Top 15 Best Tattoo Ideas for Women

As a mean to express oneself or to make a fashion statement or maybe just following the trend, tattoos are today more popular than ever. And they are so not just a boys’ thing but girls are equally willing to get themselves inked for the rest of their lives. From cute phrases to stars and flowery patterns, there is a plethora of tattoo designs you can choose from.

Here is a list of my favorite 15, out of which I might consider getting one someday (only if I get over my fear for needles!) Meanwhile, you take your pick!

15. Anchor for strength

anchor tattoo

Anchor symbolizes strength and stability. It encourages you to keep holding on even in the face of adversities and do exactly what an anchor does- keeping its roots dig deep and staying strong. As much as this simple and little tattoo looks cute it has this strong meaning associated with it. One can also get an anchor tattoo dedicating it to a loved one who has played this role in their life. This pretty anchor design is something I’m totally falling for!

14. Shine like a star

shining like a star

While talking about tattoo ideas for girls, stars are my personal favorites. They can look simple yet sophisticated at the same time and give a very young and fresh feeling. The significance of a star tattoo depends upon the type of star one is going for. In general they can represent your goals or a shining point in your life like when you achieved some of your goals but they do not necessarily need to mean something and can be just a pretty design on your wrist, waist, neck, behind the ear or ankle.

13. The love finger


Finger tattoos are quite in right now and if you happen to be the kind of girl who doesn’t like making very loud statements but has a subtle style of her own then this can be your thing. Beautiful cursive font inked on the little finger won’t just look amazing but will also keep reminding you of the love that exists all around you.

12. Infinite Love

infInfinie love

Infinity tattoos are very easy to customize and look great on almost any part of your body. While this tattoo looks so simple yet so beautiful it has got lovely emotions attached to it. It means your love to last forever. You can get it along with your boyfriend to make some commitment or a girl might just want this as an expression of love for herself. Looks impeccably beautiful on wrist and I’m all praise for this sweet design.

11. The sound of music

the sound of music

Just like good music soothes our ears and gives us a reason to joy, love fills our whole life with a million joys and this little tattoo is a blend of these two most pleasing things in life. The design incorporates a musical note in a simple heart and it would look incredibly amazing on wrist, side of the neck or your waist.

10. The key to my heart

the key to my heart

This is one pretty amazing tattoo design which you can get on your waist, on your wrist, ankle or at any other preferred body part of yours. The key tattoo can symbolize locking and unlocking of things. In this particular design it can mean that for you honesty is of utmost importance and if somebody is honest with you they can rightly enter your heart. The key tattoo can get variations by using another word in place of “honesty” like “truth” or “trust”.

9. Butterfly on the back

butterfly on my back

Butterflies have been kind of a stereotypical tattoo design for girls since so long. But this is also one of the most meaningful tattoos. A butterfly symbolizes constant change, beauty and grace along with freedom and independence. A butterfly can flutter its wings and fly away wherever it wishes to be but always chooses to be in beautiful surroundings. This tattoo can give you the similar sense of freedom and it may beautify your surroundings as well. A little different than other butterfly designs this one looks very sexy!

8. Quote it right

quote it right

It isn’t just cute butterflies or dangerous gun tattoos are are fashionable and popular but getting your favorites quotes inked is also very much in style. In fact they are favorites of quite a lot of celebrities too. I personally liked this particular one. Get this inked or take some inspiration and go for your favorite quote. Lines from Holy Scriptures also make great tattoo designs.

7. Lovely Leg Bracelet

pretty leg bracelet

Accessories are among girls’ favorite friends and getting one inked on your skin can be a really good idea. I have found this simple yet stylish leg bracelet tattoo with initials on its ends. You can have your initials, your best friends’ or your man’s but there is no doubt that this tattoo design is quite charming.

6. Shoot me dead!

shoot me

You are going to require some real guts and strong mind makeup before this dangerous tattoo gets inked on your legs forever. But the plus side is that you can always choose when to flaunt it and when not. Gun tattoos are often associated with violence but they can be very well accustomed and decorated with other patterns, like in this case a lace, to make the tattoo look dangerous yet sexy. This one really caught my eye!

5. Stars and swirls

stars and swirls

Another starry tattoo in my collection of favorites but this time it comes with some swirls. This design is stylish, girly and very chic. One can get it on her arm but it got to look best on the chest and will surely make some heads turn!

4. Wings on my back

wings on my back

For the girl who is ambitious and doesn’t shy away from following her dreams this can be the perfect tattoo. It looks sweet yet strong and symbolizes the strength you have inside to fly away and chase your dreams. Get these large wings inked on your back and flaunt them with a backless or a tube top!

3. Daddy’s Little Girl

daddys little girl

Oh yeah! For all the gorgeous women who have grown into a lady but are still a little sweetheart for their daddy. This daddy’s little girl tattoo is perfect to dedicate it to the man in your life who has been your hero since the day you were born. Inked on the back of your neck this will look drop dead gorgeous!

2. The gorgeous owl

the pretty owl

There is something about this owl design which I find very pretty. I mean it is kinda cute isn’t it? Owl in general is considered as a symbol of wisdom and education and so is this tattoo. In some cultures an owl is also believed to be the guardian and protector of the dead which adds a spiritual realm to this tattoo design, along with it being pretty!

 1. A flowery affair

flowery affair

If you find yourself to be too bold for small tattoos and want something more like a trail then this one can be pretty amazing. It is feminine, neither too plain nor too intricate and looks absolutely lovely. Starting from the neck this tattoo can go till your elbow or you can choose the area as per your wish.

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  • I find tattoos disgusting and something that only trashy people have. The worst is a flower on someone’s breast area because over time, the flower begins to wilt. I think they only belong on people who have been in jail so that civilized human beings know to stay away from them, sort of like being branded. Even tattoos that are commemorative are ugly. Women get squiggly writing on their lower abdomens that look like severely untrimmed pubic hair, and other women get it on their chests, which looks like curly chest hair. Gross. And they all fade over time, which is unsightly to say the least. I try not to look at them, but they are like train wrecks: No matter how grotesque, you just can’t look away. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity, politician, or a winner of a Nobel Peace Prize; if you have a tattoo, my instinct is that you’ve done some skanky things in your life.

    • What the fuck is your problem? Its okay that you don’t like tattoos, but if someone want one, its not your buisness. You do not need to make a big deal out of other people just because they like tattoos and you dont. Its pretty fucked that you judge people just because of a small tattoo. What about the ones who tattoo their kids name, or their parents name because they are dead. Please dont judge people without knowing, and especially dont do it over internet. That only shows what a big coward you are!