Top 12 Reasons Why you are Still Single

Have you had no luck with getting hooked in the longest time ever? Well, the woes of being single! Too tired of actually hunting down the right partner and being sure that you guys gel well enough to be together? Well, I am not saying being single is a crime, but if you’ve been trying to not be so and you still are, it may definitely be a cause of concern. Don’t know why still single? Here are 12 reasons to ponder upon. Maybe, Next time?


12. Play too hard to get

Alright, more for the girls out there who thought if you play hard to get, you get the guy to chase you. Well, really? If you act too hard to get, the guy may chase you and then leave for better. Guys, you to learn to shoulder the blame, it is not always a good idea to pretend that you are a pleaser and even the most glamorous of ladies won’t have you easy. They may just settle for someone who does not play too hard to get and is mostly a treasure to hoard.

11. That bug of Internet Romance

So if you’ve been bitten by the bug of facebook romance, I’m sorry but real time romance may not be much your thing. Internet dating may have been trending and stuff like that, but real relationships are more consuming and have to be more mature and need to be worked out. So do you really think that obsession for compliments and sweet nothings is taking you anywhere? Yes, it’s just taking you away from real time relationships. And well internet romance? You don’t even know if the person you’re talking to is a man or a woman, bar age and everything else.

10. Too Desperate- They’d keep running out

If you’re one of those people who have been so bothered at the thought of remaining single that you’d drool on every specimen of the other sex, I’m sorry but none will return the favour. Desperate to be in a relationship people are a big no for just about every suitable partner. Why? Because once in a relationship with them, you’re expected to have no life of your own. They have an obsessive compulsive disorder, and the compulsion and obsession becomes you.

9. You are not a keeper

So honey, you cannot hold onto relationships or friends? You’re just not a keeper and maybe that is what keeps you single. Relationships need to come with a sense of security that you’d stand by each other through thick and thin, and well if you’d only keep switching partners, it is much better that you do not have one at all.

8. Just Not Time Yet

Alright sweetheart, this may be the excuse you’ve given to almost everybody who’s questioned you of being single. You didn’t think it was the right time yet. Well, maybe truly it just is not the right time for you to get a partner. Often times you prioritize a lot of events over your relationship status, and maybe it is just not time for you to get committed yet.

7. Gender stereotyping? Remain Single

Oh and the last time that guy had a major crush on you and went all mushy about it, you told him guys should be tough. Last time that lady said she chose her protein shakes over coffee, you could image her being masculine? Well, if you are not getting over the stereotyping, you are not getting a partner too. The deal is that simple.

6. Too Possessive, too negative

To be single or not depends largely on the space in your relationship. I’d rather not have Mr. Boyfriend than be caged and struggle for breathe. Not literally, but jealousy and possessiveness can be a major put off. Alright, you believe it is an essential in a relationship? Not when you have a problem with his mother, his sister and every female specimen in his life from his grandmother to his house help. Sorry, but being with you does not have to mean that you cut off from other people.

5. Drama Queen? Another year of Solitude

The chick flicks may have fed you with a different myth, but if you’d be too high on drama, you’d be too low on being a suitable partner to date. Sorry, you cannot cry for the one mark you did not score all evening, you cannot crib of not having the fairytale romance every hour. And drama king? Even worse- Ladies can handle drama only when they don’t victimize you with drama. And I am not being a sexist, but can that ever happen?

4. Too Insecure: If you don’t give space, You’ll have lots

You cannot be insecure of every Tom, Dick and Harry. You cannot keep fearing of that impending breakup – because if you do, you know why exactly is in impending. Be secure of your relationship, if it is strong enough, it is going to remain, and if it isn’t, it is high time you let it go. You’re single because they know that to think of having space in a relationship with you is like dreaming of a world where everything is free. It is impossible. So learn to give the space, or you’d just have an extra lot of it in your own life.

3. Stuck on the word LOVE

No. Being in a relationship does not have to be synonymous with being in love. You may still be single because you have not got the love vibes yet, but do you mind describing what those love vibes actually are? You cannot remain stuck on the word love, casual relationships happen and work well too. Companionship is a choice of being together, not a god sent message of being in love. The earlier you’d realize that, the sooner you’d not remain single.

2. Too much idealizing- The One

Now, are you Angelina Jolie to believe that THE ONE should be Brad Pitt. Or even if you are, you may not work out as well with a Brad Pitt too. Be receptive towards a person’s personality. No, she does not have to be size zero, she just has to be comfortable in her own form, and if she can’t be that in front of you, trust me – you are being the discomfort. Stop idealizing the celebrities for real time partners. If only they’d be able to work on their own relationships, would they be worth being the ONE. The one should be only the one who you are comfortable with. It has to be about the vibes and nothing else.

1. Fixated with your ex? No next!

No honey, he’s not your rebound. No, she is not your backup. She is not the second girl. No one in the world owes to you a shoulder to hear you cry of your ex who you loved and it did not work out with. If they are with you, it has to be for a reason. If not more, the least respect you can give your partner is to secure them of the fact that the ex does not matter. Get over your ex and if you cannot, face the truth and remain single. There’s no next till you get over the ex.

Now that you’ve figured out why you’ve been so single all along, would you rather hook up or remain so for a little more time? Well, whatever be it, Good Luck with getting hooked!

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