Top 15 Women Essentials list

“The challenge is not to be perfect…it’s to be whole.” – Jane Fonda

Ladies listen up! The idea is not to beautify you but to make you whole. Therefore this is not a cosmetic list, instead it is a list of items that are essential to a woman. You never forget to carry your eye liner and your lipstick in your handbag but you always forget to carry the things you actually require. So that you don’t have to cry next time, I have put together a list of essentials that you can check before leaving your house. In fact don’t remove these from your bag at all; they won’t eat up your bag space. They are small and easy to carry. Consider them part of your contingency against an unforeseen mishap.

Below is the list of top 15 women essentials:-

15. Safety Pins


A safety pin almost always comes in handy. You never know when you’re going to pop out a button from your shirt, ruin a zip or even break the strap of your sandal. A safety pin will get you through miserable times like these. I remember this one time when my flip flops broke down in the Delhi metro. This lady in the women’s coach was considerate enough to give me a safety pin which got me through the rest of my journey without getting embarrassed or buying another pair of shoes or flip flops unnecessarily.

14. Band-Aids


You are human and yes you could get hurt at any point. Haven’t you heard of paper cuts? Ouch they hurt like crazy but need nothing more than a band aid. You don’t need to carry a cumbersome first aid kit. You can also put a band aid temporarily over your wound after washing it. So women don’t forget to carry this feather weight lifesaver.

13. Earrings caps


Now you certainly do not wish to misplace your earrings along with the caps you just lost. And ladies you never know when you might lose the back of your earrings. Locating your earrings is much easier than finding the back of it. You are especially prone to losing caps while trying on clothes in the changing room of clothing stores.

12. Wet tissue


Tissues will never grow old. We all know that wet wipes can help us cleanse our face. But besides fighting pollution we can also fight stains with wet wipes. Yeah you no longer need to behave like a lad. By carrying wet tissues, you can surrender yourself to the glutton inside of you. All you need to do is wipe that ketchup off your clothes for now and wash it later at home.

11. USB


A pen drive not only makes your bag lighter it also makes chores easier. This makes life so much easier not just for the working ladies but also for students who might require documents at any time in the day.

10. Wallet


A wallet is a must have. It keeps your money in place and your cards organised. While making a payment, you don’t want to go through the hassle of looking all over in your bag searching for change or a card.

9. A snack or a chocolate bar


Ever been caught up with some work without having anything to bite into? Always put in a snack be it a chocolate or a small packet of biscuits that could mitigate your hunger when you don’t have the time to get something concrete to eat.

8. Your charger and a portable charger


This might seem like a torture at first but it can get even more torturous when your phone is out of battery and you are doing something really important. Besides a phone is required in case of any emergency and also for safety reasons.

7. Sun screen


Make your sun screen should be your best friend. Pick up a sun screen that suits your environment and your skin tone. You have no idea how pollution and the sun is harming your face at all times. So carry a sun screen to screen your face from the aforementioned throughout the day. You might not be aware that sun screen prevents premature aging and lowers skin cancer risks.

6. Lip Balm


A lip balm does away with chapped lips and gives it a natural shine. Don’t use a lipstick, or lip colour on your lips, just smear some lips. It’s not only safer but also helps hydrate your skin. And it is also available in several shades. The next time you pout for a selfie, take that lip balm out of your bag with style and slide it across your lips.

5. Hand Sanitizer


Hand Sanitizers are not only for cleanliness freaks; they are for everyone. Nobody likes to get their hands dirty, but sadly they do. A hand sanitiser is precisely what will fix those filthy hands of yours.

4. Chewing Gum

Beautiful girl taking pink chewing gum

We all tend to get sleepy but we can’t afford to take a quick nap at work or while travelling in a public transport. I remember one time when I was travelling back home, and missed my station because I fell off to sleep. In times like these you just need to pop in a chewing gum. Not only does it freshen your breath, it also wakes you up when you’re needed to stay wide awake.

3. Hair rubber bands


Poeple with long hair can’t do without it. Rubber band are easy to get misplaced, so you don’t want to feel helpless when you have lost one. You especially can’t do without it when you’re perspiring. Your hair could also distract you from completing an important chore. In this case as well, you would like to tie up your hair in a ponytail or a bun. My rubber band is pretty loose, so you’ll always find it around my wrist. And you’ll definitely find another one in my handbag just in case I lose the other one.

2. Sanitary Napkins


Every woman needs a sanitary towel in times of emergency. You may be pretty confident about your cycles but your body isn’t. Plus you never know, you might help another one of your friends who is probably not carrying any.

1. Diary and pen


“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”
― Anne Frank

Writing solves many problems. Not only does it help you vent out but it also protects you in times of emergency. If for instance your phone breaks down, the only thing you could resort to is your diary. Make sure you have jotted down all the numbers of your emergency contacts. This way you’ll be able to stay calm even in an adverse situation.


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