish. Sick of racist liberals like this writer skewing real facts for their favor.

  • I mostly agree with the list, but I’d say UK is(for such a small country) more racist even so than Russia based on my own experience travelled to both countries, lived some time.

  • Wow! EVERYBODY here is throwing the first stone. There are approximately 200 countries in the world. Choosing 12 as “most racist” is bound to be an inflammatory exercise. Ranking these 12 is a guaranteed disaster. Shreya, your intent was noble. You gave your own country, and implicitly yourself, the humblest ranking. Doing so is “good manners” in every country. Now that you have been “baptised in fire,” perhaps you are especially well qualified to explore another approach.

    Folks, racism is a tool hard-wired in us by Nature. Like other carnivorous animals we hunt in packs. Then we fight with other packs to enlarge our hunting territory. There are not only 12 packs. There are thousands of packs: English pack, Han pack, Dravidian pack, Muslim pack, Aryan pack, Republican pack, Shinto pack, Castilian pack, Catholic pack, Labor pack, footballer pack, feminist pack, Brahmin pack, Cossack pack, cheerleader pack, Masonic pack, deaf pack, Congress pack, stoners pack, Arab pack, gay pack, biker pack, geek pack, Communist pack, Hutu pack, born-again pack, Jewish pack, Iroquois pack…6-pack (actually that’s a nice one). There are packs that no longer exist because they merged with other packs. How can you even call Americans or Indians or Chinese a pack, when they contain so many other packs inside them? And yet they are indeed becoming packs. “USA! USA! USA!” If I see any more of those stupid styrofoam “#1” fingers I will scream! But then I notice that a FEW of the people waving the fingers are not white, and quite a few are not male. Is there hope, or is misery just taking a new form?

    Many of us believe that pack behavior is obsolete in the modern age (assuming our age is modern!) But we cannot clap our hands three times and make the pack instinct go away. It is like trying to diet without realizing you are addicted to sweets. Dieting is hard work (anybody agree?). That doesn’t mean you stop dieting. It means you stop blaming yourself for every little nibble. It means you take pleasure in your next tiny victory. It means you feel a bit sorry for that person on the bus whose butt is pressing against yours because his diet is going even worse than yours. It means, quite honestly, that you don’t write a comment that is purely name-calling, and then turn around and wonder why entire countries of millions of people can’t eliminate racism when you can’t even control it for a few minutes in yourself (believe me, at times I have the same problem). Maybe some day we will find the “pack gene” and snip it out of our DNA. That is a complex suggestion ethically of course. (Apologies to most of you, who are too young to remember “Star Trek,” but there’s that scene where Captain Kirk says “Spock! Spock!! You don’t understand. We humans HAVE to be savages. It’s WHO WE ARE!!!”) Maybe we will simply try to do it with education. I have no answer for you. We’ve a long way to go. But you’ve a short way to start. Find one of the people you think you hate. Tell him or her “I’m a racist (or sexist, or ableist, or istist) and I want to tell you what I don’t like about you. But first let me buy you a beer.” (Better make it a plastic bottle, at least until you’ve practiced a bit.)

  • I have never heard of a desi and im english and btw it isn’t racist to call people yankees because it isn’t to do with race but what country your from

  • Haha this has to be an american article am I right? Haha it’s way to funny to see the US at #10 hahah poor americans you’re still brainwashed by the media… and that’s way to easy if u think about that the US is the country with the lowest IQ in the entire world… I heard about the school exams hahah you get only “multiple choice”-tasks am I right? haha poor americans you do not have the least inkling about the real world. The whole world hate on americans and americans don’t even know, if america isn’t that racist to be at #1, please explain me all the black people killed for nothing on the street by the police and nothing happens to them?
    Oh and for those americans who still believe that Germany is the same country as it was 100 years ago, I’m not german and I have lived here for 20 years now and I never ever was offended, insulted or attacked because I’m “different” ! Germany has “nazis” like every country but I never met one and I never heard people talk openly of Anti-Semitic ideas or the like.

