Top 20 Famous Sagittarius Personalities in the World

If you want to chill out, have fun and just have a great time then look no further and befriend a Sagittarian. Sagittarians are the life of any party and they will make sure that everyone has a great time. They are born travelers and great travel buddies so if you have earmarked any place to visit ,then visit them with your Sagittarian friend. Also, if you are looking for long lasting friendships then Sagittarians will definitely make it a roller coaster ride for you and all you gotta do is sat back and play your part.

Sagaittarians, have you ever wondered whether you share your astrological sign with someone famous? Well, then you are in for a treat as we present the top 20 famous Sagittarius personalities in the world:

1. Pope Francis (17 December 1936)

He is the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and the 266th Pope. He is the first Jesuit Pope, the first from Americas and the first Pope from outside Europe since 741 C.E. Born as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he took his name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi who was known as an advocate for the poor and the disadvantaged masses. Pope Francis is known for his moderate approach towards papacy and his simple lifestyle. He stays in a guesthouse instead in the papal apartments and he chose silver instead of gold for piscatory ring. He has tried to improve relation with other churches like the Eastern Orthodox Church and with clerics of other faiths in addition to taking part in international diplomacy.


2. Bruce Lee (27 November 1940)

Born as Lee Jun-fan in Chinatown, San Francisco Bruce lee was regarded as one of the most notable personality of the martial arts society. His movies featuring martial arts became very popular in the Western countries which led to him becoming a very popular star and making Chinese martial arts famous throughout the world. ‘Enter the Dragon’ is regarded as his most popular movie featuring his iconic yellow jumpsuit and his insane martial arts skills. Founder of Jeet Kune Do (His own martial arts style) he served as a source of inspiration for many young men and women and paved way for Chinese martial arts films to become famous.


  1. Walt Disney (5 December 1901)

He is the one who kept entertaining us throughout our childhood with the Disney squad. Walt Disney brought a revolution in the Hollywood animation industry and set the pace for future animated works. He holds the record for most Academy awards won by a film producer individually (22 Oscars and 4 honorary) and is honored with other eminent awards as well. His passion for drawing led him to become the co-founder of one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies “The Walt Disney Company”.


  1. Raj Kapoor (14 December 1924)

“Dil ka Dard aur aankhon ke aasun chupane ke liye … yeh bewakoof maskare ka bhes bade kaam ki cheez hai.” One of the most notable stars of Indian Cinema, Raj Kapoor deserves the accolades bestowed upon him. Heralded as Clark Gable of Indian film industry and also dubbed as Charlie Chaplin due to his clothing style in movies. He was awarded 3 National Film Awards and 11 Filmfare Awards in addition to being nominated twice for Palme d’Or grand prize at Cannes Film Festival. He was honored with Padma Shri in 1971 and India highest award in cinema Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1987 for his contribution to Indian Cinema.


  1. Mark Twain (30 November 1835)

Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known by his pen name Mark Twain was an American writer and lecturer. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer are his most popular works and they have also been included in curriculum of many schools. He had a way with words and was described as witty and a humorist. After making some terrible investments, he lost a great deal of his wealth and had to file for bankruptcy so as to gain protection from the investors.


  1. Woody Allen (1 December 1935)

Born as Allan Stewart Konigsberg in Brooklyn, he is a famous American actor, director, comedian, author and musician. Starting as a comedy writer in the 1950s, he moved on to stand-up comedy after that for which he was appreciated. His foray into films came in 1965 and in 1977 came his big break with the movie Annie Hall for which he was awarded an Oscar (Best Director). He also likes to be a part of the movies he directs by doing a cameo in them. His movies have been very well received by the audience and he has been applauded for his works like ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’, ‘Match Point’ and ‘Manhattan’.


  1. Andrew Carnegie (25 November 1835)

He was the credited with the expansion of American steel industry in the late 19th century and is often regarded one of the richest American ever. Born in Scotland he later emigrated to U.S.A and later on came to be identified as a philanthropist with a big heart. He donated to charities, universities and foundations about $350 million dollars which amounts to almost the whole of his fortune. He built the Carnegie Hall and Peace Palace and founded several institutions from the wealth he earned.


  1. Michel de Nostredame (14 December 1503)

Known popularly as Nostradamus was a reputed physician and astrologer who had published a variety of prophecies. His most famous book Les Propheties released in 1555 has been rarely out of print ever since his death, he has been credited by many for predicting major world events. In 1545 he helped a prominent physician Louis Serre in his fight against a major plague outbreak in Marseille and then on his own handled several plague outbreaks in other areas.


  1. Francis Albert Sinatra (12 December 1915)

Born to Italian immigrants in Hoboken, New Jersey, Sinatra began his musical career with band mates and he eventually found success when he signed up with Columbia Records in 1943. From then on he rose to become the one of the most popular and influential musical artist of his time. He is still counted as one of the best-selling artist with more than 150 million records sold worldwide and he is also bestowed upon with an Academy Award for the film ‘From here to Eternity’. He engrossed himself in politics also and campaigned for presidents such as Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.


  1. Taylor Alison Swift (13 December 1989)

With chart busting songs like “Bad Blood”, “You Belong with Me” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” Taylor Swift has established herself as one of the best modern singers. Her songs are mainly a reflection of her personal life which has led to them becoming more popular. She started her music career at the tender age of 14 and subsequently become the youngest artist ever signed by Sony/ATV Music publishing. Her debut album reached #5 spot on Billboard 200 and stayed there for many weeks. She has received 10 Grammy Awards, 19 American Music Awards, 23 Billboard Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, 8 Academy of Country Music Awards, one Brit Award and one Emmy. As a songwriter, she has been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.


