Top 15 Cute Valentine’s day Gift Ideas for Her

Impressing your girl this Valentine’s Day? It’s high time that you be decided on the gift and all else that would make her feel special. Confused? Your gift does not have to be about money or brands, simply about love and efforts. While a diamond maybe her best friend, she’d rather afford it herself if you make her happy without the stone! Mr. Boyfriend, these are the incredibly cute gifts which score you brownie points for this Valentine’s.


15. Brew the tea, Make her Happy

You do not have to spend a fortune to make her happy. Scrambled eggs and well brewed tea in bed will surely make your lady get those butterflies again! There’s nothing she’d like better than being pampered by her man. Serve her breakfast in bed, gift her roses and tell her you’re hers. That’s sure going to be the ‘awww’ moment on Valentines.

14. Her Favourite Cartoon PJ’s

She won’t love her Victoria secret Satin Lingerie as much, and take my word for it! Girls love when their guys are observant of their choices. And gifting her sleeping pyjamas with her favourite cartoon print is sure going to sweep her off her feet. She’d know for sure that you’d love her the same in a pyjama as you would in a little black dress and that defines how comfortable you are in your relationship. Personally, gifting cute nightwear is high on my list of relationship goals.

13. Favourite memories in a picture book

Every girl, as much as she lives in denial, loves to go back into the memories of the fluttering of butterflies when romance really happened. They’ve gone over your mails and messages a million times over and she’d absolutely love it if you gift her a picture book with all your favourite memories together. She’d know they mean as much to you too!

12. The Feel Good Jar

Every girl ever loves to be told how wonderful she is. Want her to love your gift? Gift her a mason jar with fairy lights and handwritten messages about how special she is to you and how she changed your life. Bare your soul in those words and she’ll bare her soul into you. If you’ve really made an effort, your girl would never have an off day as she’d know how to feel good.

11. A pre-recorded alarm clock

He’s surely the first voice I’d listen to in the morning and the last as I sleep. As much as it may be impossible for that to happen practically in everyday life, you can simply tune a customisable alarm clock with your voice messages according to her sleeping and rising time. Nothing would make her happier than a “Good Morning Love” message in your voice.

10. Hard disk with her favourite Sitcom or Drama show series

While it may seem entirely unromantic and drab at first, but things like these mature your relationship. You’d know her favourite and take the effort to get them together only when you’re really into each other. That’s when it’s not about surprises anymore but about how you know exactly what she wants. And to get that for her is really cute.

9. Your Hoodie or Sweaters

As many of Valentino’s and Elie Saab’s she have, she’d still love to wear your oversized hoodies and sweaters. They find something incredibly cute and romantic about wearing their guy’s clothes. She’d feel protected, she’d feel comfortable, and she’d always have something which was once yours!

8. Her favourite fragrance

It isn’t about the brand, it’s about how you knew exactly which perfume she uses. It impresses her to no extent to know that you’d know her by how she smells. Being observant takes you a long way into the relationship, a gift made easy and it’s both romantic and cute and you can be sure that she’d use it.

7. A customized CD with the best songs about the two of you

Most girls love to picture their favourite song lyrics for their partners. Guys may fall in love with what they see, but she’s fallen in love with what she’s heard. Handpick a selection of songs that you’d dedicate entirely to her and gift them to her on a compact disk. You’d know she loved your gift when the songs would be on repeat in her playlist forever.

6. A weekend getaway

It may not be a romantic getaway as Valentine’s may have it or it may be an incredibly steamy one too. Take her out for the weekend and gift her a trip of her lifetime. Get her to do everything on her bucket list. It is super cute when your partner shares your dreams too.

5. The Talking Teddy Bear

As cheesy as it may sound, most girls love their stuff toys as much as little kids would. She’d find it incredibly cute if you gift her a cute teddy bear with the recording option so that she can listen to your voice whenever she pleases to. Teddy bears always make great valentine’s gifts.

4. Inked with her name

Girls remain insecure about the permanence of the relationship, no matter how deeply you know or trust each other. Get yourself tattooed with her name. The idea of you getting inked with her name permanently is sure to make her glow. Render that confidence to the relationship!

3. A Diary spilling all the secrets

While you may have both been very honest to each other, there are still secrets that everybody keeps at one point or the other. Write a diary spilling all your secrets and everything you’ve never said and gift it to her for Valentine’s and tell her that you trust her. As much as the secrets may be heart breaking, there’d never be another person who’d trust you as much.

2. Sing For Her

Take her out to a karaoke night and sing for her in public. Claim her as your girl and sing to her like you never have before. Girls love what they hear and for a guy to sing for her in public and acknowledge his love, she’d go weak in the knees. It is one of the cutest gestures to make for her.

1. Give the commitment, let the ring sparkle

There’s nothing that will make her as happy as your commitment. Propose to her with a ring. It does not have to be a Cartier love band, only a promise ring that promises her that you’d be there. She’d never fall in love with ‘I love you’ as much as she would with ‘I am here, no matter what’. It is incredibly romantic and cute in its own manner to pledge your commitment.

Now that you know what to gift her for Valentine’s, make her happy and watch how she’d be your happiness! Happy Valentine’s day!

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