Top 20 Reasons Why Friends Are Important Part of Life

Friends are the family you get to choose, your brother from another mother, your sister from another mister. They are there in all the walks of your life, as you deal with a heartbreak, or separation from your parents. Sometimes, it is just enough to know someone and their special little habits and it makes your life better. Humans need social connection and interaction and we keep looking for someone to love, but we overlook this platonic relationship of friendship that is better than most soulmates we search for.

Here are some reasons why friends are so important to for us to have a good life:


20. To Spend Time With

This is probably the simplest reason why your friends are important, it is because you spend your time with them and enjoy the little moments of life. Some days it might be endless laughter and loads of fun, but there will be some somber days where all you need is comfortable silence. Your friends will accept you just as you are, they will not question your worth, they will encourage you in your endeavors, and most of all they will never let you feel lonely. From the most boring moments, to the most exciting ones, life becomes better if you have the company of a friend.

19. Lend A Helping Hand

Reassuring words and a pat on the back are not the only things that your friends support you with. There are so many instances where you could not make it if it weren’t for your friends. It might be copying the assignment that you forgot to do, or borrowing a dress for your exciting date, or even borrowing some money when you’ve blown through your allowance and are afraid to ask your parents. Your friends lend a helping hand with the big and small things, with the happy and the sad times. Most of all, they share their lives with you, which becomes a blessing of its own.

18. Discovering New and Exciting Things

It might be a new band that one of your friends comes across during their endless hours of surfing the internet. It might even be an obscure foreign language film that someone discovers and then it becomes one of your favorite movies later. With your friends, life becomes an everyday adventure. Even if you may not be up for trying new things, the mere differences of experiences that you and your friends go through bring a freshness to every new day. So, be thankful for your friends, because they are the ones who are up for crazy stuff that others wouldn’t want to be involved in.

17. They Are Your Comfort Zone

Whether it’s your favorite t-shirt that might be a little ripped, or that show you’ve watched so many times that you are nothing but obsessed, whether it is the first time they’ve seen you without makeup, or in your sweatiest and smelliest form; you feel the most comfortable around your friends. You don’t not have to pretend to be someone else, or keep up appearances, because the sanctity of friendship lies in that comfort zone. Your friends have seen you at your ugliest and weakest, or maybe even at your worst, and they chose to stay. The best friendships are those which have no pretenses, just the comfort of companionship.

16. Sharing Adventures

An adventure could range from bunking the class of that really boring professor or an impromptu trip to a hill station. The joy that we feel sharing camaraderie over such things is what makes friendship so great. It doesn’t matter where you go, or how you go, it is the smaller things, such as the terribly loud songs the group would sing while on a road trip, or that yummy dish which would be over in a matter of seconds because everyone would pounce on it together; it is the nuances of friendship that make it great.

15. Sharing An Appetite For Joy

The combination of good food and good friends is better than anything else in the world and it will never fail to pick up your mood. It might be sharing a lunchbox in office, or sneaking sweets into class, or that expensive restaurant that you have been saving up for since quite some time. A well-made dish might lift your spirits, but add to that some shared laughs and happy banter and it would make your day. Discovering new cuisines and making your friends try any new recipe you just found, these are experiences that add spice and excitement to your normal routines.

14. Helping You Grow As A Person

This one is possibly the most important part of any friendship, the growth that comes as individuals. Through the thick and thins of life, through the ups and downs, all the problems and solutions, all the happy and sad days, all the drama and love, your friends help you transform into a different version of yourself. A version that has matured over the months or years, into someone whom your younger self would look up to. From supporting your ideas, to pointing out your faults, from giving advice to providing solutions and having your back, your friends help you enrich yourself with new experiences. As they share the wisdom they have gathered through their different experiences, and as you share your own, you both grow up and out of that immature and naïve mold.

13. They Boost Your Self Esteem

At some point or the other, everyone needs a confidence boost in their lives. Your friends are a support system that constantly motivates you and keeps your spirits up. Whether with the sweetest words or just a pat on your back, your friends help you keep your insecurities at bay. If you are nervous about speaking in public, or need to confess something to your mother, or even if you need the energy to finish that last assignment before the deadline, your friends reinforce your confidence and help you regain your self-esteem. Sometimes, they may even stand up and fight with you, making sure that what matters to you also matters to them.


12. Offering You a Different Perspective

Friendships are about different kinds of people coming together to form an irreplaceable bond. Sometimes, you might come at a still point in life, because everywhere you go, you see the same stale opinions. Your friends are the ones who bring different angles to light, and give your entirely new perspectives that you might not have even thought about. Sometimes, it might even be an eccentric idea, but your friend going through with it might become an inspiration. Your friends are there to help you make new and different choices, to push you beyond boundaries that you limit yourself within.


11. For All The Stupid Stuff That Needs Company

Amidst giggles and laughter as they encourage you to break the rules, your friends become your partners in crime. It doesn’t matter how honest and sincere you were throughout your life, at some point or the other, your friends will force you to do something stupid that you will definitely regret later. They will stand by and laugh as they watch you stumble, but they will also be there to take their share of responsibilities. The worst moments of punishment are turned into hilarious and precious memories, because you have friends at your side.

