Top 15 Most Famous Lighthouse in the World

Located near the seashore on the top of the hills, lighthouses are used as a guiding light for the Mariners and sea-travelers. But there has always been something captivating about these structures, be it the location, the natural vibes, the atmosphere, it always draws us towards them. Lighthouses have been used since many centuries for the navigational purpose that directs the sailor as well as the aerial navigators.

Apart from its uses on the coastlines they are also an attraction for the people and have become tourist spots in itself. It is very hard to differentiate one from the other as each has its own functionality, height, purpose, etc. But we can select a few on the basis of how famous they are. There are many stunning lighthouses over the globe and we wanted to bring you the best of the best. So, here is our list of 15 famous lighthouses in the world.

1. Kullen lighthouse

One of the most famous places in Sweden and also Scandinavia this lighthouse is located on the hills of the southwestern coast of Sweden. Every year it draws a huge number of tourists. It depicts the look of a castle. Apart from tourist activities it also helps with the navigation as it can be seen by the mariners and sailors from the distance far away.

2. Les Eclaireurs lighthouse

This lighthouse is one sight to behold.  Les Eclaireurs is located on a small island in Argentina 9.3 km to the east of Ushuaia city. This city is described as a southernmost city in the world and thus this lighthouse is also known as ‘The lighthouse at the end of the world.’ It was built in 1920 and is shaped conically. It stands high at 33 feet and is made entirely of bricks with red and white painted walls. A very popular tourist destination, Les Eclaireurs lighthouse can be reached via a small boat ride from nearest city Ushuaia.

3. Portland Head lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses to be featured on our list. It was built in 1791 in the Portland Harbour of Cape Elizabeth in Maine. There have been alterations in the lighthouse over the years but the original structure still remains the same. Earlier the beacon was lighted with the help of whale oil now the light station has been automated and is maintained by U.S coast guard. Over the years it has grown into a top tourist destination in Maine.

4. Jeddah lighthouse

In 1990, Jeddah lighthouse became the tallest lighthouse in the world with 436 feet in height. It is located at the entrance of Jeddah seaport in Saudi Arabia. It can navigate the ships as far as 40 km away from the dangerous coral reefs on the shore. The lighthouse has been built with a unique cylindrical structure and is particularly mesmerizing during sunset.

5. Enoshima lighthouse

Enoshima lighthouse is famous around the world for its beautiful lightings. This lighthouse is lighted depending on the time of the year. Yes, this is true! In winter the lighthouse is lighted purple, in spring, a pale pink, in autumn, Enoshima is yellowy orange and in summer it is lighted bright blue. It is located in Enoshima city of Japan and is one of the modern lighthouses to be on this list. It was built in 2009 and visitors are allowed to roam in the 100 meters vicinity of this lighthouse. Autumn and winter are the best time to visit as the Mount Fiji will be visible from the distance.

6. Bell Rock lighthouse

Bell rock lighthouse is located in Scotland and is built at 11 miles away from the shores. This lighthouse is often depicted as the seven wonders of the industrial world and stands tall at 35 meters in height. This lighthouse connects with the signal tower located on the land. It is famous for its construction because even though it is located in the sea there is no masonry work required to date.

7. Peggy’s Cove lighthouse

This is perhaps the most famous lighthouse in Canada. Located in the Nova Scotia region of Canada, Peggy’s Cove was first lit in 1915. The lighthouse has always been a sight to behold due to its structure located on the massive rocks with waves from the sea crashing against it. It also marks the entrance to St. Margaret’s Bay. Earlier the lighthouse was made out of wooden structure but was completely replaced and automated due to Hurricane in 1954.

8. Lindau lighthouse

Lindau lighthouse is located on the Lake Constance, Lindau in the southernmost region of Germany. The lighthouse was built in 1856 and is one of the unique structures due to a clock on the top of it which is visible from the city. The lighthouse has been automated since the 1990s after been running on electricity. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations and provides the information on the city’s shipping nature and the local nature surrounding the city.

9. Marjaniemi lighthouse

From Germany, we move on to the other European country of Finland. Marjaniemi lighthouse is a major source for navigational aid and is open to tourists only during July and August. Tourists are being taken to 110 steps of this lighthouse till the summit, where they are entertained with the history and workings of the lighthouse.

10. Cape Hatteras lighthouse

Cape Hatteras lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States. Standing at around 200 feet this lighthouse is located on the Hatteras Island in North Carolina. It is said that 1.25 million bricks were used during the construction of this lighthouse in 1870. The structure lights up every seven seconds and is a sight to behold for the tourists around the globe.

11. Mouro Island lighthouse

This lighthouse is located in the small Mouro islands of Santander in Spain. With a height of 128 feet above sea level, this lighthouse is situated at the bay of Santander where the waves are very rough due to the frequent storms. It is installed with a torch which is visible from seven miles and flashing white light every 17 seconds.

12. Punta Penna lighthouse

One of the most visited lighthouses in Italy is this 307 step spiral staircase lighthouse located in the port of Vasto is Punta Penna lighthouse. Despite undergoing much construction works this lighthouse is still operational. Compared to other lighthouses, this one has a base of a two-storey house which makes it a unique place to visit.

13. Start Point lighthouse

Visiting this lighthouse will make you remind of those beautiful scenes of roads and natural beauty surrounding it with a lighthouse appearing in the end. This lighthouse is famous for its construction with beautiful gothic elements and a cantilevered granite staircase inside of it. This lighthouse is located in Kingsbridge, England and is open to visit during summer.

14. Hook head lighthouse

This structure is believed to be standing up for around 800 years and is thus one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. It is been sitting on the top of Hook Peninsula in County Wexford, Ireland. This is one of the top tourist destinations in Ireland and is fully automated and operational since 1996. You can also enjoy a stunning view of nature by climbing 115 steps to the top of this lighthouse.

15. Slettness lighthouse

The last lighthouse on our list is Slettness lighthouse located in the small country of Norway. This lighthouse is said to be the northernmost lighthouse in Europe, also marking the top of Europe. It was rebuilt after it was heavily damaged in the Second World War.

Lighthouse has always been a fascination to humans and this will only continue. Do tell us about your favorite lighthouse among these 15 in the comment section below.

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