Top 12 Things China is Famous for

We may think of China only in terms of it’s growth, power and size, but there is more to it. There are many facts and figures about China, which are extremely popular all around the world. China’s huge territory and rich culture leaves a lot to discover and come up with. Be it natural beauty, food ,architecture or civilazition, China has an in depth history of all and one can even see patterns on how trends in China have changed over the years. There are a lot of things for which China is famed.

Moreover, here is a list of the 12 most well known things for which China is celebrated. Take a taste of China, go on a mind trip with this list!

 12) Wuzhen Water Town


One of the most ancient town located in south of the Yangtze river, has a lot to offer. Streets over here are filled with water and the transportation is usually done with boats. This town is exceptionally beautiful and exciting! Along with its rich cultural history, water bridges floating in the town make it one of it’s kind. Also known as’ Venice of china’, Wuzhen has a plenty of night life. Also, if given a chance don’t forget to taste it’s distilled rice liquor!

 11) Rivers and lakes


The Yangtze river, lake Namtso, west lake and Li river are some of the most famous lakes and rivers of China. Visit them for fine restaurants, scenic beauty and for a sense of eternal peace. You surely will ,for some time forget about the complexities of life and enjoy a sense of satisfaction and peace with cold breeze running over your face. Beauty of these lakes and rivers will surely mesmerize you. The breathtaking beauty of these rivers and lakes is a must to go for in China.

10) Chinese architecture


Multi inclined roof has been the hallmark of Chinese architecture. Along with it, major and minor carpentry, masonry, stone masonry are still applied to construction in rural areas in China. The decorative style of Chinese architecture makes it unique all over the world! If you are visiting China then you will find plenty of this style in traditional Chinese homes. It has now emerged as a style featuring timberwork combining stone carving, rammed earth construction, bucket arch buildings and many other techniques. Don’t forget to click a picture of it and in, capture it in your camera forever!

 9) Martial arts

martial arts

Be it movies showing Chinese with wonderful fighting skills or people back from China telling their stories about martial arts practiced over there, Chinese being good in martial arts is always emphasized upon. China has developed a lot of fighting styles over the years, kung fu, gung fu, wushu to name a few. Even in traditional Chinese paintings and sculptures, people were depicted practicing their various fight moves. Do learn some moves if you have a Chinese friend!

 8) Feng Shui


The ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China has now acquired an acceptance and appreciation in most parts of the world. Associated with wind and water, it sought to manage the energies of any given space to invite fortune and neglect bad luck. It is based on the idea that the land is alive and possess energy.Some most famous Feng shui symbols include dragons, fishes, butterflies,fu dogs, buddha, mystic knot and horses. Try some Feng Shui practices to ensure good health and fortune!

 7) Endemic animals


Giant panda, red panda, snub nosed monkey, chinese alligator are the most famous animals restricted to China. Moreover, they are now endangered and are protected species. China has a many unique animal species and is also the most bio- diverse country outside the tropics. So, don’t forget to visit zoo if you are visiting China to catch a glimpse of some of the extraordinary, unknown animals!

 6) Communist Party of China


China is currently the biggest communist country in the world. With CPC currently China, it is not possible to deeply look into the political paradigm of China as most of the processes are kept under cover and it is not possible to really have an in depth knowledge about them. CPC is the largest political party of the world and has been ruling China since 1949! Xi Jinping is the current general secretary and Politburo of CPC. The working of this party and the way it has shown in China over the years to make it the fifth fastest growing country in the world is surely commendable!

 5) China’s Population


China is the most populated country of the world. It’s one child policy has long been talked about around the world. As a result of this one child policy it has a small youth division in it’s large population. So it is actually possible to see a crowded street filled with middle aged or old people with only a few youngsters walking among them! Moreover, even though China has now controlled it’s population, but still it has a lot many people compared to other countries of the world. So, don’t be surprised seeing busy traffic lanes or tight packed streets in China.

 4) Low priced Chinese products


Europe, Asia or Africa, cheap Chinese products are now ruling all over. Be it electronics, toys or clothes, China are supplying all over the world and specially dictating markets of Asia with it’s low prices products accessible to all! It is totally possible to buy products from other countries which are actually from China. China’s cheap products are not only beautiful to see, but are affordable to all, which makes it extremely popular in many countries of the world.

 3) Chinese Clothing


Even though Chinese clothing has varied over time, but Chinese suit, also known as Tang Zhuang, which is worn by males and Cheongsam worn by women, also known as Qi Pao is extremely popular because of it’s unique style and comfort. Traditinal Chinese people in the countryside still can be spotted wearing these. The long rapped dress is more comfortable than one could ever imagine! So, do get your pair of it.

2) Great wall of China


The great wall of china is one of the seven wonder’s of the world! Known for it’s extensive length of about 8,851.8 kms, great wall of China was mainly built to protect along the east to west line across the northern borders of China, to protect against attacks by various nomadic groups and invasions. Border controls and duty imposition along the silk road was also carried out with the help of this wall. It is also possible to see the great wall of China from the space! Anyone’s China trip could just not be complete without visiting the great wall of China.

1) Chinese food


Chinese food has surely made it’s mark all over the world! There is no country in the world where Chinese food is not available. Every country has made their own changes in it and enjoys it. So, if you are visiting China don’t expect to find the same food as you get back home. Real authentic Chinese food has its own unique flavor and is truly mind boggling. The staple food of Chinese cooking includes rice, noodles, vegetables, sauces and seasonings. China also has really nice tea growing over there and Chinese people are very fond of tea. They drink it with their snacks. China was also the first country to cultivate and drink tea.

This was a list of some famous things China is being known for all over, but this is still just not it. There is a lot of to do when you are in China. So if you are visiting China, take a long break and go wander because you surely don’t want to miss anything!



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