Top 20 Remarkable Things About Living Alone

With the world becoming smaller and smaller, many people leave the family nest to explore the world and its opportunities. In doing so, they face the prospect of living alone in a strange city. While living alone might scare the bejeezus out of you, it can give you some of the best experiences of your life. Here are 20 of the most remarkable things about living alone!

1. You Become Independent


The first and fairly obvious point is that you become more independent. Sure, you may have had financial independence while living with your parents or friends, but living alone makes you independent in a whole other way. Your mind figures out how to do stuff without relying on others for help.

2. You Get More Me-Time

Woman at home playing guitar.

Living alone helps you get more me time, when you can do whatever you want. You can laze around all day watching your favorite shows on Netflix, or you can dance around in your pajamas to your tacky dance music without worrying about others judging you. Your me time is extremely important and is one of the best things about living alone.

3. You Can Be As Messy As You Want


When you live alone, your mom isn’t around to constantly remind you to keep your stuff in the right place. Your laundry can be all over the room, your stuff can be strewn about in the most haphazard manner, and no one would care. And isn’t it true that when things are a mess, it is easier to find the things you want?

4. You Learn To Live On A Budget


Your wallet is on a tight string when you live alone since you need enough to pay rent, eat food, pay the bills, and update your wardrobe. You learn to go for the affordable and practical stuff instead of high-end things. You learn to allocate your money to different things more effectively. You would choose a McDonalds meal over Sushi any day, and sales are your new best friend!

5. You Discover More About Yourself


Living alone helps you think and discover more about what makes you, you. You learn more about what interest you and what doesn’t, what you like and don’t like, and helps you adapt better. Most of all, you discover the fact that living alone helps to bring out the adult in you.

6. You Become More Confident


When you live alone, you learn to do a lot of things on your own. When that happens, it instills more confidence in you. Your new-found confidence will impress the people around you and will inspire them to live alone too!

7. You Learn How To Cook (Or Make Maggi)


When you’re preparing to live alone, your mother is sure to pack up the induction cooker and tons of vessels for you to make sure you feed yourself properly. You learn how to make edible food, or at least you learn how to make ready-to-eat food. Rotis become more round and no longer squiggly, and sometimes when you’re in the mood, you learn how to bake!

8. You Don’t Have To Share


Hands down the best part of living alone is that you no longer have to share everything you have with a sibling or your roommates. We all learn that sharing is caring, but when we offer the last slice of pizza, you don’t really want them to take it. When you live alone, the whole pizza is yours baby!

9. You Learn How To Fix Stuff


You learn to do the little tidbits of fixing a light bulb on your own, changing the tires on your bike, fixing the Wi-Fi when it stops working, and defrosting the fridge when you accidentally freeze everything. Google will become your best friend and WikiHow will pop up on your most visited sites.

10. You Start Taking Care Of Yourself


Your mom isn’t around to give you your cough medicine, so you learn to keep your medicines in stock. You also learn to stay away from things that make you sick, especially the weird sandwich that has been rotting in your fridge. You can no longer stay in bed all day when you have a cold, so you actually use the home remedies that your mother or grandmother advised you to do, like take a steam or drink hot milk with turmeric.

11. You Aren’t Afraid Of The Dark Anymore


When you live alone, you realize that there aren’t actually any monsters in the dark (unless you’re stupid and living in a haunted house). You may jump on the bed as fast as you can after turning off the lights for the first few nights, but after a while you just don’t care anymore and just hope to reach the bed without tripping over your stuff.

12. You Can Sing In The Shower (Loudly)

Woman singing in bath with shower head. Funny image of cute Asian / Caucasian female model bathing in bathtub.

There is no one to judge you when you live alone, so you are free to sing as loudly as you want in the shower. Belt out your favorite Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus song without a care as to who’s listening. Make that bathroom your concert stage!

13. You Can Explore The Night Life Of Your Town


You don’t have to sneak into your house at 3 a.m after coming back from a party. You can stay out as long as you want when you have your own place, and you can explore your city by night. Saturday nights become your favorite nights to unwind from a busy week, and you can go out for an ice cream in the middle of the night.

14. You Don’t Have To Care About Your Appearance


When you live alone you can wear the weirdest of clothes and no one is around to judge you. You can wear the comfy old top with the holes in it, and pants are optional. Your hair can be greasy, and your face can be free of makeup. As long as you’re comfortable, anything goes!

15. You Can Decorate However You Want


You can put up posters of your favorite romantic movie, or stack up action figures, or hang dream catchers in your bedroom. No matter what, you can decorate your home in whatever way you desire. Make your space your own, decorating it with things that brighten up the place.

16. You Learn How To Haggle


No matter how hard you try, you end up with broken stuff that you can’t fix. In that case, you need to call up the fixer guy who will overcharge you. Nevertheless, you learn how to bargain for stuff. You no longer settle for the first price that they name.

17. You Realize The Importance Of Cleaning


Being messy is a choice and some people prefer to keep their space clean. You learn to use hacks off the internet to remove the ketchup stain off your bed, and realize that keeping stuff clean and tidy is really hard and it makes you love your mother more.

18. You Start Keeping Things In Order


You can’t ask your mom where the keys are anymore, so you learn to keep at least some things in order. The clothes go in the wardrobe, the keys go on the stand, the food goes in the fridge. Of course, despite everything, your mother will still find the place messy when she comes to visit.

19. You Can Invite People Over Anytime You Want


You don’t need your parent’s permission or your roommate’s permission to invite people over to your place. It doesn’t matter if your mom doesn’t like your friend or your roommate doesn’t want you to hang around with your boyfriend/girlfriend at your place. You can choose who you choose to let into your personal space.


20. You Learn To Appreciate The Presence Of Others


While living alone has its perks, you do tend to get nostalgic and you realize that you appreciate other people. When you meet your family, you don’t spend time on your phone and you realize you enjoy their presence. When you live alone, your friends become your family. You develop deeper bonds and connections with the people that you know.


Living alone helps you live life on your own terms, and you can be yourself without anyone judging you for it. Your independence and confidence help you attract people of a similar mindset. You learn to take control of your life. So don’t be scared to live alone, since the benefits of it definitely outweigh the fear!

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