Top 15 Fattest Countries in the World

It’s a fast life they say – fast food, fast love, fast transportation, fast communication and what not. The speed of our life has increased by a great extent and it is only going to increase further. Of course some great boons like longer life expectancy, new modes of transport and communication et al have come up but such a fast paced growth has also resulted in the fast increase in lifestyle problems, number one being obesity. Day after day, the problem is becoming graver. The most developed countries seem to be suffering more with such problems, in comparison to the developing or under-developed countries. But today, we can very well see that the developing nations are also facing the problem of increasing obesity. The most common reason for obesity is the increased consumerism and a sedentary lifestyle. With no outdoor activities, kids are forced to remain inside and become couch-potatoes and same goes for the adults. The following are the world’s fattest countries –

15. Hungary

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World15

We mentioned the fact that developed countries face the problem of obesity to a greater extent than developing countries, and the case of Hungary is just just an example to prove the statement. The landlocked country of Hungary is a well-developed and prosperous nation in Central Europe. Since consumerism became mainstream, Hungary has seen a steady growth in obesity. The number of sweets and delicacies in the country make the situation even worse. So much so, that the government has started to impose high taxes on commodities such as sugar, salt and cheese etc to reduce and limit the consumption.

14. Norway

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World14

Another example of a developed country facing lifestyle problems is the Scandinavian country of Norway. It is situated in the Northern region of Europe and it is known to be the best country to live in and the country where people are the most satisfied. But recent studies have shown that the percentage of obesity is slowly increasing and shockingly, it is not in adults, but in primary school children. This can be attributed to the decrease in physical activities and hence, an increase in sedentary activities such as watching tv, spending too much time on the computer, etc.

13. UAE

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 13

Lavish life and lifestyles may be something that everyone desires but the outcomes are not always so great. The rich and prosperous country of UAE suffers badly from the problem of obesity. It is concluded that one in every 3 people is over-weight. With the sudden explosion of fast food chains, consumerist behavior paved a path for obesity. Here too, it has been seen that obesity is more prevalent in children than in adults. Apart from that, the fatty food consumption, specially that of red meat, is the middle eastern countries is high so that also increased the chances of obesity in the country.

12. Germany

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 12

In the race to create the most ‘superior race’ in the world, Germany seems to have forgotten what makes any person superior – good health and a good life. Less that 15% of the total German population can be considered healthy and even in this country, the problem is more serious in children than in adults. It was seen that although the children are nourished, their diets did not contain all the necessary intakes and due to over-consumption of canned and preserved foods, the health of the children had gone for a toss. Like the Hungarian government, the German government also plans on taxing junk food more than healthy and nutritious food.

11. Czech Republic

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 11

Another European country which has entered the list of fat countries is Czech Republic. The country leads in the world when it comes to the consumption of beer and thus, beer bellies are a given. Due to the cold in the region, large amounts of meat is consumed. Even the consumption of sugary sweets and delicacies is high and thus, the overall obesity is high. The obesity is more prevalent in teenagers who are just getting used to fast-food and other junk foods.

10. Finland

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 10

The Scandinavian country of Finland comes in the top 10 of the fattest countries in the world. It is extremely cold in Finland almost throughout all the year and thus, fatty and heat-generating foods like red meat, fish and cheeses are eaten extensively. Thanks to the cold, the outdoor physical activities are also limited and thus, the obesity increases. Currently 20.2% of the total population is obese in Finland. The government seems to be taking all the necessary steps but they don’t seem to be helping too much.

9. Luxembourg

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 9

When you are a tiny country sandwiched between the biggies like France, Germany, and Belgium, you pretty don’t have much of a say in whether they will influence you. This has been the case for Luxembourg, a small European country, which has a cuisine that is very elaborate thanks to the influence from French, German, Belgian and Portuguese cuisine. The intake of beer and sweets is very high in the country and so, since some years, Luxembourg has been battling obesity. The obesity rate here is 22.1%

8. Ireland

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 8

Another cold country, same old problems. The country of Ireland is situate off the west coast of England. It is a country where it is cold almost all through the year so the people obviously have an excuse for not going out. One of the main ingredients in all of Irish cuisine is potato and they make extensive use of it, making the people fat. Irish beer, potato and gravy are all a merry combination which has led to the obesity rate of the country being 23%.

7. United Kingdom

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 7

If Ireland is here, England can’t be too far away, can it? After the World War 2, UK saw a boost in industrialization, commercialization along with general growth and development. This has very well paved the path to obesity in the country. Researchers opine that due to the modernization of culture, their traditional food is less available and fast food and junk and unhealthy food is more readily available.The obesity rate in UK as of now is 23% and it only seems to be increasing day by day.

6. Canada

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 6

When you sit pretty on one of the most obese countries in the world, you are bound to get influenced by it. Canada is the currently the 6th most obese or fat country in the world and the rate at which the problem of obesity is rising in the country is very alarming. It is due to the fact that every turn you take on the road, some fast food joint is present and healthy food and diet is very rare. In fact, some regions are more obese than even their national average. The obesity rate of Canada right now is 24% and it is only increasing.

5. Australia

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 5

The country down under is one of the shockers on the list of the fattest countries in the world. Australia is blessed with many beautiful beaches and you’d think that people doting beautiful beach bodies would go to relax there but facts say something else. The sudden modernization and commercialization has taken a toll on Australia and it is now the 5th most obese country in the world. The obesity rate there is 24.6% which means that almost a quarter of the total Australian population is over-weight.

4. Chile

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 4

The South American country of Chile is one of the two Latin American country to be featured in this list. The country is a narrow country which has a long coastline on one side and is surrounded by the Andes on the others. This little country has some of the most exceptional cuisine in the world which includes a lot of sea-food. The fresh sea-food is fried and sometimes over-indulged in and thus, the country has a high obesity rate. As of now, Chile has a shocking obesity rate of 25.1%

3. New Zealand

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 3

When you have all the luxuries and comfort, you would not do anything out of your own comfort zone. New Zealand is one of the most peaceful and luxurious countries in the world with lush greenery and landscape which would make a perfect ambiance for outdoor activities. Yet surprisingly, an average person from New Zealand weighs almost as much as an average American. The obesity rate in the country is a baffling 26.5% We can only wonder why the Kiwis don’t go out more and explore the nature they are blessed with!

2. United States Of America

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 2

The blessed land of America is number 2 on our list of the most fat countries in the world. This may be shocking to some due to the fact that it is not number 1 and not so shocking for those who know the ways of America and other countries. With an obesity rate of 31.8%, one third of Americans are now obese or over-weight. With the kind of unhealthy and junk food they consume, it is only obvious. They have turned eating food into competitions and are now battling with obesity and the problem that it brings with itself.

1. Mexico

Top 15 Fattest Countries In The World 1

Surprise surprise! There is a country in this world which is more fat than USA and that country is Mexico! Mexico has dethroned USA to become the world’s most fat country. Being the neighbor of America does that to you, we guess? We get it, Mexican food is really tasty but with all that cheese involved in it, it can;t be too healthy, can it? Apart from that, new fast food restaurants have been cropping all around the country. The obesity rate in Mexico is currently 32.8%. Not the best list to be the Numero Uno in, we think!


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