Top 15 Gifts to Gift your Girlfriend on First Date

Lois McMaster said- ‘A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter’. And no one gets a second chance to make a first impression (unless you are Hermione Granger, that is). The first dates are often considered tricky, especially by the male population. While planning a first date lot of thought goes into it: where to go, what to do, what to wear and most importantly what to gift. Selecting the right gift for your first date is very crucial because it would be your first gift to your significant other. Because let’s face it: women will talk. They will brag about their first date and the gift they received, they would seek validation from their friends. The first gift’s selection would seem like a pop quiz on your partner. So here’s a list of 15 gifts you could gift on your first date

15. Jewelry.

A shimmer here, a trinket there. But a crucial factor to keep in mind while gifting jewelry is that not to but something very expensive. This precaution should be taken so that you do not come off as “show-off”, or desperate. A simple bracelet or earrings to compliment her should do the trick (after-all which girl is immune to jewelry).

14. Favorite Sport Game.

Nothing gives an adrenaline as viewing or cheering for your favorite team. It not only provides for great opportunity to bond but it would also leave a great impression. So rush and buy tickets and go cheer for your favorite teams. It would not only provide precious time to bond but would be a great future story.

13.A book, a date; keeps the chemistry awake.

If your girl loves to read then you could never go wrong with a book. After all you never have too many copies of the bible. For a book lover, a new book always means love. books can never be too many, you never have enough of them.

12. Do-it-yourself.

Nothing touches a women’s heart the way a handmade card with your feelings written on it does. If your are not so crafty not to worry, after all its the thought that counts. A photo-frame is also a good option, if you guys have pictures together. Imagining a man with paper and scissors and with glue on hands is definitely a sexy dream. It shows that you are ready to invest time for her. It shows your commitment level.


11. Pay attention and gift (gifts relating to her hobby)

A start of a relationship is were your partner sees how much you listen to them and how much you care. Is she into Coal sketching and painting? Buy her Drawing set. Is her hobby travelling? Gift her an all purpose travel set. Just something to remind her of you when she is away. This shows that you know what her hobby is and you know her well.

10. Teddy Bears

As already explained, it’s all about how well you know her. Put on your stalker hat and see what her pictures normally include. Saw her with cuddly teddies? Go buy her one(not a big one and not the one that has a heart with it which say ‘I Love You’; instead go for one that says ‘You are sweet’). But keep in mind not every girl is a big soft-toy fan.

9. Show that you listen

Does she mention anything about buying a new car? Gift her a key-chain for her car keys. If she is going on a bicycle ride in recent future, gift her a water bottle. When selecting a gift see that it matches her interest and is not expensive. A price tag does not define your feelings. Just something small to show that you listen when she talks her wishes or dreams. As Jessie J sang, “Its not about the money”.

8. Sprinkle the personal touch

If you are good with words, write a poem to her. If you could sing, dedicate a song to her.  This is an inexpensive gift but when presented nicely, it tops the most expensive diamonds. But keep in mind not to cover every thing with’I Love You’s. It at times could give away signals of you being clingy, which is a definite no-no.

7. Subscription boxes.

Does she loves spending time in the library? Or is a foodie? Give her a gift that gives on giving. A close look reveals that they can be pretty cheap at times, if you have a money constraint.

6. Let’s do this together.

Are you both book-worms?  Nothing is better then to share something as a first gift. Like a Book Club Pass. Or if you are both gym freaks then a gym membership! The gift should be the one which shows that you want to spend more time with them. Something that refers to the bond you share. Like a favorite shared activity; it could be your guys forever always!

5. Always reminds me of you.

Is there a special set of songs which always remind you of her? Then burn a CD and wrap it up. A gift that gives the shows that they are always on your mind. Be sweet and not corny. Don’t include everything with words like ‘love’. Because in the end, it all burns down to how you approach the topic of something reminding you of her. It could be song, a jersey ( if you guys met in a game!).

4. “I care for you”.

You know your girl works very hard and does not have enough time for herself: gift her a spa voucher. It shows that you care for her well being. It goes on to show how much you listen to her and how much you remember the things she tell you.

3. Chocolate.

When in doubt go for the time tested gift where one could never go wrong: Caffeine-Coco Goodies. A simple box of sweet chocolate can induce sweetness in your new blooming relationship. Chocolates are a sensual delight. But keep it on a down low. Nothing big and heavy to carry. But something small and sweet. Don’t go all creepy on her.

2. Flowers of her choice.

Every girl has a different choice. Not every girl has a sweet tooth but every girl definitely loves flowers. If not roses then lilies, if not sophisticated and delicate then wild flowers. Some people consider bring flowers to a first date as a sign of being “needy” and “pushy”. But bringing flowers on a date is an age old tested method. And when it is a bunch of her favorite flowers, it shows that you pay attention to her choices. It would not depict a needy behavior but would for sure show your acceptance and attention to her little details. And if not a bouquet then maybe a head crown of twigs and her fav flowers.

1. The Red Rose.

Well, red roses are universal ways to show your affection. But you should keep in mind that you do not come as too strong. And an easy way to avoid seeming like saying “please like me” is to bring a beautiful single long stemmed red rose to your date.

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