Top 15 Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

Most romantic movies follow the same pattern- Boy meets girl, boy chases girl, girl likes boy, boy and girl get together. But the story which comes after is equally important. The smart guys know that it is not just important to woo the girl, it’s all about keeping the girl happy. Relationships are fun, but you need to put in an extra effort to maintain the spark, even after many years of being together. Men think that impressing their girlfriend requires a lot of work, while in fact, it is the little things that matter. We’ve compiled a list of the little things that you can do to keep her happy and impress her with how good of a boyfriend you are.

15. Listen To Her


This is a no-brainer, really. In every relationship, listening is a deal breaker. When your girl is talking to you about something, give your full attention to her and even ask her questions in the middle to let her know that you are listening. The topic could be completely random, but know that she is only telling it to you because she wants to talk to you. If you don’t listen, she will not feel like telling you anything since she will feel like she ‘bores’ you. Keep the ears open, and don’t let your mind wander off.

14. Be Supportive Of Her


Let your girl know every now and then that you’re supportive of her goals and dreams. If she wants to go down a particular career path but is unsure of her capabilities, boost her confidence and make sure she knows that she has your full support. Knowing that she has you no matter what will keep her happy and she will love you more for it.

13. Be Honest

being honest

While little fibs are okay from time to time, you need to be honest about everything with your girl. Honesty and trust are the foundations of every good relationship, and it’s important to not break that trust since it is very difficult to mend that. Being honest shows that she can trust you, and when she does that, she will be happy and impressed with you.

12. Tell Her You Trust Her


When your girl truly loves you, you don’t need to worry about who likes her. Many guys have insecurity issues and stop their girl from talking to anyone who claims to like her, and this injects negative possession vibes into the relationship. A good way to mend this is to let her know that you trust her. Your girl will definitely let the other guys know that they’re wasting their time because she is already with the best guy in the world.

11. Do Her Favourite Things With Her


A nice way to impress your girl is to take an interest in her favourite things. It could be a hobby like dance, or you could watch her favourite shows with her or listen to her favourite music. In any case, it shows that you’re interested in her life and want to share it with her. And who knows? You both might end up having a new favourite hobby to do together, or a show that you both love.

10. Give Her Attention


It’s just in our nature- human beings love to be in the spotlight. So if you want to impress your girl, shower her with loads of attention. Take her on dates without any occasion, send her a cute message about how much she means to you or how happy she makes you. She will love the gestures and love you for treating her like she’s the most important girl in her life.

9. Dress Smart


Dressing smart is one of the best ways to impress any girl. While you don’t have to groom yourself every 5 minutes, it’s better to look more suave rather than looking like you got out of bed 5 minutes ago and haven’t shaved in a month. Dress more like a man and less like a boy. The maturity in your dressing sense will definitely score you brownie points.

8. Give Her Compliments

Funny couple laughing with a white perfect smile and looking each other outdoors with unfocused background

An age-old technique to impress a woman is to give her tons of compliments. You need to appreciate her, but at the same time, don’t overdo it. If you compliment her every minute she will lose the value of the compliment. Strike the perfect balance. Tell her she looks beautiful even without makeup, or when she’s having a bad hair day. It will improve her confidence and she will be more impressed with you.

7. Be Confident


Confidence is definitely one of the best measures to impress your girlfriend. Show your girl that you can be confident of yourself, and you will automatically become ten times more attractive to her. Women love the confidence trait in a man since it gives her that primitive instinct that you can protect her. Any woman will love a man who is confident rather than one who is insecure of himself. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll come off as cocky.

6. Ask Her How Her Day Was


This may seem simple to you, but like we told you at the start, the little things matter. Even a simple ‘How was your day’ will impress her since she will feel like you genuinely want to know everything about her. She will be impressed and she will feel more comfortable telling you everything about her life.

5. Ignore The Phone When You’re Around Her


This rule applies to everyone from the first date till the days of the relationship- do not use your phone when she’s talking to you. Only attend important calls, and keep the phone at bay for the rest of the time. You do not want to be on the receiving end of an argument where she claims memes are more important for you than she is. When your phone keeps buzzing with many people messaging you but you talk to her instead, it shows her that she is important for you and she will be impressed with that fact.

4. Be A Gentleman


Always be a gentleman around your girlfriend. Open doors for her, pull out the chair for her, respect her and treat her like a lady. This is an age-old measure to impress any girl since a gentleman is extremely attractive and she will love you for pampering her.

3. Leave Little Notes For Her


A nice and unique way to impress your girlfriend is to leave cute little notes for her to read. The notes could be about anything, like how she’s very beautiful or how you love the two of you together. The effort you take in these small (literally) things, will show her that you’re making the effort to keep her around even after getting the girl.

2. Bring Her Chocolates Or Flowers


Pamper your girl with flowers or chocolates every now and then. Every girl likes flowers, even if she claims to be not so cheesy. And chocolate or pizza will definitely score you brownie points. Food is the way to a girl’s heart too. *wink wink*.

1. Take Her Out On Unique Dates


Don’t just stick to the old dinner and a movie cliche. Take your girl out on unique dates like building a cushion fort at home and watching a movie, go on a wine-tasting tour with her, take a long road trip with no destination, or go camping under the stars. Making the effort to bring something unique into your relationship will definitely impress her.


These are just a few of our tips, you can think of a million more personal ways to impress your girl. After all, since she is already yours and she loves you, any effort that you take to keep her happy will impress her beyond words. She will do the same for you, and you two can be happy even when you’re many years down the road.

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