Top 12 Things To Avoid Saying On The First Date

First dates can be a lot like a job interview. You have to dress appropriately and rehearse what you’re going to say in front of a mirror or your best friend. You’re filled with anxiety and you wonder if they will like you and you’re scared you might end up saying something wrong. Well, we’re here to help you out. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, there are some things you just don’t talk about on the first date. Stay away from these ten topics, and you’ll have a good time!

12. Talking About Work


While you might be tempted to fill the time talking about your work, please don’t. Going on endlessly about the worker who got the promotion before you, or how you managed to impress everyone with your pitch on the new advertisement campaign might be interesting to you, but certainly not to the person in front of you. You might mention a few nuances or two about work, but keep it short and precise.

11. Your Religious Views


Talking about your religious views could end up turning into a bad night since everyone’s experience with religion is different. Avoid the talk about your religion, their religion or any religion in particular, or you might end up offending them.

10. Your Weird Fantasies


Keep the talk about your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies for the seventh or eighth date, least you want your date to get completely freaked out. In fact, anything even remotely related to bed talk should be avoided on the first date. You never know if they are the type who want to save everything for marriage. If they are, you’ve just spoiled all your chances with a potential life-mate.

9. Your Fitness


You can order a garden salad if you want, but do not outline your diet plan to your date. Just steer the conversation away from anything related to your fitness and health habits. You aren’t supposed to talk about how you go to the gym, you’re supposed to look like you go to the gym. The offhand ‘yes I work out’ comment will do, but if you go on about how you lifted 100 lbs without any effort or ask them to feel your abs, it’s pretty much going downhill from there.

8. How Much You Make


One topic to clearly avoid is the salary cheque. Do not brag about how much you make, and do not ask them how much they make either. Your net worth is not something you need to advertise on the first date, unless you just want to be sugar daddy bait. You can reach for the bill if you really want to just charm them.

7. Your Life Problems


Yes, you may be going through a very tough time in your life and you might be having financial problems, but avoid turning your date into your therapist. He/She is there to have a good time, do not ruin the mood by making it the Me And My Problems show. The entire atmosphere will take a turn into Awkward-ville with them patting you on the back and telling you it’ll all be okay.

6. Their Dressing Sense


This is very important- do not comment on their dressing sense if you do not like it. Even the offhand ‘isn’t that tie weird’ or ‘your dress is slightly short’ comment can turn the date into a fight. They’ve put a lot of thought into their dress for tonight, do not criticize it. They’ll either go on defense or become really insecure for the rest of the night.

5. Your Dressing Sense

dressing sense

While it is important to not talk about their dressing sense, it is also important to not bring up yours either. The ‘am I looking fat in this dress’ question can be saved for later, trust us. And do not fish for compliments during the date. If your date thinks you look nice, they will tell you directly. The whole ‘I really don’t think this dress suits me’ or ‘my hair is such a mess’ comment will come off as being needy for compliments.

4. How You’re Not Like Other People


Yes, we get it. You’re extremely unique, but so is everyone. We all have our own personalities, but please don’t keep emphasizing on the point of how you aren’t like the other guys/girls. We’ve all set cliches for a reason, there are some traits within us which will fit into them. Do not go off-boat talking about how you’re the most unique person in the world, or worse, do not lie about your traits. It’ll just lead to disappointment if you make it to a second date. Incidentally, if you keep droning on about yourself, you won’t make it to a second date.

3. Your Ex

talking about exes

Please, for the love of God, do not bring up your ex. They may have been ‘the one that got away’ but really, you are looking for someone new, and so are they. Talking about how amazing your ex was is just a big turn-off for the person in front of you. They are certainly not looking for someone who is still hung up on the last person they were with. Finish the chapter with your ex before you go on any date, to ensure that you don’t end up talking about them all night.

2. Marriage


You might be at an age when your parents are insisting that you settle down and get married, but do not bring up this topic on a first date. They’re just testing the water, do not force them to jump into the pool. Talking about a long-term commitment is a sure way to make the person take a swift U-turn and disappear before you even utter another word. Marriage is a topic to stay away from at least until you’ve both admitted that you’re serious in the relationship.

1. I Love You


If you say this on the first date, you really are trying to kill your chances with this person. Saying ‘I love you’ on the first date is the one thing that you should absolutely avoid saying on the first date. It’s not something to be said lightly, and you really need to mean it when you say it. If you’re a person who throws around ‘I love you’ to a person you just met, you’re giving off serious clingy and desperate vibes.


The first date gives out the first impression, and we’ve just listed topics that you should probably avoid talking about. However, do not try to portray an image of you that isn’t who you really are. They should love you for who you are, and you really shouldn’t be anyone other than yourself. Be charming, be honest and with a little bit of effort, you’ve got yourself a perfect first date!

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