10. The Hilarious Jokes

Sometimes your sense of humor might be a little strange for your colleagues or your family, and they might just end up rolling their eyes at you. But your friends crack even lamer jokes that only you guys will laugh at, and this laughter makes your friendship even stronger. There might be a code word for the annoying professor with whom you always get in trouble, or that loud and unfunny guy who always tries to impress your group and it ends up becoming your favorite things to crack up at. These inside jokes are the best part of any friendship, they are a secret which any outsider will not understand but every time you and your friends think of it, you are overtaken by fits of laughter.

9. Stating The Bitter Truth and Giving Honest Opinions

The best friendships help you grow as a person and the better friends hone and sharpen your personality until you are your best self. You family might not try to correct you for the fear of hurting you, but a true friend will stand up to you and tell you when you are wrong. They will judge you without a bias and show you what is right and what is not. The honest opinions and advice that you receive from your friends will help you shed the immature parts of your personality and become a better person. A true friend will not mince their words and criticize the parts of you that need to be criticized.


8. A Shoulder To Cry On

Your friends are always present to share your sorrows, no matter how big, or even small and unreasonable they might be. They will be there to reassuringly give you a warm hug, or that squeeze of the shoulder that you so necessarily need to go on. Sometimes, life becomes too harsh too handle all by yourself and then you need a friend with supporting words to come help you go throw the darkness. Even if they might not be able to help you by giving ready solutions, their mere presence for you to let out all your sadness is just enough.

7. Keeping Loneliness At Bay

You might enjoy your solitary time, away from the noises of continuous chatter, but being alone also takes a toll on your mental health. Prolonged loneliness can end up as depressing, because we humans are social animals who need a connection with the rest of the society. If you have good friends in your life, you would never feel lonely again. Hanging out with friends may not always have to mean that you do some activity, sometimes it is just enough to sit together, absorbed in your own little fantasies. If you are feeling strange at the middle of the night, or lonely in the middle of a crowded party, or sad because you don’t talk to your crush anymore, there is no loneliness that the company of a good friend cannot cure.


6. For The Life Lessons

Not every friend you will have will be the all-supporting, ever friendly, forever trying to make you smile kind of a friend. Sometimes, they will betray you or hurt you in ways you cannot imagine. But that is the beauty of life, when someone breaks you down, you get back up and fight your way through the rest. Sometimes your friends will teach you a lot through the differences that you have, through their tastes, choices, preferences, their uniqueness, and especially through everything that sets them apart from you. There may be points of reconciliation, but at times there may not be, but that is what friends are for, to tell you that life has ups and downs, and sometimes losing a friend may do you a world of good.


5. Free Of Cost Therapists

You failed an exam and don’t want to tell your parents about it? Or you snuck a cigarette inside the college and were caught? Or your breakup was so bad that you don’t even want to get out of bed? It doesn’t matter what it is that is troubling you, or putting you down, your friends will always be there to reassure you. They might not be able to solve your problems, but they will always be there to lend a shoulder when you need to cry, or an eager ear when you need to vent. Sometimes, they would even make you smile through your tears, and isn’t that definitely better than an expensive therapist? When a stranger might smile at you, it would make your day. But a friend’s supportive reassurance simply makes your life better.


4. You Can Burden Them With Your Secrets

When it comes to secrets, your friends are the ones who will solemnly take it to their graves, however giant it might be. There are some things that cannot be shared with your family, no matter how supportive they would seem. But with your friends, it is a judgment free zone where you can share you deepest, darkest terrors and still be accepted just as you are. Whether it is that secret boyfriend you don’t want anyone else to know about, or just some stupid thing that you guys did together and never want to think of again. Whether it may be something embarrassing, something humiliating, saddening or even something a little risqué, your friends are surely the one to entrust your secrets with.


3. They Provide An Emotional Connection

Unlike most of your relationships, your friendships are emotional bonds that are only formed through mutual affection. You can never choose your colleagues, or your boss, you are given a family and all the relatives that come with it, or you may fall in love with someone you barely know anything about. But with your friends, it is a strong emotional and psychological attachment. You are like-minded people who probably have the same interests and thus, have an attachment that makes you feel better. This emotional connection gives you comfort and support. The better your friends, the easier it becomes for you to form a sense of identity and belonging as they stand alongside you.


2. They Love You For Who You Are

Your friends will never ask questions or state conditions so that you become more acceptable to them and they can then love you. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or how different your choices and perspectives are, your friends will love you no matter what. They will care for you and keep in mind your quirks and habits which make you as special. Sometimes, even if it has been years, your friends might just surprise you with the amount of love that has not reduced even a bit.


1. Of All Your Relationships, Friends Are The Ones You Get to Choose.

In life, all relations that we have are handed to us, without us having a say in it. Your parents, who might be the best ever in the world or your siblings whom you simultaneously love and hate with all the passion. And most of all, we hardly ever have a say with whom we fall in love with. It might be an inexplicable thing that you can’t help but find insanely attractive. So, that is what the best thing about your friends is. You get to choose the smartest, or the funniest, the most adventurous or even the weirdest person you want to share bits or the entirety of your life. If you are into the same fandom, or you love the exact same cuisine, or even if you don’t even if there are differences, the thing is, friendship is a relationship of choice, unlike most relations.


However, at the end of the day, you have to remember, that your friends will only be as good to you as you are to them.

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