Top 12 Water Parks In The World

Do you enjoy a dip in a water pool? Sitting in a hot tub. Having short swims. Feeling splashes of water on your body. And enjoying drinks with your friends. All this could be very refreshing and therapeutic as well. However, just lying in the pool can get boring. Unlike parks, pools don’t come with a sense of adventure. Why so? Because of the rides. Parks offer more than just a place to sit and chat. Swings, slides and monkey bars make it more adventurous. Likewise pools can get interesting with some thrilling rides too. The best option to cater to your adventure-junkie craving, is to visit a water park. Where you enjoy water pools but with a twist of adventure. Water parks have the power to pump up your adrenaline. The power to scare you, enthral you, refresh you. At the same time it leaves you wanting for more. Usually water parks have everything that one would want for fun. From waves as high as you see in oceans, to high altitude diving spots. Water parks have something for everybody. Continue reading to add some of the world’s best water parks in your bucket list.

12. Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil)

It is Brazil’s most popular water park. Also the largest water park in Latin America. It covers an area of 1.8 million square feet. Known as the Beach Park Complex, it comprises a beach, aquatic park and a resort. The beach park offers various adventurous activities. Including jet skies, cannons, slides, tunnels, fountains and many more. A centralised pool surrounded by large tarpaulins that ensures lesser problems by sun. This water park once held a Guinness World Record for having the tallest slide of 135 feet tall. No wonder why it hosts about a million visitors annually. The newly added ‘ProSlide’ water rides are the biggest attraction for tourists.

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11. Caribbean Bay (Yongin, South Korea)

It is a large indoor/outdoor water park that resides in Yongin, South Korea. The location is in south of Seoul, which is perfect for tourists. Ever since it was built in 1996, this water park has hosted a lot of tourists over time. In 2008, it had a new addition ‘Wild River Zone’, the water park has increased its capacity since then. It includes a large wave pool, hot springs, diving pools and slides. It is perfect for those travelling with babies, as it has a wading pool. Which is too shallow for adults hence a very safe pool for kids. It boasts of a lot of water-tube slides in different zones of the park.


10. Tropical Islands (Berlin, Germany)

It is a tropical theme park located about 50 kilometres from the city of Berlin. The Tropical Islands Resort is covered with a huge dome. Since it was built inside a former ‘CargoLifter’ airship hangar. It hosts Germany’s tallest water slide. A lot of tropical themed pools and beaches here are perfect for hanging out with family and friends. The special attraction includes a lagoon at the side of an artificial rainforest. It has sandy beaches and paddling pools for kids as well. Although some people don’t enjoy roofs over their pools. Are you one of those people? Fear not, there’s a newly built outdoor pool right beside the hangar housed resort.


9. Siam park City (Bangkok, Thailand)

Siam Park City is an amusement park based in Bangkok, Thailand. Apart from facilitating a water park it also offers a themed amusement park. Siam Park City was started in 1975. Ever since that year, today it hosts around 2 million guests every year. The Amusement park was initially designed for kids to have fun. Although now it has transcended into one of the major amusement parks in the world. It has a lazy river that flows slowly throughout the water park. Thus giving a convenient tour of the park to the visitors. It has several rides of various types. Spiralling slides, rock pools, diving pools, along with a 75 feet tall speed-slider. Such an attraction is irresistible for any adventurer.


8. Disney’s Blizzard Beach (California, USA)

A breathtaking water park by Disney is located at The Walt Disney World Resort, Bay Lake, California. It hosts more than 2 million guests, making it the third most visited water parks in the world. The park is spread over a 90 feet tall artificial hill of Mount Gushmore. It is divided into three slopes; Red, green and purple. All the slopes offer different rides and facilities. It has numerous tube slides, some are meant for racing as well. But the major attraction of Blizzard Beach lies in its melt-away bay. It is located at the base of the Mount Gushmore. The pool here is constantly showered by melting snow waterfalls and short waves.


7. Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast (Oxenford, Australia)

Wet’n’wild Gold Coast is the largest water park in Australia. It is situated in Oxenford, Gold Coast. It is the first water park opened by the Village Roadshow Theme Parks. Globally, the same company owns six other water parks under the same banner. It boasts of a guest count of nearly 2 million per year. Main attractions include Extreme H2O zone. It includes four of the latest water park rides anybody could ask for. Apart from that, it hosts all the other rides found in any water park. Like tube slides, hot springs, wave pools. Recently Wet’n’wild junior was started for the kids.


6. Area 47 (Tyrol, Austria)

Austria’s most prized possession, the Alps, host this amazing water park. It lies in the Ötztal Valley of the Tyrol region. Besides the water park, the nearby surrounding is just as beautiful. It has flowing rivers on its sides and it is covered with lush mountains. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer much for kids. Although others can enjoy a variety of rides. Including a cannon that will spit the person straight to the pool. It has a free fall tube as well. Other than a water park, Area 47 also facilitates climbing, horse riding and many more such adventurous activities. It is that one destination a wanderlust cannot afford to miss.


5. Noah’s Ark (Wisconsin, USA)

The largest America water park is located in the city of Wisconsin. It offers a staggering number of 51 water slides. It lives up to the expectation of a modern day water park with all its fancy rides. It offers rides for people of all age groups as well. It has a wide variety of rides with dark tubes. Apart from all the slides and tubes, Noah’s Ark offers a surfing safari. A large pool of water that mimics the intrinsic details of an ocean for a good surfing experience.


4. Aquaventure (Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas)

When in Bahamas, do pay a visit to Aquaventure. This water park is spread across 141 acres of land. It’s surrounded with exotic tropical landscape; that is perfect for someone looking for a family vacation. A mile-long river and especially the speed slides build within a Mayan temple make it a great water park. If you’re into sharks, then you would love the tube ride that takes you through the home of sharks. Like any other water park, Aquaventure boasts of various swimming pools. Although, not all water parks offer booking private cabanas. Most tourists are accompanied by people who would love to hangout alongside exotic pools. This is the perfect place for relaxing, having a cocktail party and enjoying the pool alongside.


3. Wild Wadi Water Park (Dubai, UAE)

It is the best themed water park in Dubai. It is located in the next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It also faces the world’s most stunning building, the Burj Al Arab. It is themed with respect to a famous character Juha from a popular Arabian folklore. Everything about the water park relates with some or the other aspect of Arabian folk tales. It has 30 different staggering rides to choose from for people of all age groups. It features all the facilities expected from a water park. Combine it with the royal hospitality of Dubai, and you get an amazing thrilling and hassle-free vacation.


2. Yas Waterworld (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Abu Dhabi’s famous Yas Waterworld is a one in a kind water park. It is themed after the city’s heritage of pearl diving. It boasts a surprising 235-metre long tornado slide that keeps its riders into a state of adrenaline rush all the time. It has free falling water tubes, wave pools and the largest surf-able sheet for flow-boarding. It has a special roller coaster named Bandit Bomber. Which is an interactive water slide that splashes the riders with water and laser effects on their journey.


1. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon (Lake Buena Vista, Florida)

Of course, a Disney water park had to top this list. But it’s not just any Disney water park we’re talking about. Typhoon lagoon hosted 2.2 million visitors in recent years. Which makes it one of the most visited water parks not only in Florida, but in the whole wide world. It is themed water park, based on Disney’s legendary typhoon that brutally destroyed a tropical paradise. The stunning centrepiece of the park is Miss Tilly. It’s a boat that is struggling over a lofty peak of Mount Mayday. It erupts and sprinkles the park with 50-foot geyser of water every half an hour. It is abundantly filled with body slides, tube slides, swimming pools and other roller coasters. The typhoon lagoon surf pool offers 6 foot high waves in every 90 seconds. Visitors also have the Shark Reef to look forward to for exploring the many beautifies of underwater life.


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