Top 15 Natural Tips For Preventing Hair Fall

You wake up, it’s a beautiful day. You get ready for work in good spirits, and that’s when you notice it. Your hair strands strewn all across your floor after you’ve brushed your hair. Your happiness takes a nosedive within seconds, and you’re left wondering how to control your hair fall. Fret not, because we have come to your rescue with these tips which will help prevent your hair from falling, and some tips may even encourage its growth!

1. Clean Your Hair Regularly

clean hair

The first tip to preventing hair fall is to make sure you’re keeping your hair clean. You need not wash your hair every day, but make sure that you wash it at regular intervals (preferably every two days) to make sure that your hair is not becoming a haven for all the dust from the road! Use a good-quality shampoo for washing your hair, and focus more on the scalp and roots of your hair.

2. Cover Your Hair

cover hair

Yes, those fabulous scarves which are on sale can help you prevent hair fall. All you need to do is use those scarves to cover your hair whenever you’re out on a drive or when your hair is exposed to the sun. Covering your hair helps prevent it from getting exposed to the dust outside and helps to keep it clean.

3. Eat Healthy

eat healthy

Another great tip to prevent hair fall and encourage hair growth is to eat healthy foods which are good for your hair. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and follow a diet which has a lot of protein, since hair is basically made of proteins and can encourage hair growth. You can drink a glass of Gooseberry (amla) juice every morning to help cure hair fall from the inside.

4. Free That Hair!

free hair

That intricate hairstyle may look amazing on you, but for the sake of your hair please do not pull your hair while doing these styles. Even a simple ponytail may be harmful if you pull your hair too tight into the band. If you pull hair from the root, it may just stop growing. Keep your hair loose, and see the difference within weeks!

5. Do NOT Blow Dry

Woman blow drying hair in bath towel

Woman blow drying hair in bath towel

We get that you’re late for your office meeting but blow-drying your hair is one of the main reasons your hair is falling so much. It damages the hair follicle at the root, and will reduce the volume of the hair. Either skip blow-drying completely, or go for one with a lower heat setting so your hair doesn’t get damaged too much.

6. Less Straightening or Curling


Many men and women style their hair by straightening it or curling it, which uses heat. This heat will dry your scalp, making your hair much thinner and causing you to lose hair volume. Skip on the straightening or curling on a daily basis, and keep it only for special occasions when you can show off your hair with thicker volume!

7. Massage Your Hair


Studies have shown that massaging your scalp can help in hair growth and prevent hair fall. The massage relaxes you and helps in better blood circulation to your head. This will help your hair follicles, which in turn helps in hair growth. You can use essential oils while massaging for better results!

8. Treating Your Hair To Hot Oil Massages

hot oil

Use any hair oil like coconut hair oil or neem oil to massage your hair. Heat these up for about five minutes until it’s warm (just warm, not too hot or it’ll BURN) and apply it gently to the hair and massage it. Do this routine every time before you wash your hair, and wash the oil off with shampoo.

9. Use Green Tea

green tea

Antioxidants in Green tea help a lot in preventing hair fall. You can either ingest it directly or put the green tea mixture on your scalp for a while before you wash your hair. It also promotes hair growth.

Advantage- Green tea can make you lose weight as well! Two birds with one stone!

10. Exercise More


Studies have shown that a lazy lifestyle can end up in hair loss due to less blood circulation. Keep your body active through simple activities like walking, taking the stairs, jogging from time to time. The increased body activity prevents hair fall from the inside and also keeps your entire body healthy.

11. Stop Stressing Out!


You don’t have to literally pull your hair out in order to lose hair when you’re stressed out. Stress or tension has a negative effect on your health both on the inside and on the outside. Take a meditation or yoga class in order to keep your mind calm and healthy, and your hair fall will be gone within days!

12. Don’t Colour Hair Frequently


Another means to preventing excess hairfall is to avoid frequently coloring your hair. Yes, we get that you want to hide those stupid grey hairs or you want to experiment with purple, but avoid going overboard with it. Maintaing hair colour is difficult, and more often than not it causes hairfall due to its bleaching process.

13. Get Rid of Dandruff

Woman having a bad hair day

One of the most irritating causes of hair fall is dandruff. It is completely possible to get rid of both of them together. You can add some lemon juice to the water and rinse your hair with it after applying shampoo. Lemon is a very effective method for getting rid of dandruff, and once that is gone, your hair fall stops too!

14. Don’t Comb Hair When It’s Wet

combing wet hair

One of the worst mistakes you can make is doing anything to your hair when it’s wet- be it combing, straightening, blow-drying or curling. Wet hair is extremely fragile and when you comb your hair in that condition, it will break away very easily. Also, striaghtening or curling hair when it’s wet can lead to severw damage of the hair and it’ll become brittle and fall off.

15. Drink Water Regularly


Drinking water has many, many benefits and we don’t drink water as often as we should. Water can help you flush out toxins in your body and make your body better from the inside. Drinking water regularly will make a huge difference to your health and can stop hair fall before it even starts.

Always remember, prevention is better than cure. So if your hair folliciles are beginning to go crazy, do not ignore it. Follow these tips and also use some home remedies to prevent hair fall and cure it. And after a while, you will see the difference. Your hair will appear longer, thicker and make you look absolutely fabulous!

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