Top 15 Common American Stereotype List

America, one of the most coveted land. Often perceived as the domain of opportunities, where one goes with eyes full of dreams only to turn them into reality. But, there’s always a subjacent disadvantage of being one of the most desired places. It gives rise to rumors which later becomes stereotypes. Stereotypes are unfiltered, half-baked truths which should be examined exhaustively before pigeonholing the whole nation.

Here are the most commonly conceived American stereotypes:

15. Obesity heigh-ho!

Americans have been infamous for their unhealthy lifestyle. With the past observations and statistics, Obese has become another name for Americans. It is true that the percentage of obese people has tripled since the 1970s. Furthermore, Fewer people know that Americans are also the biggest consumer of weight loss products. America has over 35,000 gyms. North America is the region with the largest memberships for fitness centers in the world. Rich Froning Jr. Who comes under the list of most fit people in the world is an American professional CrossFit athlete; hence the tag of obese is sort of outdated now.

14. Hamburger Humming…

Hamburger is one of the national dishes of America. There are two underlying stereotypes associated with hamburgers- first, that its name comes from the ham used in it and second that it might have originated in America. Both of which is a misconception, Hamburger was originated in Hamburg, Germany and hence the name.

13. Disney Muchness!

Anaheim, California, United States has the first and the original Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955. The stereotype that there is only one Disneyland that America owns, is not true. The fact is that the US owns two Disney-themed amusement parks. The second one is Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, opened on October 1, 1971, which consists of just the Magic Kingdom. Apart from these two, Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris are also the most fun and famous parks in the world.

12. Wholly English?

Originally there were fifty-two languages in the US which are now extinct. Spanish is the second most-spoken language with more than 37 million native Spanish speakers. In addition, there are various immigrant languages as well. The outsiders think that America is an English speaking nation. Most of the people in America speak in American English still it isn’t the primary language. Moreover, there is no national official language in America but all the work at the federal level is done in English.

11. Gun Game!

America is the place where owning a gun is easy. Well, this stereotype is kind of true to a great extent. On the surface, it is based on the negative correlation between gun ownership and violent crime, which means more guns is equals to less crime. This correlation has turned negative on Americans. America tops the list of the highest firearm-related crimes- not only homicide but suicides as well. The number of firearm ownership by civilians is 270 million which is far more in comparison to that of the US police.

10. Unrestrained Freedom?

The stereotype that America is quite a liberal and free country is a deceptive opinion. According to the Human Freedom Index produced annually by the Cato Institute and Canada’s Fraser Institute America doesn’t even come under the top ten, it has fallen to the 20th rank.

9. Really Rich?

Though the United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world but it still isn’t all that rich. According to the data published by the Global Finance Magazine in 2016- Qatar, Luxembourg and Macao have been ranked first, second and third respectively. The US is at the 13th rank.

8.All Moneyed?

The stereotype of Americans being rich prevail since ages. It is true that the US is one of the richest countries in the world but not everyone there is rich. The gap between the rich and the poor is too prominent as compared to the other developed countries. Therefore, Americans are not equally and ideally rich.

7. The American DREAM.

The term American Dream popularized by the historian James Truslow Adams. The American Dream is a universal concept of a domain which provides you ample opportunities of getting a fuller and affluent life. With the changing time, this concept has become more subjective, everyone now has a varied conception. For one getting a high salaried job and a materialistic life may be the idea of realizing the American Dream but for the other, it may be a dream of attaining a simple, peaceful life. The concept of the American Dream has denatured with time.

6. Cagy Cowboy!

Television of the 90’s has managed to serve its purpose of creating the glamorous yet heroic figure of the American cowboy. Portrayed as hard working but blissful and unbound. The life of a cowboy is nowhere near any glamor, most of all they have to do hard labor all day and their living conditions are poor. Cowboys were Spanish and black cowboys also rode the range hence they were not particularly all white.

5. The Kewl Culture!

A prevailing stereotype suggests that Americans are culturally cool and informal people. This is because they never had any one particular indigenous culture. The US culture is also termed as Melting Pot as they are the amalgamation of various cultures coming together. This distinctiveness is accepted and celebrated thus making them cool.

4. Irksome Ignorant?

An old stereotype states that Americans are ignorant and lack the knowledge of the people and matters outside their own country. In the 21st century where people like to be aware and also have easy access to internet and information. Recently the American pop singer Miley Cyrus had chosen to perform Saraswati Puja over Super Bowl.

3. Westward White!

The outsiders think that the US is the land of all white people, this is probably a very odd stereotype. The truth is that it is the land of mostly immigrants. People come from different places thus Whites, Blacks, Asians, Mulattoes and other people of color- all reside in the US.

2. Techie Alert?!

The US typically come with a tag that it has all the high-technology possible because of which people tend to ignore its agricultural aspect. America is one of the leading countries in global agricultural exports. The maximum amount of crop they produce is corn.

1. Clubbing Delights!

Yes! True to some extent, American states like New York, Miami, Las Vegas, L.A. offers one of the best club lives in the world. The stereotype of whole America having nightlife and also the best one is overall a vague idea. Moreover states like Barcelona, Montreal, London, Berlin etc which have equally the best nightlife.

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