Top 12 Ways to Pass Time When Traveling in Train

When was the last time you actually enjoyed traveling on the train? When did it actually sounded exciting? You must be thinking ages ago because sometimes traveling in a train can be a lonesome job because all you have to do is sit and wait for that long destination of yours. What if I told you that there are fun and creative things to do while you travel in that aluminum box? Do I see a white sparkle in that smile? So let us see what we can do while traveling in the train which will make your journey a mesmerizing one.

12) Mimicking announcements

The first loud audio which blares your ears are the announcements which come which a rather funny accent and also, in two or three languages. If you love to mimic voices then this will surely be the next quality which your voice will love to its core because mimicking that unreal voice will surely make listeners laugh. As you sit in the train thinking how to literally kill time, you can make the next seated person laugh till his stomach hurts because who doesn’t want to have a jolly time. Wink*.

Train station announcement

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11) Secretly listening to another person’s gossip

I know I know this includes in the list of bad manners but judging upon the proximity of seating arrangements, you can’t help but listen to all the gossips which are rather funny and bizarre. The reason why it is bizarre because you will come to know the mindsets of each and every person. And you can always laugh in your mind or grin about all the nasty or funny things you hear. But hey, please do keep your thoughts to yourself because this point includes in the list of bad manner and moreover, you will have a story to tell when you’ll reach the other side.

Secretly listening to other person's conversation

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10) Enjoying the greenery

The train passes by, slightly blurring your vision but you can glare at the bright sun and green woods because there are things to savor in the moments of absolute serenity.You can actually count different types of trees or cattle but don’t make it a lethargic one. When you actually see, you will actually know that there is more world outside than your self-created inner world. Journeys will make you see things rather than just looking at it.

Enjoying greenary

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9) Increase that initial bond with your relatives or friends.

You are rounded up in your busy life, running in the circular motion of work and time. There is no time at all and the bond decreases day by day. When you travel, that too in a train, the environment grabs you in and you can make the most of this time by utilizing in a way which will increase that strength of friendship or relationship. Take that boring time, smear it with funny talks and garnish it with joker laughter.

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8) Sleeping

It feels like you have been working forever and I can see a little dark circle under your eye or a gloomy face beneath that bright smile. You can finally cheat with time with a little nap by dozing off into the dream-wonder land because you might be going to work once you reach your end. I can feel that little hurray in your heart. But do make sure that you sleep lightly or else you might not sleep for months thinking about the new Zara t-shirt you lost.

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7) Singing anyway even if you  are not Miley Cyrus

If you and your friends are two peas in a pod then sing that wacky song you always wanted to sing because irritating the next passengers was the biggest dream of your life ( I am just kidding ) . I hope you must have seen Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone talking their way through singing, there’s your next clue. But if you are a single pea then hum those sweetest melodies and maybe another passenger might give his wicked smile to you.

Singing in train


6) Tasting lip smacking and drool worthy snacks

Train station provides us with crunchy, spicy and mouth watering snacks like Moong Phallis and Kadak Chai. Oh yes, I know you must be lurking to find that Chai Walla or that guy with crunchy snacks to fill your belly with flavors. For food lovers, this can be the best pass time because nothing can make a food lover happy than a whole-hearted exploration of street foods or in this case train food. You can play your way into a food critique by judging which station has the best snacks to delight from.

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5) Do you love knitting or simply doodling?

I know that the two and fro motion of the train won’t allow you to draw a masterpiece or won’t allow you to knit  perfectly but still you can draw a curve or knit a little because all you want is to make  time shoo away and make it come back again when we actually need it. In the most casual time of your life, you will find that most awaited and anticipated masterpiece.

Doodling in train

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4) Dive into your own thoughts

Contemplators will have their utmost happy time in the deep havens of mind. In these lonesome time, you can think of that idea which always tried to reach your mind; this will be the best time to brainstorm because the environment will make you do so. It is said that ” Bestest Ideas are found in the lonely times”. So what are you waiting for? Take that boring time and convert it into aa little piece of thinker-land.

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Source: Google

3) Strike a conversation with a stranger.

Jab we met moment it is and why not? maybe you’ll find that person who will inspire you to the fullest. I think that this pass time will be the best because you will get a sneak peak into the life of a person and also, you will get to see life from a different perspective. This might be a Nay and Aye moment because everyone cannot strike gold with a single dig. If you have read Chetan Bhagat’s novel “One Night at the Call center”, you might even find a similar person who will baffle your mind with his/her stories.

Talking to people in train

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2) Become that reading worm

You always wanted to read that amazing book but that always never came back because your mind never listens to you ( why do you do this brain? ). But now, your brain ain’t gonna make you go anywhere. Grab that philosophical or fictional or romance or comedy or etc novel to fulfill your heart with a book -hangover. And you will savor this moment to the fullest.

Reading in train.

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1) Find that author or poet in you

when your train stops at a station but your destination is still far far away and you keep a boring look on your face. You start thinking, what the heck should I do? I say grab a pen, fill out that empty canvas with full of excitement, joy, wrath, craziness, and uniqueness. Even if you have a single paper to fill out, pen down the most amazing thoughts which have lured in your brain since centuries. There are many ways to pass the time, the only thing is to figure it out how.

Writing in train

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