Top 20 Most Beautiful Color Fish List

Alive without breath, as cold as death;

Never thirsty ever drinking, all in a mail never clinking;

J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit

These remarkable lines describe the beauty of the fish species that exist in a world totally belonging to their own habitat. 71% of the globe is covered with water. Can you imagine the enormous number of fish living in an area that is more than twice the area inhabited by humans? It is simply huge! Among this huge number of fish species in the world are a few very tantalizing, exquisite, ravishing and captivating ones that simply leave us spellbound when we try to get into their world. The very thought of the beautiful sun rays penetrating the numerous water bodies and getting reflected from the shimmering scales of a rare fish is something that will never get wiped off from the memories. So, here is a list of the most beautiful fish in the world that will leave you astounding.

20. Yellow Prawn Goby Fish

Yellow prawn goby

Also known as Cryptocentrus cinctus, it is a native to the Western Pacific coastal bays and lagoons. It is a beautiful yellowish and sometimes even grey colored shimmering fish that grows up to 4 inches. It is generally kept in the salt water aquariums. Do you want one in your aquarium too?

19. Purple Queen Fish

Purple Queen

This gorgeous small fish is a very rare of its type. Mostly found in the Sembilan Island of Malaysia, it is quite easy to reel but no, do not go on its size as it is really hard to catch. An amazing fact about the purple queen fish is that the males are much more colorful than their counterparts.

18. Palette Surgeonfish

Pallete Surgeonfish

This fish is known by several other names like the Indo-Pacific surgeonfish or the Royal Blue Tang. It can grown as long as 12 inches and is generally flat and round shaped ( just like pancakes). It is a very popular fish of the marine life. But you have to be cautious while handling it, it can cut you through! Really!

17. Mimic Roundhead Fish

Mimic Roundhead.

More popularly known as Calloplesiops altivelis, it is a brownish-black fish with small pale white spots all over its body. It is majorly found in the Red Sea and East Africa. It possesses a slightly different mating behavior as the male parent guards the eggs produced by the females. Isn’t it sweet?

16. Flameback Angelfish

Flameback Angelfish

This fish is generally described to be timid but happy. It is an omnivorous marine fish native to the Southern Caribbean Sea near Brazil. It grows just 3 inches long. Do not favour them for your aquarium as they prefer to stay in the reefs.

15. Harlequin Tuskfish

Harlequin tuskfish

It is a brightly colored marine fish that has shades of blue, orange, white and yellow. Surprisingly, it has sharp blue teeth. Generally found in Australia and Taiwan, Harlequin Tuskfish showcases bold presence and mellow nature. It is a sure attract for your aquarium.

14. Mexican Hogfish

Mexican hogfish

You obviously know where it is found. This beauty can grown up to 30 inches. It has a very surprising genetic characteristic about its gender transformation. Yes, you read it correctly. It starts its life as a female and later transforms into a male. This sex change is generally caused due to local social conditions. Yes, even the fish has social problems you see.

13. Cortez Rainbow Wrasse

Cortez Rainbow Wrasse

You can find this rainbow colored fish ( not literally, it simply is multi-colored) along the stretches of California and Peru. This cute and tiny fish happens to be very adjustable. It believes in cleanliness and keeps cleaning the aquarium always. Now you want one right?

12. Treefish


They say beauty is often deceiving. It is totally true for the treefish. This fish is extremely venomous to humans. It grows as long as 16 inches. But don’t you think those large spines on the top of its head are mysteriously attractive?

11. Blue Chromis

Blue chromis

Blue Chromis is an apple green and light blue colored 4 inches long fish. It is an extremely beautiful, very easy to care and a peaceful fish. However, it comes with the tagline ‘one for many’. Yes, one male fish builds a nest that is shared by several females. They don’t belong with us, do they?

10. Emperor Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish

This charmer is found in the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. It has a unique pattern of coloration and is brilliant in its way. Its stripes attract the onlookers. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most favorite fish among photographers and aquarists.

9. Coral Hawkfish

Coral Hawkfish

It is called the aggressive fish type that is always ready to enter the war zone. It surveys its surroundings just like the hawks. An interesting fact about Coral Hawkfish is that it can change its gender from female to male. So, whenever a male is needed, a female transforms into a male. The Coral Hawkfish surely dictates equality.

8. Threadfin Butterfly Fish

Threadfin Butterflyfish

What an amazing combination of colors! It surely is a treat to the eyes. Those perfect perpendicular black lines on the white pearly body just can’t be defeated. You have to deep dive into the Red Sea to observe or photograph this 9 inches long fish.

7. Moorish Idol

Moorish idol

Remember Gill from Finding Nemo? Yes, it was a Moorish Idol. This zebra like fish is very timid and prefers to stay alone. But hey, do not ever mess with it, for it can be the most aggressive one you have ever met.

6. Clown Fish

Clown fish1

We talk about Gill then why not Nemo itself. Yes, the clown fish is our very own Nemo. This fish having alternate orange and white stripes with black borders is every child’s favorite. It possesses a quality that is entirely opposite from any other fish. Multiple males co-habit with a single female but hey, no polygamy. Rules are rules after all.

5. Royal Gramma Fish

Royal Gramma

Purple and yellow, what else do you want to see! Royal Gramma is a very peaceful fish that gets along well with many other fish species. It is mostly found in Central America, the Bahamas and Venezuela. You can definitely go for this beauty.

4. Panther Grouper

Panther Groupper

As the name suggests, it is a giant fish that grows almost 27 inches long. Yes, 27 inches! If you want one, then get a really huge tank as it keeps on eating and keeps on growing. This white glistening fish with black spots all over its body is a must see!

3. Mandarin Fish

Mandarin fish

Mandarin is a tiny, brightly colored, dragon like fish that makes it unique. The blue color is a result of cellular pigmentation which is very different from the other blue colored ones. One fascinating thing about the Mandarin fish is its smelly layer that keeps its predators away. Great way to stay safe, isn’t it?

2. Rock Beauty Fish

Rock beauty fish

Also known as Corn Sugar or Yellow Nanny, this beauty fish ( was it a pun?) has an appearance that allows it to blend in with the coral reefs. It generally tends to dominate over the other fish species and scares them quite easily. The black lips are the most adored parts of this fish.

1.Banggai Cardinal Fish

Banggai Cardinalfish

Oh, here comes the most beautiful fish, the Banggai Cardinal Fish. For all the reasons, this one surely had to top the list. That shiny white body with evenly distributed black stripes and those small white dots on the fins and the tail seem to describe perfection. This classy fish with a very delicate touch surely is the most sought after fish by many photographers and aquarists.

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