Top 20 Perennials that Grow in the Shade

A perennial is any plant that has a life span of more than 2 years. Those living for just a year or less are known as annuals, while those living for 2 are called biennials. In conclusion, these plants are categorized according to their life span.

Perennials are any lazy plant lovers’ best friend. The plants aren’t lazy per se, they require low maintenance. Just some watering now and then, and leave them be. They’ll just be there, green and working, adding some color to your garden or the glass table where you’ve kept it. Perfect right? So less work and so much to get from it!

That’s why we’ve made a list of 20 perennials that grow in the shade (in case you decide to neglect these lovelies)


  1. Hosta

Hostas are really showy plants and are easy-to-grow. They not just grow, they thrive in the shade. Not only they thrive, Hostas are also have the most variety among shade plants. In it is in a garden, or indoors, they have choices. You can choose either miniatures, that add some spark to the room, or giant ones that fill up your garden corner. Also – they are not just the dull green, oh no. These beauties come in shades of blue, white and gold!


  1. Lungwort

Lungwort is a wrongly deceptive name for this beauty. It derives its name from the lung shaped got that are abound on its foliage. It’s an all-season plant, adding some color to your garden all the time. Choose from the variety of pink or white or add some spunk by going for the blue one if you want. It’s a win-win with this one anyways!

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  1. Yellow Corydalis

This perennial is a hard working plant. Really hard. No other perennial blooms and adds some color to your home or garden more than this tough one here. It blooms all the way from spring to frost. Yay! Color all abound! This plant not only has beautiful flowers, but also thee grayish- green leaves that look regal.


  1. Epimedium

The under dog of perennials. This under stated plant has all the variety there is to offer. Red, orange, purple, white and yellow. Plant this and show it some love, because it deserves that.


  1. Monkshood

The rebel perennial, this plant loves to be the star of the show. It blooms in the late summer, when other plants are recuperating from the heat. It is named after the hood monks wear, which is reflect in it blue flowers. Monkshood is also an under stated plant. Make it a part of your garden and see how it never disappoints.


  1. Lamium

This regal sounding perennial is worth the name it has. Lamium blooms in clusters. Its silver foliage makes up for that short period when it isn’t blooming. Go for white or pink, and it will add the spark to your garden you didn’t notice was missing in the first place!


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  1. Astilbe

Toughest of the lot, Astilbe packs a punch in any garden. This perennial has some beautiful shades, some very out of the common lot. Pink, lavender, burgundy, and white with a flush of bronze, this plant is one of the finest perennials available. If your garden needs some tough, yet colorful plants, this is the go-to choice!


  1. Toad Lily

Toad Lily is easily the gentlest looking perennial that is super easy to maintain. Often compared with orchids, these small purple or blue plant are quite the dainty choice for your garden!


  1. Brunnera

Brunnera is an eye catching option when it comes to perennials. While in bloom, its dual colored leaves span out, with dots of blue flowers adding a beautiful contrast. Off season the leaves continue to work the charm and add a delicate yet lush look to any garden. Best of both worlds!


  1. Hellebore

The name might sound off leading, but Hellebore is testament to the saying ‘What’s in a name?’  This regal and gentle perennial is also known as Christmas rose, and is quite the addition to any garden. What’s more, this perennial is quite sturdy going, so come rain or hail, it’s going to be there!

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11. Japanese Painted Fern

This is one of the most beautiful looking fern there is! All it needs is some gentle sun, and water, and it is good to go! This perennial is the preferred choice of many who want a low maintenance plant.


12. Ostrich Fern

This fern is named so due it’s leaf structure resembling that of an ostrich feather. This is also a low maintenance perennial, but one that looks luscious at the same time! This plant is best for filling up corners and adding some extra look to a garden or green space.


13. Lady Fern

For gardens that are tropical themed, or in a moisture laden area, this perennial is the best. This plant is best suited for the Northern Hemisphere. Although, it will work beautifully in greenhouses as well!


14.  Anemone Wild Swan

This is year round blooming perennial, and it fills your space with a gentle touch. A great addition to any outdoor garden that is windy, this plant thrives in any weather! Durable and pretty!


15.  Ajuga

Looking for some color in your garden? Or a special touch? Look no more! Ajuga is your perennial. This plant not only adds a special touch to any space but also fills up empty corners quickly, adding a lush look to your green space. This is a A-list perennial, so to say!


16. Japanese Forest Grass

Lush and green, this perennial is used to landscape fancy, groomed gardens. However, it is a low maintenance plant! Some water and the occasional manure love, and it’s good to go! be it in the interiors or the outdoors, this perennial will add a cool look to any space!


17. Vinca

Pretty, gentle perennials that add a soothing touch to your garden, Vinca is it. This plant will grow in the sun or in shade, and is best for those who do not want much in their garden. When in bloom, they add a touch of spark to your space, and when off, its glossy leaves add the look of abundance to any space, small or big! It’s a win win!


18. Primula Polyanthus

The most colorful variety of perennials there is, this plant is a must have for anyone looking to add a bit of variety to their garden! Also called primroses, they are as pretty as it can get! Looking for a girly option for your garden? Look no more!


19. Siberian Bugloss

This perennial can be described as spring in a pot! A beautiful and delicate plant that thrives all seasons, this is one plant that needs some love. Too much sunshine will dry out th plant, so it is mostly planted next to the shade of luscious perennials, like Ostrich and Japanese Painted ferns. However, keep it right you will have a beauty that will become the envy of your garden!


20. Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is one perennial that steals the thunder. It grows fast and takes over a big expanse of any space. Plant it near the corners of your garden and give it space to add more volume to your green patch! This plant too requires only some water and regular manuring, and it will thrive!


Now that you have a pick from the best choices available out there for perennials, you need to know how to care for them. So here’s a few tips to have in mind!

Perennials that are grown in a container are easier to plant, but require some extra care. One way to ensure your plant gets all the water and nutrients it needs is to loosen the roots of the plant while putting it in. This way, when they grow, they will have roots around the container, keeping it firm and healthy!

Perennials might be easy to maintain, but like with every plant there is, water is important. Some perennials require more water, while some very minimal! So know your plant beforehand, do some homework about its requirements and its water needs. Later on you’ll find the information to be very helpful when it comes to keeping your perennial at the top of its game!

Some perennials grow high. To prevent them from drooping over (unless you like the aesthetic it gives), support them by keeping them against a small fence or any structure that it can latch on to.

Now that you have all that you need to know about perennials, what are you waiting for? Go and get some yourself and see how it adds a charm to your home or garden!

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