Top 20 Most Terrifying Haunted Places on Earth

Okay.. so admit it or not we all have a knack for ghosts no matter how much we fear anything spooky. I am sure we all have that moments where we can’t resist the temptation of watching a horror flick and then actually spend the entire night sleepless with all the lights on and diligently chanting every prayer that we know! This article is dedicated to all such brave hearts who are just too shy to admit their love for anything spooky.

Here is our list of 20 Terrifying and Haunted Places:

20. The Myrtles Plantation, United States


A nice bungalow sort of a house with a serene atmosphere – yes… this is what the plantation look like from the outside. But if you happen to visit it sometime you may receive warm greetings by Chloe who used to work as a slave therein and also has one of his ear chopped off!!


And if you though this was it then listen to this… he is often seen roaming around the house with two little girls whose faces lack any features!!

19. Cinco Saltos, Argentina


Cinco Saltos is a province in Rio Negro, Argentina. It is famous for its witchcraft practices that contribute richly behind all its haunting stories.


The town is also known as “City of Witches” due to witchcraft activities being a common reporting from therein, especially in the area namely Bajo Negro. An intact corpse of a young girl aged between 8 years to 12 years who died in 1930s was found in 2009 which further fueled the spooky reputation of the place.

18. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

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Historically significant, Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland essentially because of its haunted stories. The feeling of being touched or being pulled by someone/something is what commonly reported along with loud wails and spine-chilling screams the cause of which could never be found.

17. Fort George, the Citadel, Nova Scotia, Canada


Situated at Citadel Hill at the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Fort George is a 300 year old star-shaped fort built in 1749. It is labeled as Canada’s most haunted historic site. Over the years the place has recorded number of paranormal activities and has been a popular destination for ghost-hunters and researchers.

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Visitors often report apparitions of an old man, a woman, a man in red cloak and an old lady who shows herself in the mirrors. But the apparition of a little girl is what most commonly reported and is disturbing also. People taking part in ghost tours have reported presence of a little girl while they are touring the fort; some have also reported of the girl holding their hands. Other reports include disembodied voices, unexplained bangs and knocks, mists captured on film and with naked eyes and an eerie feeling of being constantly watched.

16. Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

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A luxurious hotel with a spectacular picturesque surroundings – this is what would be apt for Vanff Springs Hotel. But let this not fool you as it is one of the most famous haunted places in the world.


A bride falling off a staircase, a family getting murdered in cold blood in room 873, and a bellman dressed in his 60s uniform into thin air now and then – yes.. that’s pretty much sums up the happenings of the hotel. God help you if you still choose to stay here! :-p

15. Chateau de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France

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The castle is the tallest establishment in France and gives an old world look through its structure. If you happen visit the place there are high chances that you will be greeted by a certain Green Lady whose constant but sudden presence have scared the hell out of many guests visiting there.

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The terrifying part of her is her face which precisely resembles a corpse. She may also stare right at you and even pass on a smile if you don’t pass out with the first look of her!!

14. Babenhausen Barracks, Germany

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Babenhausen Barracks is currently a museum but it used to be a serving place for German soldiers. Ghosts of World War II German soldiers have been seen in uniform. Other paranormal activities reported include disembodied footsteps; German commands are often heard being shouted in the middle of the night along with lights turning on and off on their own. A case of witch burning adds up to the already piled up horror stories associated with the place. The ghost of the woman is said to have seduced and killed several German soldiers since her tragic death.

13. Poveglia Island, Italy


Poveglia Island is indeed a beautiful island sitting in between Venice and Lido. The island today is completely abandoned with even the locals never daring to step foot within its premises. In 19th century it was used as a location for a mental asylum with many patients dying under mysterious circumstances. A doctor also committed suicide by jumping off from the bell tower. Standing in an absolute state of seclusion today people believe that there is a curse that looms over the place and will surely befall on anyone visiting it. Fleeting shadows and possessions have been reported and fishermen often finding remains of dead bodies are a common complaint from the Island.

12. Ancient Ram Inn, England

John, the owner of the property

John, the owner of the property

Built in 1145 Ancient Ram Inn has been a witness to innumerable child sacrifices and other occult practices such as devil worshiping. John, the current owner and also the resident of Ram Inn, has reported that on his first night in the house in 1968 he actually felt a presence grab his arm before being dragged out of bed and across the room!!! He even found two child skeletons underneath the staircase and continues to experience the haunting and the attacks to this day.

11. Akershus Fortress, Norway

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Akershus Fortress is a castle located in Oslo, Norway that served as prison in the late 18th-19th centuries. Spirits of the prisoners who were brutally tortured therein are said to be still residing within the castle. The Nazis were also the occupants of the castle during World War II further adding up to the already existing tragic deaths in the castle with many on site executions and tortures of the Jews.

10. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky, US

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Waverly Hills sanatorium was originally constructed in 1910 and was later restructured in 1926. It served as a tuberculosis hospital throughout early and mid 20th century when the disease used to be referred to as epidemic. It held an ill reputation for mistreating its patients and questionable treatments.


