Top 15 Budget Perfumes For Women

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” – Christian Dior.

Perfumes became a rage when Marilyn Monroe said ”all she wore to bed was Chanel No.5”. Since then perfumes were regarded as luxurious commodities existing in branded poof bottles. Upper class women draped in fur, sitting in front of their mirrored booths and scenting themselves was the image of all branded perfumes. The fragrance factory soon got divided into a lot of sections like colognes, body mists, body splashs etc. In recent times there are several brands that offer perfumes that are not only economical but stay true to the legacy of the word ‘parfum’. Light on your wallet and unique in their aroma, these stand alones are making home to their loyal customers. Smell the trend!

1. Jovan White Musk

This warm, breezy and soothing fragrance comes in a minimalist light pink 100ml bottle. With notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and musky scents its a perfect date wear perfume. It lasts long and represents the soft, feminine side of a woman. It costs about 700 rupees and is absolutely worth every penny.

2. Lust by Sunny Leone

Inspired by the Mediterranean Island of Sicily, in a 100ml black and gold classic bottle, spicy yet sweet scent of white water lilies, neroli leaves and papaya flower with a musky base is a perfume for your workplace. It lasts for a whole day and is for 700 rupees. Special points for the beautiful bottle which gives it a jazzy touch. Add this to your dream makeup parlor!

3. Trendy by Nike

Splash of refreshing floral aroma has notes of orange flower which gives it a fruity tang. It is perfect for casual wear and after gym use as it dispels the body odor and lasts 24 hours. It comes in a 75 ml bottle which is really cute with it’s baby pink body and a fluorescent green cap. It costs about 600 which makes it value for money.

4. Blue Lady by Rasasi

A classic work wear perfume, this beautiful scent is an amalgamation of aromas from violet leaf, ylang ylang, orange blossom, tuberose and amber. It will reflect the poshness of your clothes and will stay with you for a long time. It comes in a 40ml frosted blue bottle with a cap that represents a lady’s hat and a ribbon around it’s neck is the scarf. It costs about 600 rupees and promises a luscious presence in your travel bag.

5. Charlie Blue

This perfume is very strong in smell but beautiful all the same. Having notes of bergamot, citrus, lemon, carnation, rose and vanilla; this is a scent genie in a bottle. Encased in a 100ml rectangular bottle with a silver cap, it comes for about 900 rupees. Not only is it unique, the spicy essence will surely make you stand apart.

6. Just Call Me Maxi

‘Just call me maxi’ was launched in 1976. Bold and exotic, this unisex perfume is sweet and strong. Aldehydes, ylang ylang, oakmoss, honeysuckle, vanilla, amber comparatively are the major composition. Available in a 100ml glass bottle for 1000 rupees it is definitely something for your date night. This aroma adds to your panache with a delicious combination of scents.

7. Color Me Pink

Super cute in body and heart, ‘Colour Me Pink’ is a British perfume with hints of oriental and flowery essence. Perfect for a Sunday brunch or a beach walk, the subtle perfume would display the voluptuous and girlish side of your demeanor. Its a good deal at 550 rupees for 50ml and gets a huge thumbs up for it’s beautiful packaging.

8.York Betty

Inspired by the Archie’s Comics, York brings you the dream of every comic enthusiast- Betty’s perfume. Sticking close to Betty’s personality the perfume is equal parts of sweet and musky. Showcase your nerdy self and wear your favorite character to college. This adorable 100ml bottle comes for a fare of 1080 rupees. Riverdale here we come!

9. Taylor Of London Lady Mademoiselle

Taken from the era of French fashionistas, warm fragrances from bergamont, peony, red fruit, carnation, jasmine and freesia makes this perfume unique. With a chic body, this bouquet is priced at 550 rupees for 50ml. You can easily sneak it into your bag and take quick wisps of it. TOL by far is the most affordable in the list but absolute drool worthy.

10. Ulric De Varens Gold

UDY’s premium perfume sheathed in a glamorous golden glass bag (bottle), is a cocktail of flowery and fruity scent. 2 sprays and you are ready for Friday night. A little zesty at 900 rupees, this 75ml of pure mist would be a long time companion to your glitter wardrobe. Go grab it as soon as you can, as the gold collection perfumes are limited edition.

11. Avon Romantic  Bouquet

Velvet smooth natural perfume, Avon’s Romantic Bouquet is a concoction of violet blossom, peony petals and vetiver. A natural aura will be added to your valentine’s date night attire. It packs ‘romance is in the air’ in a 30ml bottle and stands a little hefty for 700 rupees. Avon has been in the cosmetic industry as the fifth largest beauty company and has made a name under the sun for it’s revolutionary arrangement of cosmetics.

12. Fogg I Am Queen

An aroma reserved for special occasions, where looking great goes hand in hand with the essence you carry. Floral and fruity, this scent would light up your mood. Hints of rose, blossom, orange and lemon flowers as well as a trace of old musk makes it an irresistible offer at rupees 600 for 100ml. Fogg perfumes might just be the most underrated perfumes because people still relate it to as a deodorant brand or 0% gas sprays but this perfume will surely leave you spellbound.

13. Nike Up Or Down

Smelling bad due to all that sweat after a workout? Go grab this odor controlling perfume for a splash of citrus from lemon, oranges, tangerines and a touch of mint. The sport brand offers it for 1000 rupees in a 75ml travel friendly bottle. The aroma reminds you of a good bath, so refreshing!

14. UDV Love Story

A fancy choice for night outs, college wear and workplace; walk into a valley of lilies and daises with this one. Smell like the diva you are at a very affordable price of rupees 846. Let your olfactory nerves relax a bit with it’s sweet scent, perhaps drop out for a perfume sniffing session.

15. Titan Skinn Celeste

Celeste comes in a beautiful crystal encrusted bottle and is every fairy tale combined. It is a marriage of Mandarin, pear, peach with a base of sandalwood, patchouli and white musk. This dreamy perfume stands for about a 1000 rupees for 50 ml. Titan has a whole range of perfumes, each for a different you. Born French is the inspiration behind Skinn perfumes.

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