Top 22 Ideas For A Perfect Date

So after a long time of chasing your crush, they have finally agreed to go on a date with you. This is something you’ve been looking forward to for weeks and now that the moment’s actually here, your mind goes completely blank. What place should you guys go to? You don’t really have to empty your pockets trying to impress them, since we’ve come up with some ideas for a perfect date which are fun and completely affordable!

22. Go For A Comedy Show

standup comedy

Live comedy nights are always on in some pub near you, and stand-up comedy shows are a nice way to unwind and share a few laughs. You also understand which sort of humour your date enjoys. And the drinks will definitely make even the poor jokes seem hilarious.

21. Go Boating


Two words. The Notebook. How romantic is it to be out on a lake in a boat, just the two of you, looking into each other’s eyes? You can pack a few snacks and drinks and have a mini-picnic out on the boat, and feed some fish together. Boat rides always end up being magical dates.

20. Go To A Planetarium

Visitors view an astronomy show in the planetarium of the Robert McCullough Science Center at Observatory Park in Montville, Ohio on Friday, May 25, 2012. Due to rain and thunderstorms visitors to the park were unable to view the stars through telescopes, instead opting to view an astronomy show in the planetarium. (Photo For The Dispatch by Scott R. Galvin)

Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. had the right idea when he chose a planetarium for his first date with Rachel. A planetarium is a perfect option for spending a night under the stars. The whole dark, cosy, magical atmosphere of a planetarium makes it an amazing place for a date.

19. Go Bowling


It doesn’t matter if all your bowling balls go into the gutter, going bowling with someone is always a fun idea for a date. It also infuses competition into your date, and you challenge each other. Which we all know, is one of the most important things in a relationship!

18. Go For A Picnic


Sitting under a tree with your date and eating sandwiches is a nice way to spend a breezy afternoon. Picnics are old-school, and they will always be an evergreen option for a date. They give you a chance to really connect with someone. You both can read a book together, find shapes in clouds, listen to music or chase each other around the park like kids.

17. Go Ice-Skating

ice skating

Spending some time on the ice rink and looking like a complete fool might just be the perfect date. You don’t really need to know ice-skating to go on an ice-skating date since falling and picking each other up will give you both a few laughs and will help you learn to support each other.

16. Go Dancing!


There are plenty of classes out there for dance enthusiasts, and you and your date can go for some workshop or class nearby for dancing. The two of you can see how you move together, and may even be practise for your first dance at your wedding! *wink wink*

15. Dinner At Home

homemade dinner

You can always make a homemade meal for your date. You can show off your cooking skills in order to impress him/her, and save a lot of bucks on expensive restaurants. Having a dinner at home really gives a personal touch to your date, and it shows that you’ve put effort into it.

14. Go To A Museum


Museums may sound boring, but they’re really fascinating for some. If your date is into historical stuff, plan a date to a museum nearby. Read up on some of the artefacts in there so you can impress them with your knowledge on the things that they love. You will definitely earn some brownie points for that!

13. Go For An Adventure

Rock climbers

Whether its snowboarding or white-water rafting or paragliding, an adventure on a date is the perfect way to make it unforgettable. The adrenaline rush will make the two of you bond even better, and it could be a start for all the adventures to come in your life.

12. Go For Karaoke


Karaoke nights are a nice way to either impress your date or make a fool of yourself in front of complete strangers. Either way, going for a date at a place that has karaoke is a good idea for a date. After all, karaoke was what brought Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical together on their first meeting, wasn’t it?

11. Playing Board Games

Photo Credit Thinkstock

No, we’re not kidding. Board game night is actually an amazing idea for a first date. It’s completely affordable and it brings out the child in you. And Monopoly isn’t the only option out there. You have many new games which will get you to compete with each other, and you can add an edge by playing games like Twister if you get what we mean.

10. Go For A Date At An Amusement Park

amusement park date

Going for a date at an amusement park is a personal favourite. The rides will add thrill to your night, and you can always impress your date by winning a toy for them. Walking hand-in-hand amidst the beautiful lights of an amusement park or clutching onto them while on the roller coaster are just some of the reasons why going to an amusement park makes for a perfect date.

9. Go Clubbing


Clubbing is one of the most popular ideas for a date since it gives both of you an excuse to be close to each other under a dim light setting. It gives you the opportunity to dress up more in order to impress your date. Add some drinks and some good music, you’ve got a perfect night with your date.

8. Go To A Vineyard


Tasting wine together in a vineyard is an amazing idea for a date. You can make a day of it by driving to the vineyard on the outskirts of your city, and being together in the romantic setting of every vineyard. Brewery tours are conducted in every vineyard which is always fun!

7. Go Hiking


Going hiking with your date is a good idea for all adventure enthusiasts out there. It gives you both a chance to spend some time alone, completely cut off from civilisation. You can hike to the top of the mountain together and watch the sunset from atop. What could be more romantic?

6. Go To The Beach

beach date

A perfect idea for a date is going to the beach and frolicking around there. Splash each other with water or walk hand-in-hand on the sand. Either way, it is a beautiful atmosphere for a date, and it helps both of you spend some quality time together.

5. Dinner And A Movie

dinner and a movir

There is always the classic idea of a date- Dinner and a movie. You and your date can go have dinner at some romantic joint, and then catch a late night show of any movie that you both like. The idea has been around for ages and it won’t go anytime soon, owing to its simple and romantic vibe.

4. Watch A Sports Game


If you and your date are into sports, you two can go watch a game nearby. Even if you can’t find any games playing, there are always sports bars where you can catch up a few recent games or watch highlights from previous games. You can also watch the game at home with popcorn handy. The two of you can engage in a healthy debate as to whose team is better or if you’re both on the same team, you can see who’s the bigger fan!

3. Go To A Food Festival

food festival

Food festivals are a nice idea for tasting different types of cuisines with your date. It’s also a super-affordable alternative to expensive restaurants. It is a nice way to show you’re adventurous about new food, and you both may end up having a new favorite cuisine!

2. Go For A Concert

concert dates

A concert is one of the best ways to really enjoy a date. If you and your date find a common band that you like and they’re playing in town, surprise them with tickets for the show! The two of you can dance along to their songs and the vibe will be amazing due to the crowd. You two may even end up finding your song.

1. Go On A Hot-Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon

While it is not really on the affordable end, it is an out-of-the-box and amazing idea for a first date. Having wine a few thousand feet above the ground, while looking down at the view with your date will definitely be a story for the kids.

There are many ideas to make your date perfect, and it’s not always necessary to give them flowers or a gift to remember you by. Give them a new experience which they will remember for a long time after the date too. Plan the date according to what you think your date will like, and with some creativity, you can get a perfect date!

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