Top 15 Latest Teen Fads and Trends

We’re in the year 2017, and with each passing year, there are a number of new trends and fads that envelop teenagers and adolescents. The new “cool” thing to do, wear, or have! Some of these trends continue onto the next year, while most just fade away in a few months. Read this article to see if any of these trends bring back memories, or be a trend setter and start one of these! This is a list of the most trending styles in current fashion.

  1. Tattoos

This is definitely not a new trend. From time immemorial, it has been considered ‘cool’ to get a tattoo. These tattoos have often varied from famous quotes, to an image of something that’s thought of as cool, or simply something that reminds you of a loved one. The newest fad in this age-old trend, is minimalistic tattoos. This is a kind of tattoo in which whatever you want to get is in the subtlest form possible. It is now considered cooler to get one of these as compared to a larger, more intricate design.

  1. Piercings

Whether it’s to be a rebel or look aesthetically appealing, piercings are another trend that is old but gold. Piercings have expanded enormously from simply ear and nose piercings to eyebrow piercings, belly button piercings, septum piercings, tongue piercings, lip piercings, and even nipple piercings. Famous actors and models sporting a number of these instigate teenagers today to follow in their footsteps and similarly pierce themselves.

  1. Selfies

Often considered a form of narcissism and self-obsession, selfies are all the rage among teenagers today. From taking bathroom selfies to selfies in malls and group selfies and bum selfies (“belfies”), the variety of selfies has expanded since its inception in 2015. This obsession of teenagers has reached a level wherein it’s almost impossible for one to go to an event or place, and not take a selfie. Whether it’s a concert or a wedding, this method of photography has now become the coolest way to document what’s happening around.

  1. Joggers

This new pair of pants is a recent trend. It can be worn in multiple ways and at any time. Whether it is going to the gym, doing yoga, or chilling with friends, ‘joggers’ are the new in thing to wear. They are available for birth girls and boys, either plain or printed. They can even be worn with crop tops when going to the mall (for girls) or with muscle tees while hanging with the group (for guys)!

  1. Re-painted Eyebrows

Multiple companies have come up with a way to make teenager girls satisfied with their appearance, specifically their eyebrows. While there have always been ways to add volume, colour, and shape to eyebrows before, now there are ways in which a layer of paint can be added to them to make them look thicker and fuller. This doesn’t require a brush or even paint. There’s an ink that can just be added, and in a way it looks like a semi-permanent tattoo.

  1. Tank Tops/ Crop Tops

Every cool teen who goes to the gym, whether it’s a guy or a girl, owns a number of tank tops aka muscle tees. This is an article of clothing that shows off upper body muscles. Whether its biceps, triceps, or a muscular back, tank tops are the best way to showcase the payoff of working out. While tanks are mostly worn by guys, teenage girls have the alternative crop top. The crop top simply shows off toned midriffs and can be worn in so many ways, to so many places. It is a fashion statement when one wears a crop top to a party. It can be paired with a pair of high-waist jeans, or a skirt. It can be completely casual and worn with shorts, or can be super-athletic and worn with yoga pants, or even joggers! Every fashion-conscious teenage girl owns crop tops, different ones for different occasions.

  1. Feminism

Feminism is a serious matter with political agendas all over the world, and today’s teenagers find it cool to be considered a “feminist”. It is definitely advantageous and positive for women all over that teenagers are now joining the feminist movement and standing up for equal rights for the female gender. There is no other population that can bring about a faster, wider spread of awareness than the young teenage population. So if you’re a teen, aspiring for greatness, stand up for your own rights and for the rights of your counterparts. Even if it isn’t cool in a few years, you would have brought about a good change.

  1. Snapchat

Whether you’re at a party, having lunch with family, or just in your room at 3am, Snapchat is the medium every cool person uses to show their social world. With the app adding a range of filters that do everything from adding features to faces to completely morphing the face itself, Snapchat is a great medium of entertainment. Trophies motivate youngsters to use the app more often and in different ways so they can compete with each other to see who has more trophies or a higher snap score.

  1. Body- positivity

Body positivity is a trend that has gained popularity over a very short period of time. While it was never okay to body shame people for being on the heavier side, it is now also frowned upon to body shame skinny girls. There have been uprisings, mostly by teenagers supporting those of every body type and shape. This teen trend is only amplified by supports shown by celebrities all over the world.

  1. The “Nerd” Look

Earlier, if someone wore big, round glasses, they would be laughed at. Today, it’s cool to wear those same glasses (even if you don’t actually need them!) and wear your hair messily. Pair this with a bunch of books in one hand, a pen in the other, and YOU are the “new cool”. The nerdy look has taken the world by storm and has rocketed geeky looking (attractive) people to fashionistas with their “authentic, nerd vibes”.

  1. Acronyms

Along with LOL and LMFAO, there are now acronyms for everything! TLDR- Too long, didn’t read, HMU- Hit me up, WYD- what you doing, and FOMO- fear of missing out are just a few of the new range of acronyms that are being used not only in text but also in general everyday speech. What is funny is older teens have no idea what half the acronyms used by their younger counterparts even mean!

  1. Social Networking

It doesn’t matter if your picture is already up on Snapchat, it also has to be up on Instagram and Facebook. Maybe even Tumblr and Pinterest. Teenagers communicate more on their social media profiles than they do in real life. Simply tagging friends in relatable posts or memes is more common than sending those texts or long messages telling them how much they are loved or missed. And whether it’s a friendship or relationship, nowadays, every aspect of it is uploaded on social media profiles to gain likes and followers. The more like and followers you have, the cooler and more popular you are considered.

  1. Partying

Partying has always been a trend but now the meaning of it has substantially changed. It has expanded from the traditional alcohol and smoking party. Today, it is a more psychedelic, rave scene with forbidden substances and questionable characters. All the cool kids have one of these at their houses as soon as parents are out of town! There is also the other end of the spectrum, where it’s cool to have sleepovers and pyjama parties with pizza. Take your pick, and throw a party!

  1. Chokers

The trendiest accessory in the market now, is the ‘choker’. Snatched from the 90s fashion era, it has now made the ultimate comeback allowing the rebellious teen persona to manifest itself in a small but prominent way. Chokers range from simple ribbons and strings with a diamond or pearl, to full-fledged metallic ones with faux diamonds.

  1. Memes

The advent of the internet has led to one of the most hated and loved trends in history: memes! Whether you like it or not, memes have flooded the internet. Teenagers often make each other memes that end up going viral and spreading way past school. From ‘bad luck Brian’ to ‘cash me ousside how bow dah’, the meme revolution has exploded and grown to phenomenal proportions. They are used extensively everywhere, all the time!

This list hopefully gave you insights into existing trends and maybe even made you want to start a trend soon! Let us know in the comments what you think is the latest trend being followed by teens today. Hope you had fun reading!

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