Growing up was incomplete without the mention of ‘sarson ka tel’ which when translated, is mustard oil in english. We’ve all experienced our mothers cooking with it for reasons she told you as it’s good for your health. Isn’t it weird how mothers just know about such magical stuff? Mustard oil has astonishing benefits and has proven to be good for increasing appetite, improving circulation and other amazing properties that you will discover in this post. It is our own knight in shining armor that helps us in various ways. It’s usefulness has been of debate in different parts of the world, like Europe where it is banned but with recent studies, the air was cleared that the essential oil of mustard is bound to have health benefits. Mustard oil continues to be used in Asian cuisines and other parts of the world, and is expected to bring out the quintessential flavor in the dishes. So, down below we discover the 20 amazing health benefits of mustard oil,

Hop on,

20. For the love of them whites

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Who does not love themselves a wide white smile? No-one that i know of. It is believed that warm mustard oil when mixed with a pinch of salt and used as a toothpaste helps relieve pain in the gums and also makes your teeth whiter. A win win situation, eh? Don’t forget to gargle with warm water after applying though!

19. Don’t we all have Kneeds ?

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Sorry for not being punny with my puns but joint pains are a major issue and they can really be a no-go situation for an otherwise healthy person. Mustard oil helps in relieving joint pains as well. Massaging with the oil is supposed to be a very good cure for joint pains. For people suffering with Arthritis, a preparation of heated cloves (3-4) in 2 tablespoon of mustard oil, massaged on knees can be of great help!  Next time, you can give your mother a tip, given that she doesn’t already know this. We are all familiar with our know it all mums !

18. New lip balm found !

Yes, you read it right! It’s been long since i got this advice that one should apply a dab of mustard oil on their lips sometimes to get smooth lips, it causes the dryness to go away. And it does work wonders!

17. Aaaachuuu, seasonal changes are not cool


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All of us are familiar with the effect seasonal changes have on us and our health, the common cold does not nit-pick, it gets us all at some point of time, but our multi-talented, user friendly ‘sarson ka tel’ can cure cold as well. One is required to either apply some on their chest or inhale the aroma, to get rid of that common cold or the scary cough. It’s rightly said that one realizes the value of a fresh breath while suffering from a blocked nose.

16. In times of leisure


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Again, Massage with mustard oil is supposed to be super relaxing and it is used world-wide for massages, as it promotes circulation in the body and is believed to boost immunity.

15. Ensuring Infant Growth

Due to it’s property to increase circulation, mustard oil is used to massage infants as it is believed to help them grow better and faster. Hence, It is advised to regularly massage babies with mustard oil for it also has anti-bacterial properties.

14. For skin desires happiness too









Mustard Oil is rich in Vitamin E which helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles. It is useful in removing tan and lighten pigmentation. One can use mustard oil in a face mask to avoid the following, all you require is the oil, besan/gram flour and mix it with a teaspoon of curd and lemon. Isn’t that great news now ladies? No more spending money on expensive creams. Also, it acts as a great sunscreen. Just remember to not leave excessive oil on your face and remove it.

13. Saying goodbye to dandruff


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Owing to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, mustard oil helps in keeping our scalp healthy and dandruff free. All you need to do is mix some oil with a few drops of lemon and apply it on your scalp leaving it for 30 minutes/ Great way to protect your lovely locks from damage, isn’t it? I for one, have found my hair’s best friend.

 12. Dental care made easy

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So, In this list we have already seen how one can obtain whiter teeth, but do you know you can always keep your mouth infection free by using mustard oil while oil pulling in the morning. Oil pulling is basically using oil to gargle your mouth before brushing your teeth. A study has also shown that mustard oil contains anti-bacterial and anti fungal property, which can be helpful during root canal procedures to kill off dental bacteria by a preparation of 1:1 ratio of honey and mustard oil finds its use in root canal treatment.

10. Even mosquitoes fear thy !

Hahahaha! Yes, Mustard oil can even prevent malaria, it acts as a mosquito repellent due to its pungent aroma. It is therefore useful in keeping away malaria and other diseases caused by insects.

9. Anti- Inflammatory Property

Irritable bowel syndrome is becoming common these days, and to relieve the numbing pain caused by the inflammation of the lining of the stomach, one can make use of mustard oil ! It’s really a life saver! Isn’t it now?

8. To stay young at heart and flaunt those hair

no hair loss










Preventing your hair from greying prematurely is now easier as it can be! Yes, It’s time to say ciao to all the famous hair dying brands and massage your hair with mustard oil to avoid them from greying. You get to stay young with them, natural hair!

 7. Bringing life where it was barren

Okay, the heading sounds real heroic but it is true. Often it is observed that after an accident or a minor injury, organs become senseless. Being an irritant, mustard oil brings sensation into otherwise silenced organs and muscles.

A hoot and a half, I guess? All hail, Mustard Oil !

6.  Remedial for Asthma

It is believed that mustard oil naturally cures asthma and sinusitis. Brown mustard oil when massaged during an asthma attack proves to be beneficial and provides relief. For daily use, one can mix a teaspoon of sugar with one teaspoon of the oil and consume a spoonful a few times a day, it is considered to effectively control asthma.

5. For the not so hungry feels

five meals







Did you know, one can boost their appetite by substituting their cooking oil to mustard oil, it supposedly irritates the intestinal lining to induce hunger. It stimulates gastric juices that results in an increased appetite.

4. Digestive health made fine

Not only digestive, but even excretory processes are aided by stimulating the respective systems in the body. Digestion in our body results by the mixing of the food with gastric juices and the break down of the food into simpler form, a process called the peristaltic movement, which is made easier by mustard oil. It is also responsible for stimulating sweat glands and thus maintaining the body temperature.

3. A friend to all the couch potatoes

Yes. It helps you control obesity! So, Our body gets fat when cholesterol gets deposited in the lining of our stomach and other organs. Cholesterol is not good in huge amounts, mustard oil if used instead of other choices like butter would turn out to bring positive result ! Great news, right? We can always try to be healthy at some point!

2. To have a happy heart

Mustard oil is rich in MUFA and PUFA, these are types of unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids are good for health as they do not block our blood capillaries and are easier to break down unlike saturated fatty acids. Thus to decrease the risk of cardio-vascular diseases that can cause heart attack due to restricted blood capillaries, one should use an alternate and a healthy life style with a cooking oil that contains unsaturated fatty acids. Thus, ensuring a happy heart.

1. Preventing the devil of all, Cancer

Glucosinolate is an anti-carcinogenic agent which is found in mustard oil. An anti-carcinogenic agent helps reduce the risk of cancer by preventing tumors to form in the body. It also contains phytonutrients that protects us from colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers.

Isn’t it just mind blowing to realize that something we’ve in a way been ignorant to, holds so much of essentialty. Mustard oil stands to be of extensive use in every household in Asian countries, like India, Bangladesh, China and Asian chefs worldwide promote the use of the oil to get the flavor associated with Asian cuisine.

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