    • Talk about irony
      You have absolutely no idea how “brainwashed” you are huh? Have you been to the US? If so, where?

      “the US is the country with the lowest IQ in the entire world”.
      WTF? How did you come up with that?

      Last year the German celebrated the most popular, most liked, country on earth. They only beat the US one time.

      The US indeed has police brutality problem, however, the number of white people killed by police is much higher than black.

  • The most racist people in the universe are the Coneheads from the planet Remulak. They think they are so superior because of the shape of their heads. OMG, why must I suffer because of my flathead?

  • Japan isn’t racist. Racism is treating someone poorly because of their skin colour. Islam is a religion, not a race. They don’t want Islam in their country, and neither do most patriotic Americans. And they have a saying, to keep Japan Japanese. They have a culture that works for their people. If they were forced to be as open to immigration as the US, there would be all kinds of problems. Japanese are polite and formal and quiet, while Hispanics and Spaniards (and many US citizens tbh) for example are loud and boisterous and very open. Not saying they are inferior, but they would directly clash with Japanese culture. They would be better off living in a country that is closer to their own culture. The US started off as an immigration country, has always been an immigration country, and benefits greatly from having diversity. Japan benefits by having a unified people and by having a primarily Japanese population that is taught specific values, it is much easier to please their people. Please don’t confuse wanting to isolate themselves a bit from other cultures with racism, they have no ill will or feelings towards other races, and they are very welcoming of tourists and actually love many western things.

  • there was a time when india was owned by the british and used as a s***bucket. they stole everything from the country and used it as a giant farm to grow tea and spices. im not suprised at the fact that indians are racist towards white british people or just white people in general. but what i don’t understand is why are there so many indians and pakies living in the uk today paying uk taxes and making the uk economy better after what’s happened to them. surely, living in india and pakastan isn’t that bad that you have to come over to a country that has raped your country for almost a century.

    • asians in general dont know anything about retaliation look at vietnamese welcoming british descended american soldiers, if they only knew these scum were visiting to find and degrade the viet women.If asians were to retaliate

      the british isles would have been nuked by China or India by now

  • Any list of racist countries that doesn’t include Zimbabwe was likely created by a racist.

  • The UK, Australia and the US shouldn’t even be on the list. Most studies rank them as among the most racially tolerant.

  • With the comments of people like “astroflash” it is obvious that racism in India can nowhere compare to the evil racism inherent in any country with Germanic/Anglo-Saxon roots.
    We don’t come close to being as racist as the evil English race, absolutely the most terrifying, slave-owning, bigoted, White supremacists on the face of planet Earth. I hope they burn in hell for all of eternity.

  • Whoever wrote this article either hasn’t researched it well at all, or is an idiot. I am from the UK and have never ever heard the term “desi” which we all apparently “especially” use nor do I even know what it is supposed to mean! Also, in Australia, 1 in 4 Australians were born outside of Australia! both the UK and Australia are extremely multi-cultural these days and have equality laws in place.

  • And I vote “shreya samant” as the #1 instigator of racial hatred across the world
    with this poorly written, unsubstantiated, primary-school level piece of drivel.

  • This article itself is racist…

    Indians are the most racist people in the world and even today, a child born in the Indian family is taught to worship anyone with white skin and look down upon anyone with dark skin…..

    Who told you about this?

    India should not be in this list at all…

  • What a rubbish article. Clearly the author has no vision. It seems the author woke up from a dream and started writing the article. Please visit all of the world and then share your experience.

  • All I shall say, is that no one on this public forum would be on this public forum incessantly bickering, if the United States, a Western country founded on European values, had not deigned to grace us with the glory of the internet. You can say what you want about racism and the like, but ultimately European nations have given far more to other countries in terms of cultural and technological advancement than those other countries have given back. Obviously atrocities were committed by Europeans, and I don’t deny that. But overall, the world has become a more enlightened and cultured place under the influence of European civilisation.