  1. Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao (17 December 1978)

Manny Pacquiao is a famous professional boxer and politician from the Philippines, currently serving as a Senator. He is considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time and was hailed as the “Fighter of the Decade” by Boxing Writers Association of America, WBC and WBO. He is the first and only boxer to be the eight division world champion, is winner of 11 major world titles as well as being the first ever boxer to win lineal championship if five different weight classes. Manny has given rise to $19.2 million in pay-per-view buys and $1.2 billion in revenues from 23 PPV bouts making him the second highest paid athlete in 2015. Aside from boxing he is also an elected member of the 16th Congress of the Philippines from the province of Sarangani. He became a senator after being elected in 2016 and will serve till 2022.


  1. Sonia Gandhi (9 December 1946)

Born as Edvige Antonia Albina Màino, Sonia Gandhi is an Italy born who is current an Indian politician and is serving as the President of Indian National Congress since 1998. She has been the Chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance in the Lok Sabha since 2004 and after being re-elected as the President of the Indian National Congress, she became its longest serving head. Since she is not born in India, there has been some debate and controversy over her political career and her control of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In 2013, Sonia Gandhi was overall ranked 21st and 3rd most powerful woman in Forbes powerful list.


  1. Magnus Carlsen (30 November 1990)

A chess grandmaster and the current World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen is what people call a prodigy and he has certainly proven it. At the young age of 13 years and 148, he became a chess grandmaster making him the second youngest in history during his time and he hasn’t looked back since. He became World Champion in 2013 after beating Viswanathan Anand in World Chess Championship and he defended his title successfully in the next by again beating Viswanathan Anand in addition to winning World Rapid Championship and World Blitz Championship. He had the highest FIDE rating in history at 2882 in 2014. His playing style, his understanding of the game and his tactics has made him a worthy foe that can be compared with the likes of Bobby Fischer, Vasily Smyslov and Anatoly Karpov.


  1. Miley Cyrus (23 November 1992)

Miley Cyrus rose to stardom for her portrayal of character Miley Stewart in Disney Channel T.V. series Hannah Montana which was keenly watched by teenage girls worldwide and some boys also. She released her first album in 2007 which reached 3 million shipments and was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. She again leapt into fame when released her album “The Time of Our Lives” in 2009 and “Can’t be Tamed” in 2010 wherein she portrayed her grown up image. She garnered controversy and criticism with release of her album Bangerz in 2013 in which she exhibits sexually explicit behavior and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth broke up with her.


  1. Steven Spielberg (18 December 1946)

Steven Spielberg is an American director, producer and screenwriter with a career spanning more than four decades. He is one of the co-founders of DreamWorks Studios as well as being one of the most popular and successful director of Hollywood. His movies have covered a lot of different genres and earned him the reputation of being a diverse director with foray into sci-fi to war films. He has been the receiver of three Academy Awards and has a star dedicated to him on the Hollywood’s walk of fame. He has also received awards from Queen Elizabeth II and from President Barack Obama. His movies “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan” moved the audience to tears and are listed on IMDB as must watch with high ratings.


  1. Jane Austen (16 December 1775)

Jane Austen was an English novelist who wrote a total of six complete books during her lifespan and all were critically acclaimed and received a lot of appreciation. Through her novels she expressed her opinions and her comments about the British land owned who solely survived on rental income. Her novels also talked about the women who used marriage as pavestone towards a stable lifestyle and better social standing among the society. Some of her novels have been converted into films and TV series. The Bank of England has announced that it plans to use Jane Austen as the face the new 10 pound note. Her writing has kept a lot of people mesmerized and many scholars and critics value her work greatly.



  1. Brad Pitt (18 December 1963)


Brad Pitt is an American actor and producer with a hugely successful acting and producing career. He has been labeled as world’s most attractive man by various media houses and he is a very influential person in the film making industry. He has received a total of 61 awards which include one Academy Award, one BAFTA and two Golden Globe awards. He achieved success with his movie “Interview with the Vampire” which was turning point in his career propelling him into global stardom and “Fight Club” which became a cult classic loved by many fighting aficionados. He is currently separated from his current wife Angelina Jolie who filed for divorce in September 2016.


  1. Rajnikanth (12 December 1950)

Described as God of Tamil Cinema and with deep presence in the whole of India, Rajnikanth is one of the most famous and most revered actors of India. Started humbly as a lowly bus conductor, he rose to fame when he was cast in K. Balachander’s Tamil drama Apoorva Raagangal. He became the second highest paid actor in whole of Asia after he received around Rs. 25 Crore for his role in Sivaji. He has been honored with Padma Bhushan in 2000 and Padma Vibushan in 2016 for his contribution towards arts. He is also a big influence in Tamil Nadu politics and can certainly change the tide of politics on Tamil Nadu if ever decides to step into politics which looks highly unlikely. “Mind It!”


  1. Ozzy Osbourne (3 December 1948)

He is an English singer and songwriter and is the lead singer of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He rose to fame after becoming a part of Black Sabbath but he was soon kicked out of the band and continued his career as a solo artist. As a solo artist he released 11 studio albums, out of which the first seven reached multi-platinum level in the US. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame when he was a part of Black Sabbath. He has earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame along with one Grammy Award and several other accolades as well. His personal life started going downhill after he struggled with alcohol and drug abuse.



  1. Arundhati Roy (24 November 1961)

Winner of the Man Booker Prize for fiction for her novel “The God of Small Things”, Arundhati Roy is an Indian author who writes about a variety of issues. Her novel became the biggest best-selling novel by an Indian who is actually residing in India. She is quite a vocal person on several political, environmental and social problems and is actively involved in campaigning for causes which she thinks are worth fighting for. She stirred some controversy when she demanded that Kashmir should be free from India and came under fire from both the BJP and Congress. She has won several awards for her screenplay and for her work in addressing several social issues prevalent in the country.

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