Top 12 Safest Countries in the World today

Travelling is in the bloodstream of mankind! We all simply love travelling and explore new places, but the place that we chose to visit need to be chosen wisely. Scenic beauty or the weather and climatic conditions are not enough when you chose a place to visit. If you go to some place and get looted, thus losing all your money and assets, you surely are going to repent upon that vacation and are going to abuse the place. But what if you are already well equipped about the region? As Bear Grylls say, always know the region you are going to end up in beforehand. This means you got to learn about the ways to survive in that place. So, to get you equipped with some of the most beautiful and safest place in the world, here is a list of countries, that are rendered to be the safest among the 196 countries of the world! These countries, besides being safe, are also beautiful, have wonderful people, and if you are into it then it is touristy too! You are going to love your visit to these countries and their system!

How do people feel safe in some place? There surely must be a few factors with which people say that they live in a safe place. These factors usually are Crime Rate, how much is that place prone to disasters and natural calamities, corruption, economy etc. The ranks of the following list is based on these factors and alongwith it, the natural and scenic beauty is also kept in mind while framing this list!

12. Germany


Who would have imagined that a place where one of the most cruel and non-human dictators ruled at some time could be in the list of the safest countries? The place where “Mein Kampf” was written, or in other words, the region where Adolf Hitler ruled, that is Germany is now the 12th safest country among all the countries of the world. Alongwith being safe, this country is BEAUTIFUL and people of these country are great. They are o-operative and helpful.

11. Iceland


Being a misnomer, Iceland is a place full of vegetation and plants all over. Wherever you see, you are going to see greenery. You won’t be able to observe much ice in the streets of this country. But what you would surely be able to observe is the good nature of the people. Their friendly nature and the great environment and scenic beauty of this region renders it to be 11th most safe place in the world with a crime rate variable of 22.32.

10. Singapore


Singapore is surely famous for one thing, its bloomed tourism industry. After that comes its safety and strict rules and regulations, often flexible at required timings. Singapore makes up to the top 10 safest countries in the world due to its police and management, which keeps crimes under control. Even the license of guns are difficult to get in these countries, and even the robberies and other such news are minimal thus making it one f the best tourist spots on Earth.

09. Bahrain


An Arabian country in the list of the safest countries might seem old. When one gets to hear the name of an Arab country, the first thing that comes to their mind is oil, and then comes high and beautiful buildings but safety stands nowhere to be seen. But believe me, Bahrain is one of the safest countries in the world with crime rate variable of 19.79. The rules of Bahrain might seem to be strict but their government offer much relaxation than other Arab countries, thus making it a beautiful and safe place to visit.

08. Georgia


Georgia is a small country located at the junction of Asia and Europe. This country has a rich culture and scenic beauty. Georgia is famous for its beautiful coastline and beaches, accompanied by mouth watering food. Afterall having awesome food on an awesome beach is the dream! Apart from these, if you are a party person and are looking for a safe place, where getting looted when you are drunk has a meager probability, Georgia would be best for you as the nightlife of Georgia is one of its kind, in a positive way!

07. Luxembourg


Luxembourg is not only the 7th safest country according to the recent surveys, but is also one of the richest countries in the world. It also holds the title of having the highest GDP value, that is the Gross Domestic Product value. It is one of the European countries. With money comes infrastructure and thus it has an out of the box infrastructure due to the riches it enjoys. The government is also strict in this place, and if you want to do a little sightseeing, you are surely going to love the rich heritage of this place.

06. Malta


Malta is often confused as a country or a group of islands! Malta practically is a group of 7 islands, out of which, human life form is present only on the 3 major ones. Thus the population of this region is also very less, and thus a good social circle among the people. This good social circle enables a good relationship between people. Malta is not that small as it seems. It is just a little less populated than Luxembourg, but is equipped with awe-strucking scenic beauty and culture. Malta has a Crime Rate variable of 18.54.

05. United Arab Emirates


Another Arabian country in this list, it is full of riches. They have their own oil fields, which produce money is the thought coming to my mind! But UAE is a beautiful place, but an expensive one too. So, if you are interested in enjoying a luxurious holiday, and have ample amount of cash in your pockets, you can go out to UAE and have a fun time, and in addition, don’t be afraid. you won’t get looted here.

04. South Korea


Often confused with North Korea, South Korea is a democracy and not a dictatorship ruled country. South Korea is one of the Top 5 Safest Countries in the world because of extremely less number of criminal cases in this country. Besides this, there is a reason why this country makes it to the top 5, which being that use of guns is totally illegal in this small country which shares coastal borders with China. Believe it or not but South Korea has a Crime Rate variable of just 17.40.

The only reason why this country isn’t at the top spot is because of the external threat it has from North Korea.

03. Hong Kong


Hong Kong is often confused to be a city, but it is a full fledged country. Actually Hong Kong is a part of People’s Republic of China. This country is actually a city of China, but has its different currency, different constitution, and at the whole, a stature of a different country. But if we keep aside these political technicalities, Hong Kong is a safe country. A reason for people feeling safe here maybe people don’t have time. They are busy and involved in their chores that they don’t have time to attack someone else, thus causing a much decreased crime rate in this place.

02. Taiwan


Constituting the world’s second most friendly and kind hearted people, Taiwan is the place where exists the tower which once enjoyed the stature of the World’s Largest Tower. The tower was “Taiwan Taipei”. Taiwan is a beautifully architectured place, the people of this region makes it easy for the tourists to spend a time here, thus making it the second most safest country in the world.

01. Japan


When I was a kid, someone told me that people of Japan are so trustworthy that people don’t even lock the doors of their houses. Whether this statement states true data or not can only be learnt by visiting Japan, but it is sure that Japan is the safest place in this world to live and to travel in. Having a really small area, Japan has always been developing new forms of energy and due to lack of land, is utilising water and other resources for their storage. Japs are really intelligent people, extremely creative, and above all, the most brilliant and technical minds of the world are in this place. Maximum utilisation of resources can only be learnt from the Japs. Besides these things, Japan is an extremely safe and itellactual place having the least Crime Rate variable of 13.11.

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    • How can someone be harmed or even beaten up by a small Japs?
      Of course it is the safest place!People are aware of possible consequences that crime can bring and they try to avoid it.On the other hand,they have bigger problems to think about such as earthquakes and so on..

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