  • can the author just take this down because clearly, there is not enough information, this article is racist, and this is offensive on so many levels. I would argue multiple points against each country listed on here but I don’t want to argue with anyone. All I want to do is just stop everyone from arguing with each other.

  • How are Israelites more racist than all the Arab countries that target them for annihilation? If you were to have any research behind this article, I imagine the list would be pretty boring. Nearly all 40+ Muslim majority nations would come first, followed by Hindu majority nations (due to the racist caste system which is, sadly, still quite alive and well), followed by the remaining names on your list here.

  • Here’s a better take on it, backed by actual research. The researchers asked what kind of people respondents would prefer not to live next door to. Countries with the highest percentages of respondents saying they would not want to live next to someone of a different race are: Thailand 28%, Zambia 30%, Turkey 30%, Iran 32%, Indonesia 33%, South Korea 36%, Rwanda 37%, India 49%, Jordan 53%. Hong Kong and Bangladesh were wrongly reported as highly racist when in fact they’re relatively tolerant. Least racist countries, based on this research, can be found here:

    • P.S. Of course the question asked is only a rough indicator, and can’t predict what (if any) racist actions could result from not wanting a neighbor of a different race. I’ve seen some deeply-ingrained attitudes toward those of other races here in the U.S., which is named as one of the most tolerant. In the U.S., the education is out there, culture is diverse but widely based on one language, and hardly anyone would have an excuse for saying they wouldn’t want someone of a different race for a neighbor (5% did, and I imagine some of those are pretty hateful people). In India, the respondent may speak Parsi for example, and they might prefer to be able to communicate with their neighbors. That said, skin color is a often a good indicator of where someone falls in the caste hierarchy. And from what I’ve seen from 5 years in India, some of those at the top are quite comfortable treating those below them pretty horribly. But there are haters everywhere, and each one of us has racial bias of some degree that we need to deal with in our own lives. Hopefully over time solid education will become more widely available, and future generations can look forward to a time when most of the real haters have died off. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon, unless we discover some new magical, transformative education paradigm.

  • Before I was more than furious that Indians were treated badly in the UK and the USA but how could I forget that we ourselves are racist among us with all the caste system that has been prevailed in our country for like more than 5000 years or so

  • this article is total bullshit, where is a Turkey the state that still in this day have apartheid like constitution, where are countries like Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria that have way more neo-nazis then Germany, where is France with expelling Roma people (gypsies) just few years ago, this article is total bullshit

  • Who wrote this crap?? The whole thing is a load of bollox. The author should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I’m British and this isn’t a racist country at all!! I’ve never heard of the word “desi” and I’ve never heard any of our politicians using immigrant neighbours as a voting tool.
    People please, don’t listen to this rubbish. I know this article is wrong about the uk so can only assume it’s wrong about the other countries too.

  • This article is poorly written, poorly informed and shows a complete lack of knowledge on the subject matter. In fact I would go so far as to suggest that the real racist is the author based on the way they throw generalised abuse at the populations of the nations mentioned above. It is somewhat shocking that the website has allowed this to be published and kept it on the internet to help fuel the hatred that already goes around!!!

  • A lot of this article is BS. I’ve lived in many places and European countries are by far the most racist countries on earth. The fact that Australia, UK, and the US are on the list show the absolute ignorance of the author. Even though every country on earth has problems with racism the U.S., Australia, and UK should be at the bottom of this list.

  • This list appears to be totally fabricated according to the author’s arbitrary, anecdotal beliefs. Useless! Show some kinds of objective data that supports these findings.

  • Being an Indian, do you want to list India in the first place for Xenophobia? Lot of mis-information and too much wows shows off in your article. India is land of diversity and not like you mentioned. Of course politicians have made our country a circus. You need to learn a lot and particularly even more about racism. Racism is far different from casteism. And what have you said about worshipping white skin and looking down dark skin? Are you in the 80s? Wake up Lady, India is ahead, not like you have mentioned. Do not spoil our Country’s name.

