Top 20 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Oolong Tea

How about waking up in the morning with a very healthy, luscious and therapeutic brew ready for you? Instant freshness, isn’t it? The best handpicked Oolong Tea leaves in the right amount cooked with milk, water and sugar spread the rich aroma, revitalize your body and give you an ideal start for the day. These tiny tea leaves come from the Chinese and Taiwanese gardens and belong to the traditional Chinese tea aeon. Oolong tea, also known as Camellia sinensis is produced through a very unique process that is much more tiresome and time consuming than the other tea producing processes. But yes, they say hard work yields better results and Oolong Tea proves it absolutely true. Wulong Cha, as said in Mandarin, is popular with the tea connoisseurs of China and South East Asia. The tea plant cultivators wither the plant under strong sun and oxidize it before curling and twisting sessions. These leaves then undergo intricate processing to reach you. And let me tell you, Oolong Tea is not any other ordinary tea; this tea comes with several perks that help you boost your metabolism and lead a healthy life. Here is a list of 20 amazing benefits and uses of Oolong Tea.

20. Minimizes your chances of getting cancer

Oolong Tea is a chamber of several vital minerals like calcium, manganese, copper, carotene, potassium and vitamins such as A, B, C, E and K. Apart from these, it also contains folic acid, niacin amide, many detoxifying alkaloids and numerous polyphenol compounds. All these anti-oxidants reduce the risk of cancer as they stop cancerous growths in several body parts. Ovarian cancer can be prevented with Oolong Tea. You definitely want this one.


19. Slows down aging

Who does not want a vibrant and youthful skin? Oolong tea has a great anti-aging tool. Human body has free radicals that tend to accelerate the process of aging, produce dark spots and cause pigmentation. However, Oolong leaves contain polyphenols that eradicate those free radicals and thereby slow down aging.

no aging

18. Keeps you alert

Drinking Oolong Tea rejuvenates your mind and body and imbues a fresh feeling for any work you do. It enhances your mental performance and alertness. Regular intake keeps you active and alert all day.

keep alert

17. Say no to diabetes!

The nutrients of this brew tend to detoxify your body which helps in improving digestion and also rules out the risk of many chronic diseases including diabetes. Yes, a tea that can help you fight diabetes.


16. Helps you relax

This herbal supplement is actually a stress buster. It improves your stress levels remarkably. It also palliates mood swings so that you can concentrate on your work fully. This helps in improving mental nimbleness and focus.


15. Rich and rare aromas

Oolong tea is available in a wide number of flavors. You can find sweet and fruity variety with honey aromas or woody and thick leaves with roasted fragrances or the green gardens giving bouquet scents. Each of these savors a unique taste that keeps on lingering forever. I bet you are mesmerized.

rich aroma

14. Protects your skin

Two cups of Oolong Tea a day keeps skin problems away! Yes, regular consumption improves the tone and elasticity of the skin and thereby diminishes wrinkles. It gives you a brighter and improved color and it acts as an effective sunscreen by protecting your skin from damages caused due to sun exposure. Interesting, isn’t it?

protect skin

13. Boosts immunity

Human body is quite vulnerable, unsafe and highly prone to diseases. In such cases, you need a supplement that will strengthen your body and ensure good immunity. Oolong Tea is great for maintaining a strong immune body.  The flavonoids in the tea fight against all odds and make you robust and fit.

boosts immunity

12. Uplifts your energy

It has a small percentage of caffeine, negligible amount of sugar and absolutely no unhealthy elements in it. This energizes you in the correct technique and is hence preferred over the other energy giving beverages (including coffee). Sounds healthy right?

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11. Healthy bones

Osteoporosis has become a common disease these days. You can prevent it by simply having Oolong Tea. It strengthens your bone structure and helps you to have a normal and healthy growth of the body. Not just this, Oolong Tea also increases your bone mineral density. You can have strong and healthy bones now.


10. Averts hair loss

A tea rinse made from Oolong Tea leaves stabilizes your hormonal metabolism. This intercepts excessive shedding of hair and hence reduces hair loss. Additionally, it softens your hair and provides an elegance and luster to your hair. Do you need more?

no hair loss

9. Fights acne

Youngsters and adults dread acne. One pimple is enough for you to turn the world upside down. Oolong Tea has proved time and again to fight acne creditably. It shows phenomenal results with reduced itching, no redness of skin and no swelling. And to add on, it leaves no scars too. Total zilch!

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8. Suppresses your appetite

When you eat a lot of food, your blood sugar level increases. To control that, an insulin spike follows. This causes blood sugar to drop, however, you may feel the urge to grab more food. This forms a pattern that is hard to be broken. But wait, there is a solution. Drinking Oolong Tea minutes before you take in carbohydrates reduces the insulin barb and you no longer crave for food.

say "no" to unhealthy food

7. Kills bacterial infections

Oolong Tea has certain antioxidants that produce high amount of anti-bacterial proteins that develop a bodily response to fight bacterial infections effectively. It also prevents cellular damage and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria like streptococci.


6. Curbs skin allergies

Many people face allergic problems or have sensitivity issues. Eczema occurs in conjunction with these. It has been proven that patients diagnosed with such difficulties can benefit from drinking Oolong Tea thrice a day. Practice this for a week and you will see a remarkable improvement.

no skin problem

5. Saves you from high blood pressure

Yes, that’s right. This tea tends to control your body mechanisms that can alter your blood pressure and blood flow. Its constituents keep a check on your blood flow in the walls of your arteries and thus maintain your blood pressure. Sounds an easy way to distance yourself from high BP, isn’t it?

no bp

4. Checks dental health

The bacteria in our mouths produce certain acids that cause tooth decay. Well, this tea has anti-cavity properties that not only reduce tooth cavities but also stop plaque build up. So, say no to teeth problems happily.


3. Helps in weight management

As soon as you consume Oolong Tea, certain enzymes get activated which accelerate the process of lipolysis. This allows your body to burn excess fat and hence reduces obesity. This method for weight loss is definitely a much healthier way to choose.

weight loss

2. Healthy heart

It contains polyphenol molecules that dissolve body fat and thereby reduce cholesterol levels. This also reduces the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and many other cardiovascular diseases. Drink the tea for 2 weeks and you will feel the change.

healthy heart

1. Mitigates digestion

Oh yes, Oolong Tea helps in digesting the food you eat. The tea alkalizes your digestive tract and reduces acidity problems. It also cures ulcers in the tract and kills the harmful bacteria in your belly. This is undoubtedly the most amazing benefit you can acquire from Oolong Tea.

good digestion


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