Top 20 Safest Countries to Live in the World

What is safety?

How does anyone define safety? Does safety mean the absence of natural disasters in a certain area? Or does it mean the absence of terrorism, corruption or crime? As far as natural disasters are concerned, I hardly think that any region might be devoid of any possibility of any natural disaster. No country has the perfect geographical location to avoid any disasters occurring naturally. Now, concerning corruption, terrorism and crime, yes, we can compare and come up with a list of twenty such countries that rate low in all these categories. The Global Peace Index (GPI), prepared and released by The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), helps us evaluate and study the countries under these classifications which in turn aid us to understand the safety level of the countries in today’s world.

What is the Global Peace Index?

Global Peace Index has been created as an instrument to assess the peace and safety level in a particular country or a specific region. The Global Peace Index has been created by The Institute for economics and Peace explicitly for this purpose itself. This report was first released in the year 2007 and has been updated accordingly ever since. The Index is made by evaluating the countries under various guidelines and categories. A group of experts in this field are responsible for the studying and updating of the Index.

The 20 Safest Countries to Live in

The following are the top 20 safest countries to live in the world.

20. Hungary


According to the Global Peace Index, Hungary rates at 1.534. Hungary has a beautiful view and the right balance of buildings and nature. Hungary has been gaining the attraction of tourists and travellers alike for the past so many years. While in Hungary, we can visit its unique museums, enthralling palaces and castles, calm and peaceful lakes and parks that take your breath away. Matthias Church, Vajdahunyad Castle, Greshum Palace, Minversum, Music fountain, St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden are just some of the many popular tourist attractions here.The GPI says that Hungary, despite its problems in the past, is now a safe and peaceful country to live in.

19. Singapore

Singapore earned its status as a Sovereign Republic in the year 1965. Thenceforth, Singapore has maintained cordial economic and social relations with other countries in the world. According to the various yearly reports, Singapore is said to have the lowest rates of crime. The Global Peace Index rates the peace and safety of Singapore at 1.535. Singapore is likely the most methodically arranged country in the world. It possesses safe and healthy urban areas. The residents are friendly, and the view is awe inspiring. Singapore is also known as the Lion City and has forever been an immensely favoured holiday destination. It also keeps on working with the United Nations frequently and promotes global organisations in order to keep world peace. The law and punishments are strict and offenders are punished severely.

18. Germany

Germany, despite its past association with Hitler and World War 2, has now been declared one of the peaceful and safest countries in the world. The Global Peace Index rates it at 1.860. The residents are known to be welcoming and locale is safe. Furthermore, the locals have an innate affection for art, music and history. The culture here is assorted and distinctive and the food is sublime. Add to the equation, the Germany during festival times and you will never want to come back. It is indeed picture perfect! You would get to see a number of towns decorated like their counterparts in fairy tales. The Global Peace Index states Germany to be on of those countries where a consistently high standard of living is seen.

17. Belgium

Belgium, a small country, is situated at the very heart of Europe. It is renowned for its chocolates, beers and the legion days of rains. Belgium is the perfect location for you if you strive on all three of these. You can visit some delightful old towns and  villages and some fairy tale castles. There are also numerous educational museums present. Brussels, its capital, is the headquarters to the European Union as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Majority of the houses built here boast of the charming medieval period. Along with all these, Belgium also offers an enthralling view of scenic beauty. Crime rates are low in respect of homicides and imprisonment. The Global Peace Index rates Belgium at 1.528.

16. Norway

The Global Peace Index rates the level of peace and safety at 1.500. It has the highest measure of human development and an immensely low population of prison inmates. Norway is an incredibly friendly country with the locals always helpful to tourists and visitors. the government of Norway always gives a priority to keeping peace within the country. Furthermore, Norway also boasts of an enchanting scenic beauty as can be seen in the photo. There is the existence of a law in its constitution stating the right of any person to camp and hike anywhere they wish to. Incidentally, the Nobel Peace Centre is also based here. Moreover, you would also see the presence of splendid lakes and coves, which add in to its already existing natural charm.

15. Sweden

According to the Global Peace Index is one of those countries with a high level of peace and harmony. Sweden is one of the top exporters of arms and weapons in the world, even so, it has a comparatively low level of crime rates. This country is prodigious for its huge amounts of snow and its cold beautiful long winters. There is a good long leave provided to new parents, both moms and dads, making it a good place to settle down in. Sweden has also been ranked as one of the most aesthetic Scandinavian countries. The Global Peace Index rates Sweden at 1.610.

