Top 12 Cutest Dog Breeds List

You may have heard the phrase or the quote of a dog being “man’s best friend” and it has been proven to be true again and again when we hear it in the news of a dog saving someone’s life with their canine instincts. The reason why dogs are recognized as the loyal and outmost caring are because dogs have the most unique abilities to relate and understand human emotions which have been proven scientifically by a group of researchers who have found that canines have the abilities to determine and understand human emotions in human voices as they have brain systems that function similar to human brains.

A dog as a best friend and a loyal supporter has a long history which can be found in poems, myths, stories, novels and quotes. It is no wonder thinkers like Mark Twain has stated “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” which praises the behavioral achievements of dogs.

A dog does not care about your social status, how you look, your table manners, your posture, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are tall or short, whether you are obese or thin, whether your skin tone is black or white. All you need is to give them love and they will give their heart to you and will show you their way of showing gratitude and affection.

A dog is a companion, Friend, Family member, Listener and Supporter. A dog brings joy and love into a family. No matter what others think of you a dog will stay loyal to you till the end. If you don’t believe me then movies like Hachiko and Marley and me is the proof of my views.

A dog’s loyalty and canine instincts have been appreciated and used in a long time as dogs are seen as helpers and companions as lifeguards, watch dogs, police training and bomb squads.

Along with dogs behavioral achievements dogs are the cutest pets to have. With their big eyes,ears and fluffy soft furs they look most adorable and cutest.No wonder gifting a puppy is seen as the most romantic and loving gesture.

The top cutest dog breeds in decreasing order are as follows:



Border Collie are energetic and lovable dogs with medium built where males are of height 19 to 22 inches and females are of 18 to 21 inches. They have medium sized ears with brown eyes. They have double coated and dense fur which are of color black and white, red and white, black and grey, yellow and white and fully black. They are energetic and athletic are good in outdoor activities. They are good in sports. They are mostly trained to be good watch dogs. They are obedient and loyal dogs. They are lovable and affectionate. They are sociable and gets along with children and is a family dog.



Greater Swiss Mountain dog are large breed of dogs that are tall and muscular. They have a double coat with thick outer and under coat. They are tri-colored with black base with rust and white markings. They are lively and loving personality. They are friendly and sociable. They are loyal and good with children. If trained well they can be excellent guard dogs as they have a loud barking ability. They are usually trained for herding cattle and hunting purposes as they are alert and have great protective instincts. They are excellent in dog sports and athletic activities.



Jack Russell Terrier like other breed of terriers are short in size with a height of 10 to 15 inches long. They have smooth fur coat. Their color disposition are mostly white with black or brown patches or markings. Jack Russell terrier is lively, fun loving, friendly and happy -go-lucky dog. They are considered as good family dogs. They are loyal to their master and are obedient. They are intelligent and can fast learn new tricks. They are easy to train as Jack Russel Terriers have been in various movies and TV shows. They love playing outdoors and have good hunting skills.



Coton de Tulear derives its name “Coton” from the French word for cotton. Like the name suggests Coton de Tulear has soft cotton like fur coat. Coton de Tulear are usually in white and black, white and tri colored. They are small in size with a height 10 to 12 inches long. They are gentle, loving and friendly breed of dogs. Coton de tulear are sociable and good family dogs. They are easy to please and train dogs. They are loyal and good watch dogs. If trained well they have the abilities to walk on their hind legs which are showed in many dog shows. They love to play outdoor and need regular outdoor walks. They are intelligent and can fast learn new tricks. However they need care and attention as the lack of attention can lead to development of behavioral problems like the small dog syndrome.



Norwich Terrier is a small dog with a height up to 10 inches tall. Norwich terrier is the smallest of the terrier. They have small erect ears and dark eyes. They have short fur coat. Their color disposition can be of red, wheaten, tan, grizzle with or without dark points and occasionally with white markings. They have a friendly and a happy-go-lucky nature. They are easy to please and are considered as a good family dog that gets along with everyone. They are loyal and obedient and easy to train. They love chasing and outdoor activities. They are considered good in hunting and other dog sports.



