Top 12 Reasons (Excuses) that will help you Bunk Classes

If there is any single word that courses through the veins and nerves of every single student (school and college alike), if there is any single word by which every student has sworn at some point in his or her life, if there is one word that is enough to unite students irrespective of any previous differences then it is this- BUNK. It is the holy grail of a student’s vocabulary and a watchword for the back-benchers! Never is one going to come across any student who has not bunked school or college in his/her life time. Reasons are a-many why students bunk classes; despite parents and other elders giving advice on not to miss classes for those important lectures, we students know otherwise, don’t we? Ranging from pursuit of hobbies, to chilling out with friends, read on to find out about the main reasons why ‘bunk’ has become the elixir of a student’s dictionary.



Seriously, by now one would’ve expected the teachers and professors to be able to look through this! in any case, this is THE easiest trick (and also the oldest) in the books and also, in many many cases, the most effective. Clutch your stomach, stroke your throat with a painful expression, walk with a seemingly-excruciating limp or cough your insides out- chances are that you’re going to get the better end of the teacher’s emotions and be let off on the grounds of sympathy and “get well soon”s!



Another overused trick to draw the blinds on your actual intentions. Family is always important right? And when you turn it into an excuse, teachers are left defenseless. They don’t want to be the ones to  restrict you from meeting your near and dear ones! They’ve got families too! And in any case, said in a convincing manner – eg, my uncle is coming all the way from blah-blah and he comes here just once every year…last year he was unable to come because of blah blah…so please excuse me for a day or two, sir- there is absolutely nothing your teacher will be able to say to keep you!



You love playing an instrument, or your love spending time in front of the canvas. You love taking your bike out for a spin on the long roads, or maybe you just like to remain lost in books and indulge in writing the numerous thoughts that cross your mind (like me!). But darn that PHYSICS101 and other subjects taking up chunks of your invaluable time! When they seem to be getting on your nerves to the point of getting unbearable, bunking is the only way out. Take that time off, catch up on your hobbies because, contrary to what most teachers might say, your hobby might one day end up becoming the source of your income and livelihood!



For students who are over-active in extra-curriculars, bunking a class had never been easier. In most cases big programs (like the annual sports meet or the annual cultural program) involve teacher representatives as well so, if you’re busy in those activities, no one can point a finger at you! Your class and subject teachers are not going to pose uncomfortable, probing questions and you’re going to be saved from the embarrassment of getting caught for doing something you are not supposed to be! This way, the problem gets solved both ways!!



Now do not dare to throw this as an excuse to teachers. Chances are that you’re going to get marked for good! Teachers happen to be quite touchy on the issue of tuitions (perhaps feelings of inadequacy hover as they feel their classes are not enough!) and if they find out that you’ve been missing classes for the same, you might be in for a tough time! In few cases you might be among those lucky ones whose school or college doesn’t really give a damn about how many classes you miss but, mostly, teachers aren’t going to worry about which competitive exam you have to give or how many long, hard hours you will have to put in. They just want that sneaky little face of yours in their class!



“Have you ever bunked a class?”, “No…not really”, “Dude!!! Are you the teacher’s pet or something? So not cool man!”…. And thus you come under the scanner of your ‘cool’ buddies and an insuppressible urge to impress them overcomes you! Naturally, no one feels good to be left out, much less be ostracized from the ‘cool group’ in school or college and thus, bunk you must! If they are bunking classes, so must you. If they are not taking notes, neither should you. If they are sleeping in the back benches…erm…are you daring enough to do that?!



Sometimes you don’t really need a reason. The teachers or professors with their God-awful, monotonous way of teaching will give you one.  Their lectures can get so deplorably uninteresting that you might be visited by sudden urges to literally run out of the class (with bleeding ears!!). Their threats, their warnings all seem to take a backseat as you run to take cover and preserve your sanity! No, even sleeping in their class doesn’t help- how can it when Sleep itself is scared to visit the four walls in which someone so mundane is present?



Have fun

This is more common in colleges where there is no one on campus to take you by the collar and put you right back in class (we had such people in our school!!). Be it the college canteen, the basketball court or football ground, the table-tennis board or even the common room where the TV is, fun is where friends are! And it seldom remains restricted to that; bunking a class with friends often entails going out for movies, or going to the nearest restaurant, pub, cafe, etc. And even when you run out of options, bunking the class you’re meant to be in and visiting other classes just for the fun of it…yep, that is a different kind of fun altogether!



This often entails what is commonly known as a ‘mass bunk’- where the entire student community is gripped by the motivation to bunk the remainder of the classes in order to enjoy the upcoming festival (eg, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dusshera, etc). In most cases the decision is communicated to the teachers and they, without having any other option, comply! But in many cases, the bunk simply happens ‘underground’. One fine day when the teacher visits the class, all he finds are benches and desks staring back (almost sarcastically!).



Your dad has been rewarded at work with a paid leave to some exotic destination and he wants his family to come along (quite naturally). And there you get a good, good reason to bunk classes and hop along to Timbaktoo (or wherever else!). And what’s more, this is family ratified and you won’t have to bear any probing questions (which is likely to happen if some nosy friend of your’s spills the beans in front of your parents)!



One of the last things you would want to do is get on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s nerves! The wrath of the better-half is like the wrath of few others! If he/she has asked you to be there at place X at time Y, you better make sure you reach at time Y-1! On a serious note, spending some quality time with that one person you love can serve as a very good reason for you to miss classes. Even if you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend, if your crush asks you to meet you know yourself that you’re going to leave no stones unturned in making sure that happens, irrespective of external factors!



On maximum number of occasions, this is the primary reason behind why people miss/bunk classes. Staying up late at night for talking to your loved one, playing multiplayer games or even watching a movie, it is inevitable that you will be unable to wake up the following morning to attend your lectures. And even if you are able to (the remotest of cases) you’ll be the personalization of Snorlax, the Pokemon!


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