    Seems you have left Somalia, Burundi, North Korea, Guatemala and lot of other Countries like Mongolia too. Gosh, you need to learn before writing an article. Half knowledge leads to half information. If you are a budding writer, do not publish, instead, first read a lot. Observe what is happening around you. Then preach.

  • I notice for the United States, this claims a number of races as if they are getting the crappy end of things, but no notice of racist acts orcomments against white people? Really? Thats over HALF of all the racism in this country, mostly perpetuated by blacks. This lost all credibility with me due to this.

  • The hate in some of these comments is heart breaking, especially the comment about throwing oil on a burning white child who is a disgusting waste of space.
    To hate a person just because they were born in a different country or different race or religion is so very sad. The corruption of our governments and bias of media has done much to perpetuate this hate.
    I am American, Native American l am just trying to survive, raise and take care of my family as best I can. I feel most people all over the world are doing the same. I hope to teach my childern to be better than I am, not to harbor hate, be accepting of other cultures, people’s and religions. Only by educating our children can we stop the senseless hatred in my humble opinion

  • India racist…I am a dalit and did not faced racism :)…TOTALLY FALSE……AUSTRALIA, UK AND US are a way lot racist !!!


  • Despite the fact that this article was written around racial discrimination, it came across itself as extremely racist, shedding most countries in a very stereotypical way without any deeper thought.

  • there is no any RACIST in PAKISTAN here is just involving of INTALIGENS of india [raw] and we have proves PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • it is RACISM it is bad,wait…not bad but worse then wars

  • I dont need to give any explanation about india. I am living in new zealand. Many indians here are embarass when people ask them nationality. I have seen practically some incidents where people of punjab say they are pakistanis and origin of iran wata joke…and south indians say they are african origin and sri lankan origin.i have not seen any kashmiri saying shit like this. They are proud to be kashmiris. Moreover they dont look indians and there habits not like indians. Indians are classy slaves and lickers of white people hahaha

  • Another side of globe doesnt make you special.your crazy behaviour shows your blood must be indian.nationalities cant change your identity. Your behaviour pours what you are hahaha. AMERICANS ARE SILENT TERRIORIST WHO WANTS TO CONTROL THE WORLD AND KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE. OSAMA BIN LADEN CIA Agent created by Americans to use against Then USSR shit indians and zionist

  • they should put Germany in the top ! the germans dont only let you feel that they are rasicts from a distinct type, but they told you that ! the germans would speak “deutsch” even in the Amazon jungle ! if you go to germany and ask them about any thing you need in Englisch you will facing two cases : 1- they will answering you in deutch …. 2- they will asking you to speak deutch because : “du bist in Deutschland” . ! so, according to them , if you for example flying to china you should then speaking chinese …?!

  • I am from pakistan and I agree with this mostly and its true that people get killed just because they are shia or sunni both claim to kill each other but in reality its mostly politics and normal people live peacefully but there is very high racism against indians here and its so high that any indian cant possibly come to Pakistan. Hope the world becomes a better place.

  • Below or above, wherever this comment lands. Racist people everywhere, trying to outdo who can be the better racist…in the comments.

    I think it’s safe to say everyone here is racist, I have yet to find a decent fact relating to this article and real life. In my opinion, USA is one of the most racist countries on the planet. And I was born here. For those of you that are saying white people never did anything wrong, racist or other, GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT CUZ YOU ARE NOWHERE CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. I am not saying other races are not guilty of the exact same thing, but do not exclude your own race because of what you think is “pure.” I can’t find the word for it.

    That said have a nice day. This article was obviously very opinion based as I see no sources anywhere on here.

  • I’ve never read so much PRO-Islamic horseshit in my life! Who cares if half these countries don’t accept ravaging Islamic “refugees?” Go back to your countries and whine about it there. Bunch of non-sensical bull-shit!

  • As a brown skinned male, I have experienced racism from just about all of the above groups and more. One blatant example, I was shoved on the N train by a RACIST Russian speaking woman. It was simply because I exist.

    Hatred is a form of fear and fear of the unknown is the common man’s way of life.

    However, there is very little we can do to prevent such hatred, for it’s the evil in man. We can surely give it a go.

