Top 15 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Come February and the air is inevitably filled with love and romance. You may hate it or you may love it. But you certainly cannot ignore it. The all pervasive scent of amorous relationships in the atmosphere makes the month the most lovable one for many of us. Call us old fashioned, but spending an entire day celebrating your love and pampering your beloved is an idea too good to be ignored. With Valentine’s Day, we get to solidify our commitment and that too, in a legitimate way. You need not go overboard with the celebrations and thereby, avoid having pocket full of holes. With right intention and effort, you can stretch the smile of your partner from merely lips to the eyes. After all, it is the gesture that matters. The gorgeous location for a date and the beautiful outfit that you choose to adorn, all seem a bit too incomplete without a customary and loving gift. The situation gets all the more hectic if your beloved is a man! The options seem to stop at wallet, belt and shirt. Well, fret not as we move beyond the boring gift ideas to utterly romantic ones to add that sparkle to your already fantastic relationship.

15. Scrapbook of Love


Nothing screams love more than any item that you have made yourself. The good old scrapbook is certainly the most popular one. You just need to add some pretty pictures to rekindle those memories and maybe write some touching quotes against them. Add a dash of creative confetti and voila! Your personal book of love is ready.

14. Wear your love with couple T-shirts

couple tshirt

Call it cheesy if you may, but couple t-shirts are just adorable! Imagine having those cutesy tees which you just see in mushy rom-coms. They give you a sense of togetherness and are great fun to wear together for a date or any random outing.

13. DIY Card

diy card

If you cannot, for some reason, come up with a huge scrapbook or do not have that many pictures, then the classic card can be your pick. You just need a few colourful sheets, pen down your feelings on it and add a tinge of sparkle to give it that dewy glow of romance. You can find numerous tutorials on YouTube for the same.

12. Grooming Kit

grooming kit

We all love our men well-groomed and that is a fact. Beard or no beard, a certain level of cleanliness is something which is never a topic of debate. It is a huge turn on and so, on this Valentine’s Day, you may add to your guy’s personal grooming kit by gifting him some really nice products. This shows that you care for them and know their needs.

11. Bake!


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they say. Though we feel that is true for every human and not just men, the point remains we all love food! And in that, desserts just steal the show, hands down. So, don that chef hat and get down to the baking business. You can bake cookies, cake, cupcakes, whatever you want. Decorate them beautifully and leave a little note on top of its packaging. And watch the love of your life go weak in the knees.

10. Intelligence is sexy


A good book can always do wonders, if nothing else works. Books are a person’s best friend and that has stayed the truth for centuries now. They will not only amplify the momentous joy of the V-Day, they would also aid their intellectual growth which is going to stay for ever with them in their lifetime. Intelligence is super sexy, and there is no better way to gain that other than reading a book.

9. Movie Night

movie night

Going out to a cinema hall to watch a movie is something which is not only too common, but also it deprives you of a space where you can enjoy each other’s company and have beautiful private moments. However, there is one way in which you can have the best of both worlds. Have a movie night within the cozy confines of your home. Snuggle each other warmly, have your all time favourite romantic play on the laptop or TV and enjoy a night of bliss!

8. Frame it forever

frame it forever

Move over the boring personalised mugs, personalised frames are here! You just need to have a nice photo frame, preferably with wide frame and a photograph that is your favourite. Obviously, since we are talking about personalisation, we mean next level DIY. Bring out all the ribbons, craft paper, tit-bits of confetti and many more things that you have and put them all over your frame. Don’t forget to add a tag that reads ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ on the frame!

7. Elaborate Dinner

elaborate dinner

Now, cooking a full fledged 3/5/7 course meal is an absolutely different ball game than baking. We are not talking about ready-to-eat meals which have their own charm we agree, but on the day which demands elaborate things, it is only fair if we stick to the rules of the game. Get inside the kitchen and prepare a lavish meal for your man. Italian, Mughlai, Thai, whatever is his favourite. Do not worry if you are an absolute novice when it comes to cooking, there are plenty cookery shows and books available both online and in print which you can refer. Moreover, it is the effort that matters.

6. Classic Chocolates

classic chocolates

What is a Valentine’s Day without chocolates? The answer is nothing. Chocolates are the utmost customary things without which, the V-Day almost seems incomplete. You may buy his favourite chocolates or make some yourself. Dark chocolate always adds that seductive charm, we all know. Chocolates are classic and classics never fail. Remember chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

5. Fall in Wine

fall in wine

How can one not fall in love even more if they are accompanied by a fine wine? A bottle of red wine or white wine always brings in that element of jazzy romance which gives us such warm and fuzzies. Set up a table in a dimly lit surroundings, lay out scrumptious food and bring out that bottle of wine and see it do its magic.

4. Boxers Love

boxer love

The internet is flooded with super cute boxers for men. Be it cartoon characters or DC/Marvel collection or some funky pop wear, there is a huge variety that the world of interweb has in store for you, when it comes to buying boxers. They will also prove to be a not-so-subtle hint for your partner of impending moments of love and romance.

3. Good ol’ flowers

good ol flowers

If somebody says you don’t give flowers to boys, just ignore them! Flowers do not come up with the phrase ‘For vaginas only’ written over them. It is us human beings who associate them with fragility and women too with the same, and thereby, keep flowers as a females-only gift option. However, reality could not be farther from this social construct. Flowers are beautiful. Men also like beautiful things. It is as simple as that. Get your partner a rose or a daisy, doesn’t matter as long as you keep their choice in mind.

2. Love in a jar

love jar

If you are broke in the middle of the month, then you will surely love this one. All you need is the regular mason jar which you can easily find in your kitchen or at the nearest crockery store and some pen and paper. Write 101 qualities of your beloved which you absolutely adore on chits of paper and put them inside the jar. Put a label on the outer wall of the jar that reads ‘101 Reasons Why I love you’. You may use this idea in some different ways, too. Use different colours of paper, different themes, and so on. The permutation-combinations are unlimited. You may add fairy lights inside the jar which would just make it look like the work of an angel.

  1. Long Drive Surprise

long drive

Ask him to get in the car and drive away to some beautiful picturesque location. A couple that travels together stays together. The impromptu nature of this long drive/ trip would certainly excite your beloved and swipe him off his feet completely. Make sure that you have made proper arrangements about the stay and food. You do not want to get stuck with logistical issues when you should be embracing each other’s presence in your lives.

Valentine’s Day just adds to the romance in your life and gives you another day other than your anniversary to celebrate your love unabashedly. Though we totally suggest that every day should be a celebration of love and it is, but you can always have a special day when you can go out of your way and dedicate it to that someone special.

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