Illegal experiments were also a common happening in the hospital. This resulted in many patients dying in terrible conditions under pathetic circumstances. And today all of these have become recipes behind its reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the world. Spine-chilling reports vary from seeing full bodied apparitions, fleeting shadows, screams from empty rooms, footsteps etc.

9. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

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With a history of repeated tragic events occurring therein Monte Cristo Homestead is sure to be one of the scariest places on this earth. The Crawley family, which owned and resided on the property from the time of its construction to 1948, witnessed several tragic events within the family itself. Apart from this, a young boy was dropped down the stairs, a maid to the family is believed to have fallen off the balcony and a stable boy was apparently burnt to death on the property.


The tragedy does not end here as after Crowley’s a group of caretakers took over the property one of whom was murdered in the caretaker’s cottage. And if this was not enough for you guys to shiver with fear then hear this: Harold, a mentally ill man was found chained up near his mother’s corpse and he is believed to be in that state for 40 long years!!He was sent to an asylum after he was found but he died shortly afterwards.

8. Screaming Tunnel, Niagra Falls


One of the great haunting legends the Screaming Tunnel is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Niagra Falls. Connecting the great waterfall to Toronto city the tunnel has varied legends associated with it all related to a young girl. She was believed to have died there screaming loudly after being set on fire by her father; other legend say that she was raped and later tortured within the walls of the tunnel which led to her death.


One of the most popular incidents depicting a paranormal presence is that of blowing of a candle flame on its own if being lit standing in the middle of the tunnel at midnight followed by loud screams.

7. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania

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Eastern State penitentiary is currently a historical landmark and has been transformed into a museum. But it actually served as a prison where a hell lot of tragic events took place as punishments. It was the first prison to introduce solitary confinement as a form of punishment where a prisoner is kept within four walls in complete abandonment and seclusion. This would eventually turn the prisoner into hallucinating resulting into serious mental illness leading ultimately to tragic deaths.

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The spirits of the deceased prisoners are said to be lurking all around especially in the places where there used to be cells or chambers.

6. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

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Built in 17th century by the Dutch East India Company, the Castle of Good Hope is the oldest colonial building in the country. The first paranormal activity reported in 1915 was that of an apparition of a tall man jumping of the side of one of the castle walls. One of the most popular haunting stories associated with the castle is of the former Governor Pieter Gisbert van Nodt. He died on April 23, 1728, the same day he convicted seven soldiers and sentenced all of them to death. It is being said that one of the soldiers cursed Nodt and demanded him to be present at the executions, which he wasn’t. Nodt was found dead later that day slouched over his desk with a look of terror on his face.

5. Bhangarh Fort, India


Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited.

This notice would be the first thing that will catch your eyes if you happen visit this spookiest place in India. According to local legends, Singhia, a black magic tantric apparently cursed the souls of all those people who would be dying here to remain captured in the fort without any release ever. People who visit this place experience anxiety and restlessness, and an unusual feeling of fear. Indian Government has prohibited anyone from staying in this area after sunset.

4. Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

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Lawang Sewu was built as the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. Today it stands as one of the most famous haunted places in Indonesia. The most popular and often sighted spirit here is that of a Dutch woman who is believed to have committed there; though when, why, how is not very clear regarding this tragic incident. The haunting legend of Lawang Sewu was the plot for 2007 horror flick Lawang Sewu: Dendam Kuntilanak.

3. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

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Built in 1935 Old Changi Hospital is now an abandoned establishment in Singapore. It was established as a part of military base of Changi and torture camp for Japanese secret police. The innocent souls are still said to be lurking around who suffered tragic deaths and most pathetic tortures in this place. Loud wailings and moans as the person is crying desperately for help is what commonly reported from the place.

2. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

island of dolls[3]

Little girl, young married couple, demand for dolls, strange deaths, and now dolls eyes rolling all over the place… I guess all these are enough to make this place in the top 5 of our list. It is surely one of creepiest place on this entire earth. It is a nightmarish place where thousands of mutilated dolls hang from the tree branches and even more hidden in the dense forest.

1.Tower of London, England

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With a history of torture and executions going back over 900 years, Tower of London surely tops the chart for being the scariest place on earth.


The Tower of London is house to many apparitions and restless spirits, Queen Anne Boleyn being the most famous of them all. She was executed on Friday, 1536 even though she was believed to be innocent of all the charges framed against her. She is said to be carrying her head in her hand and looming in around the castle especially near the place of her execution.

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One of the most spine-chilling stories associated with this castle is the mysterious appearance of two children. People believe that these two children are none but the famous Princes of Tower who mysteriously went missing in the tower.It is widely believed that they were murdered by their uncle Duke of Gloucester.

Phew!!! So much of ghosts and spooky things to talk about. On that note I am going right away within my blanket walls with all the lights on in my room. Those who really wish to get spooked are free to pay a visit to these places – may God be with you!

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