    People, united we stand or divided we will fall!! Let’s drop this archaic issue of racism. We can start by giving a smile, saying good morning or hello. Trust me it won’t hurt you.


  • Thats a DAMN shame. folks find STUPID reasons to hate and we’re all GROWN! We supposed to know better than this!! NOBODYS perfect. NOBODY.not you not me. Im SICK of racism!!! folks scare folks because they’re scared they selves! Why? Whats t’be scared about!? I was born in the 90’s; I dont know how yall did things or how yall see each other before i was born, but I see EVERYONE in the same view. You win. Youre better than me now grow up and leave that crap behind…..damn.

  • I live in America and can honestly say Black Americans are the most hateful violent racist people in the world

    • Can you blame them, only problem is they lump all white people together, their anger should be directed at the britshit

      descended americans like the rednecks big3 pick up riding flag wavers.

  • Nice fake list because in India I don’t face any discrimination on my colour. We treat them as god because we believe in ‘Atithi devo bhava’ it means guests are god. What about Pakistan, Ms Reviewer in 1947 there were 25% minority and now only 2%. So improve your stats.

    I know your type of cheap people who don’t care for their own country.

  • Ha ha ha, now I got the point from where you got all this shit because you are sick converted peoples, who are enjoying all the facilities and liberties but even they feel they want to be treated as Prince Charles or Elizabeth.

  • “In the midwest and deep south areas of america racism is an everyday thing”. Biggest lie ever. Racism is ever more present in the urban northeast areas.

  • To all those “white haters” I’m what america calls a “white hispanic” or the world knows as a SPANIARD/aka pure non mixed decendant from spain (thats in EUROPE) haha….

    For the sake of us educated people to you ignorant ones, white in USA is meant to be said for EUROPEAN ancestry- PURE- not mixed.

    Well anyway, you’re speaking a EUROPEAN tongue/ with EUROPEAN technology, on EUROPEAN letters, with EUROPEAN binary code, in an EUROPEAN architectured home probably, with EUROPEAN clothing (tshirts, etc), EUROPEAN Science, that was made by EUROPEAN educational extructure scientist.


  • This article is bull.
    Being an Indian, I have never even heard of being taught discrimination. Like Aravind said, “About India, it’s population is 4 times than that of America and you are comparing every Indian just with few examples.” This sight must be removed and reported.

  • Israel should be first on the racist list of the world.

    They are a so called demopcratic country, even if they do not meet the requirements to be called a democracy.

    Israel occupied the West Bank, where most of all the old names of Palestinian towns by the roadside. The signs by the road signs frequently on both Hebrew and Arabic, but in many places the Israelis stopped Arabic on the signs. This is a bad development, and much resembles Nazi Germany. And there are also many places in the public sector where Arabs have no access at all!

    Teen-racism has doubled every year since 2008. In 2015 IDF killing Palestinians, and plants guns at the victims, (knives or other weapons. But sunglasses that victims really had in their hands do not come with the images in the media)

  • Who is the motherfucking author of this article??? India the most racist country? I was like ” what the fuck is this? ” after reading the
    article.According to me the most racist country in the world is Usa. It promotes terrorism,it talks of equality but the government itself promotes racism. The people belonging to sikh religion are harassed there.Muslims are also publicly harassed. The most fucqked up and lame country is USA. May the racist people of USA burn in hell.Go to hell and fuck ur mother’s u ignorant assailed of USA.

  • The UK should be number 3 i seen racism 3 times a week. There’s so much racism everyday, if u are a black person there’s 92% chance you will be stopped by the police for no reason. If you are Indian you will be called a Muslim by white English people for the rest of your life and if u are Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese or any East Asian backgrounds you will be called Chinese. The UK is brainwashed and i’m not saying all British people are racist but there are a lot of racism out there in Britain today

  • EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!! I am an Indian living in Canada and I don’t see why anyone should be racist to anyone else. Canada is one of the least racist countries in the world and personally i think racism is a thing of the past and shouldn’t continue to this day. so stfu and stop dissing each others cultures. and stop calling certain ethnic groups racist because i can tell you that most Americans, British, Indians etc aren’t intentionally racist. so stop calling people racist because a small representative of people are.

