Top 16 Benefits and Uses of Wheat Germ Oil

Common people have always been looking for a single solution to multiple problems, through natural ways. Today, in this busy world, it is impossible to take dedicated medicines for every problem you have. Therefore, a comprehensive solution is needed, which can solve various problems at once. Wheat Germ Oil is one such instance of a solution. Extracted from the kernel of the wheat grains, wheat germ oil is rich in Vitamin E, folic acid, and many minerals which are very important for a human body to function normally. With a high nutritional value, wheat germ oil can abolish many problems from our body. Scientists say that other vegetable, oil, and grain only contains about 25% of the total nutritional value of Wheat germ oil. Wondering how it may be of help to you? Here is the list of top 16 benefits and uses of Wheat Germ Oil.

16.Prevention of Cancer

There has been an absurd growth of cancer all over the world since the last decade, and still, there is no valid solution for it. Cancer is caused by the abnormal growth of the cancerous cell, and therefore, stopping the growth of the cancerous cells, may lead to the prevention of cancer. This is exactly what the wheat germ oil does. Wheat germ oil is a great antioxidant and reduces the free radicals, which transforms the normal cells into cancerous cells. Reduction of the free radical from the body prevents cancer effectively. People who have been diagnosed with cancer may also use wheat germ oil as a prevention from future repercussions.

15.Reduction of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the main reasons of Heart Diseases. Today, eating of Junk food has increased, which in turn increases bad cholesterol in Human body. Bad cholesterol or LDL, is one of the primary cause of heart blockage. Wheat germ oil reduces the bad cholesterol in the body, by enhancing the blood circulation. In fact, many scientists say that reduction of LDL in the body, may lead up to 70% decrease in the chances of Heart diseases. Eat junk food, whenever you like, but never forget the Wheat germ oil.

14.Tissue Repair

Being rich in Vitamin B, and other important minerals, Wheat germ oil helps in regenerating of wear tissues and protects tissue from damage. It also helps in the growth of new tissue and cell, which is extremely important to children.

13.Energy Booster

Today, people have to work very hard in their workplaces. At the end of the day, it stresses and takes out all the energy in them. Wheat germ oil is a great energy booster and helps in boosting energy after a long day of work so that you feel rejuvenated again. A sports person also needs increased stamina and energy, which can be provided by Wheat germ oil. A saturated alcohol named octacosanol makes this possible. It increases the muscle strength and energy and provides extra oxygen while exercising.

12.Stimulation of Nervous System

Rich of omega-3 fatty acids, Wheat germ oil is a great stimulator of Nervous System. The vitamin B de-stresses your body. The Wheat germ oil has got an overall rejuvenating power. Whenever you are feeling down, taking this oil will help you, in improving your mood, and will make you feel happy. A sense of relaxation and peacefulness will dawn upon you.

11.Protects your Baby

Applying this oil while women are pregnant, may help in delivering a healthy baby. The Wheat germ oil also avoids inability and miscarriages. Women used this oil in the time of pregnancy to avoid all birth-related problems. There are many birth related complications which arise in the time of pregnancy, and this can be the one stop solution for the problems. Since the Wheat germ oil is rich in Vitamin E, it helps in building red blood cells in the body.

10.Reduces Fat

Obesity is a growing problem nowadays, and consuming more and more junk food can be held punishable for that. Wheat germ oil is great for reducing fat, in specific parts of the body. Reducing fat, by means of natural processes, takes time, and therefore, you can’t expect to reduce fat in a fortnight. Wheat germ oil has to be used regularly, to get results. It has been considered a very effective tool for weight reduction.

9.Blood Sugar

Wheat germ oil can indeed be termed as a “Miracle Oil”. This gem of an oil controls the blood sugar level. Wheat germ oil contains magnesium, which is great for controlling blood sugar levels. Because it can control the blood sugar level effectively, it also reduces the possibility of Diabetes. Natural ways may take time, but it will surely work.

8.Healthy Life

To lead a healthy life, Wheat germ oil is a great alternative to medicines. Integrating Wheat germ oil as an important part of your life, will reduce the risk of many diseases. Recovering from diseases is also easy with this oil. An overall purifier of your body, Wheat germ oil when used regularly may provide you with a disease free life. Applying the oil, at least once in a day, is great for your body.

7.Repairing of Damaged Cells

Are you a Vegan? This is for all Vegan’s out there. If you do not eat fish or meat, maybe you are missing on the important proteins, which may lead to weakness and exposure to different diseases. Wheat germ oil has got the most important proteins of the body, which may be a great alternative for Fish or Meat proteins. The Wheat germ oil has got approximately 28% of protein, which is slightly greater than pulses. Healthy as it is, the body will repair and nourish the damaged cells. It also protects the cells from getting damaged.

6.Healthy Hair

The secret to getting healthy hair is Vitamin E. As we already said, Wheat germ oil is very rich in Vitamin E, and therefore it improves the healthiness of your hair. Many women, has a deficiency of Vitamin E, which results in hair fall and hair damage. Wheat germ oil, in turn, provides nutrients to your hair and makes it healthy and shiny. Love long hair? Use the Wheat germ oil to increase the growth of your hair. Use it every day while bathing, and you will get a result.

5.Moisturize your Skin

Have a rough skin? Heels crack? Using Wheat germ oil hydrates and moisturizes your skin and make it smooth and shiny. Wheat germ oil is a known moisturizer, and heals your skin and makes it healthy.

4.Anti-Aging Properties

Since Wheat germ oil is a known antioxidant, it delays aging of your skin. ‘Wrinkles’ are a bad term for many women out there. This wonder oil can make wrinkles go away from the skin, and therefore you look young. Moreover, it also lightens your skin up and tightens the skin, which makes it look young and radiant. To get the best results, apply the oil to your face and other parts of your body twice in a day.

3.Stretch Marks and Scars

One of the main uses, of Wheat germ oil, is to treat stretch marks on your skin. The stretch marks are marks on your skin, which happens when you gain fat, and your skin stretches itself to manage that. Wheat germ oil is great in making your skin firm, and hence the stretch marks disappear after applying it for some time. It softens and nourishes your skin too.
There’s a phrase which says that man looks great with scars. But this is not so true for women. Getting rid of the scar mark, therefore, is very important for women. Applying Wheat germ oil on the scar will make your scar disappear after some days.


Wheat germ oil can be applied to everybody irrespective of age. In babies, it goes a long way in softening their skin, and moisturizing it. It also makes their overall nervous system good. Wheat germ oil is also great in producing new cells and tissues, which is very necessary for a baby, and makes it healthy. It is also for the same reason, great for growing kids. In adults, it may help in the prevention of many diseases like diabetes, Cancer. Containing lots of essential nutrients, it is a great natural nutritious oil. The main constituents of this nutritious oil contain Vitamin E, folic acid, Vitamin B complex. Minerals like magnesium, potassium which are very important for the human body, is also present in Wheat germ oil.

1.Overall Health

We are all working individuals, and we do not get the time, to see and take care of ourselves, and therefore a useful entity like Wheat Germ Oil, which can help solve various problems is required. Using Wheat germ oil every day gives us a healthy and disease free life. Wheat germ oil prevents diseases such as diabetes and cancer and also de-stresses our body. Therefore, it improves the overall health condition of our body.

So, by acknowledging all the benefits of using Wheat germ oil, we can truly change the phrase “One apple a day, keeps the doctor away” to,

“Applying Wheat germ oil once or twice a day, keeps the doctor away”.

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