Historically Maltese were given various names like “Ancient dog of Malta”, “Maltese lion dog”, “Maltese Terrier”, “Roman ladies dog”, etc however the Kennel Club officially named the breed Maltese in the 19th century. Maltese are small dogs wherein males are of 8 to 10 inches long and females are of 8 to 9 inches long. They have small body with white long silky hair usually when groomed and kept long it hangs and stays long over the sides of its body. Maltese are lively and playful dog that loves to play a game of fetch. Maltese are loyal and easy to love dogs. They are easy to train and can learn new tricks. They are great house dogs and good with children. However they need care and attention as the lack of attention can lead to development of behavioral problems like the small dog syndrome.


Japanese Spitz-10.jpg-0

Japanese spitzes are small dogs of not more than 12 to 15 inches long. They have long hair fur coat with soft silky texture and are always white in color. They have small pointed ears with large dark eyes and have dense feathering on the area of the feet. Japanese Spitz is highly energetic and playful dogs. They are good natured and are seen as good family dogs as they get along with children. They are happy breed of dogs and are easy to please. They are outgoing and love outdoor activities. They act as a good guard dogs and watch over your house. They are cheerful and intelligent and are easy to train.



The breed Shih Tzu originated from China and in Chinese means “Lion” however it is not a fierce but loving house dog.  It is a small dog with height of no more than 10.5 inches and has long silky hair. Their color disposition can be of any color but white is the most common color. It is affectionate, friendly and loyal dog. They are obedient towards their master and easy to please. They are good with children and love to be the center of affection. They are good natured and highly adaptable to different environments. They are highly popular breeds and are seen in many dog competitions.



Cocker Spaniels are medium sized dogs and compactly built with Long sets of ears and dark and large eyes. Cocker spaniels have various color dispositions like black and tan and any solid color other than black. Their fur is curly with silky texture. The English cocker spaniel is different from American cocker spaniel as English cocker spaniel is larger and retains as hunting and sporting dogs. American cocker spaniel are called “Merry cocker” due to their cheerful and easy to please personality. They are sociable dogs and are seen as good family dogs due to their cheerful temperament and playful personality. They are good with children and need loving care. They are easy to train and get along. Male American cocker spaniels are 15.5 inches tall and females are 14.5 tall.



Beagles are small sized and short haired hound dog which are amongst the most popular breeds in the world. Beagles are friendly and happy breed of dogs. They have long set of ears. They are active companions, friendly, fun loving and easy to please dogs. They are considered good as a family dog as they are very loving and caring personality and are good with children. Beagles love to play and are good in outdoor activities. Beagles are mostly considered as a good tracking dog due to their high scent tracking abilities. Beagles are also known to be stubborn so you would have to be patient while training them. Beagles have a distinct way of barking. Rather than a loud bark their bark sounds like a short howl.



Like Golden Retrievers Labrador Retrievers are good natured and loyal dogs. They are amongst the most popular dog breeds in the USA. Labrador retrievers are friendly companions and are seen as a wonderful family pet. The most common fur color of Labrador retrievers are yellow, black and chocolate brown. They are smart and hard working dogs. They are very athletic and are good swimmers and are good in sports. They are good working dogs as their assistance is used in lifeguards and rescue operations. Labrador retrievers are known for their devotion, courage and obedience. They are patient and intellectual and are seen as good companions for the disabled. They are large dogs where males are of 22 to 23 inches tall and females are 21.5 to 22 inches tall. They have high energy level and love to play. However they need to be exercised every day otherwise they have a risk of becoming obese.



Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breed in the world. They are smart and good natured dogs which are eager to please. Golden retrievers are seen as the best family companions and thrive as a family dog as they are seen to be gentle with children. They are the liveliest and have a friendly personality.  With their golden fur they have high intelligence and are fabulous as working dogs in tracking and sniffing which are mostly used in police training. Golden retrievers are natural athletes and are loyal as well as sociable. Golden Retrievers are a large breed of dogs where males are of 22 to 23 inches tall and females are 21.5 to 22 inches tall.

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