Top 15 Effective Tips To Gain Weight Fast

While most people today are looking forward to lose weight for some of the health issues triggered by obesity, some of the others are really keen on gaining a few kilos. But, gaining weight is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of hard work and a proper diet. Our list here of top 15 effective tips to gain weight fast is a complete guide on gaining weight fast naturally. Abide by these tips, and you will have a much healthier body within weeks.



15.Double your Food Intake

Frankly speaking, to increase your weight, you need to eat more. Double your intake. Whatever you ate earlier, just double that up. From breakfast to dinner, think that you are eating for two people. The most important thing in gaining weight is to increase your calorie intake. The more you increase your calorie intake, the calories will get stored, and hence your weight will increase. Doubling your food intake will shoot your calorie count up, and hence you will be energized throughout the day.


14.Decrease the Time Interval between your Intake

Doubling up the food intake may not be a very feasible option for everyone. This may cause unnecessary bowel problems. But, decreasing the time interval between your food intake may be another great option when it comes to gaining weight. Eat after every 2 hours, and try to eat as much as possible between meals. Munching food every 2 hours or so, will also increase the calorie count, and will help you gain weight fast. If you forget to eat every 2 hours, set a timer in your mobile, so that it reminds you to eat.


13.Increase Liquid Intake

Liquids do not fill your stomach full, but are very well known for their calorie count and the nutrients it provides. A can of Coke has a greater calorie count than a pizza or a burger. Just Imagine! If you don’t like the taste of Coke, you can also take milk shakes or fruit juice, which are also high in calorie content. Liquids are a great way to distribute nutrients and calories to exactly where you want, the muscles. It doesn’t unnecessarily fatten you up.


12.Garnishing your Food

Garnishing your Food serves the purpose of gaining weight fast very well. Whenever you are having an Italian dish like Pizza and Pasta, give it a garnishing of butter and cheese or mayonnaise will also do. When you are eating an Indian Dish, try to give it a topping of Ghee or Butter, which will add a huge amount of calorie to your dish. Garnishing your food makes your dish look great, and it also makes you tasty, and quite obviously, gives an increased content of calorie through your diet. Garnishing your food means to gain weight in a tasty way.


11.Lift some Weight

All who are skinny think that, Gyms are only for obese people. But no, if you are really trying to gain weight naturally, lifting weight works a lot. Under guidance, lifting and squats will increase your hunger and hence you will eat more resulting in weight gain. Moreover, the gym will help in distributing your calorie to the right places rather than fattening you up.


10.Snack after Workout

While you are working out in the gym, your body is drained of all the nutrients and calorie resulting in sweat. Taking in calories just after you work out means that your body will suck every bit of calorie you take in. This is the best time to eat more, because your body will not waste anything and therefore this would be the quickest way to gain weight.


9.Beverage Consumption

Beverage Consumption should be monitored if you really want to gain weight. Some people have the habit of taking in low calorie beverage like water just before a meal. That is bad. Because, this basically decreases your appetite, and hence you cannot take in more and more calorie. It is often advisable to take in high calorie beverages with a meal like milk shake and coke, so that your body does not lack calories, which is very important for weight gain.


8.Eat Before Bed

While sleeping our body is said to work out a lot of processes within itself. Therefore, eating just before going to bed works a lot when you are in the venture of gaining weight naturally. Eat a light snack like a wheat sandwich or a burger, which will not let you feel like you are stuffed. A high calorie fruit salad will also work. Try to eat something light but with high calorie. Eating something heavy before sleep can induce vomiting in the middle of the night or may lead to uneasiness.


7.Eating Habits

Eating Habits are really important when you are up for gaining some weight. Eating habits like not chewing food, and just gobbling it, often leads to indigestion, which leads to other problems. Properly chewed food breaks up the food particles, and therefore it is easy for the body to absorb the calories and the nutrients, thus leading to the preferred weight gain. Also avoid taking large amounts of tea and coffee, because they unnecessarily stuff your stomach up, and you lose your appetite.


6.Use Big Equipment, Eat Big

As in Diet books, they say, that cutting off your diet will help you lose weight. While gaining weight, you need to do the exact opposite thing. You need to buy bigger utensil, and stuff them up with food, and eat them with all your heart. Most of the time, your smaller utensil will make you eat less, therefore use bigger utensils, and eat big!


5.Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the primary reason for weight loss, and therefore to gain weight you need to avoid getting in to stressful situations. Be happy and keep calm, and your body will be in good shape. Avoiding situations which can lead to stress, is the primary way that you can start off in your venture of gaining weight. Once you start getting destressed, you will see that your face glows up and your body starts accepting nutrients and calories, and hence you start to gain weight.


4.Eat all Types of Food

Eating every type of food help when you are trying to gain weight. People who are vegan should start taking supplements for Meat and Chicken because by not consuming meat they are missing out on a lot of protein and calories. Therefore, they should start taking low fat and high protein supplements.  Those who are non-vegetarians should also start taking up more carbohydrates. Eating all types of food groups actually help you in getting all types of necessary nutrients for your body.


3.Healthy Diet

In the effort of gaining weight fast, do not eat high amounts of fatty products and sugar. Those foods help you in gaining weight fast, but in the long run will hamper your overall health. Try taking healthy foods which are nutritious as well as increase your calorie intake. Thus, whenever you eat, watch what you eat.


2.High Calorie Food

Calorie is the key to your success when you are in an effort to gain weight. Peanut Butter with whole wheat bread can increase your calorie by 192. Tuna, meat and chicken are very high on protein and increases your calorie intake a lot. Fruits like banana also contain a lot of calories. We all like Chocolates, and Chocolates are a warehouse of calories. Statistics say, that a bar of chocolate contains about 550 calories. Supplement your regular diet with these kinds of high-calorie product and you will see within days, you will start noticing the change.



Taking up a lot of calories obviously clears your path when you want to gain weight. But, taking up excessive calories may end you up being obese. Therefore, nutrition is very important. Having nutritious food which can give you the necessary calories will help you in the long run. Aim for meals which can give you optimum amounts of everything with your diet. Equal amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals are needed to ensure that the nutrients go in to the places we want. Therefore, a calorie diet with the proper nutrition should be the ultimate aim when you are trying to gain weight.


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