  • This article is completely false. I’m Australian, no laws have been passed that are “stricter” to protect Indians as many of the cases were proved to be made up. Please do research when basing your argument on crap. our country is multicultural, so yes there will be problems having so many different racial groups under one roof, but we try our goddamn hardest so piss off.

    • Seems like the majority of us get tarred with the same brush thanks to the mindless idiocy of a very tiny minority. From what I’ve witnessed of Australian people we are among the most welcoming and non-racist in the world. I’d say the author needs to do a big rethink.

    • Australians are yellow cow uh i mean white cowards.The term yellow is so contradictory, because in war no one is braver than a yellow man even against all odds, on the other hand a white man in war is just the opposite, white is cowardly

  • bullshit article.where is indonesia where they killed thousand of chinese just because of jealousy?same goes to malaysia who killed the chinese…

  • I believed in this list missing country Is New zealand . I been here for 10 years .. most people don’t know about this country . Truly it’s one of resist country should be listed .
    This moment open for conversation

  • I’d like to know the metrics that were used to come up with this list. Reads more like opinions then information based on statistics and facts.

    Zero credibility.

  • Japan doesn’t let people into restaurants because they’re “Japanese only.” The only non-racist case that can be made for the Japanese is that they hold everyone in contempt that isn’t Japanese, even people who were born in Japan to one Japanese parent and one non-Japanese parent.

    Regardless, this is one of the dumbest, most biased, most bigoted and most opinion-based “factual” list I’ve ever encountered. This ranks up there with 15 year old “Who’s Hottest Guy” lists and “Best Action Movies” lists.

  • Only an idiot creates this kind of ranking. Does he (she) know all the countries in the world? Does he understand so many languages? An article like this only adds to misunderstandings and needless fear. That’s probably the purpose of the article.

  • WOOOW Put Lebanon in list of 13 also as well pleasse!! Thank u 🙂 We are pretty racist people also as well! 🙂

  • Where is New Zealand, this shitty island nation is also very racist. Lebanon and Syria even Turkey are all racist, most Muslim countries are very racist.

  • This seems to be based on the author’s opinion, not proven by objectively considered fact – I don’t doubt that all of what the author refers to, occurs in each of the countries (as well as in all others), but to what extent? Can one tar and feather an entire nation because there are a handful of Neo-Nazis about? Can one blame all Israelis for the vicious anti-Palestinian policies of the state of Israel? Are all Indians inclined to rape? How manifestly absurd.

    The tribalism that lies at the core of humanity’s (beginning to be outdated) instinct, socially, is perhaps part of what incites racism (always finding easy ways to identify the “Other”). Certainly there is more consciousness across the world of the siblinghood of humanity; but we are merely at the beginning of the internalisation of this consciousness.

    As is very clearly displayed by the barking which constitutes most of the “comment” below! Good heavens – we are all human beings, all citizens of the world, all related to each other by some degree of removal. Let’s get on with it and develop positive relationships, based on the person we see in the other, not the race/gender/nation.

  • This female named shreya samant is a disaster born. In India here we consider “atithi devo bhava” – guest is god, no matter white brown or black. In every country some forces of extreme behaviors do exists but please get your facts straight. The way you have lined up the countries shows how you have failed to survey and actualize facts. You have not been able to distinguish racism and regional conflicts then may it be “Rwanda’s case”, Japan(here your focus is religion and not racism), India(here marathi manoos and bihari both are brown) so you are talking regionalism… 1st get your facts clear which in itself are too pathetic and baseless, also they are rudimentary towards good people around. Stop creating nuisances through unclear articles.

  • Sorry dear author, but this article is so badly researched and written, it’s ridiculous! Instead of showing how racism takes place in these countries today, the article focuses on what happened many decades ago taking it as proof why these countries are racist today. Things can change and countries surely do.

