Top 15 Birthday Gifts you can Give your Wife

Finding the perfect birthday gift for someone is hard and when it comes to finding a gift for your wife, things may get a little harder. While searching for a gift for her, you need to keep two things in mind- her taste and your budget.  The more you are willing to spend, the more choices you have. However this does not mean that the best gifts are always the most expensive ones.  A unique and personalized gift is perhaps the best way to make your lovely wife feel special. Here are 15 birthday gift ideas to help you chose the best birthday gift for your wife!

 15. Candle light dinner

candle light dinner

If you cannot think of a unique idea to surprise your wife on her special day, it is better to play it safe. A romantic candle night dinners can never go wrong. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant, order what she likes, tell her how beautiful she looks and how much you love her!


14. Something rare and valuable


If you really want your gift to be unique, go for rare and valuable items such as antiques and artworks. If your wife loves to read, you may give her a first edition copy of her favorite book. Such gifts are expensive but they are certainly worth every penny you spend on them.

13. Gift hamper


A gift hamper can be creative, simple and personalized and this makes it a perfect gift for your lovely lady.  Just collect few of her favorite things, put it in a basket, wrap it up as creatively as you can and you are good to go.  You may put in her favorite chocolates, cookies, books (if she likes to read), beauty products or whatever you think she likes.


12. Spa vouchers

spa vouchers

Whether she is a house wife or a working woman, you know your wife works really hard. She could really use a few hours to herself.  Pamper your partner by giving her spa vouchers and let her unwind and relax.

11. Jewelry


Ah! This one never goes out of style. Gifting women jewelry items has been has a trend for ages and it is here to stay. Lockets, rings, bracelet, anything, women simply love jewelry and the more they have, the better! If your budget allows you, go for diamond jewelry because as you may have heard, diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. In case you cannot afford to spend much on the gift right now, do not worry. There are a number of cheaper yet classy options available out there.

 10. Fun Night out

fun  night out

Candle light dinners, romantic long drives are good but clichéd. I am talking about a fun night out where you do things which you don’t usually do. Take her to a good club and dance like there is no tomorrow. If nightclubs are not really your thing, you can take her on a picnic under the stars. Put on your thinking caps and come up with something enjoyable and unusual!


9. Cook for her

cookfor her

Even if you are a lousy cook, TRY. Give her a break from the kitchen, she needs one and she will love it! Cooking is not really a hard as you think it is. Search for a simple recipe in a cookbook or online. If you want it to be more special and memorable you can actually learn to make what she likes.  For this, you can join cooking classes or ask for help from a friend/relative. Simple yet meaningful, this is the perfect way to show her that you love her.

8. Tickets to a concert/theatre show


This is a good way to spend some quality time with her. Take her to a theatre show or a musical. An evening full of entertainment and fun with her loving husband, what else could she ask for?

7. A walk down the memory lane

revisiting old places

It’s her special day, make sure it’s all about her! If both of you live in the city where she grew up (or if her hometown is not really that far) revisit all those special places with her-her school, her old hang outs, her old house etc. Or if you are still living in the city where you first met her, revisit the places which hold special meaning for both of you- the place where you took her on your very first date, the place where you both kissed for the first time etc. Take a walk down the memory lane with her; show her how far she has come!

6. Take her on a shopping spree

take her shopping

This one isn’t all that hard to guess, is it? Most women love shopping. Take your wife to her favorite stores and let her buy all her favorite things. Not only should you accompany her while she goes from one store to another, you must show some interest as well. If she asks you whether that dress looks good on her or which handbag should she go for, help her decide. Hold her shopping bags and let her take her time. It’s her day, you have to do it her way!


5. Personalized gifts

personalised gifts

A personalized gift is one of the best ways to tell her that you love her. Mugs, t shirts, photo frames, jewelry, and pillow cases- the list of items which you may choose to personalize is endless. Once you have selected the perfect item, the next step is to find the best way to personalized it. You may personalize the gift through photographs, short and sweet messages or just the initials of her name!

4. Gadgets


If you thought gadgets were a “guy thing”, you are mistaken! In fact trendy gadgets really make a great gift for the woman of today. From stylish and sleek cell phones and laptops to compact digital cameras you have a large variety to choose from.


3. Go Creative

go creative

Think of this as an opportunity to show her your creative side and believe me she is going to love it!  Make something special for her. You can make a picture collage representing your journey so far. Or if you have a way with words, you may write her a letter. Pour your heart out and pen down everything you want her to know. Your efforts will certainly make her feel special and loved.


2. Surprise birthday party

surprise party

This one is an all time favorite. Throw her a surprise birthday party and make sure everything, from the decoration to the food, is be according to her taste.  If you want it to be a grand celebration, book a restaurant for the party and call all your relatives and friends. In case your wife has a rather sober and simple taste, go for a small celebration at home with family members. It will be a really pleasant surprise which she won’t forget for years to come.

1. A romantic getaway

romantic getaway


This is the perfect time to take her to that place she always wanted to visit. Nothing could make her happier than a romantic getaway to some place she loves. Give her your time and your attention because that’s really all she wants. Take a few days off from work, leave all your troubles behind and just enjoy some quality time with your spouse.


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