14. Australia

Strangely enough, Australia made it to this list, despite it known history for racism. The climate is pleasant and the country is known for its long life expectancy. The residents here are friendly. Australia also boasts a spectacular wildlife and a captivating scenic view. Australia proffers a unique miscellany of culture and tradition. It has a low crime rate, a political system that is stable and immensely satisfactory provisions for healthcare. The Global Peace Index rates Australia at 1.465. Moreover, despite the large area that it covers, it has a meagre population of only twenty million. As a result, this makes Australia an alluring country to live in. The residents also appreciate the balance of multiple cultures and the blend it makes.

13. Slovenia

The UNICEF reports mention Slovenia to be the best country for parents to raise their kids. It is a small and friendly country based in Europe. Slovenia regularly allures a huge number of tourists and travellers thanks to the charming scenic view that its geographical location offers. Slovenia makes you feel safe and secured. The Global Peace Index rates Slovenia at 1.408. It has a diverse culture, low criminality rates, low internal problems and a low amount of wars it has seen. Ultimately, it has become one of most wonderful places to live in.

12. Bhutan

Bhutan, is actually, a small kingdom based between the Himalayas. It was used to be a state of monarchy. The Bhutan Government has conceived the expression Gross National Happiness. The Bhutanese utilise this concept to measure the happiness and well being of its citizens. The Global Peace Index rates Bhutan at 1.445. Bhutan has a stupendous scenic beauty and a unique traditional culture.

11. Finland

Finland is one of the calmest countries in the world. It does not seem to possess a natural instinct for combat. It has immensely long and chilly winters and are a heaven to those who love the cold. There is no presence of corruption and a tiny probability of distinction in class. Gender equality is prominent. Moreover, it provides the kids with the best educational facilities. Finland ranks as the fourth best system of education in the world. The Global Peace Index rates Finland at 1.429. All things considered, Finland is one of the best and safest places to live in.

10. Canada

The Global Peace Index rates Canada at 1.388. It provides its citizens with the best healthcare there is. As a matter of fact, the universal public health insurance offered costs nominal amounts. Canada, despite having a large amount of immigrants every year, still manages to maintain its peace and decorum, making it a safe and peaceful country to live in.

9. Japan

Japan is the third larges economy of the world, even so, the crime rate in this country is incredibly low. As a consequence, the probable occurrence of  homicides, terrorist activities or any other crime is very very low. At the same time, the locals are immensely polite and well behaved. The Japaneses transport system, in fact, is the best there is in the world. Furthermore, the same can be stated about its technology. The Global Peace Index rates Japan at 1.395.

8. Portugal

Portugal, in the first place, is also known as a golfer’s paradise. It possesses rock bottom rates of crime. At the same time, the standard of living is high. In addition, it also possesses the heritage and culture to lure art lovers. Portugal is endowed with beautiful beaches and majestic mountains that offer a great view of scenic beauty. Moreover, the pace of life here is immensely relaxed and enjoyable. The Global Peace Index rates Portugal at 1.356.

7. Czech Republic

The Global Peace Index rates Czech Republic at 1.360. It is a newly formed country. Prague is the main attraction here. Czech Republic has a low cost of living. Crime rate extremely low, but at the same time, human development rate very high. Czech Republic is hub for art and culture enthusiasts.

6. Ireland

Ireland has a rich and dramatic past. This only adds to its charm. Furthermore, the resident are friendly and joyous in nature. In addition, the crime rate here is low. The scenic view is dramatic and tends to take your breath away. Ireland is one of the most pleasant countries in the world. As a result, it lures tons of tourists and travellers every year. The Global Peace Index rates it at 1.433. The Irish are legendary hosts.

5. Switzerland

The government of Switzerland bestows its citizens with good education, great health care provisions and benefits in employment. The Global Peace Index rates Switzerland at 1.370. The Swiss are notable for their banks and skiing resorts. Switzerland has always been neutral to any political situation in the world. It also possesses great scenic beauty.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand has always been included in the list of the safest countries of the world. It has natural beauty and rough rugged landscape. The residents are hospitable and warm. New Zealand is notable for its wines. It is pretty much not polluted and consists of breathtaking scenery. The Global Peace Index rates New Zealand at 1.287.

3. Austria

Austria is a tiny country in south Europe. It is a hub for culture and the scenic view is awe inspiring. Teenagers in this country are given the freedom to vote. The Global Peace Index rates Austria at 1.278. Austria truly is one of the safest countries to live in.

2. Denmark

The citizens of Denmark are supposed to be the happiest people on Earth. The rate of taxation is high but the lifestyle is easy going. It has low rate of crime and strict laws. The Global Peace Index rates Denmark at 1.246. It also possesses great natural beauty.

1. Iceland

Iceland has a full hundred percent rate of literacy. Violent crime doers practically non existant. The dramatic scenic view only adds to its beauty and charm. The Global Peace Index rates Iceland at 1.192. There is low crime rate despite its population. All in all, yhis makes Iceland the best and the safest country to live in.

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