  • I can’t believe israel is considered as the 4th racist country in the world.
    It’s a complete scandal.

    This article is based on some really Inaccurate facts. let’s review them.

    1.” the original inhabitants of the land were forced to become refugees in their own land”- A little bit of history: on 29 November 1947, the U.N adopted Resolution 181- an Partition Plan for Palestine by which two independent states will be created- a jewish state and an arab state. And what were the reactions? the jews accepted it cheerfuly. The arabs on the other hand, rejected it. The Arab League has declared war on the jewish state, and the 1948 Arab-Israeli War has Begun. In this war, israel was attected by six powerful arab armies, and miraculously won. As a panic reaction, many Palestinians left their homes. In many cases, the Arab League encouraged them to leave, with the idea that after the jewish state will be wiped out, they will return to their homes. Although in some cases the palestinians were forced to leave, in many others they decided to leave, even though they were asked to stay by their Jewish neighbors.

    Indeed, many Palestinians became refugees, but the reason isn’t that israel is a racist country . It happend as a result of the 1948 Arab Israeli war, which was launched by the Arabs themselfs. Many of them weren’t even forced to leave, but did it out of panic and by the Arab League encouragement.

    2.”crimes committed against the Israeli Arabs”-What crimes? Arab citizens in israel enjoy equal legal rights as every other citizen. Of course racisem exists, and of course it should be taken care of. Still, it can’t be compered with antidemocratic states as Saudi Aribia, where the term “equal rights” isn’t even on the people’s vocabulary. In Saudi Aribia political parties aren’t allowed, while in israel an Arab political party is one of the biggest parties in the parliament.

    To conclude, before claiming israel is an ‘apartheid state’ you should check the historical facts, and take things in proportion.

  • Israel is the least racist country in the middle east. I Live in South Africa and believe that South Africa is the most racist Country. The South African Government Openly allows Africans to kill Caucasians.

    Many here just want to live peaceful lives, but the Terrorist ANC Government destroys any hope.

  • Pakistan #2? lol agree shia and sunni have clashes but as a whole, Pakistan is faaaaaaar from second most racist country in the world!

  • Racism is about the race… doesn’t get what “racism” is…and South Africa should hate whites…..they really should and not trust them…ever again…and fyi, they don’t hate whites..

  • I’d put Russia at the top( possible even a league of its own ), followed by Israel, and then saudi.

  • Racism is a thing among poor and middle classes only…the upper class dont look at people in terms kf race or colour they look in terms of “class” and background. Marrying into a similar race / class is a “preference” not racism. Poor are the same everywhere, they dont like to live in peace even if they dont have such a bad life. Whether its poor in India or poor in UK, they are all full of prejudices and divided and sadly the governments everywhere use this prejudicea amongst the masses to divide and rule over them. I dont think India is so racist, if it were really racist then important people in powerful positions in India would not be from various racial and class backgrounds. UK, Europe and USA are far more racist and just tolerate non white races as long as they can be exploited, they dont let non whites succeed easily and there is always a ceiling to that success.

    This article is utter nonsense.

  • I’m not suprised to see India being on top. I mean, we can’t even live amongst ourselves, talk about being racist later. Try living in another state, or in a place where you don’t know the local language, it’s pretty hard. They take advantage of you and try to trick you in any way possible, especially auto drivers. If they find out you’re an NRI, they shun you off. You speak english well, they think you’re weird. College for me in India was one of the worst experiences. If people think you’re different, they talk shit out loud to a friend.
    If you’ve accidently done something wrong, they beat you up and punish you until they think you’ve understood the severity of your mistake. What’s the point of being culturally diverse if we can’t even accept our own kind?
    I’ve seen plenty of articles talking about foreign people either being tricked or women getting raped. They come in good intentions to explore India and this is the way we treat them. I’m not even gonna start about the government. Yes we may have achieved a lot, or striving to do so, but is that considered more important?
    I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I have respect for people, regardless of colour, race or their current economic situation.

