Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Egypt, the name does it all. Isn’t it? The land of pharaohs and the ancient history it stores within is truly on everyone’s bucket list when it comes to traveling. And why won’t it! The land has seen one of the complete civilizations in the history of the earth. And now preserving those memories through museums and artwork it is very much now a favorite tourist destination. In present times, it attracts people around the globe with its beautiful beaches, lonely deserts, huge temples, mesmerizing valleys, and the ever standing pyramid of Giza.

Today through this blog we will help you with the top destinations that one should not miss on their visit to Egypt. For those, who have already been there this can be a trip down your memory lane. Here is our list of Top 12 attractions in Egypt.

1. Pyramids of Giza

Yes, what did you guess! This was always going to be the first one on anyone’s list when they are visiting Egypt. Built around 2500 BC these structures are reference points to many famous buildings built since then. It is the oldest and the largest of the three pyramids in Giza. Also, it is the last surviving structure from the ancient Seven Wonders of the World. There are still doubts as to how they were built. Their construction is spanned to be in three generations. They are located on the outskirts of Cairo and stand tall at 139 meters. Nearby you can also find the valley temple and the Great Sphinx.

2. Abu Simbel temples

They are located in the southern part of Egypt in Nubia. These temples have two gigantic rock temples carved out from the mountainside. It was built by Pharaoh Ramesses The Great as a monument for himself and his queen Nefertari in the 13th century BC. The temple is surrounded by the lake Nasser. In the 1960s it was feared that these temples were to disappear under the lake so a massive operation by UNESCO took place and moved this temple from its original setting. The operation lasted four years. This place is also one of the most tourist attractions in Egypt.

3. Karnak

Beautifully colored art walls, colossal columns, and many more things can be described as this place. The east side is full of vibrancy while the west side is brimming with the tombs and temples often described as the biggest art museum in the world. Karnak is surrounded by the valley of the kings and Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut. There is also Luxor Temple in the vicinity of 2.5 km which makes visiting Karnak even more special. The entire place is believed to be constructed in the span of hundred years as it started during the time of Middle Kingdom and lasted until the rule of pharaohs came to an end. The most eye-catching structure here is the huge Hypostyle Hall which is spread in 5000 square meters.

4. Valley of the Kings

From Karnak, we come to its nearby place, Valley of the Kings. Like many other structures in Egypt, this place also carries historical significance. There were many tombs constructed for the kings and the notary people across this valley from the 16th century to 11th century BC period. In this valley, there are more than 60 tombs varying from a simple pit to a complex and huge tomb of 120 chambers. They are carved into scenes from Egyptian mythology and beliefs and rituals of that period.

5. Sinai Penninsula

Sinai in itself is a huge and tourist-friendly location that we couldn’t narrow it down to one place. It is located between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. In the region of this peninsula lies the beach famous for diving and snorkeling activities. Also, you can find here the European style luxury hotels for your comfort. Mount Sinai is also the major attraction in this region. It is a holy place for the Abrahamic religions. According to Christianity and Jewish, this mountain was the place where Moses recognized the ten commandments.

6. Dahab

Dahab is the low key beach town in the nearby Sinai Peninsula. Here you can enjoy the combination of the sea adventures and the desert excursions. The place is very famous for diving experiences. From Dahab to the upper region of the coast are the bamboo huts where you can enjoy some quality time. It is completely get-away-from-your-life kind of place.

7. Islamic Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. And the place is home to many Islamic structures from Mosques to Madrassas, some even dating back to Mameluke eras. This is the place where you will find Egypt’s famous spices, textiles, ceramics, and perfumes. Through the markets, you will find beautifully preserved the architecture of ancient Islamic rulers. You will find an abundance of history to explore and make sure you climb the gate of Bab Zuweila for an astonishing panoramic view of Egypt.

8. The Nile River

Nile, the longest river in the world is surely a place to explore. And there is no better way to explore this river than the Nile river cruise. They are famous all over the world and come in all shapes and sizes. All Nile cruise will include a trip to Aswan and Luxor and those who have been on this cruise will tell you that this is best Egypt experience one can have.

9. Aswan

Stroll across the colorful streets of Nubian villages, take a ferry from Elephantine Island, ride a camel on the east bank. Or just sit and enjoy the cups of tea on the riverboat restaurants with feluccas drifts passing. There are many things to enjoy in this beautiful town of Aswan.  As one of the major attractions of Egypt, this town offers you the quietness and tranquillity with the added view of orange-hued dunes.

10. Alexandria

This city was founded by Alexander the Great and thus the name, Alexandria. It is the most European of any cities in Egypt. And like many of the other places in Egypt, this place has also that feeling of days-gone-by when strolling around the seashore Corniche. The place has always been featured in various books and songs and is a top attraction for tourists.

11. Abydos temple

Another artistic place that Egypt has to offer is this Abydos temple. Located at the gates of dusty Abydos town, this temple is a fascination for its architectural treasures. You can visit this place with peace as it receives very few visitors. It is one of the quietest places in Egypt and offers you mesmeric paintings, beautiful hieroglyphics and spell-binding sights.

13. Siwa oasis

Surrounded by the date plants and many freshwater springs this town can be a tranquil tonic. Located in the west of Egypt it offers you a picturesque spot of western Egypt. This is the best place to slow down and enjoy the vast brick citadel that dominates most of the view in this town.

Egypt is a huge and historic place. And thus the places around it will also help you with the aesthetic and pure beauty of the ancient times. If you are visiting this place, do share with us your experience in the comment section below.

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