Top 15 Superpowers you Wish you had

To leave in a dream world is everyone’s ultimate desire, just like how Alice wanted to leave in her wonderland to find answers for her questions. For us, it might not be the search for answers, but we would definitely want to gather some happiness, joy and relief from daily stressful life by imagining a different world with superpowers. As the science and technology is advancing, this fantasy and science fiction seems more and more like a reality life and we enjoy our self being a part of it. And that’s the reason we don’t like to miss our superheroes movies and always crave to have a life like them and wish to have all their powers.
Scientists says imagination is the best way to exercise your brain and keep it active. Imagination is the ability of creating new ideas or objects which are not present in real world. Researches have proved that this power of imagination has many positive effect on human body and mind. In developing children it teaches them how to communicate with other people, promoting their social skills. It also builds the power of self-endurance and fearlessness when we see our heroes fighting against villains and protecting the world. Therefore we should be thankful to Martin Goodman for creating the marvels like Iron man, Spider man, Hulk, X man, Thor and many more who gave us the inspiration for our dreams and helped to connect with them to fulfill our desires.

So what are you waiting for? Go and gather some of these superpowers to make your life little magical and super exciting just like me.

Here are the few magical superpowers I wished I had if I get the opportunity to select.

15)  Echolocation


Everyone at some point of their life think “I wished I had a power of sensing objects around me”. This powerful ability to detect the presence of any object in your surrounding by simply sensing their echoes or wipes just like bat is known as echolocation. Imagine having this power will make it so simple, even you close your eyes you can see everything around you. This defensive power would definitely help you to escape any kind of danger and keep you safe.


14)  Omnilingualism

The major problem to connect with people in different parts of countries is that you don’t know their language. Assume you have the power of omnilingualism, and you know all languages. Omnilingualism is the ability to learn, speak, read and understand any language without getting training in it. So next time you travel to different place you don’t have to bother about their language. Just take this power along with you and communicate with them without any tension.

13)  Understanding animal behaviour and talking to them

I wished I had a power to understand animal behaviour and talk to them. This would sort out so many of their problems and stop cruelty towards them. I am a big animal lover and I know how much satisfaction one would get if we get the opportunity to share our views and experience with them and simultaneously listen to them too. So definitely having such superpower which allows me to talk to animals would give me relief and extreme happiness.

12)  Healing power


Visualize you had this super power of healing your wounds, cuts and other injuries and get rid of cough, throat infection and cold during winters which spoils your day and make you ill. If you get such power, you would never sit at home sacrificing your school trip, parties, weddings or office outings and would definitely get rid of those bitter medicines. Of course, if you could get chance to heal so many dangerous disease which are spreading in these world taking thousands of lives every day such as cancers, tuberculosis, HIV etc. you would be grateful to almighty to be blessed with such super power.


11)  Precognition


Precognition, the power to predict the future would be one of the supreme power to possess. Everyone would love to know what will happen in future which will make their life happy and stress free. Having this power of precognition can help you to know all your future events and you could escape dangers that will harm you and your beloved ones. More than enjoyment, this would be a defensive power.


10)  Invisibility


Remember the famous invisibility cloak in Harry Potter’s movies. That was just awesome. I know every one of us must have always wonder what if we have this magical power to become invisible whenever we want. So that we can just disappear when our class teachers shouting at us or when our boss is searching for us to make us wait after office hours. And most important it would be a so convenient for spying on your partner when you think they cheating on you. That would be so incredible.


9)  Time travel


I know every person wants to change their past for some or other reason and eager to know what will happen in future after they die. Imagine you had this time machine like what we see in many Hollywood movies, so that you can travel in your past and future. So being able to travel in past means you would never regrets for doing any mistakes because you would have a second chance.


8)  Superhuman endurance

Every person always desire to have this extraordinary superhuman power so that they can finish their daily tasks like completing the school or office projects before the deadline, cleaning the messy house in just few minutes, climbing on top of the mountain and most important clearing your difficult subjects with flying grades without getting tired. That’s really sounds good, isn’t it?

7)  Time manipulation

time manipulation

Imagine if you could ever turn back the clock with the power of time manipulation so that you can erase all your unhappy, painful and embarrassed moments from memory which otherwise gives you extreme pain and stress when you remember them. This power of time manipulation would be just unbelievable.


6)  Night vision

It would be so great, if you get the power to see everything at night. You would never bang on doors or fall down hurting yourself when you suddenly get up in mid of your sleep. And this would be so convenient for night readers to read their favourite book or novel without disturbing their room partner. And most important you will so fearless and would never get scared to stay alone in dark.

5)  Mind control

mind control

Reading someone’s mind and having control…sounds so good, right?

You would feel so powerful to control minds of others especially of your boss, who always think in other direction from you. Similarly every parent would wish to have this super power to have control over their children and protect them harmful situations. This power will allow you also to win so many hearts without having any grudges. Don’t you think so? Certainly yes, this will make life so easy and happy without any fights and quarrels


4)  Flying

It’s everyone desire to fly high in sky like a free bird. When we see lovely birds opening their wings and flying on top of the world, we wish we could do the same. Every kid has a desire to fly like superman and batman and some or other time they try to do this by jumping from sofa or table. But it’s not so easy to fly until you have this super power of flying. So imagine, if anyone gets this wonderful power you would be so cheerful and full of life. It would be just ultimate super power which will make you feel like a free bird and you could fly so high from all worries and stress and most importantly escaping the traffic jams in busy cities.

3)  Superhuman intelligence

I know everyone wish to acquire the power of intelligence like that of Albert Einstein, which will help in solving the difficult mathematic problems or puzzles. But unfortunately everybody is not blessed with such brainpower. So what are you waiting for? Get these superpower and beat anyone in quiz competition, exams, and puzzles and show how intelligent you are.

2)  Superhuman speed

supwerhuman endurance

If you possess this power, I know you would never like to sit at one place. You would love to love behind your enemies to make their life miserable. And of course, you would love to travel all over the world in no time to fulfil your another wish to see different places in world without spending money or time on transport vehicles.

1) Immortality

Immortality, the most superlative power every human desire to possess.  We all crave for an immortal life so that we would never separate from our close and dear ones and always cherish the beautiful moments with them ever. And most important if you have the power of immortality, you can enjoy all the other superpowers listed above.

So after reading this article, I am sure you would be lost in your thoughts and dream world imagining which superpowers are your favourites and what you would do if you happen to get them? So next time when you are lonely and depressed, just close your eyes and connect to the outer world and imagine you having all these super powers. This is the best way to relax your mind and make you happy.

Keep Dreaming, and Stay Happy!

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