    P.S. I love how the comments below immediately jump to muslims and terrorism which is not related to this article at all. I’m just assuming it will take forever for us to get along.

  • Australia is the most racist country in the world. I have been in 74 countries and found australians cowards and extremely racist.

  • Just to let you know i have a “Müller” because i’m from Israel, i’m jew, not german.. Thanks God not belonging this shit nazi people!

  • Why German people is a cancer in the world forever?

    Number of Holocaust:

    The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, “whole” and kaustós, “burnt”),[2] also known as the Shoah (Hebrew: השואה, HaShoah, “the catastrophe”), was a genocide in which Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and its collaborators killed about six million Jews.[3] The number includes about one million children[4] and represented about two-thirds of the nine million Jews who had resided in Europe.[5] Some definitions of the Holocaust include the additional five million non-Jewish victims of Nazi mass murders, bringing the total to about eleven million. Killings took place throughout Nazi Germany and German-occupied territories.[6]

    From 1941 to 1945, Jews were systematically murdered in one of the largest genocide in history, which was part of a broader aggregate of acts of oppression and killings of various ethnic and political groups in Europe by the Nazi regime.[7] Every arm of Germany’s bureaucracy was involved in the logistics and the carrying out of the genocide. Other victims of Nazi crimes included Romanis, ethnic Poles and other Slavs, Soviet POWs, communists, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the mentally and physically disabled.[8] [9] A network of about 42,500 facilities in Germany and German-occupied territories were used to concentrate victims for slave labor, mass murder, and other human rights abuses.[10] Over 200,000 people are estimated to have been Holocaust perpetrators.[11]

    The persecution and genocide were carried out in stages, culminating in what Nazis termed the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” (die Endlösung der Judenfrage), an agenda to exterminate Jews in Europe. Initially the German government passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society, most prominently the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. Nazis established a network of concentration camps starting in 1933 and ghettos following the outbreak of World War II in 1939. In 1941, as Germany conquered new territory in eastern Europe, specialized paramilitary units called Einsatzgruppen murdered around two million Jews and “partisans”,[clarification needed] often in mass shootings. By the end of 1942, victims were being regularly transported by freight trains to extermination camps where, if they survived the journey, most were systematically killed in gas chambers. This continued until the end of World War II in Europe in April–May 1945.

    Jewish armed resistance was limited. The most notable exception was the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943, when thousands of poorly-armed Jewish fighters held the Waffen-SS at bay for four weeks. An estimated 20–30,000 Jewish partisans actively fought against the Nazis and their collaborators in Eastern Europe.[12][13] French Jews took part in the French Resistance, which conducted a guerilla campaign against the Nazis and Vichy French authorities. Over a hundred armed Jewish uprisings took place.[14]

  • this is just not at all right. india is not the most racist country who told u this? i am a indian and i was not taught to worship white skins we are only thought to worships our gods. u are no one to decide. we indians treat the black people with the same respect as we do to every single human being on earth, unless and until they are cyber hackers or some other kind of stuff.

  • This is just based on your personal opinion I feel, since I do live in Saudi Arabia and know for a fact that *News Flash* Saudi Arabia has sent troops to defend the Syrian civilians- as in they are ready to lay down their lives for them.
    2. I am an Indian and never once have faced racist comments or have been treated poorly
    3. Saudi locals literally act like a family, like a freaking family, have you ever seen their gatherings, of course not, they are just so…beautiful
    they literally eat food from the same plate- what else do you want
    i suggest you to not attack Muslim countries and their ideals and practices unless you have had a firsthand experience
    i do not mean to be rude but Saudi Arabia is now home to me, and its people- family, and its natural to get defensive when family is involved

  • Based on what statistical research ? Have you been to these 12 countries ? And what is your race ? How can the United States , Britain, and Australia be on the list these are the countries with the most diverse immigration policies , and the United States has the most races in its population than any other country. You are probably just another know nothing liberal dipshit . South Africa should be close to the top its Black on White violence rates almost are appalling. The title of your nonsense article sho