Top 15 Interesting Questions to ask a Girl on the First Date

Taking out a girl you’ve been crushing on for ages, can be somewhat daunting initially. You do not want to ask a question that is “too personal”, afraid that you might scare her off. And, you do not want to simply “skim the surface” and make it look like you are not interested in knowing anything of vitality. How to walk that fine line of being witty and sensitive at the same time that you make her feel as strong about you as you, undoubtedly feel about her? Here is a guide to make things just a wee bit simpler for you, the top 15 interesting questions to ask a girl on your first date.

15. “Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?”

Starting from a basic one, make sure to find out what your date likes better, the brit’s choice of a cup of tea; or the American favorite caffeine? It is a sweet gesture to show her that you are interested in knowing all the miniscule details about her preferences. And, at the same time, you can plan future coffee/tea dates with her. A win-win situation either way.

14. “What sport do you follow, and who is your favorite sportsperson in that field?”

It is the perfect way to break the stereotype of being one of “those guys” who believe girls are never interested in sports. Believe me, you will be surprised by her answers. Every girl enjoys watching, and even playing at least some kind of sport, be it football, basketball, baseball, badminton, tennis, cricket or even graceful ones like figure skating.

13. “What are your food preferences, veg., non-veg. or vegan?”

Do not roll your eyes at this question. You might look like a fool if you order her meat and she turns out to be a vegan. Thus, always make sure to ask her about her preferences rather than assuming on your own. Better yet, give her the liberty of ordering her own meal instead of coming across as the high-handed man who thinks he knows what’s best. Also, it would be a sweet gesture if you order the same thing she does. It would profess to her that you are curious about the things she likes.

12. “Who do you like better, Coldplay or Led Zeppelin?”

Getting to know about her musical preferences is a must. The kind of music a person enjoys, says a lot about the individual themselves. Find out if the soothing music of bands like Backstreet Boys speaks to their hearts. Or, whether it’s the brain-numbing songs of Linkin Park that they prefer better. If she loves the legendary Beatles or the modern Maroon 5? If she sings along to the lyrics of One Republic, or the british boy band ‘One Direction’? This line of topic will have you both engaged in witty banter for a long time with no awkward pauses in between.

11. “Which cartoon was your favorite, growing up?”

Believe me, age does not affect anybody’s love for cartoons. You wouldn’t come across as a kid when you ask about it. Rather, you would be the sensitive guy who is interested in the happy childhood memories that every person tends to associate with cartoons and animes. Both of you would get to bond over Tom & Jerry, Pokémon, SpongeBob Square pants, Noddy, Bob – The Builder, Oswald, Johnny Bravo and so much more. You will have her in hysterics the whole time and she is not likely to forget a single moment of the time spent with you.

10. “Are you a musical at heart or, is dancing more your thing?”

A cheesy line to inquire about any musical talent she might have. Growing up, almost all of us are put into some hobby classes for piano, guitar, violin, vocals, ballet, hip-hop, or some other dance form. And, some of us like to continue them as a stress-reliever as we grow up. This line of questioning might earn you some interesting stories of sprained ankles during Salsa, or broken nails due to guitar. As a bonus, you will have an idea if she would like to go out dancing with you, or whether concerts are more her thing.

9. “What Comic flicks or thrillers are your favorites?”

It is a good way to find out if her TV Show preferences match with yours. Where most girls salivate over the Salvatore brothers of TVD and Mikaelsons of ‘The Originals’, there are others who are hooked to the politics of ‘Game of Thrones’ and even the blood and gore of ‘Dexter’. The love for ‘Friends’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ might most definitely be mutual and you can swap stories for hours. Once in a blue moon, you might even come across a girl who loves National Geographic and her adoration of Bear Grylls might rival yours!

8. “What are your favorite hangout places around the city?”

An open-ended question like that would present you with a plethora of her favorite memories of times spent with friends and family. You will get to know the bars/cafes that she likes to frequent; the libraries/art galleries that she loves; the beaches/hike trails that hold happy memories of her and her friends and so much more. This way you get to plan future dates or outings that you know she would enjoy.

7. “What are all the favorite places you’ve travelled or would like to go?”

Find out if she is the romantic who dreams of visiting the beautiful countryside landscapes of England, Venice, Paris; or whether she is the adventurous rebel who envisions herself in the wilderness of the Amazon or amidst the festivities of Rio de Janeiro. And, swap stories about fun family vacations or school/college trips you both might have had.

6. “Do you have a pet?”

It is one of the most important questions you should know because a pet animal tends to be as important and as loved as any other member of her family. She might share adorable incidents of past pets she had or her longing to have one in the future. It is also a good way to find out if she has a phobia from any given animal. It is handy information for future sakes.

5. “What is your dream job?”

You might know the line of career she is pursuing, but it might still be a good idea to ask what her dream job includes. It is a refreshing and happy topic that would give her immense pleasure to talk about. It’s not about the practical choice she is thinking of making to get her to pay the bills, rather, it’s about the profession that gives her a sense of accomplishment and contentment. It also shows that you respect her as an individual capable of anything she puts her mind to.

4. “Which is the worst pick-up line ever to have been aimed at you?”

A refreshing topic that you can both laugh about that will also give you an insight on the kind of cheesy lines she does not get impressed by. You can aim some at her yourself, even if she has already said ‘yes’ to you. It never hurts to show that you aren’t taking her for granted and try to win her over every moment you are with her. That sparkle she will get in her eye, at the cost of being laughed at, will make it all worth it.

3. “Who is your favorite fictional character?”

One of the most vital questions, that you should not under any circumstances, skip out on. Find out if it was Mr. Darcy or Heathcliff; Edward Cullen or Jacob Black; Sherlock Holmes or Christian Grey, that made her heart skip a beat for the first time. If she isn’t much of a reader, inquire about which movies of Leonardo Di Caprio; Ryan Gosling; Johnny Depp; Robert Downey Jr.; Brad Pitt; or Will Smith are her favorites. It is a good way to find out what she likes in a guy and who your ‘imaginary’ competitor is.

2. “Whom do you idolize?”

You might consider the question a bit too vague. But, it will fetch you a lot of information about her philosophy on life. Whose motivational speeches she listens to? Whose inspirational videos she subscribes to? Whose autobiographies adorn her shelves? Whose mottos she tends to chant when life gets hard? Whose code of honour she lives by? The answer might range from a famous president to a pop singer; a human rights’ activist to a successful businessman; a you-tuber to a close relative or someone else altogether. It is a way to decipher the workings of her brain and whether you two mesh well together or not.

1. “What brings out your passionate side?”

The topmost vital question, without which, your date might feel a little incomplete. Get to know of her passions! What she believes in? What makes her believe in something bigger than herself? What brings meaning to her life? What makes the sparkle in her eye burn like a flame?
You get to end your date on a perfect note with this question and have her thinking about you non-stop until the next time you meet.
The only thing to keep in mind, other than these questions, is to never bring up intrusive or heavy topics related to the past. It is, after all, your first date! So, ask sensitive topics that have a positive outlook on life, but are still relatively light. Do not delve into ex-boyfriends or betrayals or deaths that haunt her! Keep it light, keep it happy!

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