Top 15 Benefits of Drinking Milk

Talking about the benefits of drinking milk is a common ground discourse that people have in their everyday lives. Numerous advantages have been stated by quite a few people with the help of various research and a lot of study on the same. By now, people are mostly aware of the benefaction of drinking milk on daily basis, but it becomes an important task to bring in together the top most benefits of drinking milk. These points will provide people a trigger to start the consumption of milk on daily basis.

Here is the list of top 15 benefits of drinking milk which is concerned to every person’s robust conditioning.

Drop your body weight:

A lot of research has been done on weight loss of people who drink milk regularly. Researchers have found that low fat and skimmed milk helps people reduce their body weight more efficiently as compared to people who do not include milk in their everyday diet. The reason behind it being the fact that there is a high calcium level that is naturally inculcated in milk. Calcium helps in breaking down the fat efficaciously which ultimately helps in reducing the body weight.


De-stress yourself:

Milk consists of certain properties that relaxes the body’s tensed muscles and the nerves that are frayed. Researchers have found that consuming a glass of milk relieves the person of excessive stress because of certain proteins that are present in milk. Studies have found that Lactium, a substance present in the lactic drink reduces the blood pressure of the body and reduces the release of hormones which cause excessive stress, thereby calming the mind and body.


Immunity booster:

Milk contains an essential mineral, Selenium, which is considered to be a key component for the proper functioning of the immune system. One needs to have a strong immunity build up in order to protect himself/ herself from the attack of various foreign particles, germs, infections, fungi etc. Consumption of milk helps the body to boost its immune system which in turn helps the person remain disease free and have a hail and hearty long life.


Strong teeth and bones:

Milk is considered to be one of the richest source of calcium. A decent amount of calcium consumption is essential for the overall growth of the body, but alongside a good enough amount of calcium intake is necessary in order to prevent tooth cavity and also decaying of teeth. Because of the richness of calcium mineral in milk, it aids in the strengthening of bones which in turn prevents bone injury and fractures.  It becomes important to note that the body absorbs calcium only if it contains the required value of vitamin D.  Calcium absorption by the body takes place only with the help of the D vitamin.


Palliate symptoms of PMS: 

Milk has been proved of having minerals which act as a stress buster. Researchers have found that drinking a glass of milk relaxes the body and reduces the negative effects of the body during the menstrual cycle in women. The calmness that consumption of milk provides is further accompanied by a sober and happy state of mind.


Prevents and cures heartburn or indigestion: Milk works as a cooling agent for the body. Consumption of a cup of milk (cold) along with one teaspoon of sugar blots out heartburn and indigestion. It helps in digestion because of the cooling effect it has and soothes the body of uneasiness caused by acidity and other digestive issues.


Helps lower high blood pressure:

Milk is believed to be a rich source of potassium alongside calcium. The potassium level, if maintained appropriately, brings down the high cholesterol (if high) and maintains it. This in, as a result, reduces the risk of heart strokes almost by 20 percent.


Reduces and maintains the level of cholesterol in the body:

Because of so many solid and healthy nutrients that are present in the lactic drink, it becomes essential that a person consumes at least a glass of milk daily. skimmed milk or low fat milk are more beneficial as it not only provides the required nutrients to the body but also lowers the Cholesterol level as because it aids in breaking down the unnecessary and extra fat from the body.


Richness of Protein:

Apart from the high Calcium content, milk is believed to possess a grandiose amount of protein in it. Protein helps in the overall growth of the person. It is essential for both, infants and adults. Infants and children are specially advised to gulp down minimum two glasses  of milk daily, without fail. It keeps the body healthy, both in terms of mental health as well as physical growth and health.


Soothing drink for sore and bad throat:

A hot cup of milk with a pinch of turmeric powder added in it is considered to be a best remedy to cure bad and sore throat.  It soothes the throat because of its medicinal properties and also provides an instant relief for the same. This method is considered to be one of the oldest traditional methods to be taken up to cure bad throat.


Hydrates the body: 

Researchers have found that milk is sufficiently packed with electrolytes. The electrolytes present in it helps the body deal with dehydration. People are advised to consume sufficient amount of milk to deal with any kind of issue related to dehydration caused by digestive problems etc.


Building up of strong muscles:

Acknowledging the fact that milk is rich in protein content, it becomes a matter of fact that it will help in the strong built of the body. The high proteins in milk help to strengthen the body muscles. A decent amount of the rich protein drink (milk) intake will also help the person to cure damaged or injured muscles in an accelerated time than usual.


Prevent Osteoporosis: 

Osteoporosis has become a common phenomenon in women after menopause. It weakens the bones and its density which consequentially increases the risk of bone injuries and fracture manifold. Milk intake in the daily diet becomes of utmost importance for women. The reason being the fact that milk is excessively rich in calcium and protein which are the main essentials to reduce the risk of bone ailments (in women).



Milk helps the body to detoxify the unessential substances that are present in the body. Firstly, the high protein content helps in releasing the extra fat from the body. Intake of hot milk along with turmeric or honey also helps in the process of detoxification. It helps to eliminate the extra minerals from the body, thereby protecting the body from various infections.


Sound sleep: 

Last, but not the least a cup of hot milk lets people have sound sleep. Scientists have found that milk contains tryptophan, which when released, goes into the brain and produces serotonin, which in turn calms the body and gives the person a chance to relax and have a sound sleep. It therefore becomes important to note that consumption of milk is essential for people of all age groups. It has benefits and cure for almost all the diseases and problems. Milk can help a person be healthy, happy and stress-free, if consumed in an optimum quantity.

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